This Book is Full of Monsters

This Book is Full of Monsters This is a book full of monsters small smelly yelling creepy monsters So it s a book for hard core monster lovers but also for beginners in monsterology With shock effects

  • Title: This Book is Full of Monsters
  • Author: Guido Van Genechten
  • ISBN: 9781605373607
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a book full of monsters small, smelly, yelling, creepy monsters So it s a book for hard core monster lovers, but also for beginners in monsterology With shock effects

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    1. "So you're not afraid of monsters? Are you sure?Are you really sure?Because you can still turn back.Actually, you can stop at any time.Just slam this book shut!"This is a great book which walks children through a sort of 'bravery test' in which they are exposed to a whole bunch of monstersMINDER:THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED: - Clothes pin (1)- Earplugs (2) - Rubber Boots (2) - Gloves (2) - Courage (lots) - Guts (tons) - Nerves (of steel)Signs pointing forward read "Daredevils" "Monsters" and signs poin [...]

    2. Both my 5 year old and my 3 year old loved this book. My little boy (5) loved the constant questioning of whether or not you were brave enough to carry on, while my little girl (3) loved the diploma she received at the end of the book.As a parent I loved the opportunity for interaction within the book (holding your nose, screaming back) and could imagine this book going down well in the classroom, maybe with a few props.The illustrations were colourful and full. However on some pages the text wa [...]

    3. I have an 8 yr old who LOVES all things monsters so we read this together and she thought it was great. The illustrations captured the fun and spookiness of this story perfectly.The way this story is written comes off more conversationalist which makes it GREAT to read aloud especially if you do spooky voices to entertain your kids! My daughter and I had lots of laughs together as we engaged in the story; she roared so loud at one point as it directs you to in the story she scared the cat who to [...]

    4. As the title warns readers, this book is full of monsters. Scary, gross, smelly monsters. If you can survive the read, you’ll get a Diploma of Bravery.The high point of the book this book for me was the engaging text that talks to readers and anticipates you actions/reactions so you feel like it’s really interacting with you. A little heads up that there may be an actual startle factor with this book. (view spoiler)[There’s a pop up monster towards the end that springs out of the book afte [...]

    5. With this title, there’s nothing else I need to tell you. With books like these I have to keep reminding myself they’re for children, as sometimes the most painfully obvious thing is spelled out. For example, the very first page says if you get scared you can stop reading at any time.Monsters are cute when they’re babies, but even then have sharp teeth. Some monsters get you with their smell, others with their banshee wail. But yeah, that slime guy might be the worst of all.At the end ther [...]

    6. Using direct address of the reader and starting with warnings about how scary the monsters in this picture book will be, the author takes readers on an increasingly scary and gross trip through the world of monsters. I really liked how he gives them a chance to stop reading at any time, and then after a big build-up with a monster impossible to see well in the dark, relies on a pop-up for a scary experience. There's even a diploma to be given out to anyone who makes it through the book unscathed [...]

    7. This is a fun book to read with kids. I had to read it a couple of times changing my voice for noises, holding our noses and laughing quite hard. The illustrations run from cute to a little gross which kids absolutely love. If you can not interact with this book when reading it, you will not enjoy it, you need to let loose and have fun. As the title warns readers, this book is full of monsters. Scary, gross, smelly monsters. If you make it to the end without shutting the book, you get a Diploma [...]

    8. At a certain age, kids just want silly, scary, books with monsters. And this book does that. It is full of monsters of all sorts. Smelly monsters, scarey monsters, gross monsters. And the good thing, of course, is that kids can just close the book if they get scared, although I think the monsters are just goofy enough they won't really be scared.Recommend for both libraries and homes. Could become a kid's favorite book.The parents, on the other hand, might get bored with it, so it is a good thin [...]

