Before Green Gables

Before Green Gables Before she arrived at Green Gables Anne Shirley had a difficult early life Orphaned as a baby she is sent from one foster home to the next caring for other people s children though but a child hers

  • Title: Before Green Gables
  • Author: Budge Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780670067213
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before she arrived at Green Gables, Anne Shirley had a difficult early life Orphaned as a baby, she is sent from one foster home to the next, caring for other people s children though but a child herself, and escaping from her dark reality through the power of her vivid imagination Curious, inventive, and outspoken, even at a young age, Anne battles to make a life for heBefore she arrived at Green Gables, Anne Shirley had a difficult early life Orphaned as a baby, she is sent from one foster home to the next, caring for other people s children though but a child herself, and escaping from her dark reality through the power of her vivid imagination Curious, inventive, and outspoken, even at a young age, Anne battles to make a life for herself by searching out kindred spirits, finding solace in her books, and dreaming of the day she has a family of her own Award winning author Budge Wilson brings young Anne vibrantly to life in this highly anticipated and fully authorized prequel to the much loved Anne of Green Gables.

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    1. My actual rating 1/2 starI love the whole Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. (Lucy Maude) Montgomery. I have read them all so many times I practically have them memorized, so I was very interested in exploring Anne’s earlier life. I was very disappointed.One thing I love about the original books is the innocence of the writing. Anne of Green Gables was originally published in 1908. Now they are historical fiction, but were written as contemporary fiction.It is obvious that this book was writt [...]

    2. As a huge fan of Anne as a girl, the adult in me did not want to spoil any of my memories by picking up this prequel commissioned for the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables. As a librarian, I felt it was my duty to suck it up and read. I was not disappointed.Before Green Gables seems to stay close to Anne's own description of her life before arriving at Green Gables (but it's been a few years since I last read it, so purists may have gripes I didn't notice). It opens with the romance of h [...]

    3. Can a gifted and spirited young soul shine in spite of a terrible home environment? I was curious to learn how the author would describe Anne Shirley's birth and orphaned childhood and end up with the lovable and spunky girl we all know from Anne of Green Gables. I'd say that Budge Wilson has done a good job writing in the style of L.M. Montgomery. A few scattered items in the writing indicate a 21st Century author unlike L.M. Montgomery. However, I'm not complaining since I am a 21st Century re [...]

    4. Okay, I stopped reading this about halfway through. It was a sweet tribute to the Anne of Green Gables series, but I wasn't wowed by the execution. This story takes place when Anne is a young orphan, before she goes to her permanent home. I just found the character of Anne to bewrong. She's talking like a grownup at age 6ah, right. I decided to stop reading, and just pretend this prequel never happened.

    5. My wife and I spent our honeymoon on Prince Edward Island and, there, I was introduced to Anne Shirley and Lucy Maud Montgomery, and her Anne books. I enjoyed them very much, so when I heard that a prequel was being published to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication ofAnne of Green Gables, I picked it up as soon as it came into my local library.This book is clearly very well-researched, giving Anne's background leading up to the beginning of Lucy Maud Montgomery's original series. I [...]

    6. For all of those Anne of Green Gable fan out there, this is a great book. I felt it blended seamlessly with the original series. I'm not sure why it's not considered a children's book, other than I'm sure that it was marketed to reach those of us who are nostalgic and sentimental about Anne. I felt that the author was true to the story and characters. It was a pleasant and fun read.

    7. Actually, I want to give it 3.5. It's not perfect -- Anne starts speaking like an 11-year old when she's like 3, there isn't anything especially innovative, and there are some mindsets and turns of phrases that felt anachronistic -- but in general I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. It almost ended up on my "Abandoned" shelf, but I wanted to keep reading about Anne's childhood. And the end result was that I got super re-energized to reread the actual Anne series, to the point that I [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book because it gave me alook at what Anne Shirley's life could have been like before.This book answered all my question about her and the formative years. Sometimes I had to put the book down as I was crying. Ohh, Anne. :'(It explained so much about how her character came to be and her strong will determination.Thank you, Budge Wilson Thank you for writing this book 'cause it taught me a lot about life.

    9. An unrelentingly grim discourse on poverty turning people abusive and unloving, and on having many children ruins women's lives - with discursions about pre eclampsia and postnatal depression - is not really what I was hoping for in Anne profic. The constant excusing of male violence towards women was just the icing on the cake. There is also the huge issue that almost all the nice characters are on a higher class stratum than the nasty ones, giving another unfortunate message.To top it off, Ann [...]

