Un Gato y Un Perro: A Cat and a Dog

Un Gato y Un Perro A Cat and a Dog Sworn enemies become staunch friends in this bilingual edition of the popular picture book by Claire Masurel with pictures by Bob Kolar It s a great way to introduce a second language to very young ch

  • Title: Un Gato y Un Perro: A Cat and a Dog
  • Author: Claire Masurel Bob Kolar Andres Antreasyan
  • ISBN: 9780735817845
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sworn enemies become staunch friends in this bilingual edition of the popular picture book by Claire Masurel with pictures by Bob Kolar It s a great way to introduce a second language to very young children, be they English or Spanish speaking.

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    1. Books that are in both English and Spanish on the same page are heaven-sent when I plan for bilingual story time because I have the option to either do the story in English or Spanish. I think the pictures are very cute and pleasing for small children. It also isn't text heavy, so I don't have to make any adjustments for my audience of three- to six-year-olds. In the story, the cat and dog are enemies who live in the same house, but they learn to become friends by helping one another retrieve th [...]

    2. My copy of this book is the bilingual version, The Cat and the Dog/Un gato y un pero.This short story is an English Second Language teacher's dream. I present conflict resolution in both English and Spanish (and I realize than not all ESL students have Spanish as their first language but a larger number of preschool children entering preschool are coming with no ability to speak English). The ESL preschool children in my class love this short book, by the end of the school year; they could recit [...]

    3. Masurel, Claire, and Bob Kolar. A Cat and a Dog. New York: North-South, 2001. Print. Ages 6-8. A Cat and a Dog is a very simple and not very educational or fun book that talks about the stories of a cat and a dog and how they do not get along. They fight over many things, and do never get along. This book was not one of my favorites, because it seems that it was published just for the heck of it and the purpose is not really potrayed other than the sense that students need to make sure that they [...]

    4. This story is about a cat and a dog who despise one another. As they play outside, the dog's ball gets stuck in the tree, then the cat's mouse toy got into the pool. They finally figure out that they can help each other. The dog goes in the pool to get the mouse toy, and the cat climbs up the tree to get the ball. I would use this book in the class to teach the American children another language other than English. If I had some Spanish speaking students in the class as well, they could help the [...]

    5. The characters were cat and dog. They were at home and then they went outside. They played and both lost their toys. They argued about a lot of stuff with toys and food. Then they went outside to play with their toys all by their own.Then they both said, "Oh No." They lost their toys. The cat's went in the pond and the dog's went in the tree," and "Here dog."They both liked each other and shared the rug.

    6. This is a short and entertaining book about wait for it a cat and a dog. The narrative is short and sure to entertain young children and the illustrations are colorful and cartoonish. Our girls love the blue cat. We enjoyed reading this book together, even though it was a bit 'babyish' for our them.

    7. LOVE this book. First, my little 4.5 month daughter loves it. The colors are bright and bold and have great contrast. She loves hitting the cat and dog! I love that the Spanish translation is well done and we can read it to her in either English or Spanish. Plus, it's a cute story of a cat and dog who start out as enemies and become friends. What's not to love?

    8. El gato y el perro se pelean todo el tiempo. This is a cute, simple story of how a cat and a dog go from taunting and torturing one another to helping each other out and becoming friends. The Spanish in the translation is good and simple. I'd use it again, in class, but only with the youngest Kindergarten and 1st graders.

    9. Published simultaneously in the U.S UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, A Cat and a Dog is a lovely tale of development of friendship and the different interests and skills that individuals bring to friendship.

    10. This is a great , fun, and engaging book! The text is in both English and Spanish and is about a dog and a cat who lives in the same house; but don't get along.I would read this book to a Pre-k or Kindergarten class.

    11. This is a very basic book with a predictable story line. The translation is very simple from Spanish to English, so it could be great for beginning English language learners to use in conjunction with the pictures. It also is a great example of friendship.

    12. PLN Theme: How to Raise a ReaderA cat and a dog are enemies until a crisis brings them together as friends. hcpl

    13. A simple bilingual reader about a dog and a cat who hate each other until they need the other to save their favorite toys. Good to learn some new Spanish words.

    14. This is a cute little book for beginning readers both english and spanish speaking children. Fun book to have within a pre-k-1st grade clssroom.

    15. My 2 yr old loves it in English and Spanish. The Spanish is beginning level so I feel comfortable reading this book in either language.

    16. I really liked the simplicity of this book. Good beginner book for either english or spanish. Nice story too. I liked the last line: y ahora son los mejores amigos.

    17. board book. very cute, has a good message. a cat and a dog don't get along and don't share, until one day they have to help each other out.

    18. This book is one of few picture books I have found written in English and Spanish. It has a great message about getting along with each other.

    19. Not my favorite text -- when there are sounds interspersed with the rest of the text I find it hard to get into a groove -- but bonus half-star for letting me say "mordisqueando" on the regs.

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