A Traitor in the Family

A Traitor in the Family While her husband prepared to murder a young man he had never met Bridget O Neill completed her packing for Christmas with her in laws Francis O Neill is a terrorist trained to kill for his cause Br

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  • Title: A Traitor in the Family
  • Author: NicholasSearle
  • ISBN: 9780241296363
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While her husband prepared to murder a young man he had never met, Bridget O Neill completed her packing for Christmas with her in laws Francis O Neill is a terrorist, trained to kill for his cause Bridget is his wife, expected to be loyal and stand by her husband She has learned not to hope for much , until the day she glimpses, for the first time, the chance of a While her husband prepared to murder a young man he had never met, Bridget O Neill completed her packing for Christmas with her in laws Francis O Neill is a terrorist, trained to kill for his cause Bridget is his wife, expected to be loyal and stand by her husband She has learned not to hope for much , until the day she glimpses, for the first time, the chance of a new life A life without violence, without secrets, and without knocks on the door in the dead of night A life without her husband.But what if freedom for Bridget means grave danger for Francis In A Traitor in the Family, bestselling author, Nicholas Searle, tells a story of shocking, intimate betrayal Can a treacherous act of the most personal kind ever be, in this darkly violent world, an act of mercy

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    1. Nicholas Searle is the author of the bestselling book, Good Liar. I'll admit that I've never actually read it, but Good Liar sounds amazing and I would love to read it in the future. However, I cannot say the same for A Traitor in the Family it was slightly disappointing.Francis O'Neill is a terrorist, trained to kill for his cause. Bridget is his wife, expected to be loyal and stand by her husband. She has learned not to hope for much more, until the day she glimpses, for the first time, the ch [...]

    2. Opening with the assassination of a British soldier in Germany, this feels packed with authentic knowledge of the IRA campaigns of the late 1980s and 1990s. Searle's writing style and vision are straightforward and uncomplicated, and there are sometimes disconcerting jumps where time passes in an unacknowledged way and we're suddenly years away from what happened in a previous chapter. There's something almost nostalgic about this kind of homegrown, almost parochial, 'terrorism' in contrast to t [...]

    3. A Traitor In The Family – All Families Have Dark SecretsNicolas Searle second book, A Traitor in the Family, goes inside the family of a Republican fighter during the troubles in Northern Ireland, not an easy subject at the best of times. The book starts in 1989, with a murder of a soldier based in Germany, through to the Good Friday Agreement and beyond. Searle examines the problems of a soldier and his wife have when you feel oppressed by another nation’s armed forces in your own country.F [...]

    4. A Traitor In The Family. Francis O' Neill is a terrorist who will kill for the cause. While her husband prepared to murder a young man he had never met, Bridget O'Neill completed her packing for Christmas with her in-laws.

    5. This is a book that ordinarily I wouldn't read, which is why is so good as it enabled me to get my own copy and try it.I have to say, I found it gripping. I read it rather quickly just to get to the end, so I had to reread the end as it is not a book to rush as it is easy to miss clues that are dropped in the book.

    6. A very well written book,thought provoking, it bought back memories of the news when I was a teenager,and the pub bombings in Coventry. A part off history that hopefully will never return.

    7. Never having really understood the causes and effects of the 'Troubles' in Ireland I opened the book (kindly sent through Bookreads) with some trepidation. And wow, my whole thinking process was blown apart as the author vividly wrote about the people related or attached to the main protagonists. The emotions of these people in a need to protect and survive were wrenched in all directions. I wouldn't say it was a pleasant read but it was one which showed life in the raw during those terrible tim [...]

    8. Troubled times in Northern Ireland. Nicholas Searle introduces us to the world of the Provisional IRA. Bridget is a village girl, she’s bright at school, she’s going to go to university and have a career. She meets Francis. He’s debonair and charming, from the big city. Bridget marries him. He kills people, he’s a terrorist and there’s no way out for either of them. The characters in this book are fascinating - Bridget’s family, Francis’ colleagues, Francis’ colleagues’ familie [...]

    9. Francis O’Neill is a terrorist, trained to kill for his cause. His wife, Bridget is expected to be loyal and remains at her husband’s side. One day, she glimpses the chance of a new life, one without violence. But what if freedom for Bridget comes at a terribly price for Francis?This novel is a thriller/ spy novel, I am not really a fan of spy books, I find them too slow and I end up losing interest so am not too sure what appealed to me about this! Searle sets an atmosphere and an idea of a [...]

    10. Bridget O'Neill was swept off her feet by her husband, a man from Belfast with links to the IRA, married him and settled into uneasy domesticity in the remote border country of Armagh. Francis O'Neill is a trained operative with the IRA, executing terrorist acts in Britain and the Continent, and controlled by 'Gentleman Joe', a high ranking leader. During a trip to Singapore both Francis and Bridget are separately approached by British intelligence to act as 'touts', however Francis' younger bro [...]

    11. Not a patch on The Good Liar, this bleak drama centered around the Troubles about how slowly and systematically the Irish terrorists and dissidents were targeted by the British Establishment who managed to hook the big fish by closing deals with their families and spouses, it was instructive to see the now-familiar history play out in a fictional world and the psychological burden of bringing the politics home. Searle's historical co-ordinates are well-anchored, but the characters, chiefly the l [...]

    12. Bridget O’Neill’s husband Francis is an IRA operative. They live in a remote border area of Armagh. Francis is ‘actively’ killing in the UK and Europe being handled by Joe Geraghty a high ranking commander. Both Francis and Bridget are separately approached while on a trip to Singapore by British Intelligence to act as spies. Francis’ brother was betrayed by Francis to the IRA and they murdered him as a result. This book looks at the effects of the IRA violence on the victims, the indi [...]

    13. Second novel from the author and - while it is a rapid departure from his first novel in term of characters, plot and period - it is nonetheless another excellent read. The underlying fear and terror of the Troubles permeates throughout this book, touching every character and results in some very unsettling scenes and an unflinching air of desperation for all involved. Can't wait to see what next from this author.

    14. I received this through Giveaways.This book brought back memories to me of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland as I was growing up in England. Although this is set at the end of the Troubles I can still vividly remember them .A well written and engrossing book.Obviously because of the nature of the story it is bleak,violent and uncompromising at times. However I found the characters interesting and the plot gripping.I look forwad to reading more from this Author.


    16. This is the second Nicholas Searle book I've read, and I've decided he's not my cup of tea. His writing style just isn't for me.

    17. If I understood the Irish Troubles during the nineties more I would have followed the story better. It did keep me guessing to the end.

    18. I enjoyed this book though it wasn't my usual type of book.I won this book in a giveaway. I read this book inside half an hour and found I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to crime readers.

    19. While amazing thought provoking and an interesting novel. To me it lacked a bit of, well I'm not sure how to explain it but something. It might just be that It's not really my type of book that I sadly didn't enjoy it. For me I have to be griped from the first couple of pages to really love a book and this just didn't grip me.

    20. A Traitor in the FamilyBy Nicholas SearleReviewed by Heath Henwoodbooks-reviewed.weeblyBored.The is Searle second book, and I have to admit that I have not read the first. I would suggest that he might be suffering from the common second book syndrome, of having put out one good book, and now what next!The book lacked – everything. Not true – Searle has gone to great lengths to detail and describe the characters, and has filled in the gaps with detail. Maybe too much detail, which cuts into [...]

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