Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit

Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit Amber Brown is in deep trouble Lately no matter what she does it isn t enough She straightens up her room sort of She does her homework well most of it And she agrees to meet Max her mother s ne

  • Title: Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit
  • Author: Paula Danziger Tony Ross
  • ISBN: 9780590947169
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amber Brown is in deep trouble Lately, no matter what she does, it isn t enough She straightens up her room, sort of She does her homework, well, most of it And she agrees to meet Max, her mother s new boyfriend, but she doesn t agree to like him.Now her mother is angry, her teacher wants all of her homework, and Max keeps trying to make her laugh What s Amber to do Amber Brown is in deep trouble Lately, no matter what she does, it isn t enough She straightens up her room, sort of She does her homework, well, most of it And she agrees to meet Max, her mother s new boyfriend, but she doesn t agree to like him.Now her mother is angry, her teacher wants all of her homework, and Max keeps trying to make her laugh What s Amber to do All she wants is a little extra credit She really tries But how will she succeed

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    1. From Refracted Light's Middle Grade Monday feature:What was the book about (without giving away what happens)?The book is about a girl who meets her mom’s boyfriend. (The girl’s parents are divorced.) And she has to do a brownie project for school for extra credit.Did you enjoy this story? Why?I enjoyed this story because I like the Amber Brown series. I don’t know why. I just like it.Oh! And I liked when Howie does funny things with his sister’s Barbies. Like when he sticks Barbie in hi [...]

    2. Great for Kids. Amber deals with so much in this single book. Her parents divorce, Friend moves away, her mother meeting someone new that she fears will replace her father, her father meeting new people as well, and above all that her school work is slipping. It's sad to see that she still has hopes that her parents will get back together. However, she is taking the news (in my opinion) pretty harshly. But I believe this book also shows that kids don't really open up to their parents or she woul [...]

    3. Amber Brown's parent'a divorce is taking a toll on her, it's even affecting her school work. She's forced to adjust to change and learns that change is life and she has to roll with the punches,

    4. Read this with my youngest daughter. She absolutely loved it. She laughed throughout the book and cannot wait to read more. Amber is a good character and has a lot to handle in this book. I had to explain a bit about divorce to my daughter, but otherwise she understood what was going on and wants to make brownies now.

    5. My kiddo that I am tutoring at the University of Utah Reading Clinic for my Assessment and Intervention Grad School class is reading this book. I read it so we can be on the same pageterally. Cute book!

    6. This is a book i remember owning AMD loving as a young child after getting it at a Book Fair. It is a lot more deep and real and personal than I remember.Still love it!

    7. Title: Amber Brown Wants Extra CreditAuthor: Paula DanzigerIllustrator: Tony Ross Genre: Transitional Chapter BookTheme(s): growing up, dealing with changes, family, friendshipOpening line/sentence: "I, Amber Brown, being of sound mind and no money (I spent it all on a book, a computer game, and some junk food), do hereby give my mother five Amberino Certificates for her birthday."Brief Book Summary: A favorite from Danziger's "Amber Brown" series, this book follows fourth grade student Amber Br [...]

    8. Have you ever felt been in deep trouble no matter what you do? Amber Brown is in deep trouble no matter what she does. Amber complains about her mother always saying that her room is messy, and her teacher complains that her homework is always in late. She feels in trouble the most when her mother starts dating someone. Her mother is dating a man named Max. Amber's job is be on her best behavior when Max, Amber and her mother go out to dinner. So to make up for the trouble she gets in Amber need [...]

    9. This is another good book in the Amber Brown series. Unfortunately, we've read a bunch of these books out of order - I wish they were labeled a little better to help figure out what order they are in. We figured it out mostly based on publication date and book groupings, but we've gone back and forth in time with this character more than we'd like. Oh well, in any case, the stories are good and the character is so engaging. We've enjoyed watching Amber get older and become more independent. We'v [...]

    10. Amber resists meeting her mother's new boyfriend, Max, because she is holding onto the hope that her parents will get back together; and her grades slip as she's distracted by family issues. Her teacher refuses to assign extra credit, and Amber's mom brings it home by telling her she doesn't get extra credit for living life. She can just do her best. Amber Brown books always feel really short -- even by the standards of a book about a fourth-grader -- but each one very vividly captures a specifi [...]

