Highlander's Bride

Highlander s Bride One moment in time was all it took She shouldn t be here She can t even recall how she got here Except for the dream Mya Boyle remembers the dream She knows it s somehow connected to her past her pre

  • Title: Highlander's Bride
  • Author: Lexy Timms
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One moment in time was all it took She shouldn t be here She can t even recall how she got here Except for the dream Mya Boyle remembers the dream She knows it s somehow connected to her past, her present and the future Mya woke one morning in a field, a stag grazing close by as if it didn t even notice her She lay bare, like a babe from the womb, except for a wooOne moment in time was all it took She shouldn t be here She can t even recall how she got here Except for the dream Mya Boyle remembers the dream She knows it s somehow connected to her past, her present and the future Mya woke one morning in a field, a stag grazing close by as if it didn t even notice her She lay bare, like a babe from the womb, except for a wool blanket wrapped around her tightly A grown woman with no memory, no family, no money, nothing Kayden McGregor found her while hunting He was after the stag and nearly shot her with his arrow instead Unable to leave her to the wolves of his clan, he took her to his home He resents her She can t bare to look at him Or stop herself from staring when he doesn t notice Trapped, and yet somehow destined to be together Remember enough of the past You may be able to control your future Moment in Time Series 1 Highlander s Bride 2 Victorian Bride 3 Modern Bride 4 Royal Bride 5 Forever the Bride NOTE This is a series In order to understand the time travel aspect, you will need to read the series to find out what is going on and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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    1. An alright book. Not the best though. Too many "sexy parts" for me though. Did have some cute parts that I enjoyed. Overall 3 stars.

    2. This was not my cup of tea! I do not enjoy cliffhangers at all, and the writing is way too modern. When the hero said he was in his birthday suit, that just about did it for me. He was NOT the time traveler! The plot is practically nonexistent because this one is really just one sexual encounter after the other. I hate writing a bad review, but I just could not rate this any higher. Maybe it will work better for others. Happy reading!

    3. Fun to read but the plot didn't really go anywhere. It was a handy story to pick up and put down while waiting for appointments, etc.The main character is Mya who suddenly arrives in the Scottish highlands but with no indication of where she is from (so that eliminates any difficulties for the author). Kayden, the handsome fellow who discovers her offers her his protection and home. There is instant attraction. A flimsy story is concocted to explain her sudden arrival in his hut and she is slowl [...]

    4. Lost in TimeI was now completely excited to read the first amazing series, Moment in Time. With such a exciting romantic Scottish adventure. Such a most wonderful tale of all.As Mya awoken watching the rays of the sunset. She watched in the distance at the stag close by. Mya noticing she was stark nude!Finally noticing the man there shooting arrows at the animal. She stood up to protect this animal too. Only realising now the animal wouldn't go away. She had totally lost all her memory too! Scar [...]

    5. This is my first book in the 2017 book reading challenge and here I am reviewing it in day3 since I started the book. This is the first book of the author that I am reading. I picked up the book when it was free on amazon and I picked it up for historical romance theme with Scottish background. However, the book turned out to be an erotica. The hot steamy scenes in details in all the chapters can hook you up if you enjoy reading this genre. The rating I gave for those scenes as the author did a [...]

    6. A little bit to longWas a little to confused to start. And then the story started off great! Mya falls through time and meets Kayden in the rough highlands of Scotland. The basics ensues that regularly happens in romances. They of course fall in love. A white stag plays an important part to skipping time.All in all book was well written, it just got redundant and boring. I eventually skimmed pages just to get to the epilogue and didn't miss anything. Beware it is a cliffhanger and you'll have to [...]

    7. I started reading this book because it was free on , so I figured why it download it. It had a cute storyline, but I felt like there was a lot missing I felt like a background needed to be built up. The end left with quite a cliff hanger and that made me sad. I am unlikely to read the next book unless that becomes free.

    8. BoringI must have missed the time travel part. Although the storyline has a lot of sexual situations it is very boring. The beginning seems interesting, the middle just the same stuff, and finally at chapter sixteen we get more story. I wouldn't waste your time on this book unless you really just want read about to people having sex.

    9. “Remember enough of the past… You may be able to control your future.”All she saw was the sky. It was a deep cerulean with an occasional billowing white cloud, like a desolated island in a sea of blue. She couldn’t remember the past, how she had arrived at this particular moment of time, or indeed where she was. She didn’t feel any alarm or, in fact, anything. it hadn’t even registered, until she stood, that she was complete and utterly naked. From her bare feet to her unadorned head [...]

    10. I started reading this book because it was a series and I thought it looked interesting. The writing style was good however, there were sayings and wording in the book that did not match the time/year the characters were in. I've never seen a highlander book that was based back in time where the main character says hes in his birthday suit. It just didn't match up and I wish it would have.I've always loved historical romance and for the most part this book was good. There are a lot of sex scenes [...]

