The Christmas Project

The Christmas Project Professional organiser Kate Stone has never NEVER been tempted to hit a client over the head with a snow shovel but Michael O Farrell is the most obnoxious and heart stoppingly gorgeous man she has e

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  • Title: The Christmas Project
  • Author: Maxine Morrey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Professional organiser Kate Stone has never NEVER been tempted to hit a client over the head with a snow shovel, but Michael O Farrell is the most obnoxious and heart stoppingly gorgeous man she has ever met If he weren t her best friend s brother, she would not have waited on his doorstep in the freezing cold for five minutes, let alone an hour.Kate knows, howeveProfessional organiser Kate Stone has never NEVER been tempted to hit a client over the head with a snow shovel, but Michael O Farrell is the most obnoxious and heart stoppingly gorgeous man she has ever met If he weren t her best friend s brother, she would not have waited on his doorstep in the freezing cold for five minutes, let alone an hour.Kate knows, however, that her job isn t just about tidying up, sometimes she needs to be part therapist too, and Michael clearly needs her help to declutter his heart as well as his home.But with the festive season just around the corner there isn t much time to get Michael s house ready for the O Farrell family celebrations, but everyone knows that at Christmas anything can happen

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    1. Actual rating: 4,5I feel like I've been so lucky with my books lately.Since HoHoHo readathon started, I read some amazing festive novels, and this one did not dissapoint.Now, I only hope my luck will continue. The Christmas Project has everything you want in a festive read: beautiful cover that catches eye, amazing setting with beautiful descriptions of surrounding, cold and snow, interesting protagonist and likeable side characters, hot guy and cute puppies.I mean, what else could you ask for?J [...]

    2. If you're after a fix of cute, festive fun with a fabulous cast of characters then The Christmas Project is one to add to your list. Sometimes you just get a good feeling about a book from the blurb, and this was very much the case here. "Michael O’Farrell, was merely abrasive and rude, no matter how tall, dark and gorgeous the wrapping was."This was a delightful story of two people brought together who quickly develop a love/hate relationship. As a professional organiser, Kate is asked by her [...]

    3. 4 - "You're not alone any more." Stars!If you are looking for a little Scrooge in your seasonal reading, then I don’t think you can go far wrong in giving The Christmas Project by Maxine Morrey a go.And Michael O’Farrell was a pretty likeable Scrooge at the end of the day, even when being a grump, you can sense that there is a caring and considerate man hiding behind the scruffy clothes and Irish brogue."I know the I’m difficult and impatient and impossible to deal with – God knows I’v [...]

    4. I have mixed feelings about The Christmas Project it was an enjoyable read, I liked the all the characters especially Michael, the story had it ups and downs and it was Christmasy.I would not class this as a romance Kate was hired by Janey Michael's sister to organise his house after his divorce everywhere is a mess.The time period in the story is about six weeks were they get to know each other after their disaster of a first meeting and how Michael changes with each appointment and I loved how [...]

    5. **I received a free copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**Ok, so this book is very cute and has a great main character, I seriously loved reading about Kate! But I feel like I need to get some things off my chest about Mr. O'Farrell here, Kate's love interest.My first impression of him was awful I mean, the guy is super rude. And there are other things as well, especially as we get to see him more during those first encounters with Kate.Now, maybe this is a pers [...]

    6. PerfectChristmas wouldn't be the same without a cheesy chick-lit, this one did it for me, I didn't want it to end. The characters are perfect and the story is carefully written, please make another festive read next year! :)

    7. I loved this book. It was predictable and formulaic but I think that’s what I was looking for just now. Great first Christmas book of the year for me. I really fell for the characters and just thought it was great.

    8. The best thing about The Christmas Project is its cover. Which is not to say that The Christmas Project is a bad book. It is just extremely predictable. Usually, when reading books of this genre, I expect the predictability. Want it even. I find it comforting to know that at the end of a bunch of cheesy but cute awkward situations there will be a happy ending.Unfortunately, Maxine Morrey took it a little too far. Right from the start, the writing seemed a bit forced and everything in this book's [...]

