Cold Steel: Lakshmi Mittal and the Multi-Billion-Dollar Battle for a Global Empire

Cold Steel Lakshmi Mittal and the Multi Billion Dollar Battle for a Global Empire Cold Steel presents the story of the takeover of Arcelor a venerated European steel company by Lakshmi Mittal a Calcutta born industrialist who rose from humble beginnings to become the world

  • Title: Cold Steel: Lakshmi Mittal and the Multi-Billion-Dollar Battle for a Global Empire
  • Author: Tim Bouquet Byron Ousey
  • ISBN: 9780316028073
  • Page: 282
  • Format: None
  • Cold Steel presents the story of the 2006 takeover of Arcelor, a venerated European steel company, by Lakshmi Mittal, a Calcutta born industrialist who rose from humble beginnings to become the world s fourth richest man.Mr Bouquet, a journalist and contributor to the Telegraph magazine, and Mr Ousey, a managing director at Gavin Anderson, an international financial publicCold Steel presents the story of the 2006 takeover of Arcelor, a venerated European steel company, by Lakshmi Mittal, a Calcutta born industrialist who rose from humble beginnings to become the world s fourth richest man.Mr Bouquet, a journalist and contributor to the Telegraph magazine, and Mr Ousey, a managing director at Gavin Anderson, an international financial public relations consultancy, take readers inside the battle that sent shockwaves through the political corridors of Europe and transformed the global steel industry.

    One thought on “Cold Steel: Lakshmi Mittal and the Multi-Billion-Dollar Battle for a Global Empire”

    1. An insight into the biggest steel conglomerate, the merger of all times. It's really fascinating and thrilling at the same time with morning in Luxembourg and evening in Paris/Brussels. Carry a dictionary and investopedia both, lot of new terms. Too many names to remember but thanks to the authors for the Post script and separate section of the Players. I loved the part where Dolle relates to the speech made by Naouri - "And what should one do? Seek a protector, choose a patron, And like the cra [...]

    2. Masquerading as a thriller, this book manages to capture a number of M&A concepts and strategies in one of the most complex business deals in recent history , with murky overtures and phone tapping and the sorts. A lot of research and insider perspectives have been incorporated making it case study worthy amount of detail in how convoluted international business deals can get and the number of players and angles involved, often times folks who don't even have a seat on the table making a dif [...]

    3. I decided to read Cold Steel for the industry's flavor when researching for some listed steel companies. The book was really a page-turner, and although I couldn't finish it in one sitting thanks to time constraint, I had to stay up late until 2:30 am on Dec 24th to finish it. While I am not in M&A, the book opened my eyes for the complexity of the deals, with various stakeholders: the regulators, the policy makers, the unions, and of course, the shareholders. As it later shown, the voice of [...]

    4. the story of a business man of Indian origin and his vision of creating a global empire has to be amazing and it really amazes you how both sides lock horns in this Anglo Saxon world of mergers and takeovers. Great insight into the case and unconventional strategies is what you'll get in this one.

    5. Epic, exhausting and riveting, private jets, private helicopters, morning in New York, afternoon in Luxembourg, evening in London, Arcelor put up one hell of a fight and Mittal just kept going till the very end and won, Guy Dolle lost, a dozen big name banks, the best lawyers in Europe, Governments, politics, secret meetings, billionaires, the best PR people in the game, the list goes on and on, good to have it finished, it was actually starting to become too epic and it's all true. If you want [...]

    6. Details the growth of Mittal and how they accomplished the merger of Arcelor Mittal. Sadly, due to the 2008 recession, the industry didn't do well and the combined capacity of Arcelor Mittal is at 97.8 mn tonnes as per today.

    7. Liked it very much. Wonder how author could get hold of information! How much is fiction? Too many Characters to remember

    8. A gripping narrative of Mittal-Arcelor takeover fight and how the who's who of investment banking, PR firms and governments wanted a piece of the action. My recommendation - Must read

    9. Such interesting and captivating bookSuch interesting bio about Lakshmi Mittal, Indian Andrew Carnegie.This book is very captivating talking about his origins, business and personal life.How Mr. Mittal transformed a small company in the biggest steel maker of our times.His astronomical wealth and power, he lives like a king in London.I enjoyed its 352 pages for two weeks, the way how Tim and Byron describe the story is amazing.Very motivational book on how to manage a company and take it to skye [...]

    10. Brilliant, fast paced Brilliant, fast paced but with a lot of details of what went on behind the scenes. Loved it. P. S. There is a list of 'Dramatis Personae' at the end which can't be seen in the index.

    11. When truth is stranger than fiction. Fast paced, thrilling and full of suspense, Cold steel would put any suspense writer to shame. One word of warning though - do start it on a totally free weekend and be prepared to skip office on Monday, for once you start you simply can't put it down.

    12. Very engaging. Though the book is about hard facts relating to Arcelor-Mittal merger / takeover, it is written more in a thriller format.

