Halfway To Venus

Halfway To Venus Sarah Anderson lost her left arm to cancer at the age of This is the story of her life with one arm It is also about other people who have lost their arms about phantom and prosthetic limbs about

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  • Title: Halfway To Venus
  • Author: Sarah Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780954262426
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sarah Anderson lost her left arm to cancer at the age of 10 This is the story of her life with one arm It is also about other people who have lost their arms, about phantom and prosthetic limbs, about what hands and arms mean in different cultures and how they are portrayed in art and literature.

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    1. Sarah Anderson loses her left arm as a child - a traumatic event to which she reacts in a very stiff upper lip way, by refusing to ever acknowledge it happened, talk about it, or recognize her feelings of mourning and sadness. This is her memoir - a book that lets her, at long last, to finally talk about the experience and her life, while also examining other people's feelings towards herself or people with amputations as a whole. What I loved most about it was her constantly mentioning or analy [...]

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