Angel Landing

Angel Landing The bestselling author of Practical Magic offers an affecting love story laced with humor Booklist that tells the tale of a man and a woman an activist and a therapist so consumed with helping othe

  • Title: Angel Landing
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780425166840
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bestselling author of Practical Magic offers an affecting love story, laced with humor Booklist that tells the tale of a man and a woman, an activist and a therapist, so consumed with helping others that they are in danger of failing in their duty to themselves Natalie, a therapist, is in love with Carter but he is deeply dedicated to his environmental woThe bestselling author of Practical Magic offers an affecting love story, laced with humor Booklist that tells the tale of a man and a woman, an activist and a therapist, so consumed with helping others that they are in danger of failing in their duty to themselves Natalie, a therapist, is in love with Carter but he is deeply dedicated to his environmental work, and the fate of their relationship takes a backseat to the fate of the planet Then a new client walks into Natalie s office He is an intriguing man, with an incredible tale to tell and under his influence, she faces questions about the direction of her own passion, the true meaning of commitmentd the possibility of finding the love she seeks right in her own backyard.

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    1. Alice Hoffman has long been one of my favorite authors. I love her storytelling ability. She creates magical stories that blend tragedy and hope. However, I did not enjoy this novel. I had to force myself to finish it, hoping the whole time, that it would get better. This story lacked the magical elements that I come to expect from her novels. I found both main characters and the plot boring.

    2. I usually really enjoy Alice Hoffman. And this book was enjoyable IF you could lay aside the fact that the main character is a terrible therapist and everyone keeps encouraging everyone else to lie all the time. Life fail.

    3. Good story. Kind of sad but redemptive. The story of the effects of psychological and physical abuse on a person's psyche and their ability to cope with life. This story was unique in that we see these effects on a male character as opposed to the usual portrait of a female abuse victim. Michael Finn has grown up being subjected to the physical and mental abuse of an alcoholic father who also suffered the same. They live in a town that houses a controversial nuclear power plant. Both Michael and [...]

    4. I was pretty convinced that when it comes to literature I'm pretty easily pleased. I'm happy to be wrong. This book is SOOO mediocre. It's the story of an unhappy social worker in an unhappy relationship with a zealous environmentalist when an unhappy client confesses to her that he bombed the local power plant. Well, not "bombed" rather "incorrectly installed a valve leading to an explosion." She falls in love with him even though he tells her his deepest darkest secrets about his horrific past [...]

    5. I tried SO hard to finish this book, but reluctantly gave up. It was so horrible i can't get it off my bookshelves and out of my apartment fast enough. I've liked other books of her's and thought they were decent writing, but this is one only to reference of what NOT to do when writing. It's predictable, non-descript, cheesy as all hell - I've read chintzy romance novels that are written better than this! There are so many better uses of your time i guarantee.

    6. I am enjoying my foray into the earlier works of Alice Hoffman- one of the greatest skills she has as a writer is character development. Minnie is one of the most vibrant characters I've read in a while- I really loved her character. The love story in this novel was tender, wonderfully written.

    7. I loved almost every Alice Hoffman book I have but this one didn't don't do it for me. It reads like the new writer she was at the time and doesn't even hint at the great writer she became. I'm glad I'd read the others before.

    8. I found some of the characters annoying others charming. Natalie, the social worker, crosses the lines of professionalism by breaking the confidence of one of her clients. Not only to her Aunt Minnie whom she lives with, but also to her boyfriend. I thought she was rather silly. She also perseveres with a relationship with her boyfriend Carter, who cares more about his work than her. He is rather annoying too. Then we have Finn, Natalie’s client. Deep, dark, troubled Finn. His back story is in [...]

    9. Interesting characters, but not quite her best work. I appreciated what she was attempting with this work, but it just didn't quite work for me. Loved the individual characters but the interactions seemed forced. Would love to see what she would do now with the work now that she's learned so much as a writer.

    10. Worst Alice Hoffman book I've ever read (and I'm a huge fan). But oh my God. This was boring, tedious, dreary & monotonous. How this ever got published is a greater mystery. I'd hate this more if it didn't leave me so empty & void of any senses or will to live.

    11. It took me a while to get into this book, but once I finally did, I enjoyed it. Hoffman' beautiful language made up for what I found a somewhat unengaging plot.

    12. Not my favourite Hoffman but still liked it. Her protagonist was engaging but the men were a bit annoying! Read this in a day on a sun bed in Malta.

    13. I tend to love Alice Hoffman's books. I love her deeply flawed characters and their fascinating recklessness, their emotionally driven, passionate responses to the one life they are given.In this book, however, the characters tend to annoy rather than delight. Natalie is a therapist who seems to have no purpose - she drifts through her life like she's gonna get another one. She seems bored and self destructive with no evident purpose. Her love for Michael Finn, a man who randomly shows up in her [...]