    9. I loved last years festive treat from Maxine Morrey, but boy did she deliver this year!. This has to be so far my favorite Christmas read. I loved, loved, loved it.In The Christmas Project we meet Kate Stone, Professional organiser. As a favour for her best friend Janey, she has agreed to declutter her brothers house in time for Christmas. Since Michael O'Farrell's girlfriend left him, he has left things go and the house is a bit of a mess. Initial meeting doesnt go well after he is late for the [...]

    10. Bought this for .99 and decided to start reading it last night.hours later, I'm finished. This was the perfect piece of holiday fluff to clear my brain after the depressing novel "American War" that I just finished. Christmas Project is about Kate, a lonely professional organizer who decides to take on a reluctant client + a rush assignment because his sister, her friend, asks her to. The client turns out to be ultra handsome architect Michael, who is a bit gruff and broken hearted after being d [...]

    11. I enjoyed this one so much that I actually pulled an all-nighter to finish it. So charming and full of great banter. Now to find another novel by Morrey. I think I'm really going to enjoy her books.

    12. 4.5/5"'My name is Kate Stone.' The name didn't seem to spark any recognition. 'You had an appointment with me for six o'clock this evening.'He lifted his hand and wiggled his wrist a little until a watch face peeked out enough from his sleeve to see the time.'It's gone seven.''Yes. It is.''So why are you still here?'This is exactly why I hated doing favours for friends."Really cute, clean, adorable holiday romance set in London. Perfect for fans of Mr. Rochester :)

    13. The Christmas Project is full of fun and giggles. There are a couple of images that I think will stay with me a long time, including a scene that had "thong" and "The Hungry Caterpillar" in the same sentence, which I think you will agree doesn't happen that often. I loved Kate and Michael's banter between them. They start off hating each other, but accepting that as a favour to Janey (Kate's best friend, and Michael's sister) that Kate has a job to do whether Michael likes it or not. Their attit [...]

    14. celebrityreaders.wordpressI found the cover to be super adorable. I received this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest/unbiased opinion.I was a bit lost on this one. The chemistry didn’t seem there and it reads as if its supposed to be funny. I don’t know if its cause I’m american but the humor went over my head. And I found that Christmas didn’t really play as big a role as I expected, like it wasn’t emphasized except as a deadline.It took a LONG time to get to the point and [...]

    15. “There was a gorgeous man, a lovely dog, a comfy bed and bacon sarnies. If Heaven doesn’t contain those things, then frankly I was far less keen to go.”Every year around this time, I am in search of a fun chick lit read about Christmas romances. What is there not to love about both, and in the hectic pace of this time of year, one is always in need of light escapism. With just the right balance of fun, wit and a sprinkling of ‘warm fuzzies’, this Maxine Morrey book delivered the goods. [...]

    16. Originally posted on Dreaming With Open Eyes I kindly received The Christmas Project in exchange of an honest review by the publisher.Rating = 3.75It’s only November yet and all the Christmas books are show up in the review pile again. Has it been a year already? I heard a lot about Maxine Morrey in the past so I was totally excited when I was conteacted by the publisher to read The Christmas Project for publication date. How can you saw no to review a book when it has such a stunning cover as [...]

    17. Started out really strong. I loved it when the main character rightfully called Michael an asshole at the very beginning, but that level of toughness faded into the woodwork nearly immediately given the mc’s penchant for being a pretty bad judge of character and situations, causing herself preventable angst at nearly every turn.Also, the book very quickly started to feel like I was reading someone’s to do list. It read in a very “I did this. And then I did that. Then I did that” way. The [...]

    18. This was an enjoyable, funny story about an organizer hired to help her best friend's brother organize his house (and life) to host Christmas for the family this year. He is gorgeous, grumpy, and rude. She is a strong woman and a very professional business woman. But she does want to hit him in the face with a snow shovel fairly often at the beginning of the story. You like and understand Katie and the problems she has had. And Michael is really a nice guy.The story is laugh out loud funny and k [...]

