Because You're Mine

Because You re Mine I didn t need a wife Yes I married a woman I ve never met And get this she s an ex nun lucky me right But I owe her brother a favor one I won t ever be able to repay And so expecting a stiff prude

  • Title: Because You're Mine
  • Author: Avery Kaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I didn t need a wife.Yes, I married a woman I ve never met And get this she s an ex nun lucky me, right But I owe her brother a favor, one I won t ever be able to repay And so, expecting a stiff prude, I m far from thrilled when I come home after being stationed in Qatar for a year Until I see her.And touch her.And taste her.This little woman with a body built forI didn t need a wife.Yes, I married a woman I ve never met And get this she s an ex nun lucky me, right But I owe her brother a favor, one I won t ever be able to repay And so, expecting a stiff prude, I m far from thrilled when I come home after being stationed in Qatar for a year Until I see her.And touch her.And taste her.This little woman with a body built for sin is not the Sister Mary Grace I was expecting Suddenly having a wife isn t so bad She may have been sheltered since she turned eighteen She may be innocent and inexperienced But that s good Because that means I m the only man who gets to introduce her to the wicked delights of desire Warning This campy, hot, but sweet story of insta love and proxy marriage is no literary masterpiece Plot Yeah, there isn t much of one guy meets girl, they fall in insta love and live HEA Characters He s rich, powerful and uber alpha Mine, mine, mine This woman is mine She s innocent and inexperienced Nothing groundbreaking there either But the sexy times Ahhhh, those sexy times Sizzling, deliciously naughty fun

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    1. 3.5 ALMOST STARS"This precious little creature is mine . My wife. To cherish. And protect. And nurture. I’m going to do all those things." "You're mine now. All mine. I'm going to make sure every bastard in this state knows it. It want your belly swollen. With my child.” Wow right!? I thought "I AM GOING TO LOVE THIS BOOK." However, that was not entirely true here. This book was just a short story that made little sense to me. For example: Why was she a nun in the first place?Why does she ne [...]

    2. This heroine was too damn innocent for my liking.He looked at her she blushed, he touched her hand she blushed, he told her she was beautiful, she blushed, he got too close to her she blushed, he walked around without no shirt yeah you guessed right she blushed AGAIN!!!!

    3. Obviously I don't read this kind of books for developed plots but stillThe H is worth almost a billion but his mom had to work three jobs and he went to the Air Force, when did he earn his millions?Also I didn't like the h much, too prude and innocent. I know she was a nun but she read smut before so she had to know some things at least.Oh and the epilogue was about a month later, I would have liked one around two years later at least.

    4. TBH I was bored. I've read other books by this author and it's either a hit or a miss.This was somewhere in between.The concept of an ex nun marrying an ex army man, a may December romance, insta love and breeding sounded hella fun IF it was executed properly.From overuse of the word OMg and OMGOMG with her ever present anxiety about sex. And then the loooong will they and then why aren't they I struggled to finish it.Maybe I just wasn't in mood.Safe read2.25/5

    5. Meh disappointing. The girl was just too annoying. I understand that she almost took vows to become a nun and that she was shy, but she acted more like someone who had grown up on a deserted island or in some kind convent. Everything was "ohmygod" and she acted like ninny every time Jack took his shirt off, even though she did have a boyfriend in high school and apparently learnt how to masturbate by reading "utty books I devoured late at night".One thing that confused me was that she first says [...]

    6. This book was really good and the storyline was something different for a change at least for me anyway. Kelsey is 21 years old she entered a convent when she was 18 to become a nun, she was known as Sister Mary Grace. She started having strong desires for a husband and children so she decided not to go through with her final vows. Desperate with no money and nowhere to go she contacted her older brother, Mason. Her brother arranged for Kelsey to marry (by proxy) his best friend, Jackson. Mason [...]

