Fight The story continues I trusted Colton with every bit of myself I believed him when he promised he d never hurt me But he broke med now I watch him give another woman everything I thought would be mine

  • Title: Fight
  • Author: Molly McLain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The story continues I trusted Colton with every bit of myself I believed him when he promised he d never hurt me But he broke med now I watch him give another woman everything I thought would be mine I never saw this coming I don t blame Taylor for the decisions she s made, because I know the fault is all mine I took her for granted I broke her heart.But sh The story continuesI trusted Colton with every bit of myself I believed him when he promised he d never hurt me But he broke med now I watch him give another woman everything I thought would be mine.I never saw this coming.I don t blame Taylor for the decisions she s made, because I know the fault is all mine I took her for granted I broke her heart.But she s everything to me If the guy holding her now thinks for one second that I ll lay down without a fight, he s dead wrong.Because I m coming after what s mine.

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    1. 4.5 stars***This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*If you have not read Fly yet then stop, do not pass go do not collect $200 and most definitely do not read Fight until you do so. Have I made myself clear? If not let me repeat that one more time. DO NOT READ FIGHT IF YOU HAVE NOT READ FLY! Now if you have read Fly, Fight picks up where we were left off at so don’t worry. Colton and Taylor will have you sucked right back into their world, I know they did for m [...]

    2. It was worth the wait. A great conclusion to Colton and Taylor's story.When Fly, book 1 of the Velocity series, came out I knew it had a cliffhanger but the conclusion, Fight, was supposed to come out very quickly. Well, it didn’t. But you know what? Life happens sometimes, even to authors that readers sometimes put up on a pedestal – imagine that! So now Fight is here and it’s a fantastic conclusion to the story of Colton and Taylor.It’s going to be hard to give any details in this revi [...]

    3. Fan-freaking-tastic!! Fight is the second in a two book series that is about friendship, love, blackmail, sex and the motocross world. Probably one of the best series I have read leaving me with one hell of a book hangover. Fight is the much awaited follow up to Fly which left you with a killer cliffhanger. It starts out fast paced and doesn’t let up the whole time through. There are a lot of ups and downs in the lives of Taylor and Colton. Is it really possible for childhood friends to take t [...]

    4. this is book 2 in the Colton and Taylor love story. The two friends went through quite a lot in the previous story. They had to work around the fact the they crossed the line from friends to lovers. They had outside influences causing havoc and it continues in the this installment. The story is fast paced and the is more angst and drama than in the first book. There is more at stake and Colton is ready to fight for his future with Taylor. Taylor knows more about what is at stake. She wants to ma [...]

    5. Stayed up way too late to read this, but it was worth it! This was a pretty quick read (about 5 hours for me), but I couldn't put it down! I have been impatiently waiting since I finished Fly (Velocity #1) to read this. Col and Tee were meant for each other. The drama surrounding them made things hard! I loved how this brought everything together. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good at some points very steamy romance, with lots of emotion. NOT for anyone under 18 :-)

    6. Absolutely PhenomenalI received this book as an ARC from the author for an honest review. That being saidis book has all the feels and I Floved it!!! Taylor and Colton won my heart in Fly and that love continues for me in Fight. Molly writes such heartfelt, endearing characters. Best friends to lovers book I've read in a long time or maybe ever. You should definitely read this book!!

    7. Love that Colten and Taylor were able to make things work when it seemed like everything was going to fall apart.

    8. Taylor has a way of making Colton forget things, and puts his mind on different things, "I forget the phone and focus on her pert little *** bouncing across the room. “Banging?” I call after her. “Is that what we’re going to tell people? That we’re banging?” Taylor's body parts aren't actually hers, they belong to Colton, "giving a low growl, he palms my butt and pulls me tight against his lap. “My ***.” I loved this book.

    9. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review Immediately after reading Fly, I started anxiously awaiting the rest of Taylor and Colton's story. I was hooked and flying by the seat of my pants with emotion for this over the top, adrenaline inducing couple and couldn't wait to read their dramatic conclusion. Molly didn't disappoint and kept me riveted to all of the scandal, drama, and heat that is going on all around Taylor and Colton. It is time to get reacquainted with this explosive coupl [...]

    10. ***ARC received from author for an honest review***Fight picks up from where Fly left off so if you haven't already read Fly then proceed no further because this is not a standalone book! What it is though, is the perfect second-part to a great story by one of my favorite authors! It is a quick read and I blew through it in a matter of hours, staying up late to finish it because I could not put it down. This book (as with the first one) has it all--- best-friends-to-lovers, secrets, unexpected p [...]

    11. I loved this series! Book one has you saying, Ahhhhh!!! as it ends. Book two has you saying Ahhhhh!!! because you want to hurry up read it to find out what happens. You have to read the first book in order to understand this one. Fight, was definitely a roller coaster of emotions for me. Lots of drama going on and Bria, just when I thought maybe she was not who I thought she was, she proves me wrong. Her and Liz drove me crazy, and Col and Taylor went through so much bulls*** it makes you wonder [...]

    12. ***Copy provided as Author, in exchange for an honest review*******4.5 Stars *****I have been waiting for this book in what seems like forever and it was worth the wait. I loved Colton and Taylor together. Childhood best friend turned lovers are the sweetest. The way book 1 ended, was such a heartbreak and I’m glad that the ending of this series is what I have been waiting for. Taylor and Colton go through so much, having to deal with track bunny Bria and his agent Liz. Wow, what malicious peo [...]