    11. I chose this book because I thought it was going to be about school and how she wasn't able to get extra credit but I was wrong. The plot is that her parents divorce and they are both seeing different people. She is not so happy about that. "He is not my dad! He is my friend." I like this because her moms boyfriend is being confused with her father and she doesn't like it but she gives him a chance as a friend. I thought the style was great because it had lots of emotions. Yes, I would recommend [...]

    12. I liked this Amber Brown book better than the last one I read. Amber is easier to identify with in this book, as she is struggling to adjust to her parents' divorce and her mother dating someone new. Her academic performance suffers as she copes with the myriad changes in her life. Any kid whose parents have been divorced will likely be able to understand Amber's frustration with having minimal control over her parents' decisions.

    13. This series is a must read for young children dealing with divored/seperated parents. In this book Amber Brown has to meet her mothers new boyfreind. What if she hates him? What if she likes him? How will her father feel about her possibly liking her mom's new boyfriend? Does this mean her parents are definatly not getting back together? All these questions severly effect Amber's attitude and her school work.

    14. Easy 2/3 read Amber is upset about her parents divorce, and it is effecting her school work. She wants extra credit to pull up her grades before her mom finds out. It is a straight forward look at divorce, and issues a child faces, mom dating, dad dating, to like or not like the new fiance. I appreciate that Amber and her mother talk things out, and the mother is moving forward with her life, rather than putting her life on hold until her child grows up.

    15. Amber finally meets Max, her mother's boyfriend. She wrestles with thoughts about whether liking Max is a betrayal to her dad. Finding out her dad is seeing a person named Judith is another blow to her. Amber's grades are also suffering because of these conflicts.Amber is a very engaging and genuine character with well-realized emotions and reactions. Danziger explores difficult issues in a way young readers can relate to.

    16. "Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit" is a book I read with my reading buddy. We had fun reading about Amber, who is a girl in 4th grade just like my reading buddy. This book was about Amber dealing not only with school but also meeting her mom's boyfriend and all the other problems 4th graders deal with. It is a fun book that is a nice, easy read for children. I think ages 7-11 or so would be a great age range for young readers and this book.

    17. A good idea for applying this book in a classroom would be, "As you read aloud with students, ask them to guess what is going to happen next and why. Have them write down their thoughts. Then, get your students to share their different imaginings of what is going to happen with the rest of the class.

    18. Another relevant issue.hoolwork that is affected by issues at home. the Amber Brown series. Amber is trying or trying not to get to know Max, her mom's boyfriend. Amber is having a truly difficult time with the changes as well as all the emotions that go with it. If she likes Max, then she feels disloyal to her dad as well as accepting her parents divorce.

    19. this is a good book for children 10 and older. the book is talks about divorces, bras, killings of barbie, and other stuff that may not be suitable for younder children. it talks about how amber is unhappy because her mom is dating a new guy and it seems to effect her school work. through her school work, she came to know her mother's boyfriend.

    20. This story would be a good book for children whose parents are going through a divorce. Amber struggles with her feelings about her parents' divorce and her mom's new boyfriend. She thinks about acting out to show her parents what the divorce is doing to her & how it's affecting her school work. I liked this story & think it has a place in the modern classroom.

    21. Amber Brown is in deep troube. No matter what she does, it's no enough. her room is mess he homework is late and her mom is dating someone! what can she do? she has to get extra credit! it teaches u a leeson to!

    22. This book is about how Amber Brown needs to work harder in school. And has to work hard on her newest homework which is to explain how to do something. Amber decided to make AMBER BROWNies with all sorts of toppings!!!

    23. Written in 1st person narrative, this divorce-aftermath book chronicles a nine-year-old girl's feelings of anger. Backtalk characterizes the kid's reaction to her mother's new boyfriend and her father's new girlfriend.

    24. Amber Brown is so distracted with everything going on in her life, that she is having trouble in school. Her teacher sends a note home and tells her that she needs to work very hard if she wants to bring her grade up. Amber comes up with an exciting project that will improve her grade for sure!

    25. Amber Brown wants extra credit is extremely interesting. Also, many children can relate to Amber and her life. the only reason the fifth star isn't checked is because there were some parts of it that we a little to dramatic about her parent's divorce.

    26. While our family has not been through a situation like Amber's, some of my daughter's friends have. I believe it expanded her view about different life experiences in a meaningful way. She enjoyed hearing many of the things Amber said and did.

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