    19. Kate Stone, a professional organizer has arrived at Michael O'Farrell's home to start getting him ready for the family Christmas he is supposed to host. Kate stands in the rain waiting while Michael is an hour late. When he tries to send her away she calls her best friend, Michael's sister, and complains and Michael is given a royal scolding. Kate keeps her job with Michael and eventually gets on his good side. In the meantime she is trying to understand why her fiance is spending little time wi [...]

    20. The Christmas Project checks all the boxes in a festive read: a nice cover that catches eye, well written background story, descriptions and characters, winter at its finest, cute adorable dogs, sweet side characters and brilliant lead characters that just has you smiling over their banter and good nature chemistry. It was sweet, simple, predictable but also entertaining, it wasn't overly sappy and had a very smooth transition into Michael and Kate's eventual relationship. I liked it, it was the [...]

    21. I am such a fan of cutesy and cheesy books like these. I really enjoy stories that bring couples together in a heart warming way and I really enjoyed how the book from the beginning all the way until the end had tons of funny moments and definitely "Laugh-Out-Loud Moments." I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to enjoy romantic-comedies and family oriented themes. I give this book 5 stars because it's a book that is right up my ally. Not too much romance and not over doing it with the [...]

    22. I loved that the romance between Katie and Michael wasn’t insta-love but rather a relationship that blossomed through the pages. I loved seeing that Michael was starting to show his feelings towards Katie and she was like “No, he doesn’t like me”. The last chapters, specially the angsty one in Picadilly, reminded me of Notting Hill and the finale was perfect! And it took place in my dear London! Loved the characters and their story! Michael was perfect as the brooding yet romantic man an [...]

    23. Just what I like in a holiday romance: great heroine, hero who grows on you, an adopted dog, and a bit of conflict resolving into a sweet (not at all explicit) romance. There's also some emotional healing for both of the main characters. If there were any grammatical errors or typos they didn't leap out at me, which is pretty much all you can ask some days. Again, not great literature, but it made me feel good.

    24. Slow begining and then took off.A young woman who had started her own business did her best friend a favor of reorganizing his home. The first meeting between the two was not ideal. He had had a nasty divorce a nd let his beautiful home become a dumping spot.Both had trouble communicating with each other and there in Lord the rub

    25. Warming winter read. For once the protagonist wasn't whine woes is me. Yes you know from page one what is going to happen but the book goes at a good speed building up the relationship and even that typical bump in the road doesn't actually doesn't distract or become chapters long. Perfect holiday getaway read.

    26. This reminded me of a Sophia Kinsella novel and I am quite thrilled about that fact. This was an adorable easy read, one that had me laughing out loud several times. Cute characters, believable growth (if not for a mildly unbelievable timeline, but maybe I’m a grinch.) what a perfect novel for the Christmas season.

    27. Very lovely storyI really liked this book, it made me laugh and cry on the same page, which always a good sign. I really liked that the story was from the the perspective of the main character, however it would have been nice for her to be described a little, even it was just the colour of her hair. So happy I read this book!

    28. Sweet British romance about a professional organizer hired to clean up a divorsed man's home so that he can host the extended family for Christmas.Interesting, engaging, funny, and sex-free. "Arse" was used repeatedly; mostly like 'you are being an arse'. It was part of the story and part of the humor.I would read other books by Maxine Morrey.

    29. This book is the equivalent of a Hallmark Christmas movie but without the cheese. Seriously, it just makes you happy. And giggle. And awww And there'a hot guy and a happy dog. I mean, what more do you need out of a book? I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    30. Meh Not Christmasy More of a 3.5. This is sold as being Christmasy and the only things related to Christmas were the snow and the last two chapters. Thank goodness it was on sale-love my Christmas time romances and this was definitely not one of my favorites.

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