    10. This is a prequel to the “Anne" books (authorised by the LM Montgomery estate). The author has done her homework, with things that we know Anne likes after being taken in by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert being shown to be in evidence in her early life. The things that Anne tells Marilla about her early life in Anne of Green Gables are shown in this book (as best I can remember I haven’t read the first book for a while now.It is not quite in the same vein as the “Anne” books, as it feels a [...]

    11. Anne's life in Nova Scotia before she moved to Prince Edward Island enthralled me. The story starts off with her parents, Walter and Bertha Shirley and the birth of their daughter. I was intrigued by the various ways Anne takes after her parents and yet was her own unique self. I loved listening to the audio of her developing into the precocious child that we have known and loved for many years. There is much tragedy in Anne's short life. Life at the Thomas's, the Hammond's, and the orphanage we [...]

    12. Some prequels shouldn't be written at all they may be ok run of the mill novels, but they don't live up to the originals. Some require you to suspend what you know about the original books so you don't scream "NO!! Ashley's eyes weren't blue!!" as you readBefore Green Gables is NOT one of those. This book takes very few liberties with what we already know about Anne-with-an-e, and provides a generous history for the beleoved heroine. I was entranced by the description of Anne's parents and their [...]

    13. I've been a fan of Anne Shirley for longer than I can remember. I think it began with Megan Follows and PBS. It continued with a hardback illustrated copy that my grandmother gave me for Christmas. I read all 8 books of the series finally about a year ago. So when I heard that a prequel was out (granted by another author) I knew I had to get my hands on it.Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson is that prequel. It tells the story of Anne's life before Marilla, Matthew, and Gilbert Blythe. The story [...]

    14. #2010-74#Seseorang dibentuk oleh kehidupannya, apa-apa yang dilaluinyaBuat penggemar Anne, the little girl with red hair, buku ini sangat menarik untuk dibaca. Rentang waktu penulisannya, seratus tahun sejak Anne muncul di Green Gables, sangat jauh, sehingga amat tidak mungkin Budge Wilson meminta pendapat Lucy Montgomery tentang masa kecil Anne. Selama ini kita tahu kehidupan Anne sebelumnya hanya dari celotehannya saja, bahwa ia dari rumah yatim piatu, pernah mengasuh anak kembar, sehingga tid [...]

    15. Eh the book did get better towards the end. But there were a fair amount of problems with the book. First, I listened to the audiobook and the reader was good except for "baby Anne's" voice which she made sound like a female version of a chucky doll. It was creepy and incredibly fake. It made me dislike her and whoever allowed her to continue reading it. Seriously? It was so bad there aren't even words for it. But as she got older the fake puffed cheek serial killer high pitched female voice fad [...]

    16. As I have enjoyed the "Anne of Green Gables" series since I was a young girl, I was excited to hear that a prequel was out. However, I am always wary of books about beloved characters NOT written by the original author. So, I was prepared not to get too emotionally attached from the get-go.I needn't have worried. Budge Wilson does a tremendous job of showing us Anne's early upbringing and marrying it with the "Anne with an e" we come to know and love in the "Green Gables" series. If you love the [...]

    17. I would not recommend this book to anyone except fans of the original work. It is a book that does not live up to its promise. As you read it, you may realize that you loved the book "Anne of Green Gables" as much for L.M. Montgomery's superb writing as for the character of Anne. With a more pedestrian writing style, the magic of the story fades.Several years ago I started searching out every Montgomery book and short story that I could find, and was captivated by her excellent characterizations [...]

    18. This book was a delightful rendering of Anne's childhood before Green Gables. I was surprised to read book reviews that thought that this book was depressing because of all the misfortunes that befell Anne in her childhood. Weren't misfortunes Anne's lot before she arrived at Green Gables? Yet inspite of her misfortunes, it is Anne's ability to use her imagination to get her through the "depths of despair" and to find joy and goodness in the people and world that surrounds her which makes her st [...]

    19. As a prequel to the LMM books, this doesn't exactly stand up with the Green Gables series. Written as historical fiction rather than contemporaneously, this book has some problems with characterization and tone as well as historical details. There were, perhaps, too many characters that were not fully sketched for the reader, and even our beloved heroine was a bit one-dimensional. This is not an intro to the Anne books, and probably won't be of interest to the casual reader. But I did read it ra [...]

