The Deadly Art of Deception

The Deadly Art of Deception Only two seasons matter in Coho Bay Alaska cruise ship and winter Caribou King owner of The Broken Antler Gallery is hip deep in tourists when her old college pal Taylor shows up asking for refuge

  • Title: The Deadly Art of Deception
  • Author: Linda Crowder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Only two seasons matter in Coho Bay, Alaska cruise ship and winter Caribou King, owner of The Broken Antler Gallery, is hip deep in tourists when her old college pal Taylor shows up asking for refuge, saying she has no place else to go Cara is cautious Taylor was the wife of one of Alaska s most renowned artists Jonathan Snow, who was mauled to death by a bear the prOnly two seasons matter in Coho Bay, Alaska cruise ship and winter Caribou King, owner of The Broken Antler Gallery, is hip deep in tourists when her old college pal Taylor shows up asking for refuge, saying she has no place else to go Cara is cautious Taylor was the wife of one of Alaska s most renowned artists Jonathan Snow, who was mauled to death by a bear the previous year Why would his widow want to return to the location of her tragic loss Something about Taylor s story just doesn t ring true Of course, she may not be the only liar in town Taylor s former father in law accuses her of killing his son in front of a diner full of people, except he may have had a stronger motive A handsome boat captain seems to fancy both Cara and Taylor but he can t make up his mind between them or between lying and telling the truth The local constable mistrusts everyone, but may have a reason to be mistrusted himself Will Cara help her old friend Taylor, or will doing so get her into a heap of trouble When a headless body is discovered in the bay, Cara wonders just who she can trust in this tiny town.

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    1. The Deadly Art of Deception is book one of the Caribou King Mysteries. Caribou King who runs the family art gallery in Coho Bay was excited when her best friend Taylor came back to town. However, Caribou did not release the effect that Taylor's return will have on her life and everything she believes in. The readers of Deadly Art of Deception will continue to follow the twist and turns to find out what happens to Taylor and Caribou. I did enjoy reading The Deadly Art of Deception. However, I fel [...]

    2. Too much back and forth to make sense and mix-up in the big scene about who knew what when, why, and how. They also forgot a couple cabins and confused on the timeline The boat fix, renter to move, and if her parents came back

    3. Dollycas’s ThoughtsCoho Bay, Alaska was just a small town on the Alaskan coast before cruise ships made it one of their stops. Now the town is supported by “cruise ship season” which is nearing a close for the year. Everyone knows everyone’s busy and gossip travels at the speed of light. Caribou King (Cara) owns the The Broken Antler Gallery, her sister, Mel, and her husband, Bent, own and run the local diner and her parents are off in the wilderness on a Moose Count. Cara is surprised w [...]

    4. Every single character in this novel, except our main protagonist, Cara King, is lying to everybody else. And, not to be outdone, Cara King is lying to herself.There are so many lies being told by so many people, either to prove that a murder rather than an accident has occurred or to escape from being charged with said murder, that the whole plot bogs down into a confusion worthy of a small migraine. And then another body shows up. Or does it? Then a boat captain and a saw mill operator go miss [...]

    5. The Deadly Art of Deception: A Caribou King Mystery: Linda CrowderThis book starts out sort of being a ozy mystery that morphs into a murder mysteery, suspense with hints of romance. The descriptions and imagery of small town Alaska is very inviting. The characters all seem to be hiding secrets from everyone else. Lies lies and more lies. People go missing or are they away on a hnting trip? Who's body do they fish out of the water? Twïsts, turns and mayham all keep the listener on the edge of t [...]

    6. I wanted so badly to give this book four stars but it caused me to get so confused with all the characters lying to each other I lost interest towards the end of the book .

    7. I have to say that this book kept me engaged enough to keep turning the pages. In fact, I read it from start to finish in one day, which is very unusual for me. But, in the end, I was frustrated with the main character and confused by the ending.I had a very hard time understanding how Caribou "Cara" King could ever consider Taylor Lennon/Snow a friend. Taylor consistently sleeps with men Cara is interested in, luring them away with her magical appeal. It's not new behavior for Taylor, so when i [...]

    8. Relationships!I struggled to finish this novel, set in Alaska. The author has little to say about the surroundings, which is a shame. The main character keeps fainting! She is an impulsive person, driven by emotion. She has trouble sorting events and people, and is loyal long beyond what would be sensible. Hard to like, or even appreciate.

    9. Too complicated, so ultimately unsatisfying. Beggared belief with all the convolutions, yet well written.

    10. The Alaskan setting was interesting. The story was OK, but the plot became very confusing, with enough red herrings to open a canning factory. Towards the end, the dialogue was so rushed that it was difficult to tell who was speaking to whom. Forced humour, for example where a relatively banal comment had the main character fall to the ground laughing. All in all, the idea was great, but the execution fell short.

    11. This started rough for me, but improved as I read further. I do think a little more research into Alaska would have been helpful to the author. Maybe an editor who lives here? (And PLEASE learn how to spell Jane Austen's name.) The story was generally fun. It got a little confusing near the end, though, and then things suddenly wrapped up into a too-tidy package.

    12. Nice take on AlaskaEnjoyed the book, although plot became a bit hard to follow with twists. I liked the characters, and the view of an Alaskan town.

    13. This was the first EBook that I’ve read in a long time that didn’t have real page numbers and had the chapter numbers at the left hand side of the page indented as if they were the first sentence in a new paragraph and that’s an unusual formatting to say the lease. I have read many great mysteries that were set in the state of Alaska and featured female protagonist but this wasn’t one of them and not one that I would recommend to my followers here on .Linda Crowder is a master at writin [...]