    7. Una lectura corta y linda.Empezó prometedora una ex monja y un ex militar. Ella hermosa, un angel: él, duro sin necesidad de una mujer en su vida pero como le debe un favor al hermano de Kelsey, se casa con ella. Y ni bien la ve: instalove!La primera mitad del relato me gusto, pero despues se hizo muy pesado, el unico conflicto de TODA la historia, es su virginidad y como sacarsela. En fin no hay mucho pa leer y pronto se vuelve medio tedioso y casi exclusivamente porno Por eso que la ultima m [...]

    8. SweetWho knew a romance about a nun and a military man could be so sweet? But it was, every word. The man had patience and understanding and the girl had the kind of naïve passion that could tempt a saint

    9. Podría definir este libro como caliente, caliente y más caliente.Pero me equivocaría un poco porque también es dulce y sumándole a las escenas sensuales me tenia delirando y echándome fresco.

    10. Ex nunSister Grace is no more now Kelsey is leaving the nunnery and entering into marriage with a friend of her brother. Great instant love book

    11. Hot romance about a nun and a military man and their marriage of convenience! I loved how slowly he seduced his innocent wife!

    12. Sweet and hotCute and sweet. Not a racy erotic romance but still has the alpha male and sweet innocent. Jack and Kelsey make a sweet couple with just the right amount of heat for them.

    13. Oh wow!This was a great book. I love reading books that get to take me on a journey. I would definitely recommend this book. Hot, sexy and sweet. What more could you ask for.

    14. Falling Fast. Falling Hard. Falling In Love. This was a sweet book about a woman, Kelsey, who decided to follow her heart and create the family that she always wanted. I loved that she was strong enough to completely change the direction of her life to get something that she wanted; that takes a bunch of courage and respect for oneself. This was a steamy story, but I felt it was more of a sweet story. Jackson was a great man who respected his love and was willing to wait for her to “catch up [...]

    15. I always enjoy reading this author, there is always a sweet story with a possessive alpha male & heroine that gets her HEA.Kelsey is an ex nun that has left the church because she has decided that she cannot live without the prospect of a family in her future. Her brother sets up a marriage between him and his best friend who has just retired from the marines. Kelsey comes across as grateful for everything and no real feistiness about her. She is a little too perfect but still you can’t ex [...]

    16. Loved itA sweet and steamy older military man and a younger virgin women.Kelsey went into the convent just out of high school. After some soul searching she devices to leave, she wants a family, a husband and kids. Her much old and much adored older brother marries her by proxy to his best friend.Jackson wasn't looking for a wife. He planned to retire from the Air Force to his Texas ranch and live a quite life. He couldn't say no to his best friend since their Academy days. When Jack meets his w [...]

    17. When the author described her books as over the top, she wasn't kidding. The book is a quick read, but it was bit over the top as far as characters and plot go. Jackson is now a retired air force officer who is almost a billionaire. Doesn't state how he came into his money because I know he didn't receive it from being in the military. I can understand Kelsey having a sheltered life by living in a convent, but her naivety was a bit much. The book could have had more potential of it had been bett [...]

    18. Good bookThis was a good book to read. I liked the patience he showed her. I liked this part of the story:I love the way he touches me. I love the way he kisses me. And the feral need burning in his eyes. I can hardly believe this gorgeous, strong man is my husband. That I belong to him. And he belongs to me. I am, truly, the luckiest girl on earth.

    19. Not for meI gave this 4 stars because it deserves it, but I didn't like it. I won't give less stars bases on personal preferences. I see people do that a lot and it really irritates me. The book is good, it's just not what like to read about. The h was just way to shy for my tastes, but I understand why AK wrote her that way. That was my only real complaint.

    20. Sweet!A lovely sweet story, a magic romance that is sweet and hot in the way that it is not dirty, but romantic sex that is hot, ( if that makes any sense). It makes you smile and fan your face at the same time. Loved it.

    21. Awesome!!!This is a unique kind of a love story. You will fall in love with the characters like me. Very romantic and funny.

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