Flipped Juli Baker and Bryce Loski who have been neighbors since the second grade describe their lives together as they grow from a casual friendship to a budding eighth grade romantic relationship This is

  • Title: Flipped
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780439649988
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Juli Baker and Bryce Loski, who have been neighbors since the second grade, describe their lives together as they grow from a casual friendship to a budding eighth grade romantic relationship.This is a classic romantic comedy of errors told in alternating chapters by two fresh, funny new voices Wendelin Van Draanen is at her best here with a knockout cast of quirky characJuli Baker and Bryce Loski, who have been neighbors since the second grade, describe their lives together as they grow from a casual friendship to a budding eighth grade romantic relationship.This is a classic romantic comedy of errors told in alternating chapters by two fresh, funny new voices Wendelin Van Draanen is at her best here with a knockout cast of quirky characters and a hilarious series of misunderstandings and missed opportunities But underlying the humor are two teens in transition They are each learning to look beyond the surface of people, both figuring out who they are, who they want to be, and who they want to be with.

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    1. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E3.5 stars. This is the story of two beautiful kids who learn the true meaning of loving someone through an inventive panoply of mishaps and events. Now this is not your usual boy-meets-girl story and I cannot wait for you to discover why! Let’s just say that the farm thingy is a vital element!I had a lot of fun reading this book. It is short (true) and a middle grade story (again, true) but it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages! A timeless topic is being tackled and this nove [...]

    2. "Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss…” He turned to me. “But every once you will find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”Initial Final Page Thoughts.*Eyes tree outside window*I wonder…High Points.Juli. The entire Baker clan! Why don’t all YA characters have fun families?! Authors, you’re missing a trick! Bryce (eventually). Chest. Front yards. Eggs. Chickens. Basket boys. Pie. Girls with iron backbones. Tree climbing. New [...]

    3. P.s: I have Both,Read and watched flippedBut in my opinion the movie was utterly charming ! I'm glad I watched it first so it was much easier to visualize the sences from the book :) THIS MOVIE WAS AHMAZING !!!!.I laughedI cried AND I fell in love with the idea of ♥ all over again.:) (This movie is a definte must see for everyone ! trust me ! its just WOW ♥Even the soundtracks ahmazing ! )

    4. Edit : I just watched the movie and it was SO FREAKING CUTE! ❤Please don't laugh. Or do. I DON'T CARE. I'm just gonna smile like a big moron all day.► Don't you ever want to say "this is JUST me!" and then realize that maybe, just maybe, you'd better keep your mouth shut because it might change how people see you? Yeah? Because that's what I feel right now. Okay let's go. Ready?"She didn't just barge into my life. She barged and shoved and wedged her way into my life."▧ Juli is just like m [...]

    5. edit : rounded down to 4 StarsREVIEW TO COME SOON."One's character is set at an early age, son. The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your life."I don't know where to start to talk about this book but first of all, I want to tell you that this book changed my life. I will never be the same anymore and I'm not being exaggerated. I'm going to tell you this now : few months ago, I had a crush that I liked so much and he's older than me. he's 19 years old and I'm 18 years old and [...]

    6. That was so stinkin' adorable. I was a bit nervous at first and I did have some quibbles, but, PEOPLES! It was so cute! I love the hate/love relationship and the writing was super beautiful and had some really poignant lines and just: YES. THIS IS GOOD STUFF.It's dual narrated by Bryce and Juli. And they're voices are so addictive to read! Also very different! I could tell from their tones whose chapter it was, but I loved Juli 100000% and Bryce, like, um, 2%. He was awful okay?!? He was really [...]

    7. Originally posted here.I’ve been reading a lot of dark and violent books lately. I recently joined two challenges, both of which requires me to read those kind of books. Not that I’m complaining or anything because it’s those kind of books I enjoy reading the most. I just thought I need to read something different, something light and positive, something –as my friend Tina prefers to call them–fluffy. As it turns out, Wendelin Van Draanen’s Flipped was the right book for the break fr [...]