    13. Best Friends to Lovers and what a ride it is!!! Excellent Book Molly McLain!! Get ready to FIGHT!!Ahhhhhhh!!! I absolutely love love love this book!! A definite must read!!! It is the second book in the Velocity Series. We met Colton and Taylor in Fly and I was hooked from the first page!!! Shoot, I was hooked by the Cover!! Colton and Taylor have been best friends for years and finally cross that invisible line from friends to lovers! I honestly believe they were made for each other! As we foun [...]

    14. This is the second book in the Velocity series, and carries on from where the first left off. Taylor has a huge secret that she is keeping from Colton, but with all of the drama going on; it never seems to be the right time to come clean. This story is action packed with drama, lies, obstacles, secrets, emotion, relationships, friendships, angst, and love.This is a fast paced read, and I must admit that as soon as I finished Fly, I could not wait to get my teeth into Fight, and I was not disappo [...]

    15. Relatable, Realistic and Romantic!!Molly has this incredible gift to give us characters that we can see ourselves being around, sitting down to have a latte with, or giving the stink eye to for being bratty.We first met these Colton & Taylor, and swooned over the friends to lovers idea in FLY. We were left rooting for this couple to get the ending that we would have wanted if the story was written about usGHT is spectacular and well-developed. Reading through each chapter, it became more evi [...]

    16. This book was probably my most anticipated read of 2016. After the cliffhanger the author left at the end of Fly, I couldn't read anything else because I needed to know what happened with Colton and Taylor. A well-written read that's not just about a happily ever after. if you love a happily ever after and enemies you love to hate, this is the book for you.

    17. Finally, some answersSome good, some bad. All of our past questions and concerns are addressed. Will friendships make it, and how many wrenches can be thrown in the mix before someone walks away? I'm pretty sure this group of friends has more to say. Can't wait to continue on with their stories.

    18. Meh. Typical YA book that relies on melodramatic and unrealistic drama. Bad editing - improper words and a sentence that ended midway. Definitely Twific. And the H was a MORON.

    19. This book was absolutely worth waiting for. I mean truly remarkable but it can’t be read as a standalone. You MUST READ FLY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is only Colton & Taylor’s continued story not the beginning~~and what a story it is!!!Colton & Taylor are best friends as we discovered in Fly who have been there for each other through everything but as we seen in Fly, Colton & Taylor have their share of problems and some turn from bad to worse and have this friendship being tested~ [...]

    20. The last book leaves off on a major cliffhanger that was such a shock. There is no way Taylor could ever imagine that happening to her. Right? This book begins with Taylor keeping her secret and still avoiding Colton for choosing other obligations over her. While they are on the outs, Taylor moves on with her life and begins a new job and college. Colton misses Taylor and will stop at nothing to get her even if he is being slammed left and right with new rumors, obligations, and controversy. Wil [...]

    21. Because of how the first one ended, I dove straight into this one without even glancing at a clock. So invested in what happens to this couple at this point, I had to know what happens. Let me tell you, ALOT. These two have been getting it from all sides, and it seems as if everything in the universe is trying to tear them apart, and nearly does. Their lives became such a mess, my heart nearly broke. I couldn't put it down until I saw if they got their HEA, because you never know right? I won't [...]

    22. I freaking love this bookI couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. It was so full of angst I couldn't stop flipping the pages to see what happens next. Colton finally figured out what he had to do to get Taylor and he would fight for his girl until the end. Taylor will have you so frustrated but God I love her. Don't wait to grab this book and get the conclusion to their roller coaster story.

    23. Positives and negativesOverall I loved this duet. There was plenty of drama (although sometimes it seemed a little forced). The secrets kept the book going and I loved the baby secret. The second book had A LOT more spelling and grammatical errors. I was saddened that such a good storyline had so many errors. The author's editing team did not do her book justice. Can't wait to see more from this author.

    24. Colton needed a slap upside the head. He was so stupid when it came to Bria and Liz. He was to trusting and they continuously took advantage of it. It was about time he finally got some balls and went after them.As for Taylor she took way to long in telling him her secret. I really enjoyed most of the secondary characters and can't wait for Shane's story. Hoping others are getting their own book also. Very easy read, just enough drama to not make it boring.

    25. This is the second book in the Velocity series, and it carries on from where the first left off. This is a fast paced read, filled with action packed drama, secrets, despair and love. I couldn' t wait to see what was gonna happen with Taylor and Colton especially with her keeping a huge secret. This is an amazing conclusion to the series.

    26. Money can be a evil thing. Colton is being torn every which way with his Love for Taylor and his agent putting him in a situation he doesn't want to be in. Bad judge of characters and betrayal or is it really a Betrayal will test Taylor and Colton. Can in the end they just be happy with each other and how will everyone back home react to their being more then just friends.

    27. “But do you love her, Col? See, there’s a difference between simply wanting to be with her because you can’t imagine your life any other way…and realizing that without her, you wouldn’t be living at all.”McLain, Molly. Fight (Velocity, #2) (Velocity Series) (Kindle Locations 2557-2559). Molly McLain Books, LLC. Kindle Edition.

    28. ** ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ** I was so excited to get Fight that I couldn't sit still, after falling in love with Colton and Taylor in Fly I couldn't wait to find out what happened to one of my favorite couples. Molly McLain did not disappoint with this emotional, sexy follow up. This is one series you need to pick up ! Filled with love, friendship and angst, you will become completely immersed in this fast paced read. We had left Taylor hiding a secret from Colton at the [...]

    29. Oh Colton!Loved loved loved! Couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to Taylor and Colton's story. Molly has brought these characters to life and you can't help but to fall in love with them! Can't wait for Shane's story!

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