Text 2 Lovers

Text Lovers This is book one in the series Each book is a standalone based on different couples It s the start of nothing good I fired off a storm of raunchy text messages to the wrong number And he replied Him S

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  • Title: Text 2 Lovers
  • Author: K.Webster J.D. Hollyfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • This is book one in the series Each book is a standalone based on different couples It s the start of nothing good.I fired off a storm of raunchy text messages to the wrong number.And he replied.Him Show me a picture.Him Tell me your name.Why does the lure of anonymity have me craving to indulge a stranger It s the start of everything right.I received a slew of te This is book one in the series Each book is a standalone based on different couples It s the start of nothing good.I fired off a storm of raunchy text messages to the wrong number.And he replied.Him Show me a picture.Him Tell me your name.Why does the lure of anonymity have me craving to indulge a stranger It s the start of everything right.I received a slew of text messages when everything in my life was wrong.And she made me laugh again.Her You re probably a creeper.Her Possibly a stalker.Why do I have the overwhelming need to find this stranger who saved me and make her mine Him Take a chance with me.Her This is crazy.Him I need to see you.Her What are we doing Him We re about to find out.Her PHOTO ATTACHEDHim PHOTO ATTACHED

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    1. 4 Stars!!This collaboration of K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield was simply fantastic. 'Text 2 Lovers' is the debut novel for this writing duo and personally I’m looking forward to read their next story, because I truly enjoyed this cute little gem. These two authors mixed a very good way the sweetness and the sexiness. The fact that the story was hilarious at times was just a bonus. I love romantic comedies and these two authors did a pretty great job delivering an enjoyable read that not only l [...]

    2. *****FIVE STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by Authors”Who knew a wrong number could go oh-so-right?”TEXT 2 LOVERS is the debut novel for the writing duo of K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield and all I can say is that I hope this is the first of many to come. I love K. Webster’s writing and I’ve always said she never ceases to impress me with her talent to write really terrific stories across many different tropes and romantic genres. I was only a little worried because I’m not all too [...]

    3. ➦If I dial a random numberright now with the same area code as mine, what are the chances of reaching a male human? Nobody knows, it's a mystery. But let's pretend, shall we?➦Now. What are the chances that this male human is in your age range? ➦Yeah, me neither. And the chances of the male human who happens to be in your age range to be somewhat good looking? ➦I do, in fact, have a point. It would be like winning a lottery!And the heroine in this novel did just that. ➦See, she's a bit [...]

    4. 1st half 4 Stars2nd half 2.5 Stars (story went downhill or for me should have ended as novella) *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

    5. When drunken texting goes horribly wrong. Dani suddenly finds herself in a textlationship <-- (that is actually a word) with a mystery guy named Ram. He is funny and sweet and makes her feel like no one else has.Ram has just been going through the motions with life. Never really smiling or enjoying himself. That is until he gets a bunch of texts telling him off. Suddenly this mystery girl has him smiling and laughing.When fate brings these two together it's a new beginning for both. But lies [...]

    6. 4 'As You Wish' Stars!I wanted to read this as soon as I saw K. Webster announce it. I haven't read anything by Hollyfield but I know Webster is a very versatile author (she works with all genres) and I was excited to see her romcom side. And boy, Text 2 Lovers did not disappoint!This is a standalone novel (even though I am sure it will become a series since the authors stated another book is coming!) and it's about Dani a.k.a Buttercup and Ram, two people who meet in the most curious of circums [...]

    7. 2 StarsOverall Opinion:I'm totally bummed with this one. I'm surprised that I didn't put it on my dnf shelf tbh. I think I just wanted to like it so much that I kept on hanging on.*I want to apologize in advance, because this is a little ranty*I wanted to smack the h so bad! She became so obnoxiously dramatic over something that I found really confusing. (view spoiler)[She meets the H's ex for the first time, the ex is a bitch to her, but when the ex tells her that the H has a kiddie porn obsess [...]

    8. It's LIVE!! Details can be found on the Blog Tour (giveaway included).This book got a solid 3.5 stars. I cunt even explain how much I enjoyed most of this book! Have you ever drunk dialed someone? Drunk texted? Tee hee, I have and it didn't turn out as spectacular for me as it did for Dani and Ram. These two were adorable (and holy hotness) from their texting to their phone calls to their in-person interactions. I found it sweet how quickly these two connected and fell for each other. Although t [...]

