The Honorable Mr. Darcy

The Honorable Mr Darcy Everyone has a secret Who will kill to keep theirs Lieutenant George Wickham is dead The shot rings out in Wickham s tent as the good citizens of Meryton dance the night away at Mr Bingley s Netherfie

  • Title: The Honorable Mr. Darcy
  • Author: Jennifer Joy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everyone has a secret Who will kill to keep theirs Lieutenant George Wickham is dead The shot rings out in Wickham s tent as the good citizens of Meryton dance the night away at Mr Bingley s Netherfield ball The only person who can confirm Fitzwilliam Darcy s alibi faces the loss of her reputation and her freedom if she comes forward Convinced that her sole motive iEveryone has a secret Who will kill to keep theirs Lieutenant George Wickham is dead The shot rings out in Wickham s tent as the good citizens of Meryton dance the night away at Mr Bingley s Netherfield ball The only person who can confirm Fitzwilliam Darcy s alibi faces the loss of her reputation and her freedom if she comes forward Convinced that her sole motive is the pursuit of justice and not her growing attraction to Mr Darcy Elizabeth Bennet begins an investigation to clear his name and evade an unwanted marriage If Darcy didn t shoot Wickham in cold blood, who did Which of Longbourn s neighbors is not who they seem With a killer on the loose, can Elizabeth avoid being the next victim as she comes closer to revealing the truth

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    1. Just having finished reading this intriguing murder mystery/love story I had to jump to GR and post a review. I may not get it all said in one sitting but want my friends and fellow readers to know that this is a book well worth picking up.There are lots of secrets in Meryton and Wickham is attempting to benefit from not telling all that he knows long as he can gain some benefit from it and we all know whose pockets he has had his hands in over and over again. But in a confrontation with his nem [...]

    2. The villain is dead, but then, what villain killed him?It was public knowledge that there was bad blood between Mr. Darcy and Lt. Wickham. When Lt. Wickham was murdered, the prime suspect could be none other than Fitzwilliam Darcy, that haughty man from Derbyshire. The crime occurred at exactly midnight and all Mr. Darcy had to do was tell where he was at midnight. And yet he refused. There was a very good reason for him to not reveal where he was, for you see… he was not alone. This was a fas [...]

    3. Dear Reader,A murder mystery enveloped in Pride and Prejudice is what will delight and intrigue you if you venture forth on the path to read this delightful tale! A man lies dead in his tent,shot through the heart by a gun he unwittingly supplied for such a deed.Meryton society,recently aquatinted with the animosity that exists between the deceased and our dear Mr Darcy point the finger at said gentleman and label him a cold hearted murderer!! I kid you not! Could our beloved Mr Darcy actually b [...]

    4. Great Pride and Prejudice mystery, although I think it takes a wrong turn at the point where the true murderer is revealed to the reader. Despite that, we have a great cast of suspects and various secrets (most having nothing to do with the murder) that gradually emerge throughout the pages of this book.Mr. Wickham turns up dead the day after Mr. Darcy was seen leaving his tent looking agitated. This makes Mr. Darcy the prime suspect, especially since he won't reveal his exact whereabouts at the [...]

    5. Mr. Wickham is dead the night of the Netherfield Ball and Mr. Darcy is the main suspect as he was last seen storming out of Wickham's tent that day! Not only that, he refuses to explain why no one can vouch for his exact presence at midnight even though he says he never left Netherfiledexcept for Elizabeth Bennet. I love a good mystery and with Wickham being the victim, there certainly were more than enough suspects! Several new characters have been introduced which just added to the mystery. Th [...]

    6. Reread 12/17/17Listened to the audiobook this time around, and it was pretty good. Not my favorite narrator, but certainly not bad.Original read 1/1/17I've read several of this sort of story now, where one of our favorite characters is accused of a crime while the other strives to prove it wrong, and I've decided I like it almost as much as forced marriages and injuries. Nothing like life-threatening danger to make Elizabeth come around a little faster! I liked that Elizabeth started to think a [...]

    7. Poor Mr. Darcy. He is again a murder suspect and the victim is none other than his permanent nemesis -Wickham. On the night of the Netherfield Ball Mr. Wickham fails to appear and is later found dead in his tent. Seemingly everyone is a suspect but Mr. Darcy is singled out by the locals due to a semi public row with the victim the day of the murder. The local Constable seems to think that Darcy is the kind of man who doesn't think laws apply to him. Darcy has an alibi but it will result in the e [...]

    8. What a marvelous job!I only wish I could have read this story in one sitting instead of over so many lunch breaks and too short rests.I loved the way the usual characters were depicted and the new ones are very interesting.The end was a complete surprise! A thoroughly enjoyable mystery!

    9. What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another?  ~Alan PatonAnd we find something broken in the last man we suspected!In the 1st chapters, I thought I wouldn't like this story since I had recently read "Did Darcy Do It?" and the basic premise here is the same.But the plot develops in another direction and really didn't remind me so much of the other story. (I would recommend both)I found some of this mystery too easy but the real murderer came out of nowhere -- didn't suspect t [...]

    10. Good Misdirection A murder mystery of mannersMs Joy does lead us down a merry path, although I would have preferred some stronger character development earlier. Could we not know more of Stallard's motivations earlier? The resolution in the last few pages left a rushed feeling. Rating is 3.5 stars.

