Tequila & Tailgates

Tequila Tailgates Four years ago I took the biggest risk of my life and it blew up in my face I learned my lesson love sucks Now self preservation and protecting my heart have become second nature But Jameson Strauss

  • Title: Tequila & Tailgates
  • Author: AndreaJohnston
  • ISBN: 9780996630955
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four years ago, I took the biggest risk of my life and it blew up in my face I learned my lesson love sucks Now self preservation and protecting my heart have become second nature But Jameson Strauss he s my weakness Give me the occasional shot of tequila, a game of Truth or Dare, and I ll do almost anything for that man.Four years ago, I didn t follow my heart IFour years ago, I took the biggest risk of my life and it blew up in my face I learned my lesson love sucks Now self preservation and protecting my heart have become second nature But Jameson Strauss he s my weakness Give me the occasional shot of tequila, a game of Truth or Dare, and I ll do almost anything for that man.Four years ago, I didn t follow my heart I let the one girl that consumed my soul walk away without a fight Now I go through the motions never truly living But, the day Ashton Sullivan needed me was the day my world changed for the better Tequila, truths, and the occasional dare are all I need to show her how good we can be Sometimes the truth is in the dare.

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    1. The second book in the Country Road series brings us Jameson and Ashton’s story. Jameson is Ben’s (Whiskey & Honey) best friend. Ashton is Ben’s little sister and Piper’s best friend. I liked this book a lot. I’m happy that the series isn’t over after meeting some secondary characters.Jameson and Ashton grew up together and became great friends, until one hot and one passionate night a few years ago changed everything between them. They didn’t have one civil conversation since, [...]

    2. Tequila and Tailgates is the second book in Andrea's Country Road series and it can be read as a standalone. However, we do have updates on the couple from the first book so if you want to know about their story, go back and read Whiskey and Honey first, then come read this one."Truth or Dare"I enjoyed this sweet and sassy story. Jameson and Ashton have grown up beside one another; he's her brother's best friend. Yes, I know this cliché is starting to run its course, but I liked Andrea's take o [...]

    3. Tequila & Tailgates killed me with the sweetness and the steam! Both of the BFF’s loved Whiskey & Honey, the first book in the Country Road series. And as much as I adored Bentley (the hero of W&H) I’m pretty sure Jameson ranks just above him on the book boyfriend scale! Jameson and Ashton have history. And there are reasons why they’ve shared little more than insults in the past few years. Their pasts are revealed and you get an understanding of why there is so much choppy wat [...]

    4. Jameson had my heart in Whiskey & Honey (which I LOVED) But he really got me in this book. I absolutely love him. And I adore Ashton also, I was looking forward to her story so I could see what the reason behind her keeping her guard up was. I highly recommend this book. It's SO good!

    5. Tequila & Tailgates is actually my first book by Andrea Johnston. It’s the second book in ‘the Country Road Series’ and tells the story of Ashton and Jameson. In the previous book – Whiskey & Honey (I read it shortly after this book) – you feel something between the two of them, and Tequila & Tailgates gives us their story. I love it.“Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with you. No, that’s not true. I fell a long time ago but I ignored it.”Ashton and Jameson have [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars!Andrea Johnston when new to me when I stumbled across book one in the Country Road series and since I loved it so much, grabbing up this sweet little book was a no brainer. And once again, Andrea wowed me with her storyline and wooed me with her words.Tequila & Tailgates is a standalone novel that is going to steal your heart and have you begging for more. This book was sexy, sweet, fun, enticing, intense at times, and passionate. Full of heart and heat, Andrea gives her readers a [...]

    7. Y'all. This book.5 Stars!I am flippin' over the moon about this book y'all! Now, I was a bad girl & read Tequila & Tailgates before book 1 (Whiskey & Honey) BUT I never felt like I was missing anything. If anything, it MADE me want to W&H ASAP!Y'all. What can I say about Ashton & Jameson other than insert HEART-EYE emoji? Yeah, that pretty much covers it. They are just that good. I love that Ashton is so prickly- I can really relate to that! "Insufferable a**hole. Of course [...]

