Dion: A Tale of the Highway

Dion A Tale of the Highway The Note After a bizarre dream a man wakes up in the middle of a deserted highway with no clothes and no memory of who he is In front of him is a vehicle with keys and a note inside Drive this forwa

  • Title: Dion: A Tale of the Highway
  • Author: Jonathan Maas
  • ISBN: 9781530897308
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Note After a bizarre dream a man wakes up in the middle of a deserted highway, with no clothes, and no memory of who he is In front of him is a vehicle with keys and a note inside Drive this forward Drive, or there will be consequences The consequences will be immediate, and they will get worse with every transgression The Highway The task is straightforward, butThe Note After a bizarre dream a man wakes up in the middle of a deserted highway, with no clothes, and no memory of who he is In front of him is a vehicle with keys and a note inside Drive this forward Drive, or there will be consequences The consequences will be immediate, and they will get worse with every transgression The Highway The task is straightforward, but what happens next is anything but As he unravels the mysteries of both his past and future, he ll come to understand that there are dark truths around him, and he ll find that those who wrote the note meant every word of their threat But underneath the terror he ll find an inner strength, and he ll find the power that comes from reason He ll need them both because his decisions on this lonely night will impact this world in ways he can t even begin to imagine.

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    1. Dion: A Tale of the Highway3.75 stars I will admit this right from the startis book is very hard to review. So many aspects of the plot are so diverse that I am at a loss to even attempt to put my feelings and my interpretations on them. But I will note that this book was MOST interesting. If I "understand" the authors' meanings correct, the basic plot (how I hate to say that) revolves around a man, Dion, who was once a God among the other Gods when Gods were still worshiped by man. (And I am no [...]

    2. This book is amazing. It made me think and feel and want to drink wine. It takes you half the book to find out who the main character IS and by the end of it you realize it wasn't about THEM at all but about being human and the worth of life and hope. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and style of the writing. I have recommended this book to friends and will be reading it again in the foreseeable future.

    3. There is clear evidence of hard work, endless researching and quite a bit of maturity to be found in Jonathan Maas' latest book, Dion: A Tale of the Highway. The story opens in the barest, most confusing fashion possible, for both reader and character. Dion awakes on the side of a road, completely naked and unsure of who his is and where he’s at and most importantly, how he got there. A strange dream still lingers on his memory. Besides him there is a car and in the car, a note:“Drive this v [...]

    4. Dion: A Tale of the Highway by Jonathon Maas is a dark tale of the influence of mythology and dreams. Dion the main character awakes from a dream not knowing who he is and is forced to take a car trip, driving where he is told, without question. The story has a bizarre quality of dreaming and surreal worlds, hell, heaven, and earth. Gods and other mythical creatures pop up through-out the tale and provides background and story continuity. The writing is descriptive and detailed. Breaks in the te [...]

    5. Another one of my firstreads books.I really wasn't taken with this book, it started off well with a man waking up naked on his own with a letter, a car and a car boot full of wine. In the letter he is told to get in the car and drive, to drive straight down the road, and then some more when he gets to the end of that road. He just has to keep driving. Along the journey he listens to some philosophical audio books he finds in the car, after discovering he has a guest in the back of the boot of hi [...]

    6. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read! It isn't a quick easy read but this is good as there is much for the reader to digest within the pages. It is a very dark fantasy that mixes elements of sci-fi and mythology into a story that becomes more and more mesmerising as the pages turn. We tread the path of minor philosophy, space and time travel, we join demons on the chase for their brutal entertainment, Gods and demi-gods seeking to escape and preserve the world and we are with Dion when he throws [...]

    7. got to say had never read any of Jonathan Maas books before but always been a fan of fantasy novels so was really pleased to have won a copy from ,the book is very well written with a good main character its easy to read and fairly fast paced a book that one want's too carry on reading to the very last page

    8. Originally published at Risingshadow.Jonathan Maas' latest novel, Dion - A Tale of the Highway, was a pleasant reading experience for me. It's a fine example of how intriguing and original fiction independent authors are capable of writing and how much imagination they have.I consider Jonathan Maas to be one of the most intriguing and versatile independent authors to emerge during the recent years. He boldly blends fantasy and science fiction elements in an interesting and original way. He has h [...]

