Soft on the Devil

Soft on the Devil When Cindy Myran doesn t return home one night within days everyone in her neighborhood assumes she s dead but Ian Phillips isn t so pessimistic She shows up at his door a week later in need of hel

  • Title: Soft on the Devil
  • Author: Robert Lampros
  • ISBN: 9781540645609
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Cindy Myran doesn t return home one night, within days everyone in her neighborhood assumes she s dead, but Ian Phillips isn t so pessimistic She shows up at his door a week later, in need of help and running for her life What happens next draws him into a labyrinth of murder, corruption, and danger, where nothing is clear and sinister secrets lurk in the shadows OWhen Cindy Myran doesn t return home one night, within days everyone in her neighborhood assumes she s dead, but Ian Phillips isn t so pessimistic She shows up at his door a week later, in need of help and running for her life What happens next draws him into a labyrinth of murder, corruption, and danger, where nothing is clear and sinister secrets lurk in the shadows Only Ian s courage, faith, and determination can uncover the mystery and deliver him and those he loves out of darkness and into the peaceful light of safety.

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    1. St. Henry. Cindy Myran (37) who lived in the apartment complex went missding. She was a alcoholic & a illegal drug abuser. She of course was presumed dead. Vera was the mgr. of the EarthWay grocery store/cafe. Other employees are: Ian Phillips (narrator, register), Rob (food line) & Casey (food line).Meremac South HS students packed the place after a Friday night game. Back-up, Cindy had asked Ian for $50.00 to take a bus to Bradson City. He knew better than that.Later Cindy’s body was [...]

    2. This book is more of a Novella, short. And I enjoyed it mostly, and would read other books for this author, who writes well.That having been said, there were some objections that I had to the book/ novella, that I cannot write in the review without spoiling the book for other readers. This, however, I can write. The main character, Ian Phillips, is a likeable guy and a conscientious one. But when it came time to tell the police what he knew, he did not do it. And he admits in the book that he wi [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book very much. The story drew me in immediately and the characters were fascinating. I liked that the main character was a man of faith as it was so interesting to see the seedier side of the city through his eyes. A mystery within a mystery where the solution to one is sewn up nicely while the other is left to interpretation - or maybe a second book in a series. well written and a good read.

    4. Another great book from Robert Lampros. Even though I am a Christian, I do not particularly like to read Christian books. However, Lampros' books are not "in-your-face" Christiany. This particular book is about Ian. Ian gets caught up in dangerous activity due to the strange death of one of his neighbors She just happened to die mere hours after she showed up at his home asking for help. During all of this, Ian, finds love in an odd place. He struggles through finding out Cindy's murderer, deali [...]

    5. Cindy Myran is causing Ian Philips more problems dead than when she was alive. During Ian’s quest to free him from suspicion, strange things keep happening that lead the police and thugs back to him. The author does a fine job of throwing some twists and shady deals into the mix. There is slight mixture of faith and the supernatural woven throughout the plot. Overall, it was a decent fast read.LibraryThing Member Giveaway randomly chose me to receive this book free from the author. Although en [...]

    6. STORY-LINE SOFT ON THE DEVIL:In Soft On The Devil by author Robert Lampros, the reader finds a twisted tale of murder, mystery, and corruption. Christian Ian Phillips finds his neighbor, Cindy Myran outside his door, on the run, and needing help. A week later she is dead. Who killed party girl and druggie Cindy and why? Running from criminals, watching his back, and trying to solve the murder of Cindy, Ian's world has taken on a life of its own.Grab a seat, my Christian mystery suspense novel re [...]

    7. Ian Phillips is an ordinary kind of guy, at twenty-four he works in the local Earth Way grocery store. He is very keen on promoting the good quality merchandise. He works hard and gets a promotion. Things are looking up when he meets Amy and a relationship blooms.All this is a backdrop to his deep faith, reading the bible daily, and trying to figure out what happened to Cindy Myran, a woman who lived in his apartment block who disappeared. Everyone thinks she’s dead. Ian wasn't so sure. She tu [...]

    8. Want be drawn into a story? This quick read will deliver. Want closure before you see "end of story"? Look elsewhere, the ending is anti-climactic. We do not get resolution, a pet peeve of mine. However, I rated this tome 5 stars. It delivers on all fronts; it's interesting, suspenseful, has ghosts, a love story, murder, an investigation, and it's share of both positive and despicable characters.