    11. Did not see that coming!More often than not I can see what will happen in a story well before it does happen. How happy was I to read a story that lacked the predictability so often found in fanfiction stories. Loved that there was more than one twist in this story! Can't wait to read more of this series.

    12. I enjoyed this who dunit very much!Enjoyable story. I figured out a key point fairly early in the story, but the others took me completely by surprise. Good mystery.

    13. Well doneStrong character development, good plot with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. I hope to see more of her work.

    14. The Honorable Mr. Darcy (A Meryton Mystery Book 1) was my first time reading a Pride and Prejudice variation by Jennifer Joy, and I was delighted from start to finish. When Mr. Wickham is found dead in his tent during the Netherfield Ball, the inhabitants of Meryton are quick to point fingers at Mr. Darcy. They have a poor opinion of him since he insulted Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly, and he was seen leaving Wickham’s tent in anger. Elizabeth isn’t Darcy’s biggest supporter, bu [...]

    15. Being a historical romance "junkie", I was not sure that a mystery would appeal to me. However, I enjoyed this version of Elizabeth and Darcy's development. I did not get anywhere close to guessing the proper villain, although I did get some things right. I must say if this was not already identified as a series, I would have complained about some of the plot lines. I am hoping that they are set ups for future story lines.

    16. The militia are in Meryton and this includes Wickham, while the Bingleys and Darcy are at Netherfield. But when Wickham is murdered Darcy becomes the main suspect. Who can clear his name and who is the guilty party. Most of the characters from Meryton are here plus a few new characters.An enjoyable mystery which thankfully I didn't guess, and so I look forward to the next.

    17. P&P mysteryA great P&P who done it with a unique twist in our favorite couple getting to know each other and a little about themselves. Surprising twists and turns that keep you guessing. Looking forward to more to come!

    18. A P&P variation and a murder mystery all in one? How could I possibly resist this???? Also! It was a freebie, sooooo yeah…no choice. The story starts pretty standardly, but then things get all crazy when Darcy and Lizzy end up in a compromising position locked in a library together at a ball. Whoops. In order to not get discovered, Darcy jumps through the window and sneaks back into the ball and starts asking where Lizzy is. All at the same time as Darcy is shimming down the side of the bu [...]

    19. The book was a good story of misunderstandings leading to major issues. It was a heartwarming romance but I really didn’t see a lot of mystery. I have never read Pride & Prejudice and most likely never will it is just not something that interests me which I believe this story is based on or around. It has a good plot but it is drawn out a little too much for me and I found my mind wondering having to really think about what I just listened to as to make sure I got the full impact. I have r [...]

    20. This was a very fun audiobook and the narrator did a great job with differciating between the voices.I have read the original pride and prejudice countless time, I have watched all the different movies made from it. I have also read a few books that were loosely based on it but they have all been contemporary. This was my first time reading something like this book. It was exactly what the title says, a variation of the original story. It has the same cast of characters and the story starts from [...]

    21. I love pride and prejudice as one of my favourite books. And many times I has wished after reading the Sherlock and pride and prejudice that I be born in that era.I loved the book and especially the romance between Lizzy and Darcy.I am a sucked for romance. Though I could see the killer from a mile, the psyche of the Characters were so good, that I will make sure to read the rest of the series.And the one star less is because the story was predictable.

    22. A great who-done-it! All wrapped up in Austen land. The cast of characters from P&P is all there with the addition of some new ones. There is a slightly different slant to some of the characters which adds to the interest. The mystery is well thought out and the growing relationship between Elizabeth and D'Arcy is nicely portrayed. The historical details are true to Austen,too. An excellent read and engaging story!

    23. A Fun Thrill read with a nice twist. It is always exciting to try to solve a murder and added to that there are some unexpected and thrilling twists. This author is Brilliant! She cleverly lets the reader into some obvious clues, enough time for the reader to feel pleased for guessing correctly and then pulls the rug under the reader's feet~cleverly naughty, that. I never thought Romance & Mystery so effortlessly Fine and Heart~warming that it is Simply Beautiful. And they NEVER even kissed! [...]

    24. I enjoy Jennifer Joy's writing so I liked this book. I don't read a lot of mysteries and even fewer JAFF mysteries but I enjoyed this one. I was surprised by who the bad guy was. Well there were kind of two bad guys. One surprised me. The other not so much although it took a while before I began to suspect. No sex, language. Some mild violence

    25. LOVED this variation of Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Darcy have already met, the Meryton assembly has happened. It veered quite far from canon, but that was fine. The writing was enjoyable and I was so anxious to find out what was going to happen (I was surprised!). I was glad to get my Lizzie and Darcy fix!

    26. A truly great fusion of P&P and Agatha Christie Wonderful melding of Whodunnit and romance. Our Dear couple are forced to solve a murder. Great dialogs and a lot of Darcy and Elizabeth - perfect recipe for a fun read.

    27. I really enjoyed this book. Jennifer Joy took a little detour in the middle of Pride and Prejudice to create a fun murder mystery. I felt she stayed true to the characters I love so much. It was a fun, quick read. I even loved the new twists to Darcy's life!!

    28. Pride and Prejudice fans will enjoy this book. I always like spending time with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. This take on the story was new and different while staying true to the characters. I would read it again.

    29. Engaging Story!This was a fun story. I enjoyed the mystery while watching Darcy and Lizzy grow in their understanding of one another. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

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