The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber

The Rise and Fall of a th Grade Social Climber After the collapse of her parents marriage Mimi Schulman leaves her mother in Houston to look after her befuddled photographer father in New York Too preoccupied with family problems to think much ab

  • Title: The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber
  • Author: Lauren Mechling Laura Moser
  • ISBN: 9780618555192
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the collapse of her parents marriage, Mimi Schulman leaves her mother in Houston to look after her befuddled photographer father in New York Too preoccupied with family problems to think much about her new life, Mimi s first hour at The Baldwin School an institution where teachers offer psychoanalysis in lieu of grades and students hold cocktail parties in the bathAfter the collapse of her parents marriage, Mimi Schulman leaves her mother in Houston to look after her befuddled photographer father in New York Too preoccupied with family problems to think much about her new life, Mimi s first hour at The Baldwin School an institution where teachers offer psychoanalysis in lieu of grades and students hold cocktail parties in the bathroom between classes leaves her spinning.When Sam, her childhood best friend, bets her she can t befriend the cool girls, Mimi accepts the challenge, only to discover that social climbing in New York is no easy task Fitting in with the blond, all American popular girls back in Texas was nothing compared to joining Baldwin s clique of raccoon eyed waifs.Rubbing shoulders with the offspring of diplomats and celebrities, all with secrets and dysfunctions that put her own domestic worries to shame, Mimi finds herself in one bizarre situation to the next a fake ID deli, a topless bar, a jacuzzi in Trump Tower and in the position of winning a bet that threatens to make her lose sight of herself.A coming of age story about friendship and betrayal, about brutal honesty and its consequences, The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber is a novel with heart and a wicked sense of humor.

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    1. Things that I learned from The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber:1. Preppy girls in New York are creepy pariahs that have absolutely no social life besides playing squash 24/7 and eating fat-free sundaes (I live in New York, I'm a middle school girl, and there are plenty of popular preppy girls in my school. I dislike them with a passion but they exist, and not all of them are obsessed with losing weight).2. Everybody in New York is either constantly stoned or has some kind of unlimit [...]

    2. Blech! Apparently being a "cool" student at this school involves: blowing off class and getting drunk in the bathroom, being a bitch to the only person who is nice to you (and then accepting her companionship only after you've nuked your friendship with everyone else), lying repeatedly to your dad, hitting on your dad's graduate assistant, being unable to sleep because you're afraid your new "friends" are going to reject you, spending a night topless gropping the guy you supposedly can't stand ( [...]

    3. In 'The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber" by Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser it's an alright book. It's about a girl named Mimi Schulman that moves from Texas to her father apartment in New York. Her father and mother are getting divorce because her mother left her father for another guy Maurice who Mimi despises kind of. She going to live with her father back in New York and really doesn't know anybody over there except her fath obviously and her best- friend Sam that she has kept i [...]

    4. In "The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber" by Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser, Mimi Schulman is only a semi-popular social queen at her school back in Houston. But yearning for more, Mimi moves to Manhattan looking for a more glamorous life. Her parents had just divorced, and she wanted out of her mother's and step-father's house. And even more intimidatingly fabulous, she had been accepted to the most prestigious, glitz and glam school even in all of New York possibly, The Baldwin Sc [...]

    5. This book is about Mimi, who after her parents’ separation, moves from Houston, TX to New York City to live with her dad. Mimi starts her 10th grade year at Baldwin which is kind of a liberal school that gives no grades, but teachers the children of many wealthy New Yorkers. One of her first nights in New York she is reunited with her childhood friend Sam at a house party where Sam explains the socials workings of Baldwin. Mimi makes a bet with Sam that she can become one of the ‘Coolies’ [...]

    6. Wow! I was hoping I'd like this book--since all of the others I'd heard good things about didn't turn out so well, I was a little afraid--but I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. I'm pleasantly surprised.This book's about an everyday girl from Texas moving to New York City to live with her dad while she attends a prestigious boarding school. The depiction of Baldwin school is so attractivet something we get to read about often in books. It's concerned with the arts, so there's a bun [...]

    7. With a witty-enough title and an interesting premise, I checked this book right away. From reading the first page, I thought that I would've enjoyed it much more than I actually did.Let's start with Sam.I was unsure of what the author wanted us to feel towards him. He was a complete, utter douche. I had no idea why Mimi continued her friendship with him. He was overconfident and had way too much pride in himself.And the romance between Sam and Mimi? It was almost laughable. There was no chemistr [...]

    8. I have an irrational love of this book.I first read it a few years ago as an editorial intern at a YA & children's publishing house -- they'd received an ARC of this book and many others, which I spent much of my free time devouring -- and have read it multiple times since.It's not actually a terribly unique story: girl (with family problems) moves to New York and tries to fit in with the cool crowd. All is going well until she screws things up and has to try to repair her newfound friendshi [...]

    9. Mimi moves from Houston to New York. Her parents have separated and are on their way to a divorce, and Mimi moves from her mother's home to her father's. Her mother is the one who wants to end the marriage, having found someone else she is in love with.In New York, Mimi attends a school that is run very differently from most others, and begins making friends. She has a chance to get into a clique of the most popular girls and takes that opportunity, although she basically turns her back on her o [...]

