Paint the Stars

Paint the Stars Ezra Greene has made a pretty decent life for himself He has a nice apartment and spends his days doing the one thing he s always loved creating art Despite being somewhat of a grumpy recluse he s ev

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  • Title: Paint the Stars
  • Author: ChristinaLee Nyrae Dawn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: None
  • Ezra Greene has made a pretty decent life for himself He has a nice apartment and spends his days doing the one thing he s always loved creating art Despite being somewhat of a grumpy recluse, he s even made a few loyal friends When he takes a side job painting a mural at a local holistic center, he can t help being curious about a certain friendly and self assured yogaEzra Greene has made a pretty decent life for himself He has a nice apartment and spends his days doing the one thing he s always loved creating art Despite being somewhat of a grumpy recluse, he s even made a few loyal friends When he takes a side job painting a mural at a local holistic center, he can t help being curious about a certain friendly and self assured yoga instructor, even if he doesn t buy into any of that Zen crap His holier than thou family already tried fitting him inside a box, and he swore he d never be molded into anybody s belief system again.For Daevonte Randall, adulthood has worked out pretty well He s close to his parents and lives with an awesome roommate He s content with weekend hookups, teaching yoga, and taking college courses What he doesn t expect is to be so intrigued by the brooding and reserved painter he s been tasked to stay after hours with at the center Something fascinates him about Ezra, even after Daevonte s attempts at flirting gets him friend zoned on the spot.As weeks pass, Ezra and Dae get to know each other, and soon their friendship catches fire But Ezra s been burned pretty badly before so trust and intimacy has to be earned Daevonte feels up to the task, but it proves difficult as Ezra continues to keep his emotions in check Dae s only willing to wait so long, and when they re dealt a surprising blow, Ezra needs to decide if love is worth the risk, that is if it s not too late.

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    1. 4.5 “Painted in Stardust” StarsPaint the Stars is the third book in the contemporary new adult MM romance series entitled Free Fall written by authors Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn. I have read books by both these authors and have ended up loving this series this far which is a collaboration between them. There really was never any doubt that I would end up loving this third installment. These authors certainly have what it takes to pen a seriously amazing MM romance. I loved watching how our [...]

    2. 4 Stars.I haven't read the previous books in this series but that definitely didn't spoil my enjoyment of this so I would say it can be a standalone.Ezra is an Artist,currently working on a mural at the Mind Body Holistic and Wellness Centre in Santa Monica.This is where he meets Dae who does Yoga classes at the centre.These two couldn't be more different in terms of their personalities and their family background.Ezra grew up in a highly religious Catholic family.His parents have never really f [...]

    3. ~4.25~This is a beautiful friends-to-lovers story, told in an alternating first-person POV, about two very different men quietly falling in love. Ezra, the son of devout Catholics, is the brooding artist; he's introverted and happiest at home with his paints and weed. He's also demi-sexual, so an emotional connection is integral to him feeling sexual attraction. Daevonte, or Dae for short, is a student and yoga instructor; a few years younger than Ezra, Dae loves being around people and prefers [...]

    4. ***JUST FYI: All three books in the FREE FALL SERIES are currently enrolled in KU. Nyrae Dawn (AKA Riley Hart) and I will be releasing a spinoff romance between Ben (Ezra's ex in Paint the Stars) and Xavier (from Nyrae's A HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS) soon. Stay tuned for more info.If you were curious about Ezra from the earlier books (Touch the Sky and Chase the Sun), Mr. Grumpy Painter Boy gets his own HEA. ;-)

    5. I'm so happy I didn't give up on this. I struggled a lot with the first 30% of the book, but the rest of it was pretty amazing.

    6. Paint the Stars by Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn is the third installment of the Free Fall Series. *shouts* WE FINALLY GOT EZRA'S BOOK!I've been waiting for his story since Touch the Sky. Ezra was the quiet, intense roommate. He kept to himself and would lose himself in his art. Art was his solace. In this book, he has a job painting murals at a holistic center, and it's while working on his paintings that he meets Daevonte. Daevonte who is fun, fearless, and outgoing. What began as a simple frie [...]

    7. En principio el que menos me atraía de la serie, y al final el que más me ha gustado.Ezra y Dae hacen una pareja absolutamente adorable, su historia es slow burn, en gran medida al ser Ezra demisexual y necesitar primero establecer un vínculo afectivo con Dae. Todo se desarrolla de una forma dulce y creíble, sin caer en tanto simplismos como en los libros anteriores. Quizás hay temas que se podrían haber tratado con más profundidad como la influencia de la religión o las familias, pero c [...]