    11. Que puedo decir, buscaba un libro fácil para leer en ingles y lo encontré, digamos que el hecho de que fuera gratis contribuyo.Me sorprendí cuando llegue el 70% del libro y este había terminado justo cuando estaba en ese momento de calma que anticipa la tormenta y termino abruptamente así como así, no me lo podía creer; el 30% restante correspondía a 4 capítulos del siguiente libro y a 4 capítulos de otro libro. Viaje en el tiempo?, ok pase todo el libro esperando a que alguien buscara [...]

    12. A woman wakes up naked in a field of grass with a white stag grazing nearbye has no clue how she came to be there, no memory of anything at all except her first nameMya. The handsome highlander who finds her brings her home with him to his humble cottage, and they eventually fall in love. This was a pretty good story, but we never found out who she was or where she came from! If there's one thing I hate, it's an unresolved storyI'm not a fan of cliffhangers, especially when you read an entire bo [...]

    13. While the story of Mya starts out promising, it slowly progresses & doesn't evolve very much, at all. The title indicates that its supposed to be a story of time travel, but doesn't give you any hint of that at all, aside from Mya's dream and showing up mysteriously in the field that day. While the scenes are fantastically written, I feel as though the story itself just seems a bit stunted. There are so many ways this could have flourished into a beautifully detailed tale of love thru the ag [...]

    14. Let me start by saying a book that doesn't end and forces readers to buy teh next book to know the end is not a book it's a marketing gimmick. This starts with Mya suddenly appearing in the Highland woods. Kayden lives remotely and finds her. A very heated romance develops and things get hot. Mya learns to fight and a mysterious stag keeps following her. What happens in the end? No clue. You don't seem to get grounded in the story because the language is current and this is supposed to be histor [...]

    15. !Continued Story, Not a Stand AloneThe plot is good, but the explicit sex was just too much! There were many sequential pages of very graphic sex descriptions Some can be nice, but this was just ridiculous; if this was made into a movie it would be a XXX! And as the first book nears the end, the heroine disappears. She shows up in another place again having amnesia in the next book Some of the dialogue is modern instead of what would be used in the given year of the story. I won't be buying the [...]

    16. UnfinishedI love time travel books but this was just unfinished, no beginning no end, she never remembers anything of her life, the reader gets no hints of her life or why the time travel is used or what part the white stag plays. Even the villain has only an introduction no resolution. The sneak peek is not enough to read the second book for me. It seems to indicate the same outline as this book

    17. First let me say that I really wanted to rate this like 2.5 Stars. The author gives the Title that the young lady will be a bride but in fact she is not, as she is swept away to the next time before it can be. So the title is completely off. Now, lets move to the story line. It lacks so much. Like a ending the beginning is good but never explains the reason for it, you have to assume. I love the ideal of this story but it misses so much!

    18. In order for a book to be considered time travel, for me, I need a sense of where Mya has come from and when she's landed. This is a mystery to both Mya and the reader. Then when is a time when they ride horses and use swords and bows. That's a pretty big time span. And nothing says she's necessarily from current, modern times. Add to this, the reader is left with a cliffhanger!Freebie read from the iBooks store

    19. It has its momentsI read it and I finished it. A tale of lovers chasing each other through time this book is in Scotland another book in Victorian England. Not enough body to the male character hints that he is not from the clan SO where was he from, more than a stud! Sex scenes are well done the rest is just dressing

    20. A freebie from and one that gets you hooked so that you buy the rest of the series! It was a fun read sweet in places with some sexy scenes thrown in as well to get you hot under the collar. I will probably get the other four books in the series only as I don't like not knowing what happens!

    21. this is not book 1 its part one Was ok but the story line did drag on a little and as you want to know if she recovers her memory you have to keep going. You dont find out as your left on a cliff hanger.It is well written and like I said because of the story line you have to keep going wish I had part two before I started.

    22. Commander's BrideI have to say the book really confused me. It really didn't explain Mya's past or go into any detail about why she time traveled if she actually did. I loved the story between her and Kayden but then the ending threw me for a loop. If the ending and what I read in the preview of The second book I am really not happy with the ending.

    23. I liked this story about a woman who creates a relationship after being found in a field with her rescuer who strangely is toted as having no last name. It has a real cliff hanger and not a lot of humor but there are several steamy parts and the story line so far is a good one.

    24. This was an odd one to read. I liked it and enjoyed Mya and Kayden falling in love. You could just feel how happy they are. I think you will have to read all the books in series to understand the whole story of Mya and Kayden. Which I intend to do. All in all I liked it.

    25. RaunchyI liked the story but could do without the graphic, adult content. I actually skipped those parts which had no bearing on the actual story. . . It also made it a very quick read.

    26. Could be BetterWhile I do enjoy stories that make you wonder what could happen next, I feel this story had more questions than answers. And I do understand that this is part of a series, but this piece didn't satisfy me enough to buy the next.

    27. Cant wait to read part two!Excellent story I will look forward to seeing how time weaves the story of mya and kayden. Can't wait for the next one.

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