    8. the way it brings Bryce and Julianna together is just spectacular! I recomend this to all who love good childish humor! It is soooo "LOL"!

    9. June 2, 2011When I first watched it online, it reminds me of my elementary days of having a crush just like Julianna Baker. I flipped when I saw that guy whom I really liked when I was in 6th grade.(But I didn't stalked him) :) ahahaha!At first, Bryce Loski hated Juli ( in a way he was really annoyed at her), But Juli likes Bryce so much, then it flipped! :D Bryce then likes Juli, and Juli ignores Bryce. I just love it! It's cute and it's really an essence of a true teenage love story. It's so b [...]

    10. "The first time I saw him, I flipped." Wow, what a fun read! Everything in this book is loaded with all kinds of cuteness. I like the setting, the premise, and the whole idea of this book. I was kind of, in some way, in love with it.Flipped is not just purely fluff, it's deeper than what I've expected because it conveys great messages that serve as an inspiration to the readers. "One's character is set at an early age. The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your life." I like t [...]

    11. Can't do words *___* Trees, eggs and kisses :3 What else do you need in life?Love was the first thing July felt when she met Bryce, her new neighbor. Panic was the first thing Bryce felt. Oblivious to this fact, July intimidated Bryce with her forthrightness and curiosity while Bryce tried to hide from her as much as possible.The first thing I loved about Flipped was the warm feeling of simpler times and their innocence and ingenuity. It reminded me of my first crush and how honest it was. If yo [...]

    12. English review at the bottom"La primera vez que Juli Baker vio a Bryce Loski, flipó. La primera vez que Bryce vio a Juli, corrió"Este libro es absolutamente bello. Leerlo es estar todo el tiempo así:o asíy en ocasiones, asíPero principalmente es amar y, a veces, odiar, a los personajes. La historia sigue a Juli Baker y a Bryce Losky durante 6 años, desde que Bryce se muda al vecindario de Juli a la tierna edad de 7 años. Juli queda enganchada de Bryce (view spoiler)[principalmente por sus [...]

    13. Flipped reminds me of a younger/innocent version of Neighbor From Hell series. Juli and Bryce are neighbors who attend the same school. Their rocky relationship portrays the struggles between boys and girls in elementary and middle school. Both learn to look beyond the surface and search for something deeper in the human nature. In doing so they discover themselves as they continue mature."One's character is set at an early age, son. The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your [...]

    14. FlippedBy Wendelin Van Draanen212 pp. United States of AmericaRandom House, Inc. $14.99ISBN 0-375-81174-5A seven year old girl, Juli, falls for a boy in her class, Bryce—well, maybe more for his amazingly beautiful blue eyes. Perhaps this might not sound as interesting as your favorite romance series, Twilight, or illustrate true love like Romeo and Juliet. But, Wendelin Van Draanen’s new romance novel, Flipped, will definitely flip you off your feet. She has her own unique way of demonstrat [...]

    15. Por lo general no me gustan los libros que son de chicos chicos (12, 13 años) que se enamoran. Me parecen tontos o patéticos pero este *suspiro*, este libro hace que deje todos mis malditos prejuicios de lado y lo disfrute.Las primeras páginas me tuvieron riendo a carcajadas Juli acosando y tratando de acercarse a Bryce y el haciendo todo lo posible por sacársela de encima.Amé a Juli y Bryce, como ambos crecieron y maduraron a lo largo del libro, me gustó que a pesar de que Juli gustaba de [...]

    16. This book had me interested at first, but deep down it's just a lot of melodramatic teen romance. This is not a bad thing especially if you're a fan of the romance genre, but I'm really not much of a romance reader.

    17. I must say, Flipped is a great book and also has a great teaching, as well as being huge amount of fun to read because of the author's fabulous techniques. One of the techniques the author uses in the book is showing different perspectives throughout the book, to be speciefic: the way he describes the point of view from Juli's and Bryce's perspective, also a very fun technique since you're always wondering what the other character in the story thinks too. Another entertaining technique is the qu [...]