    8. I FREAKING ADORED THIS BOOK. It was great, y'all! I actually didn't expect it. I can even say that the writing improves enormously with this last installment and FYI you can read this as standalone if you want to, I think it won't spoil the story.Ezra appears from book one, he was Gabe's stiff roommate and then Connor's. He considers himself demisexual, he's an artist, he has trouble opening up to people but that hasn't stopped him from having a great group of friend that he definitely finds ann [...]

    9. This book is beautiful and I love it and I want more. I wanted Ezra's story since book 1 and I thought his book was going to be 2 actually, not that I'm complaining, book 2 was good and the wait was totally worth it. Ezra is an artist, he has a pretty descent life, he gets money for his paintings, he has friends, he lives in a nice apartment so he doesn't feel like anyting is missing from his life, least of all, love. He loved in the past and that cut him deep, now he doesn't have the time for r [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsA sedate, slow burn with a hard earned happy ending.The blurb really does say it all.Ezra identifies as demisexual, and on top of a painful relationship past, it takes a lot to overcome his self imposed exile in the majority of social situations. Trust for him is very hard to come by and those not willing to take it slow are quickly dismissed. However, there’s something about the friendly Daevonte, who doesn’t push too much but doesn’t back off easily either, all of which makes Ez [...]

    11. It meant a lot to me to write this book. I connected with Daevonte before the first word was written. As authors I think we often times put a little of ourselves, our lives or people we know into our books. Dae has a lot of personal ties to me and it meant a lot to twine them into his book. And of course he finds his perfect match in Ezra who is brooding and oh so sexy. Dae and Ezra own my heart.

    12. A lovely way to understand the thoughts and feelings of a demisexual- Ezra who was one very closed shop with his feelings after being terribly hurt by his first love. Dae on the other hand was very zen, peace & harmony, and together with much patience and understanding the romance began to blossom. This was warm & sweet ❤

    13. A very beautiful book between a very very very shy Ezra and the beautiful yoga teacher Dae. When i started this book, i was eager to see Ezra let gojust see him not so stressed and happy. That happened (at Ezra's level ^^) but that was not the most incredible in this book. The part i really loved was see Dae growing up! He wasn't my favorite in the beginning (Ezra <3) but in the end i really loved him. At just 21 with just one-nights stand at his count, he wasn't prepared for a REAL relations [...]

    14. 4 StarsThis was another beautifully poignant addition to Lee and Dawn’s Free Fall series.In this third installment, we finally get Ezra’s story. Previously introduced as the brooding and enigmatic painter and roommate to Gabriel (see: Touch the Sky), and then later Connor (see: Chase the Sun), Ezra has been an intriguing mystery up until this point. An introvert by nature, Ezra likes to keep to himself. He avoids personal relationships as much as humanly possible, especially sexual relations [...]

    15. 5 + Stars Throughout the first two books in this series, we've gotten glimpses of Ezra, but he has largely remained a mystery. A mystery I couldn't wait to solve. I loved watching as his layers slowly peeled away to show us this shy and insecure young man who has been hurt in the past. Once he finally breaks free of that protective outer shell, he has so much to offer. So much personality, sweetness and love. Dae was an amazing character. He's never found anyone that's made him want what his par [...]

    16. 3.5 stars – I have been reading M/M romances for a little over a year now, and Nyrae Dawn (Riley Hart) and Christina Lee are individually the two authors I’ve read the most books by. Since they wrote two previous collaborative works that I enjoyed (Touch the Sky, in fact, was one of my top-ten books of 2016), I was definitely looking forward to Paint the Stars. I loved the characters and the story found here, but while everything worked out the way it should have, the ending came across as t [...]

    17. Wow the last 10% I just smiled like a lunatic!! I was so impressed with Ezra throughout the book and coming out of his shell even with Ben in the picture with all that happened I feel he handled things as well as can be expected. Dae on the other hand had the patience of of a saint or a man who knew what he wanted. ☺️ The middle of the book was a little slow going for me but it picked up where I couldn’t wait to see where things were going. I love the that the other couples in this series [...]

    18. "Daevonte"???? Really??? It seems the only way readers are going to accept an Afro-Latino yoga instructor is to name him something identifiably ethnic. It's perfectly fine to name an Afro-Latino hero something like "Rick" or "Alex" or "Gabe". I really need to teach a class on how to not name fail ethnic characters.