    9. 3 1\2 out of 5My kids love gross out books so I figured this would be a great book to read after all my kids ages are 10, 8,6 and 4.However for some reason my kids lost interest pretty quick and decided they didn't really like the book. The book is what the titles says This Book Is Full Of Monsters " small, smelly, yelling, creepy… monster" They liked the pictures but the story wasn't engaging enough for my army of kids.Thank you for the advance Copy from Netgalley for my honest thoughts

    10. Colourful and silly are the best ways of describing this book. And lets face it colourful and silly are the byword of successful and popular books for kids. One thing though. This is the sort of book meant for a physical copy. Despite my love of all things ebook you have to go for hardcover. Little boys will especially love this. A quick and easy read that just cries out for reader and listener participation.Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. [...]

    11. I love, love, love these kinds of children's books! I'm so glad I have kids and can indulge in these kinds of books without getting strange looks from people in the library! Lots of books now have found great ways to interact with kids throughout the book, asking questions, as if it really is a conversation between the author and the reader, its fun, entertaining and adorable when the kids respond. This book also comes with a diploma at the end, but only if you're brave enough to face all of the [...]

    12. I received an electronic copy of the book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.This is a fun, engaging and sometimes gross monster book with great illustrations. The electronic version with which I was provided was confusing because the text was not always beside the monster to which it was referring. So my daughter and I couldn't always figure out which monster was being described. However, I think it would make a great print book. The monster with mucus and slime was a big hit with my [...]

    13. Disclaimer: Received a free digital copy of the book through Netgalley.A silly, fun book for the little ones that I enjoyed because of its minimalistic writing and brightly coloured vivid illustrations! Definitely gifting this to one of my cousins!Also, I loved the fact that I got a Diploma of Bravery at the end, I mean you hardly get one of those after finishing a book, considering all the havoc a book can create in your life, haha.

    14. I always do a monster story time in October and this book will be a GREAT addiction! I love how this book interacts with the children. My story time children love books that ask them to repeat, sing, dance, etc . If you are brave enough to keep turning the pages you will get a Diploma of Bravery at the end. Will the children want me to turn the page to see the next BIG monster?!

    15. Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this picture book. Lily (8) and I read it together. She liked how suspense built, and how the book kept giving you the option to stop reading if you were getting scared. We also liked the drawings and funny descriptions of smells and sounds.

    16. This is a Book Full of Monsters is reminiscent of There is a Monster at the End of this book in general feel. However, the illustrations are much more fun (full page color and suitably gross) and the book feels more interactive. The last 3 pages (right before the diploma for being brave enough to read the book) are particularly well-done. This is a Book Full of Monsters is a great, fun read to share with your little ones. The illustrations are great, the words are easy to read, and it’s a cute [...]

    17. This book is a fun interactive experience that kids will enjoy. They might even be in for a surprise or two. With van Genechten's superb artwork and such a zany story, youngsters will be going back to this one time and again.

    18. This book would be AWESOME at story time. I can see it now. We would have so much fun. Each monster gets bigger and scarier. Plus there is the fun “do it yourself” elements that make it a very active book. Plus when you get to the end you get a diploma. Love it! Want it! Need it!

    19. Thanks Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for a fair review.A fun interactive book where a child tests their daring. Wonderful monster illustrations vary from funny to slightly gross with a little bit of scary thrown in. If they make it to the end, the child gets a diploma!Great read-aloud!

    20. I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.A book full of monsters perfect for young kids. This book would be fun as a read aloud where the kids could do things that the reader tell them to do like plug their nose or ears. I wish that the illustrations were a bit more bright and fun, but all in all a good book.

    21. I am not sure why it will only let me choose Hardcover as I read it on my kindle but no matter. I read this book to my 6 year old son and he found it a lot of fun and very funny. I think the book should probably be read using hardcover or paper back because nothing beats actually turning the pages of a book and I think the drawings will show up better on paper. Young children who love monsters and silly books will definitely love this one. Highly recommended.

    22. Ein Buch für mutige kleine Leser! Du hast keine Angst vor Monster? Dann ist dieses Buch genau richtig für dich! Komm und erfahre mehr über die schaurigen Biester.

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