    20. Anne with an 'e' is one of my favorite literary characters of all time, she is up there with Hermonie and Scarlett O'Hara! I loved learning about Anne before Prince Edward Island. Even though she is fictional, I admire her ability to remain positive through constant adversity. I love this series, I recommend it to all!

    21. Using the allusions to Anne Shirley's childhood garnered from the original L. M. Montgomery stories, Budge Wilson gives us her rendition of Anne's life prior to her arrival at Green Gables. The book opens before Anne is even born, allowing us a glimpse of Anne's parents and their idyllic marriage. These passages are slow but the story picks up speed after Anne's birth, which leaves her mother weak and susceptible to a fever that sweeps through their town in Nova Scotia and ends up claiming her l [...]

    22. It's not perfect. I don't think there is any way a modern author could accomplish the doubly impossible trick of going back in time and jumping into another author's head. I honestly can't imagine the book being any better, even while I note its flaws.One of the difficulties of imagining Anne as she must have been before she arrived in Avonlea, is that Anne was extraordinary at age 11. What forces caused her to become that 11 year old child? Who influenced her, what events shaped her? In trying [...]

    23. When I saw this book at the store, I was immediately excited, then wary. As a devoted fan of the Lucy Maude Montgomery's treasured series, I wondered if this book could live up to the true Anne books.I was pleasantly surprised! Authorized by the Montgomery heirs, Budge Wilson did a good job of capturing Anne's spirit through her turbulent upbringing. I wondered as I began reading how a story we already know as sad could be an uplifting book but the author reminds us that Anne has always been goo [...]

    24. We know how critical one of us bookworms get when our favourite books are adapted into a film. But what happens when a different author writes the prequel of one of your favourite book?I'm one of those people who needs to watch every film adaptation and read every prequel even if it was written by another author, even when I knew how bad it's going to turn out. If you're a fan of the Anne of Green Gables series, do read this book. It's fascinating to find out the events which happened before the [...]

    25. I was excited when I found this book, because I love the Anne of Green Gables series. However, this book was a disappointment. The story line was just o.k and I found it to be very wordy and very redundant. We all know that Anne is a talker, but when the author is not showing us Anne's thoughts or what she's saying, she doesn't need to repeat the same things over and over. There were several times when I was able to skip a large paragraph or even an entire page in order to just get on with the s [...]

    26. yes 5. I do not think that I could have asked for anymore from this book. I didn't know how much I missed Anne I also would not have thought that it would be possible to bring her back to life, but the tone, the pace of this book was just perfect. This book was pretty tragic, Anne did not have a nice beginning to her life. This sad story on it's own would have been unenjoyable, but knowing the ending that happens in the original Green Gables just makes this story perfect. It fills in holes and q [...]

    27. Walter and Bertha and baby Anne were too perfect, which made some dichotomies overly noticeable. It tried too hard to tie in with the main books, leading to a lot of repetitive scenes for those already familiar with the series, but it was interesting to read one take on the "what ifs" of Anne's childhood before Green Gables. That was really the only reason I finished it.Edited to add: I must have blocked out my first read because somehow I checked it out again. My second foray did not improve my [...]

    28. A breathtaking look at the beginnings of the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series, we see her parents and their lives before being touched by Anne. We follow Anne through family after family up till she comes to Green Gables. Wilson's storytelling and writing expertise is a gem, the characters are well-rounded and detailed, their hardships not taken lightly throughout the whole story. I'll definitely be rereading BEFORE GREEN GABLES again.

    29. I adored this book. It was totally Anne-worthy and made me nostalgic to re-read the series.The only downside is that my heart was aching the whole time that I read the book. It is so sad to imagine that any child could (and can) have such a difficult life. It was made even more heartbreaking by the fact that in spite of everything that life threw at her, Anne remained a happy and hopeful child.

    30. As an avid Anne fan, i found this a very loveable prequel to Montgomery's series. Although no writing could ever be quite like Montgomery's, this book is written simply and convincingly from the child Anne's perspective. A charming, enjoyable read, which introduces us to Anne's parents before their deaths, and takes us to the brink of her meeting with Matthew Cuthbert.

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