    19. Originally posted on Slow Reader's Blog I love the way this series is maturing. Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn have really found their groove as they bring us stories that have a distinct vibe. I love their approach to writing varied characters and topics and Paint the Stars is a great addition to the series. Ever since Ezra was introduced in book one I've been dying to for him to get his own HEA. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've read a story with a character on the ace spectrum and I'm [...]

    20. 4.5 starsFans of this series know Ezra--the previous room mate of Gabriel and then Conner. He's the quiet, broody, controlled artist who keeps to himself and shows his passion with his paints. He doesn't do hook ups or relationships, and he does no put himself out there. His sexuality is something that has been an issue for him, and his past has made him wary of trusting people, but he has his core group of friends that know more about him than anyone else does.Daevonte is a younger college stud [...]

    21. Can I give this one ten stars.I've loved this series and I really thought I'd found my fav in Gabrielbut.turns out my favourite is EzraOh damn he is so sexy. sweet shy and boy does he make Dae work hard.A friendship which turns to loveI'm glad Dae understood EzraEzra's family ah they weren't the best but damn they tried I guess later on.Dae was just adorable and my heart went out to him when Ezra's ex made an appearance.I was holding my breath begging Ezra to do the right thing.A beautiful book [...]

    22. This by far was my favorite in the series. Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn knocked it out of the park. The slow build of intimacy between Ezra and Dae mesmerized me. Ezra was very introverted from a broken heart caused by a past love. Cautiously he lived his life, isolating himself and keeping his heart locked up, until Dae showed up. With his out going, flirty personality he slowly pulled Ezra out of his shell. Starting with a friendship that built to so much more. This book had such sensuality, t [...]

    23. I have been waiting for Ezra's book since Touch the Sky, and I was not disappointed. Ezra and Dae are sweet and funny and I just totally fell in love with them. And their kisses!! I've been saying it everywhere - their kisses are going to be the death of me. Sweet and sexy, I kept rereading those scenes!!! This series is so close to my heart; I love all three books with a passion and highly recommend. Crossing my fingers that this is not the end of it - I'm thinking maybe a certain someone named [...]

    24. It comes as no surprise, I adored this book. I love Dae but I'm absolutely in love with Ezra. There's a lot about Ezra that hit too close to my own feelings. I can relate with I'm so much, specially when it comes to being quiet and so antisocial. Like Ezra, I'd rather be at home chilling and watching some Netflix, reading a book and just enjoying the quiet, than going out and being around people. Like him, I do go out but it drains me fast. Also trust issues and other stuff. Reading about Ezra r [...]

    25. The more I think about this book, the more I realize this is my favorite story in this series. I didn't think I would like Ezra's story but it turned out to be really good.

    26. 4.5 Stars in your EyesOh Ezra! Who knew there was all that sweetness inside the grumpy Gus? Fans of the series have known Ezra through the first 2 books and now, perhaps, it's time for Ezra to feel the love. What we learn is that Ezra's heart is very well guarded. His libido even more so. His past has shaped his view on relationships and basically left him crippled to exploring anything new. Then he meets Dae. Bright and engagind and the stubborn man just won't leave him alone. Agreeing to frien [...]

    27. This isn’t the first book I have read by either one of these authors and it won’t be my last. This book for me though was a bit of a struggle for me in the beginning to about the halfway point. It is written well and the people involved are good. The pace was a bit slow for moving for me. I loved the storyline and premise, I just had a hard time connecting with one of the characters from the get-go. He wasn't bad like I said, I was just not connecting with him completely. I can tell you that [...]

    28. Enjoying this series, or should I say the 2 stories I've read of it. This one features Ezra, the grumpy demisexual artist also known as Mr Grinch, and Daevonte, yoga instructor and all round lovely guy, who very gently coaxed and teased Ezra out of his self-imposed protective shell (thanks for that Ben), and uncovered a loving soul who lit up Dae's world and filled it with stars. I'll admit to a few sappy tears with this one. 4.25 stars from me.

    29. Ezra and Dae story was truly unique, we already knew it has to be from the previous installments. Ezra is an introvert, who and how can anyone break into his inner shell? That's where Dae comes in. It was really sweet seeing them become friends and slowly morph into a couple almost without both realizing they are actually "there", in love and together. Unlike SO many romance stories it was simply refreshing seeing the friendship buildup BEFORE the steam begins. Ezra is a very interesting charact [...]

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