    9. 4 "Too Nice" StarsText 2 Lovers was super cute and super funny. It was light and sweet but also had just enough emotion to make my heart race. I have loved K. Webster for a long time but this was my first introduction to JD Hollyfield and I'm excited to see what else she's written. It all began with a wrong number. Dani has decided to finally take life by the balls after an awful break up. But she grabbed the wrong balls as it were. Instead of texting her douchey ex, she texted a wrong number. B [...]

    10. 4 starsThis was an absolutely sweet (and smutty)read. Perfect case of wrong number done right. Ramsey and Danielle had the best relationship and those texts were super,super sexyuntil they meet that is. After that it was just nuclear. A definite recommendation if you're looking for a perfect light read! Looking forward to Roman and Andie's story next.

    11. 1.5 Hot Mess StarsThe premise for this sounded cute and fun, and the reviews I saw said it was too. So I was looking forward to starting this read, and then I got a few pages into it I probably should have heeded my gut instinct to bail. Right off the bat, I didn’t care for the heroine, Dani, 25— no self confidence, no self esteem, no backbone, and scammed by her ex-boyfriend. I really have no patience for meek doormat leading ladies. Dani's BFF Andie was equally annoying, if not more so, ex [...]

    12. 4 "Buttercup" StarsWhatever I had read by K. Webster up to now, all of them were Dark. This book was a challenge for me to know whether I like romance stories she writes or not. And guess what?! I loved it!Dani is a girl who cannot say No to anybody so the others take advantage of her niceness. She has no self-confidence. I think she is a little bit silly too and that is why she is so cute. I liked her stumbling over her words. It was funny. Ram is a depressed person until Dani comes to his life [...]

    13. 4.5 stars!! I wasn't too sure about Dani in the beginning. She was way too sweet and I love a sweet heroine. She was actually an all too innocent doormat really. I loved reading about her coming into her own though. Ram I absolutely adored from word one. Now the next book I'm nervous about all because of Andi. I love Roman because well K Webster does heroes like no other. Andi is so damn abrasive though. I'm hoping she softens up a bit in the next book otherwise I'll never get through it.

    14. 4.0 "A Wrong Number Gone Oh-So-Right” Stars!!!“Frommm the moment you wrong texted me, I was yours,” I slur. “You w-were mine, and I love you and I need you and, goddammit, please answer your phone and talk to me beautiful.” Sniffle. I blink through my haze trying to decide if I imagined it or not. “I can’t sleep because you plague my every thought, Dannnni,” I drawl out. “You’re both my punishment and my reward."Squee!!!Get yourselves ready for this entertaining, laugh out lo [...]

    15. **Beta Read** "Get ready, Buttercup. I'm playing for keeps.""You're both my punishment and my reward.""I love you. Hear me? I love you. Come back to me. I can't live without you. I'm drowning in my thoughts for you. There is no color or sound or light. Just sadness and fucking despair. I nee you, baby. Don't you need me too?"Text 2 Lovers is the exciting new compilation from author K. Webster J.D. Hollyfield. Text 2 Lovers is a laugh out loud, sexy yet light romantic comedy. Dani and Ram's story [...]

    16. 5 as you wish stars"Get ready, Buttercup. I'm playing for keeps"For those of you who know me, you know I love me some K. Webster, so of course I jumped at the chance to read a book of hers that didn't include vegetables and creepy dolls! :-) And OMG I am so happy that I did! What I loved:-First and foremost, the Princes Bride references!-The steam! Whewwwwww I am pretty sure my kindle overheated during some of those scenes! -The hero (Ram) and heroine (Dani) were totally adorable and super relat [...]

    17. Release Date:January 24, 2017 Genre:Romantic ComedyThis book OMG I freakin LOVED IT. I can't remember the last time I read a true romantic comedy, but this book is definitely IT! K Webster and JD Hollyfield need to write more books together because this one is just too amazing for words! I laughed so damn hard while reading it (and probably got the stink eye from a few people because of said laughter) and didn't want to put it down! I read it in one sitting So good! I am now very IMPATIENTLY wai [...]

