Chase: A Bad Boy Romance

Chase A Bad Boy Romance Jordan Price doesn t do well with men She has steered clear for close to six years immersing herself into her work instead It s helped her focus and forget the past the horrors she had endured Now she

  • Title: Chase: A Bad Boy Romance
  • Author: Kylie Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jordan Price doesn t do well with men She has steered clear for close to six years immersing herself into her work instead It s helped her focus and forget the past the horrors she had endured Now she has the biggest interview of her life and she must get the job What she s not prepared for is her new boss Chase Louise CEO, billionaire and convict all rolled up inJordan Price doesn t do well with men She has steered clear for close to six years immersing herself into her work instead It s helped her focus and forget the past the horrors she had endured Now she has the biggest interview of her life and she must get the job What she s not prepared for is her new boss Chase Louise CEO, billionaire and convict all rolled up in one sexy, god damn package.When their worlds collide, the chemistry between the two is electrifying and neither of them can ignore it or the secrets they are both hiding.

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    1. 3.5 stars!I enjoyed the overall concept of the book once I moved past a couple of issues that I had. Started off really good and then there was a scene with Chase and another woman who he had been casually seeing. I could understand that this happened on the day he had met Jordan but could have really done without the description of the sex scene. Just not my thing - I find it hard to get into the mindset of the couple (especially in a shorter story) when the story is interrupted by a scene with [...]

    2. I liked the story but just when it started getting good it just ended abruptly. WTH?? I am left with so many unanswered questions.

    3. This had every potential of being a much better book than it was because it was written well with characters that had big stories to tell. Where it failed me was how it wrapped up so quickly. The dull son of his mother's new husband was foreshadowed but perhaps, Chase could of had more clues to give us when he was exposed to him at various encounters to where we were anticipating Axel revealedor Jordon could of been putting pieces together or had a city encounter of Axel from a distance. The way [...]

    4. This is a complex and compelling read by Kylie Walker. There is a lot of angst as well as sexual tension and heat along with a second chance at love for the main characters, Chase and Jordan.Jordan Price is recovering after suffering horrific abuse from an ex-boyfriend and is just now getting her life together. 6 years after the fact, her life is just now back on track and at a job interview, she meets Chase Louis, the CEO, of the job she is interviewing for and the electricity is super-hot betw [...]

    5. I was excited to read this one after reading the synopsis but was a little disappointed that it wasn't longer. It is a great story about second change at love for both Chase and Jordan.Jordan Price hasn't spent time with a man over the last several years because of what happened to her in the past. And six years later she is headed to an interview for her dream job. When she meets Chase Louis, the CEO, the electricity between them is off the charts. She wants to stay professional and not have co [...]

    6. Loved chase This was a really good story. Jordan & chase had amazing chemistry. I really enjoyed this one. Great writing. Looking forward to more from this author.

    7. This isn’t just a second chance at love for Jordan, this is a second chance at life. This book grips you from the heartbreaking prologue and from then on, you won’t want to put it down. Six years ago Jordan survived the unthinkable and now that she’s physically healed and as mentally healed as she’s going to be, she wants to get a job in the field she loves. She gets an interview through a friend of a friend and meets the man who could change her life. Chase is not only the CEO of the co [...]

    8. Chase and Jordan meet when she starts to work for him. She takes amazing pictures and he wants her to help with his new campaign. The sparks fly between them but she is hesitant to start a relationship. Despite her hesitation, they grow closer together. He is known as a playboy, but Jordan believes in him and their relationship. Meanwhile her roommate and friend seems to be pushing her away. He came onto her over dinner and she is finding it more and more uncomfortable to be living with him. The [...]

    9. Extraordinary heart stoppingI read almost all of this author's books and I love her what can I say she knocks it out the park but this one touched me more than all her others for their simple fact that the emotions you feel with this book is gripping your invested from word one and it groups you so tight that you don't want to let go I read a lot so for a books to gripp and hold in that's special that means the author took the time and consideration to appreciate how the reader would feel when r [...]

    10. If you are looking for a great read that contains suspense and romance then this book is for you! You learn about Jordan right off the start and you are gripping your hand so tight reading what happened 6 years previously and then you meet Chase and you find out what happened to him in the past. Both Jordan and Chase learn to open up and trust again with each other and you see a blooming romance turn to true love. You also see justice served and a great ending. Suspense, Romance, Love and Justic [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. I would have given it a good 5 stars but I didn't really like how the story ended. I love how it started, I love the characters, and I would have loved reading and seeing more. I was expecting more from the Axel confrontation, I actually looked forward to it the entire time. But then, it ended so easily. Abruptly. I was also expecting some bitchy confrontation from some Samantha conflict. I wanted to know Nat's and Lauren's reaction after all the Axel-Jordan-Chase fiasco. And I was ki [...]

