Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone

Anancy and Mr Dry Bone Large format version of a delightful trickster tale from the Caribbean in vibrant silhouette

  • Title: Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone
  • Author: Fiona French
  • ISBN: 9780316292986
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Large format version of a delightful trickster tale from the Caribbean in vibrant silhouette.

    One thought on “Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone”

    1. This book engages young children and enables imagination and creativity to occur throughout.Although it is a short novel, at the beginning it states about not being rich and this is reinstated at the end when he wins her over regardless; therefore reinforcing how being rich does not always win what you are after. An important message put across to children in a way which also carries a humorous story.

    2. This is an original story but it incorporates characters from traditional Caribbean and West African folktales. Bold and beautiful illustrations with African patterns, designs and colours. It's a moral story that shows that money cannot buy love and happiness. Anancy meets different animals that help him and this would be a good story for children to retell and to make up their own animals and the gifts that they give.

    3. Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone by Fiona FrenchThis is a story which is based on an original West African and Caribbean folktale.It is an interesting read which has some beautiful illustrations. Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone are both in love with Miss Louise and want to marry her. Miss Louise has never laughed her whole life and they both want to make her laugh so she will marry them. They both do lots of funny things in order to try to woe Miss Louise and it has a lovely happy ending.This book is slightly unus [...]

    4. I enjoyed the book as it teaches a good lesson about imagination and creativity. It also teaches children the idea that being rich does not guarantee victory. The book is not very long and has about one paragraph on each two-page spread, which makes it a quick story time read. The cover of the book is bright and colourful and children may be interested in this book due to this reason.Although the story is short, there are some words which are advanced, such as ‘conjuring’ which might make it [...]

    5. As with Little Inchkin, French has created some beautiful artwork in her telling of an Anansi story but the rich African language or Caribbean is lost, especially when compared to Berry's Anancy Spiderman. On saying this, the illustrations are great fun but the narrative needed work since it works without any pictures.

    6. When the rich Mr Dry Bone meets the very clever and very beautiful Miss Louise he falls in love instantly, but what tricks will he need to perform to make her laugh and win her heart? And how will the poor Anancy Compete? Follow the two on a journey to capture her heart.Beautiful illustrations and a lovely story for children aged 5-8 years old.

    7. I loved reading this book with my year 3 class. It is very colourful with a Caribbean theme and art deco feel. Tells the story about a woman who only wants to marry a man who makes her laugh- but who will she choose? A rich man or a poor man?I recommend this book for whole class reading as there are lots of opportunities for class discussion. Good for RE, Geography and literacy lessons.

    8. The story's really kind of silly, and not much of an Anancy trick, but I love the gorgeous black and white and colorful patterned settings.

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