    9. What to say about this book without giving too much away? Usually, I do not really like books written from the narrator's perspective (first person singular); furthermore, anything too philosophical will after a while just make me skip passages (I know, I am horrible).However, none of these applied here. The story, the narration, everything was just too interesting to even think about not liking the type of narration, or to be even slightly bored by too much philosophy.We have Dion, the main pro [...]

    10. Debated between three or four stars on this novel. It takes off and is exceptionally interesting and hard to put down. . . Except for the footnotes, yes you could ignore them there's very little that drives the story in them but they do, as the narrator, Dion, states add something to the story as a whole but 98 footnotes? Ninety eight? Isn't that just a little distracting jumping back and forth in and out of the storyline? By the way, I knew who Dion was after the 5th or 8th in depth reference t [...]

    11. A stranger named Dion, suddenly finds himself, alone, naked, and standing in a desolate place, with a mysterious request that he must drive the car, that is parked next to him, until the road comes to an end. He must not stop, for any reason, unless he wishes to face consequences, that will result in him being severely punished.I found this book somewhat bizarre in the beginning, but then as the story unfolds, Dion's journey seems to explain itself piece by piece. I enjoyed the different scenari [...]

    12. I didn't finish the book. In fact, I removed it from my Kindle. With my husband's feedback, I realize now who the main character really is. I won't give that away, but I do suspect that no matter how much wine he puts away, he'll never be drunk. I don't understand all the high ratings because this is less of a narrative than an attempt at a philosophy book. Fine, if you want the author's philosophy of life. Not fine if you want to read a novel. Robert Pirsig succeeds at a great story with philos [...]

    13. A very good read indeed, to hold a high level of tension whilst covering philosophical issues isn't easy (and this occasionally slows the pace), but this book delivers very well overall. It deals with big issues - it draws from and develops mythology in a skillfull way - it has a cinematic feel - it is it's own book.The villains are monstrous, and the hero is a driver on a quest, but without control of his own direction, and a persistent drinker to boot! I doubt you have read anything quite like [...]

    14. I've read all of Jonathan's books so far, and have liked 4 of them. Loved this one. It took me a while to actually get to it, but once I started it, it was hard to put it down. I actually figured out about a third of the way through who the protagonist was, but it did not make me enjoy it any less. A great story by an amazing author.

    15. Another interesting look at the morality and choices of mankind. Complete with philosophical discussions and dissertations by three of the greatest philosophers in history.By far Jonathan's most out of this world work and a wonderfully compelling read.

    16. WOW!Yeah, just wow! This is a unique and very entertaining story. I would recommend this to anyone. Now I'm going to go and buy every other book by this author.

    17. Full disclosure, I was lucky enough to have been provided with a proof copy of this title by the author in exchange for an honest review. Note – Personal notes and possible spoilers might be revealed at the end of my review. Consider yourself warned.Who is Dion?Coming to, from bizarre dreams of Hell, naked and alone on a highway with all memories erased and not even knowing his name, a man is faced with a car and a note – “Drive until the road ends and then drive some more. If you stop the [...]

    18. Dion awakes from a strange dream to find that reality is even stranger. He has no memory, other than the dream. Who he is and how he arrived in this predicament are complete mysteries. He is also naked and totally alone. There is a car on the highway, doors open, key in the ignition. A note on the seat instructs him to drive the length of the highway, just get in and drive without stopping.Little does he know that his troubles are just beginning. He feels that he has an important mission to comp [...]

    19. The highway is only the start of a strange journey involving pursuit from the past without the benefit of memories. This is a challenging situation as the main character has to figure out who he is while being forced to drive forward to a destination he can't anticipate but yet he knows he wants to resist. Clues are revealed and context is added through the use of footnotes (after all the main character is narrating this tale), which although not necessary to follow the story, added some of the [...]

    20. Dion: A Tale Of the Highway" Will be read over and over at my house.I chose this rating because the authors approach to a distant myth is full of greatness and the goodness we have to fight against our own proclivity to destruction

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