Family Album: A Novel Of Secrets And Memories

Family Album A Novel Of Secrets And Memories None

  • Title: Family Album: A Novel Of Secrets And Memories
  • Author: Margaret Scott
  • ISBN: 9780091841799
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “Family Album: A Novel Of Secrets And Memories”

    1. I didn't like, or believe in the characters and their actions in this book which interrogates the concept of memory. I did like the Tasmanian, and literary, palimpsests and allusions which lace the novel throughout. I felt it was heavily laden with autobiographical material. A sad disappointment as I am thrilled to the heart by the author's fine poetry.

    2. This book contains another book that a character is writing - an imagined family history. It is so filled with self pity, sulking and manipulation that it was a drag to read. The part of the novel set in more current times is better but would get interrupted by the other writing.

    3. I honestly didn't like it. I was very willing to read it and enjoyed the first chapters a lot, but in the end Well, it was just boring. I am so sorry to say this.

    4. A parallel story of a family and their secrets. These discoveries lead to finding new family, and many stories. A parallel 'story' is written which is a surprising twist.

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