    12. MehNothing special IMO. Chase ends at 56%. The book is more telling than showing. Majority the story switches between third person narration and the inner thoughts of the main characters. It makes for a slow, and kind of dull, read. It's a bad boy romance, so I had high hopes for Chase. Unfortunately, this fell flat for me. There were some good moments, but this is a one time read.

    13. WowThere are two stories to this book. First one is the story of Jordan who was beaten and almost left for dead years later she meets chase and he gives her the last step to being whole. Awesome story. Second is deceived and it's a story of Angela and how after the death of her husband her friends help her d what happens when she meets Steve I'd like to read more of this story .

    14. I absolutely loved this bookMay have trigger warnings, dv. As a survivor I loved this book, the healing and the pain turned into a loving romance with two people who understand the affects of domestic violence. Chase couldn't have a bigger heart and Jordan so lucky to have landed his love and trust. You'll love this book just as much as I did give it a chance. I'm hoping there is sequels.

    15. *3.5 stars*It was a cute and sexy romance. Pretty light but also dealing with some heavier topics such as abusive relationships. It was very fast-paced, even too much for my taste, but it was well-rounded and nothing was left unsaid and unexplained, which I like. It was okay, but pretty bland. I would recommend it as a lighter weekend read.

    16. Heartfelt storyJordan and Chase share similar backgrounds that seemed to make their connection that much stronger. Jordan nearly died at the hands of an abuser and Chase watched his mother be abused by his father for most of his life. Together, they find strength and love that makes their future stronger than they ever imagined.

    17. Fantasticwow what a great read. this is the 1st time I have read a book of yours and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to read more

    18. Ok read I found this book on kindle unlimited. It was an ok read for me. It kept my interest but I felt it was rushed and missing a lot.

    19. Good readAwesome book, good read, can't wait to read more work from this author. Would recommend this book to any and all of my friends that enjoy this genre.

    20. Jordan was beaten and left for dead on the side of the road. Years later, she has begun the process of rebuilding her life. She gets a market job where she meets Chase. There is an attraction there but Jordan is unsure of Chase because of her past. Chase wants her like nothing he's ever wanted before. After giving in to a moment of passion in his office, she flees leaving Chase confused. He hunts her down to clear the air where he learns of her fear to trust. They begin dating and he invites her [...]

    21. The moral is never judge a book by it's cover. Looks can be deceiving.Jordan and Chase make a gorgeous couple. Her ex turns up several years later. He looks like a respectable member of society. What a joke. Chase turns out to be a wonderful, tender and caring person. Just who Jordan needs.

    22. Great booksLoved both of these stories ,excellent through and through ,plenty of loving going on just had to buy deceived now

    23. Two people, both had a painful past. Can they every find happiness? Chase thought he had everything, money, woman and the finer things in life. When he meets and hires a Jordan, maybe he wants more? Jordan is ready to move on. Can she do it with Chase? I enjoyed their story though wish there was an Epilogue showing a little in the future.

    24. Chase is a quick, entertaining read. Warning: it could trigger you if you are a survivor of domestic abuse. Having said that the opening scene is fantastic; dark, raw, brutal. The switch in moods between the first and second chapters was handled beautifully. Jordan is a survivor, a talented photographer. When she lands a dream job for a new car campaign, it moves her one step closer to being the confident, strong woman she wants to be. Her new employer is CEO Chase Louis. He's hot, smart, powerf [...]

    25. ChaseI hate cliffhangers. This book started out really good. Then what do I get but a cliffhanger. I am disappointed.

    26. Samantha's booksI read the second book in this series before the first and had the first. They were both goo stories

    27. ChaseJordon a young girl who trusted the wrong person, gave herself, believed in him, until he broke that trust, abused , threatened , beat, and almost killed her. Years later Jordon has a job, has pulled herself together, her new boss Chase believes in her, as well as she does herself as well, has become interested in someone, doesn't feel the need to hide anymore. Chase and her both have secrets, this is a beautiful story of growth, trust, faith, love, and finding your heart again. Join them t [...]

    28. Two people who have been hurt in the past by people who were supposed to love and protect them, find each other and embark on an emotional journey to healing. Jordan, a gifted photographer has an interview that could catapult her career. What she doesn’t expect is that the CEO conducting her interview would be the most attractive man she had ever seen. The attraction Chase immediately felt for the woman he was interviewing was shocking to say the least. On a bumpy path to find happiness togeth [...]

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