    10. This book was an odd duck. It was written well enough in a technical sense, but there were things about it that bothered me a great deal. Every single adult in this was a caricature of a central casting archetype. None had a clue, and all were completely and totally oblivious to EVERYTHING going on in the lives of their children. Not one male was anything better than venal and foolish. The protagonist made friends by becoming a complete drunk with nobody noticing and no negative effects whatsoev [...]

    11. This book was okay, but not very believable. The move from Texas to New York was too seemless and her father's complete lack of parenting was unbeleivable. He would never have allowed a girl her age to be cavorting around New York City at her age was not convincing. I also did not see any reason why those four girls would have taken her in and asked her to join their group. For what purpose? what possibly could she have brought to them that they did not have already? it is not as if she was beau [...]

    12. Meh. I read this book because I received it as an advance reading copy. I thought it might be a good recommendation for students, but I wasn't really impressed with it. It was trying to be a bit like Mean Girls, but where the cool girls weren't preppy, gorgeous Rachel McAdams types. Rather, they were hipsters with too thick mascara, socialite parents, and addiction problems. The protagonist, Mimi, is too snarky to really root for. In the end, when her friendship with the "coolies" is resolved, s [...]

    13. Probably closer to 2.5. It was ok but not great. The main character was often annoying and oblivious and her relationship with Sam was lacking. That being said it is nice to see a book that focuses more on friendship than just falling in love. Also good that it shows the good and bad side of the characters, people aren't just popular and bitchy but get to have a heart under the hard exterior. There were plotlines that were introduced that went nowhere and others that just tapered off. I expected [...]

    14. I saw this book while browsing my local library and decided to give it a go. Let me just say I am glad that there is a sequel. When I finished this I felt like I was left hanging It all ended very abruptly. Mimi had just reignited her friendship with the Coolies, things with Sam are all up in the air (I feel like they should get together) and all the signs point to her dad being gay yet at the end of the book he is going on a date with some random multi-divorcee woman.Overall good but ultimately [...]

    15. This is one of THE most boring books I've ever dragged myself through in a long time. The only okay part was the first couple of chapters, but after that, it sucked. I couldn't quite get what was happening until it was over, the charcters were annoying, the MAIN character was so crappy I wanted to slap her for being so ditzy, and I couldn't remember the characters by name OR appearence. It was awful. I hated it and I hope I can be smarter next time I choose a book to read.Geez, I'm not even in 1 [...]

    16. This wasn't a great book by any means, but it was enjoyable enough (though it was very reminiscent of Mean Girls and very predictable). It also included pretty much every YA cliche known to man. I had a really hard time connecting with the main character, Mimi, though - she was such a shallow and judgmental person! I still didn't like her at the end of the book, but I did like her friends. Overall this was a quick and light read.I have the sequel from the library already so I'll read it and see [...]

    17. I bought this because a friend of my sister's wrote it. But I'm not sure I'd recommend it. Again, I got annoyed with the main character and I didn't really see any real lessons learned by anyone. Almost everyone in the book annoyed me, and I was particularly irritated with the Houston scenes. I wanted to like it, but I'm not sure that I was the demographic aimed at.

    18. I luv this book.s about a girl.who goes to this new schoowho her child hood friend sam Sam who she ashn't seen in a while goes and her Friend Sam dares her to try and fir in the popular girlwhich she gets donebut will her new grup of freinds choose her as friends?.will they find out that its just an aact? that

    19. While the entitled, shallow and self-absorbed characters made me want to vomit, the underlying struggles of fitting in and finding your identity in high school are presented well. When Mimi moves to NYC from Texas to live with her dad, she makes a bet with an old friend that she can find a place within the popular circle of girls who run the private school, of which she attends.

    20. Review from 17 year old me: SOOOOOOOO GOOD!! This book was so fun, sad, realistic (in some sense), and hilarious. I am absolutely buying the sequel book. And a third book is coming out too! I am incredibly glad I won this book because otherwise I do not think I would have read it, sadly.

    21. This book was pretty transparent, although I guess I didn't really expect it to be much more than that. There were quite a few loose ends that I thought could have been tied up but weren't. That said, it was a very easy, enjoyable book to read.

    22. 15 year old girl who's parents split and she goes to live with her dad due to her disliking her Mum. She moves to look after her dad but only to get involved with the 'cool' crowd and drink and take drugs regularly.

    23. 1.This book so far is a good book, i havent got to far into it but i like it! The girls Parntes marriage fall apart and her mom lives in one state and her dad lives in a differnet.2.I havent got to read much since iv been in the hospital. Iv tried to read as much as I could.

    24. Now, I love Mean Girls as much as the next teen-movie lover. But, Mean Girls has been done, and this book, about a teenage girl moving to a new town and making a bet that she can become friends with the cool group of girls, is it all over again. Boring.

    25. I liked reading this book but found it very hard to sympathize with the main character… she acted out to be what she thought "cool" was and completely alienated her best friend who was the one of the only characters in the book that actually loved her.

    26. I'm not recommending this one, but got it because I'm curious about books written by more than one author

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