The Auntie

The Auntie Just in time for Halloween Tor presents a delightfully haunting witch duet from the artist Wendy Xu and author Alyssa Wong sure to cast a spell on you

  • Title: The Auntie
  • Author: Alyssa Wong
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: ebook
  • Just in time for Halloween, Tor presents a delightfully haunting witch duet from the artist Wendy Xu and author Alyssa Wong, sure to cast a spell on you

    One thought on “The Auntie”

    1. this is a sequential art tor short, so i can't drop a pull-quote here like i usually do. you're on your own!i have found myself 80 reviews behind, and more than 25 of them are for these free tor shorts i so cherish. i have decided that it makes no sense to review them as thoroughly as i would a full-length book, and that to-be-reviewed number is giving me more stress than i need right now, so i'm gonna just drop quick little reactions in lieu of the more involved reviews i feel compelled to writ [...]

    2. For foreword, I found some reviews mentioned the missing Part 2. The Part 2 is not missing, but the font color of the title is similar with the background. I guess some readers read Part 1 and Part 2 as one part. Title of Part 1 is "The Summoning", and title of Part 2 is "The Confession".The review:THIS GRAPHIC STORY IS JUST TOO SHORT! ENCORE!!!The story is about relationship between a ghost, an elderly woman ghost named Auntie Haichen, with Maya, a girl that could see the ghost. This too short [...]

    3. Fine little story, drawn in a cute way, but I feel like I've read a number of similar ones. Plus that African film about the guy who is haunted by his nagging ancestress.

    4. A short, horror comics about a ghost calledAuntie& a girl named Maya, who can talk & see this ghost. Nobody else can see her. It was a quick read.After reading it, I feel like reading something horror now Check the story here tor/2016/10/31/comics-

    5. 3.5A very short graphic story that is really delightful but is just a bit too slight and lacking in depth.

    6. I'm in the mood for something light and sweet and boy did this short comic deliver! I cracked up so, so bad and I def wanna see more!!

    7. Interesting concept, but it never rises above the basest offerings of the concept. A young woman moves into her parent's house to help care for them. She accidentally awakens a ghost, and said ghost haunts her as only a mouthy auntie can haunt someone. It's cute, but not particularly unique, nor is there much of a satisfying resolution or conflict. Still pleased to see more short graphic stories on Tor though.

    8. The Auntie is a short, cute little comic about a ghost. I stumbled over it while browsing through Tor's 2016 fiction listings. It's not mind-blowing or full of new ideas, just a trifle, but a charming one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the art.

    9. Beautifully illustrated, gently humorous, just enough exasperation and eye-rolling. Great seasonal story.

    10. 2.5 stars. this was alright, but never really rose above "yeah, it's okay" for me. when i saw a new alyssa wong piece posted on HALLOWEEN i was so excited, but finished this feeling underwhelmed. still great to see some sequential art on tor, and hopefully they publish more in the future.

    11. This comic is absolutely delightful. Auntie is hilarious! She's got a creepy thing going on with her neck! I hope Alyssa & Wendy continue this series. It's a short read, worth checking out! Loved the art!

    12. Very cute, it definitely had me giggling at times. It wasn't Alyssa Wong's normal intensity but for a short comic it was very cute. The artwork really added as well. It was a super cute diversion for me to read on break.

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