    14. From what I can see, this book was Hoffman's second or third, and while reading, I got the feeling that she still hadn't yet found her writing niche, that she hadn't yet settled into her own style. Having said that, it's still a good story. Set in a small town in New England, the story starts from Natalie, a young social worker who lacks any sort of passion for her current job having moved to be with her activist "sort of" boyfriend, who takes more of an interest in upcoming protests and saving [...]

    15. I listened to the audio version and it took me a few tries to get into the book and figure out the characters and plot. I think the audio narrator does a very good job of conveying emotions, personalities, and humor and most likely enhaced the story for me. Somehow I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much if I just read it because a lot of time there is overlapping dialogue where the main characters are trying to talk while, incongruously, others are chattering on. One humorous incid [...]

    16. My first book initiation into Alice Hoffman's world was "Blue Diary".I was in love with the way she wrote. I purchased "The River King" next.d I was hooked for life"The River King" has ended up being my number 1 favorite book of all time. I decided to find and purchase every Alice Hoffman book ever writtenhence I purchased this book to add to my collection. Alice has definitely refined and perfected her writing abilities over the years for if this had been the first book of hers that I would hav [...]

    17. Alice Hoffman is my answer to summer reading. She has been lauded by Amy Tan as taking ordinary lives and making us see and feel extraordinary things.Jane Smiley of USA Today calls her one of our quirkiest and most interesting novelists.Angel Landing is about an explosion at a nuclear plant on the New York coast. Natalie is a therapist who doesn't have a lot of success and who does not get new cases. A colleague who seems very successful challenges her to take on new patients and when she does, [...]

    18. Usually I like Alice Hoffman's books, and am caught up nearly immediately in the story and by the characters. This was not one of them; in fact, almost immediately, I was bored and turned off by the story and the characters, and really couldn't imagine going any further with them past 26 pages. I stopped reading shortly after Michael Finn's reluctant "confession" that he was the "bomber" (or rather, that he caused the power plant explosion by tightening the wrong valve or something). I really di [...]

    19. Actually, I didn't finish this book. And thus I cannot recommend it. I have loved so many of Alice Hoffman's novels and she is prolific and smart. But I think it's okay if now and again the characters or the subject matter just don't spark a cord in the reader--and this happened for me with Angel Landing. The place was interesting, but the characters did not draw me in. As a writer, I can understand Hoffman falling into the story and pushing through. As with all of art, sometimes we hit the mark [...]

    20. I am an unabashed fan of Alice Hoffman and have been reading all of her books as I find the older books at used book stores and as the new ones come out. This is one of her first books. Michael Finn's story is the interesting tale and the character you root for as the novel progresses. Aunt Minnie is the second favorite character. They frame the story of Natalie, looking for real love against the story of a bombing of a nuclear plant. The beginnings of Hoffman's prowess as a story teller is evid [...]

    21. I'm not sure if I wasn't crazy about this book because it just wasn't that good, or because it's Alice Hoffman, who is usually amazing and I always expect great things from her. This is the first Hoffman novel I haven't been totally in love with. I just did not understand the motivations behind the two main characters. One of them is basically a domestic terrorist, yet we are supposed to root for and be sympathetic to him. I am eager to read another Alice Hoffman to see if I will once again fall [...]

    22. Alice Hoffman is a great storyteller and this romance novel is pleasant and fun with some serious themes. I loved the two main female characters: Natalie, a hesitant, shy and fairly ineffectual counsellor; and, outspoken and opinionated Aunt Mimi, with whom Natalie lives. When Natalie starts to counsel the confused bomber of a nuclear plant, she break a few rules, and her life starts to change. Although Hoffman gives poignant backstories to some of the male characters, none of them seem as solid [...]

    23. Two really great lines: "stared at the blood like it was an intruder", and "second hand on every clock was stuck in honey". There were more but I didn't write them down. The plot was thin, but the main thing that sucks you into the story is in the main character's mind. I don't really like Natalie, but she does go through some powerful changes. The aunt is very interesting. I which that relationship had been resolved. But this is one of those "pivotal moment in a life" stories, not really about [...]

    24. I was kind of disappointed with this story. I can definitely tell she is finding her way as a writer because her later books are much better written. I felt like this story was kind of thrown together and it did not really seem to have much point. He bombed the plant and then nothing really happened! It was just too tightly tied up with a bow at the end and adding in the relationship aspect was just weird. It could have been developed a lot better. Definitely not one of her best.

    25. This is the third book by the author. Her voice is getting stronger. Still lacking some of the powerful description I believe she develops as she continues to write. The characters are compelling and you want to read on to see where the story goes. The theme of loneliness and hope are very relatable, but the tone of the book still feels young to me. Still pretty amazing, especially as she was only 28 when the book was published.

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