Jump Both a love story and a cri de coeur from Canada s most romantic city caught like Myra in the throes of change

  • Title: Jump
  • Author: Marianne Ackerman
  • ISBN: 9781552781845
  • Page: 337
  • Format: None
  • Both a love story and a cri de coeur from Canada s most romantic city, caught, like Myra, in the throes of change.

    One thought on “Jump”

    1. This poignant tale set in mid-'90's Montreal captures the spirit of the city and the angst of the times. The first part is the lead-in to the '95 referendum on independence, and the second part deals with the aftershock of the vote's hair's breadth 'non' outcome. A must-read for all Canadians - in particular, Montrealers. This is a fast-paced somewhat angst filled (though not without flip-side, tension-busting comedy,) third-person narrative; to have been first-person would have been the icing o [...]

    2. Her ex-husband's nervous breakdown triggers cascading events leading to freelance journalist Myra's own mid-life crisis as she loses control over her family, friends and finances and is tossed around in the political whirlwind that is the separatist referendum in Quebec. Myra has a very high tolerance for ambiguity, and the miracle is that she has managed to keep her life on track at all given the uncertainties and tensions of the freelance world. It is one identity crisis after another. The wri [...]

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