    13. The book does drag a bit in the middle, with some repetitions as if it was required to add to the story to make a book. Otherwise Its LNM all the way, he can do no wrong. Yes, It is a fact that Arcelor bungled throughout the whole deal and their constricted vision is very evident. Still I was hoping the book read a bit more neutral. Still I would recommend it to get an insight into the world of corporate Mergers & Acquisitions.

    14. Brilliant. Real inside on what happened in this take over. Nail biting finish like a thriller movie. One of my must recommend books to read !!

    15. This book was on my list for almost 5 year and I waited to read it for so long that for a while I decided that ill just let this one took stay unread like a dream one cherishes. But than I realized that soon ill be joining job again and for all the indicators that I m getting I might not be able to read any book for a considerable period of time, so I decided to shook off the in-decisiveness and ordered the book, it came and was lying with me for a good 2 months. Finally I swallowed my pride and [...]

    16. An inspiring story of an Indian born business tycoon Laxmi Mittal. An interesting but a bit difficult to understand story of a big war between two largest steel manufacturers. It was amazing to read how finally Mittal takes over Arcelor in a war like situation. In todays business world peoples fear of stiff competition in the market but this guy made a magic and took over the competition by merging two companies.If you dream it you can do it is what you learn from this man.

    17. Ladies & Gentlemen, put on your seat-belt, because we are going on whirlwind tour of Business World spanning nations like Ukraine,France,Luxembourg,India following the trail of astute Lakshmi Mittal, in pursuit of Arcelor.Unlike business books, Cold Steel is a truly international thriller played at pace and mirroring the impact of globalisation on one of the world's least known but most important industries.The pace of the narration is fast and tight in this brutal politico-business drama.Th [...]

    18. Good read. Makes the corporate world look good. Makes you feel better about bankers :)Does have the thriller element to it, unlike most non-fiction.Since it was based on real life events, knowing how it will end was bugging me when reading the last few chapters.Being the first time I've had to deal with "real" European names, it was challenging to keep track of characters. Sometimes I couldn't remember which side the character was on. I think this problem doesn't happen in fiction because there [...]

    19. An average book with a narrative in the style of Barbarians at the Gate and one cannot be struck by the writing style which comes across as amateurish, almost as if it has been written as a creative writing project at university. Having read this book immediately after Barbarians, one cannot but be impressed by Barbarians. Cold Steel seems to simply be a narrative put together with PR feeds containing the sanatised version of events leading up to the Arcelor Mittal deal - a winner's version of h [...]

    20. I tried to read this book on multiple ocassions. But I'm just not up to it. I know that it's going to be a great read. And maybe one day when I'm more free mentally I'll pick it up again (which probably means never). What a pity that I can't read it.I just don't have sufficient interest in the business world. Moreover, people all around me are such ducking business freaks that listening to them arrogantly talk about business the whole day and behave insensitively just kills of any interest I mig [...]

    21. Quite a remarkable and pacey narration of how Mittal became "Arcellor-Mittal". The underlying intrigues provide a fascinating picture of how companies are taken over in the private domain. This one has an added international dimension. How Mittal leveraged his Indian connection to put pressure on the French government is interesting. However, what is really worthy of note is the character and nerves of steel that Mittal displayed right through the crisis and when chips were down. He never gave u [...]

    22. Definitely a very insightful account of how a man who acquired his very first steel factory in Surabaya, Indonesia became the most important player in the global steel industry, Bouquet takes us in a journey which spans old-european corporate boardrooms and court dramas to give us a picture of the machiavellian mechanisms of the M&A industry. However, more needs to be covered on Mittal's actual rise to power (before he gets into the hostile takeover part)

    23. The book is written in a thriller novel style and as one reads the book, it is difficult not to observe that it feels like one is reading a Robert Ludlum novel. Only this is no novel and everything that is said actually happened. It is a book that captures your attentions to the end; written at an engaging pace it is difficult to put the book down.

    24. Very nice book Well drafted with all the action strategies and drama explained so lucidly that u feel like u are watching a movie . The authors have done a commendable job of gathering all the facts and providing appropriate backgrounds on a well drafted timelines . One of the beat non fiction books o have ever come across Cheers !! Happy reading

    25. Muito bom! É interessante ler sobre as disputas entre banqueiros de investimentos, gestores de Hedge Funds, empresários, políticos e marqueteiros durante os processo de aquisição hostil.Detalhe para os conflitos de governança, além da relação, as vezes conflitante, entre os administradores das empresas e os interesses dos acionistas.

    26. Reads like a intense fiction thriller. To do that with a real event itself speaks volume about the authors and the way they have managed to recreate the Arcelor-Mittal M&A drama. The technicalities (financial jargon) do frustrate a bit but it is must read none the less and at the end of it, i added a few M&A terms to my vocabulary :-)

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