    14. ( Format : Audiobook )"Everybody wants Taylor."I suppose living in a small town in Alaska, where everyone is supposed to know everything about everyone, and there are only two single men about her age (and one of them is the only cop) thus restricting marriage choice potential, might make any art gallery owner begin to doubt her attractiveness, especially one who is a bit gun toting Calamity Jane in the Winter months and a trusting, fainting flower when the tourist cruise ships discharge custome [...]

    15. Review originally published at: lomeraniel/audiobookreCaribou King has her own art gallery in Coho Bay, but business there just stay open during the cruise season, since Alaskan winters are hard and nobody visits the Bay during those months. Towards the end of the cruise season Taylor, who also used to work at the Broken Antler Art Gallery, decides to come back without giving enough explanations. There is still the matter of her dead husband, a renowned local artist, and the fact that, despite h [...]

    16. The Deadly Art of Deception (Caribou King Mysteries #1) by Linda Crowder, Narrated by Michelle Babb. Caribou King, owner of The Broken Antler Gallery in Coho Bay Alaska, has her hands full with tourist as it nears the end of the tourist season. Out of the blue her college friend Taylor shows up with no place to go. Taylor is the widow of Caribou’s childhood friend and local artist Jonathan Snow. Jonathan was killed just one year before in a bear attack. Taylor’s father-in-law shows up accusi [...]

    17. I appreciate a good cozy mystery and listening to Linda Crowder’s The Deadly Art of Deception: A Caribou King Mystery, as read by Michelle Babb, was very enjoyable.  It was one of those books that I was instantly in sync with. It had many twists and turns along the way to its climax and the author had this reader guessing until the end. Cara (full name Caribou—who names their daughter that, by the way?) King is a likable, realistically drawn lead character. Her reactions to the situations [...]

    18. What a crazy story of lies, deceit, and many a rabbit trail that the author takes you on! I listened through a couple of times just to take in everything. Very much worth the read and the listen.Michelle Babb does an amazing job giving the characters a voice all their own and makes the story all the more enjoyable.I love the heroines name, "Caribou King", who is an art dealer in Coho Bay, Alaska and who seems to be the only one that doesn't know what's going on. Her friend Taylor has come back t [...]

    19. A wonderful introduction to a new series. It's cruise ship season in Coho Bay, Alaska and Caribou, most people call her Cara, is busy selling artwork to the droves of cruise ship passengers. Cara's old college friend Taylor, who is also the widow of Cara's friend the famous artist Jonathan Snow, shows up in her shop. Taylor somehow always seems to bring drama wherever she goes. The Sheriff, and sole member of the police force, believes Cara had something to do with the death of her husband. Some [...]

    20. It's hard to know where to begin. The book is set in a small coastal Alaskan town, which I thought was pretty unique. There were a fair number of characters, but it was easy to keep track of them. What was hard was figuring out if they were really who and what they wanted everyone else to think they were. Ms. Crowder has written a book that keeps you guessing until the endover and over again. You find yourself changing your thoughts on who the bad guy is way more than the average person changes [...]

    21. The Deadly Art of Deception by Linda Crowder is a captivating story. A little Alaskan background, a little romance and a whole lot of suspense. This new-t0-me author kept me guessing to the end as to who the 'bad guy' is! It is a well-written mystery with twists and turns to the plot and a good concoction of characters (most of them lying about something or other!), setting, and conflict. If you like a good mystery, this is a book you won't want to miss. The narrator, Michelle Babb, does a nice [...]

    22. The characters are interesting, the investigation sounds good, most of the plot is not only a grabber but quite well done. But I have two problems: the mob style disposition of the body and the ending. I don't want to get into the spoiler thing, so I'll just leave it at that and you can judge for yourself.On the other hand, Michelle Babb is great as narrator with her instinctive pacing and intensity, as well as having a voice that is not only pleasant to the ear but defines characters and situat [...]

    23. This is a twisty, cozy mystery with interesting, believable characters. The Alaska setting adds to the charm of the story. It's well paced and suspenseful. Michelle Babb's performance is outstanding. Her character voices are appropriate and distinct enough to keep dialog easy to follow. This is a promising start to a new series. NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

    24. Deception for sure!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I could picture the small town and the cruise ship shopping and getting the people off. Kinda sorta reminded me what an island we have here in Michigan. The writer had me fooled through the whole book and the end was totally deceptive. I recommend anyone that has been to a small island town or Not read the book.

    25. The Deadly Art of Deception by Linda Crowder was a great read. This is the first book in the Caribou King Mysteries Series. Carboy King is the owner of The Broken Antler Gallery and her college friend Taylor shows up in Coho Bay, Alaska. Once Taylor shows up strange things happen. I loved reading this book.

    26. Quite a mysteryCara is a good businesswoman but, has little luck with men. Her college girlfriend comes back to visit and brings lots of trouble. We don't know who committed the murder, why and finally not sure who is dead!

    27. Kept me guessing to the end.More suspects then you count. This was a well written story, with many characters to grow find of, and suspect at the same time. Alaska was a great setting for a complicated mystery. You even get a Mel"s diner.

    28. Good mystery novelLoved the location of the story. Interesting characters and intriguing plot lines. Keeps the reader guessing about who's in cahoots with who and are friends really friends.

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