    18. It's one of my favorite movie and I liked everything about, everything.Sycamore Tree to Roosters, Champ to Boa Constrictor, and on the top of that Bryce and Juli.

    19. “Algunos de nosotros tenemos un acabado mate, otros satinado, otros esmaltado… pero de vez en cuando conoces a alguien que es iridiscente, y cuando ocurre, no hay nada comparable” ¡Qué libro más maravilloso! Me he enamorado totalmente de este dulce y divertido libro.La historia sigue a Julliana “Juli” Baker y Bryce Loski, como se conocen a los siete años, cuando él se muda y continua por seis años de su vida, hasta el comienzo de su adolescencia.Julie se enamorá inmediatamente d [...]

    20. Such a sweet story! Brilliant really and so refreshing! I needed a good break from all the greedy and dark reads and this one was exactly what my poor soul wanted: A great coming-of-age story.Flipped is a book filled with laughter, awkwardly cute situations and an absolutely adorable first love between Juli, the clever and determined beautiful girl and Bryce, the arrogant jerk with the sweet heart and the most amazing blue eyes.Juli used to follow Bryce around since the first time they met. He w [...]

    21. Una historia tierna, graciosa y muy bonita. Buscaba leer algo rápido y entretenido para mi último fin de semana libre hasta navidad, así que me aventuré con este que parecía muy fresco y ligero y que, además, era corto.La historia es sensacional. Al principio me divertí muchísimo con los episodios de la niñez de Juli y Bryce, y me reí bastante con ambos puntos de vista. Me encantó que estuviera narrado por ambos y que hablaran de los mismos acontecimientos con perspectivas tan diferen [...]

    22. “I'll ride my bike all the stinkin' way to school for the rest of eternity if it means being with her."THIS IS THE CUTEST BOOK IN THIS UNIVERSE AND I LOVED IT.

    23. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I seriously looooooovvvvvvveeeee this book. I laughed. I cried. I laughed and cried some more. I'm going to buy a bunch of copies of this book and give them to all of my friends.

    24. 5 sao.Mình đọc cuốn này chỉ với mong muốn tìm cảm giác nhẹ nhàng, yêu đời thôi nhưng không ngờ được đọc một cuốn sách hay đến vậy :). Thật ra trong lúc đọc sách chẳng mang lại cảm giác nhẹ nhàng chút nào, chính xác càng đọc lại càng thấy phát sùng lên. Tính mình vốn hay bức xúc trước chuyện bất bình mà, nên cảm thấy bực bội kinh khủng. Nhưng bực bội thế nào thì đọc phần sau s [...]

    25. I just fell in love with it and its simplicity and innocence.This book struck me with its adorably cute, light-hearted romance and wholesomely philosophy, I mean sort of philosophy.Well just seeing the cover and reading the back details of the book, you'll immediately assume that its just your typical boy-meet-girl puppy love story- cute and severely simple.Ooh, don't that things fool you.Yes, it is cute. Yes, its quiet amusing that they understand things at early ages, in short, they are darn s [...]

    26. Este es el mejor libro sobre un romance entre dos "amigos" de infancia que he leído nunca.PD: el padre de Juli Baker es el mejor padre del mundo.

    27. I've read the first chapter and I FLIPPED. It seems I needed a dose of cute and this book was the cutest thing in months.Rating 4.5 (rounding on 5 without regrets)Grandpa to Bryce“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss….” He turned to me. “But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”Juli Baker has had a crush on Bryce Loski from the moment she laid her eyes on him."The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipp [...]

    28. Original post at One More PageI’ve had this book for ages, but I haven’t reviewed it ever (then again, I hardly review books back when I bought this). This, along with Stargirl is one of my favorite young adult books. I bought this on a whim, and ever since I first read it, I’ve loved the story. Julianna, especially, is a very memorable character that I wish a lot of times that I carry the same wonder and sparkle she has. :)When Bryce Loski moves into the neighborhood, Julianna Baker was m [...]

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