    18. TWO IMMATURE STARS!!I am so fucking disappointed with this read. Reading about Dani and how much of a pushover she was, I should have halted this read then and there - but then, I had enjoyed Schooled by a Senior, so what the fuck, right? It was horrible.I went back and forth on their age. Was Dani really 25? Is Ram really fucking 30??? Because they acted nothing like their age (I swear not even teenagers act that way!). I could have handled Ram to some extent, but it's like when he got around D [...]

    19. 4 Sweet and Spicy Stars****You can tell that authors K. Webster and J.D Hollyfield had a lot of fun writing this book because it translated flawlessly into the story. Hilarious plot and colorful characters made this book one hell of a great time, I loved it! Dani is always a nice girl, that's just how her parents raised her. Now that she's an adult is not, being nice is not always a good thing, as people around her, and specially boyfriends are always walking all over her. Her latest boyfriend i [...]

    20. 4.5 HILARIOUS STARSOMG I LOVE THIS BOOK, I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! I LOL-ed so mant times, I still cunt*giggles* stop smiling. Loved the main and secondary characters. I can just feel it, the next book is going to be AWESOME and I cannot wait! Eeek! Everyone needs to read this ASAP, this is the best read in months! Loved it so much! Safet Gang- SAFE all the way!

    21. The first 40% - 5 stars. loved their banter and their sex. Ram was pretty perfect.The rest - well, it was sickeningly sweet, over the top and the heroine pissed me off.

    22. Loved this oneheart, humor, banter and so much cute I can't even handle it! I sat down to read this book and glanced up about 3 hours later, only when my kindle refused to swipe any further? The end? But how. did that happen so quickly? Yet it did. I started and finished this book in one quick sitting. Why? One wordnter! As a reader it is the easiest way to connect with me. A wrong number text. A texting friendship ensues. A sudden need for more. Phone calls. Intimate moments before even laying [...]

    23. Publication Date: January 24, 2017SynopsisIt’s the start of nothing good.I fired off a storm of raunchy text messages…to the wrong number.And he replied.Him: Show me a picture.Him: Tell me your name.Why does the lure of anonymity have me craving to indulge a stranger?It’s the start of everything right.I received a slew of text messages…when everything in my life was wrong.And she made me laugh again.Her: You’re probably a creeper.Her: Possibly a stalker.Why do I have the overwhelming n [...]

    24. Full belly laughterThat is what you will get from Text 2 Lovers. This romance comedy comes from Authors K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield and I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times.Dani lets everyone and anyone walk all over her. Including her cheating ex, but will her accidental text to the wrong person help her become not such a push over?Ram has had a rough couple of months, but when a random text message from someone going off on him brings a smile to his face, it leaves him wanting [...]

    25. Dani is dumped by a douchey ex in one of the worst, most embarrassing ways possible. She wants to get even so she starts to assault him with some bad ass texts. Unfortunately she guessed his number wrong, and texts a stranger.Ram has been feeling pretty low the last four months. His girlfriend dumped him, and he lost his job. Everything sucks, until he gets a text from what seems to be a firecracker girl who has been pissed off by someone. He plays along with her texts for awhile, and they fall [...]

    26. "Who knew a wrong number could be oh so right?"I loved Text to Lovers, just the pick me up read I needed, funny & hot with brilliant characters. I laughed out loud at the hilarious words and antics of the characters.A bit about the plot:Dani discovers her boyfriend cheating, dumps him and deletes his number but after a few pity party drinks both Dani and Andie her friend decide to tell him just what they think of him via text, only tequila and remembering numbers don't mix. Ram (Ramsey) star [...]

    27. ~~~ 3 "mediocre" stars~~~So, first half of the book was really funny and entertaining. The second halfThe whole misunderstanding to create the unnecessary angst was eye-rolling. What's worse is that towards the end the story changes from MCs to supporting characters and they became the main characters. Frankly, the supporting couple was more entertaining than the MCsLoved the first half, it was funny and light, but I barely finished the second half.Apparently it was not working for me. Sorry

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