    8. Such a good book! The characters are amazing. The characters are well developed. Ashton and Jameson have the perfect back story. They have their differences but from the beginning you knew it was love. They both have a complicated past that makes you wonder. Jameson and Ashton suffer from broken hearts that only they know how to fix. Andrea did it again!

    9. Full of so much sexiness. Jameston is perfect. I love them! Andrea has done it again. Well done, my friend. Kudos.

    10. Ahhhhhhhhh with each book I read in this series, I think *THIS* is my favorite couple. And then I read another one.Ashton & Jameson. They've know each other since they were kids. Ashton is a bartender at Country Roads and, much to her dismay, is back living with her parents. Jameson is a few years older, owns his own business, and well, let's just say, he's popular with the ladies!They seem to have a love/hate thing going on and you know there's more to the story!A tree falls into Ashton's f [...]

    11. Great book! I enjoyed the book from the start. I love a story with a strong minded funny woman. Ashton needs a place to stay and her longtime friend Jameson has a spare room. Years ago they hooked up and each believes the other regretted the night. Ashton has built a wall around her heart to protect herself from that kind of hurt again. We follow the story of the 2 trying to fight their feelings for each other. Will love prevail or will it end their friendship?

    12. LoveA best friends brother and second chance romance. I really enjoyed Ashton and Jameson's story. Hoping to read more about the country road gang soon.

    13. Andrea once again sucked me into her story. Love how sassy and quick witted Ashton is, but she has her sensitive side that no one sees. Jameson is not only cocky and devilishly handsome, but has a huge heart when it comes to his family and friends. Seeing these two push and pull at each other, because they are so stubborn they don't see whats right in front of their face was like pulling hair. You wanted them to finally see to that they loved each other. Awesome story!

    14. Jameson had my heart from the beginning. I think he stole it a little in Whiskey & Honey (READ THAT BOOK TOO!!) Ashton is strong and stubborn. The two of them together is OFF THE CHARTS! It's always amazing when the second book in a series is just as good as the first. This is a must read. #TeamJameson #Benisstillswoonthough

    15. “Enemies to lovers, 5 stars”When Ben took off for college, Jameson was given the task to watch out for Ben’s sister Ashton. He took his role seriously and tried to fill Ben’s shoes to the best of his abilities. But one day that all blew up in his face. He discovered that he had feelings for her. One misstep took their friendship and it dissolved everything he had worked hard to protect. His once sweet girl was now attacking.When a disaster sends her back into his arms. Or more accurately [...]

    16. The slow burn between Ashton & Jameson was perfect. You don't know why they are always bickering but soon find out. Their friends all know something is or was up between them and are ready for the tension to stop. After reading the book the cover is pure perfection as is the title. I can't wait for Owen's book.

    17. Tequila and Tailgates is a second-chance, friends to lovers, slow burn that I almost gave up on. Thank goodness I didn’t! Ashton and Jameson are such likable characters. Ashton has been angry at Jameson for 4 years, ever since he left her alone the morning after her 21st birthday and a night neither of them has forgotten. Even when she’s being bitchy to Jameson, it was easy to love Ashton. She’s funny, sarcastic, loving, loyal, and she fell in love with Jameson a long time ago, way before [...]

    18. Cant wait for book 3I love this author and this series it is so much fun this book squeezed my heart and made me laugh

    19. Tequila might make some women's clothes fall off, but not Ashton's. At least, not anymore. Ashton and Jameson are a pair with heavily-guarded hearts, so being able to read about their journey to find love was a pleasure. I understood where both were coming from. They're extremely similar, yet built their walls in different ways. I loved that they were always there for one another, always drawn together, even when they tried to convince themselves it was wrong. If your heart speaks it, it can onl [...]

    20. When a tree damages the house Ashton Sullivan has been living in (with her parents) she has to find temporary housing. Unfortunately the only place that makes sense is her brothers BFF Jameson's place.Jameson Strauss has been on Ashton's bad side since a little misunderstanding they had four years ago. If the want to live together in harmony, their pet names for each other may need to be retired and they will have to call a truce.But the close quarters, the tentative truce and tequila may bring [...]