    9. I had never read a mystery by a faith based author and was very pleasantly surprised. Mr. Lampros referred to scripture and religious subject matter, but not too much and it added to the story rather than detracted from it. I thought it was a great story about a woman who went missing and was presumed dead. The writing was engaging and did an excellent job of keeping my attention. It was a very fast read and a great plot. I'd recommend it and definitely check out other stuff by this author.

    10. I won this novel/novella from Giveaways.Soft on the Devil (a great title and the main reason I entered to win this book) is a murder mystery with Christian overtones. I'm not a big fan of in-your-face Christianity in my fiction so I was pleasantly surprised to see that author Robert Lampros showed restraint and a deft enough touch that the religious aspects of the story weren't overwhelming.The story centers around our main character, Ian Phillips. Outside of his devout Christianity, Ian is a p [...]

    11. This book I won from . It was a mystery about an older middle-aged woman who was a drug addict as well as promiscuous. She has disappeared and reappears at the door of the narratorexcept she is a ghost. The narrator is a young Christian man who works for an organic restaurant. The detective suspects him at first. The narrator tries to unravel the mystery to no avail although he is no longer a suspect. It was a quick read. I personally have not read anything by this author before but I love readi [...]

    12. Lampros does an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged with this suspenseful tale of an unsolved murder. The book is properly categorized as faith-based although it is not overly heavy with scripture or religious subject matter. I would classify this a quick read that could easily be an episode in virtually any sci-fi or mystery series. Lampros' expressive writing is important to painting the vivid scenery and characters in his story. Overall I enjoyed this book but I question if it will re [...]

    13. I received this book as a Giveaway. This book quotes the Bible, a distractor for me, I was able to jump over the religious portions. The story itself was good, but a bit confusing at the end. The last two sentences were totally unnecessary and dropped my rating down a star.

    14. This was a nice little book. The way it's told is a little strange, but it's an okay story. It reads more like a short story than a novel, given it's only about 125 pages long. It's interesting but it lacks a little depth. Overall, I believe it was a nice book.

    15. I received this book as a Giveaway. I enjoy short stories some time that all you have time for. This is not great but a likable book.

    16. Great story, although the writing put me a little off. It felt rushed. I couldn't really relate to the main character

    17. Full Review at: Bright Copy Book Review *This book was gifted to me by the author. The below review is my honest opinion*This is a 'mystery novella' and was quite a short, easy read. Our main character, Ian, is a religious young man whose neighbor went missing. God has given him visions of Cindy (missing neighbor) and he takes it upon himself to solve the mystery of her murder after her body is found.I'm sorry, I just did not like any aspect of this. I'm not religious, but I can still read about [...]

    18. *WON A COPY FROM A GIVEAWAY*What an interesting little novella. I was unsure how to feel at first because the epigraph is an excerpt from the Bible. I am not a religious person, and literature based on religious beliefs is usually a no-go for me (see my review for Children of Angels). It's just not my thing. But this one caught my attention and reeled me in quickly. I love a good murder mystery, and I quite enjoyed this one. Its religious connections are actually well thought out and placed in [...]

    19. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review on my blog, Of Books and Pen.Final Thoughts:I genuinely found this book to be upsetting, and it is so upsetting to me that my very first author-requested review is so negative, but I honestly don’t think I have anything positive to say. This book was only 134 pages long, something that should only have taken a couple of hours for me to read, took me two weeks to finish. I kept avoiding the book with anything and everything e [...]

    20. I won a paperback copy of “Soft on The Devil” by Robert Lampros, on and am posting an honest review. I gave it a rating of 3 stars.This is a quick read about an earnest young man determined to find out what happened to a young woman living nearby who’s disappeared. Cindy Myran was an alcoholic and drug user, so most everyone assumes she’s dead as a result of her reckless lifestyle. Ian Phillips, however, has a strong feeling that she’s still alive. Cindy appears at his door, asking fo [...]

    21. I won this book from a giveaway, so thank you to those who made that possible. However, I did not enjoy this book. To be fair though, I'm not a fan of novellas usually, & didn't realize this was so short until receiving it. I still decided to read it & give it a chance, & I did trybut it wasn't my cup of tea. I can't blame it all on the author though. I'm not a religious person, and the constant references to the bible and god turned me off.Also, the placement of these constant bible [...]

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