    21. If you are looking for a fun friends to enemies to lovers romance, look no more. This book has a country feel to it. The heroine is fun and sassy. The hero is very swoon worthy. I enjoyed reading it.

    22. First off, the anticipation for the release of Tequila & Tailgates was intense. I read Whiskey & Honey and fell in love with Ashton's sassiness and sarcasm. She's a woman after my own heart. When I found out that she and Jameson would get their own story, I may or may not have begged Andrea to publish it sooner than she wanted. Okay, I did. I totally did.In Whiskey & Honey, we met Ben and Piper. Ashton's big brother, and her best friend. We also met Jameson. There were hints to somet [...]

    23. OhhhhI love me some Jameson lolThis is the story of Jameson and Ashton.d it was certainly fun to read, full of chemistry and great banter.Jameson is Ashton's brother best friend.d small town and same friends means they are around each other a lot. Except for one night, they both keep going as they were doingminding their business and alluntil Ashton goes to live with Jameson.Those two are mad lol.'s funny and kinda crazy, cause the chemistry is there and so is the wantbut they keep each other at [...]

    24. She does it again!!!I loved Jameson and Aston! Their chemistry was smoking and their feelings for each other sweet and just plan obvious to everyone but them. I about bursted with glee when said chemistry hit the fan. Get ready for a great emotional roller coaster with old characters and new!

    25. Yay! Another brother’s best friend book! These are seriously some of my favorite books to read. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this trope. It just always gives me the warm fuzzies. Even though I didn’t find my happily ever after with one of my brother’s best friends (and trust me I tried!), I love the idea. Tequila and Tailgates is the second in Andrea Johnston’s Country Road series. I didn’t read the first book, Whiskey and Honey, but I didn’t get lost at all. This can definite [...]

    26. ***MY FIRST 5 STAR READ OF 2017***Also FIRST book added to my favorite books of 2017! Where do I begin? First off, I feel in love with Ashton in Whiskey & Honey and kind of felt like she was my spirit animal. I could not WAIT to get my hands on Tequila & Tailgates because I had to know what would happen with Jameson and Ashton in their book. There was some awesome tension in W&H, but it does not compare to the tension that Andrea Johnston weaves into T&T. The story telling and wr [...]

    27. 4.5 Stars!So, I’ve been not so patiently waiting for this book since I finished book one. I may or may not have been Twitter-stalking Andrea Johnson for months. Then one night I saw this book was available for review. I was all over that. Once I got my hands on this book, I devoured it. Seriously. I read the book in slightly less than six hours and you guys…it was soooo good!We were introduced to Jameson and Ashton in book once as secondary characters. The sexual tension between these two wa [...]

    28. Tequila & Tailgates is part of a series - you do not have to of read book one to read this one (Whiskey & Honey) but you will miss out on a couple references to Ben & Piper’s romance. Andrea does a fantastic job of easily filling in any gaps or points you'd need to know though to make this book easily stand all on its own.A complex history, slightly broken hearts, and a tree smashing into a house lead to what is quite simply one of the sweetest second chance romances I've read in a [...]

    29. Just as good, if not a bit better than Whiskey and Honey this book had me hooked before I even started reading it. Meeting Ashton and Jameson in Whiskey and Honey had me wanting their story long before W&H was over. I kind of wanted Biper to move over in their own book so I could get to the bottom of Sunshine and Manwhore. I needed to know what had happened to cause such strife in their relationship. I do have to say this, if there is one thing Andrea knows how to write, it's sexual tension. [...]

    30. The sexual tension in this book is undeniable! These two love so fiercely it gives me chills!Since the minute I was introduced to Ben Sullivan’s feisty sister and his cocky best friend in Whisky & Honey, I knew these two were meant for each other. I could not wait to read their story and when the time finally came I was certainly not disappointed. Johnston has a distinct talent in her writing and knows how to truly portray raw emotion. That’s not an easy task, but she makes it look effor [...]

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