Betty & Veronica

Betty Veronica It s Betty vs Veronica The most highly anticipated reboot in comics history is here Betty and Veronica are America s sweethearts until they turn on each other Pops Chocklit Shoppe is being taken over

  • Title: Betty & Veronica
  • Author: Adam Hughes
  • ISBN: 9781682559857
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s Betty vs Veronica The most highly anticipated reboot in comics history is here Betty and Veronica are America s sweethearts until they turn on each other Pops Chocklit Shoppe is being taken over by a huge coffee company When Betty and Veronica go head to head over the issue, all bets are off Friendships will shatter Cities will burn Nails will be broken BeIt s Betty vs Veronica The most highly anticipated reboot in comics history is here Betty and Veronica are America s sweethearts until they turn on each other Pops Chocklit Shoppe is being taken over by a huge coffee company When Betty and Veronica go head to head over the issue, all bets are off Friendships will shatter Cities will burn Nails will be broken Betty and Veronica are back in this all new collection from comics legend Adam Hughes Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan

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    1. My least favorite of the New Riverdale books. The dog narrator is just plain weird, and the story is just barely ok. Including that particular issue of Jughead just shows how mediocre this particular book was in comparison to most of the rest of the line.

    2. Okay why does Archie Comics have an obsession with dog narrators? Was this always true? It's kind of creepy.Anyways, and I can't believe I'm writing this sentence, while Reggie and Me demonstrates how to use a dog narrator effectively, Betty & Veronica does the opposite. The narrator in Reggie and Me is adorable and innocent, looking at the world through a dog's skewed and biased perspective, always favouring his owner even though the events may indicate that he is in the wrong. The narrator [...]

    3. Hmm. This is only the third Archie universe book I've ever read, so I admit that I'm still not at all familiar with the characters. Is Veronica really this shitty of a person? I feel like the story overall was kind of weak, but I guess for a mini series I can't expect anything that requires the time needed for significant story and character development. (but even for a mini series, it was weak. Soooo.)

    4. Otro de los cómics del bundle de Archie que pillé. La verdad es que si no estuviera incluido en el bundle es poco probable que me acercara a él ni siquiera habiendo leído los otros cómics de Archie pero a las pocas páginas ya estaba living con el salseo que tenían las dos. Poco más que añadir con una historia sencilla, simpática y efectiva pero que parece que se olvidará pronto. El dibujo está bastante correcto y no era lo que espera de Adam Hughes. Curioso sin más.

    5. Adam Hughes is a great artist, but really not an appropriate choice for a book aimed at teenagers. Betty and Veronica are gorgeous, but they are supposed to be babies still! What does this book think it is Riverdale? (Actually, Riverdale manages to look more age-appropriate though both the show and book are guilty of unnecessary bikini/lingerie shots). The story is nothing special. Betty and Veronica have a war, and everyone feels pretty one-note. What an odd odd choice on the part of Archie.

    6. This would be 4 stars if they didn't do the dog narration again! But I love seeing this story not focus on male characters, romance, and seeing that their friendship was most important in the end!

    7. Another day, another Archie comic that I love. I thought this story was fresh and new while still being reminiscent of the original series. There were parts where I found myself chuckling out loud. I also really loved the art. Archie forever <3.

    8. It only collects issues 1-3 so it's not a very long read it all, definitely something that can be carried onto the bus or to keep you busy during medium-ish breaks of time that need filling. There's no over-arching plot, like most Betty & Veronica [as well as Archie and Jughead comics] the kids are going through something that will help them learn and grow and change. A big name coffee chain [similar I feel, to startbucks] has come to take over Pop's diner. It's the beginning of modernizatio [...]

    9. I had already read part of this in Road to Riverdale collection, and actually commented a bit on the Betty and Veronica part in my review: "The art style was totally different than what you'd expect in an Archie comic, let alone for the girls; I don't know if I can say I liked it, but I definitely thought it was interesting. I also really liked the story and am hyped to read more when it is released."I still stand by those comments, the art style wasn't what I'd expect from a B&V title - you [...]

    10. The artwork is lovely, but I'm not sure who the intended audience is. You would think that, with Betty & Veronica being the central focus, the emphasis would be on them for a *female* readershipead we have Hot Dog as the erudite narrator (huh?!?) and exposition by the girls in bikinis. I made it another couple of pages before giving up because this is really about the guys getting off, and I just don't need it right now. Hey Archie Comics: you were doing so well, with Marguerite Bennett writ [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. I got the first two issues and was not super pleased. But the more I've gotten into the New Riverdale, the more I realize that things aren't the same. So when I saw this collected edition, I thought I would finish the story. I love New Veronica. She's cunning and sly, but actually a GOOD PERSON. Much better than the horrible old stereotype. And I like that B&V aren't frenemies anymore; they're actually friends and love each other very much. Now I can ship them. Ahem. ANYway. So th [...]

    12. Two stars. One star is for the art exclusively, which is gorgeous from a technical standpoint but which does not fit with the tone or characters at all. If judging off the writing, I would give no stars. I don’t know how Adam Hughes managed to mess up characters that are so well established - but nobody in this comic acts as they should, especially compared with their Mark Waid and Chip Zdarsky titles. It’s bland and boring and took some of my favorite Riverdale characters andrt of soft core [...]

    13. I liked this, but the art was somewhat annoying. The facial expressions and poses often felt like they had been traced from models in the weekly Target ads. A little too forced, and sometimes not quite fitting with the dialogue, which is weird since the writer was the artist. The story was fun enough though a little too ham-fisted toward the end and gave away its surprise too quickly.

    14. I love the Archie reboot, so when it was announced that Betty & Veronica was getting one too, I couldn't wait. Needless to say, the wait was worth it.While I am not familiar with Charm as an artist, he perfectly nailed the look and feel of the characters. Hughes captured the attitudes of Betty and Veronica, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

    15. It's the battle you've been waiting for for almost a century! Betty and Veronica are at each others throats in this miniseries. Pop's Choklit Shoppe is going to close unless Betty raises enough money to keep it open, Veronica on the other hand is all for the brand new coffee shop which is owned by her father. Can Betty and the boys save the beloved diner?

    16. Being generous with my 2 star rating here because I can appreciate the art style, even though it's not my thing. The story fell really flat for me and I couldn't engage with it at all. Such a shame because there's so much potential with their characters.

    17. Pretty short for a collection at only 3 issues plus I read the first issue in the Road to Riverdale. I did want to see how things ended so thanks to my library subscribing to Hoopla I was able to finish the story line. It was fine. Not great but not bad.

    18. While I wasn't a fan of the art style or the narration by Hotdog, the story itself was well done. I was concerned at first with how it pitted Betty and Veronica against each other, but in the end, I was genuinely surprised and happy with the result.

    19. This seemed a little unnecessary. I mean couldn’t Veronica just help raise the money Pop needed? Or donate herself? Maybe I’m reading far too much into an Archie comic.

    20. The final issue kicked this one up a Star for me - it so effortlessly ties up the series, and so completely sells how these two women are friends, that it deserved the jump.

    21. Absolutely gorgeous art although it was so weird to see these characters drawn with such non-cartoony styling.

    22. Narration gimmick was unnecessary, and the plot itself was just okay. The art, while great, made it a bit hard to read.

    23. 3.5/5 A fun little story with Betty & Veronica, with nice art by Adam Hughes. Unfortunately, the clunky narration bogged down the story in many places.

    24. The story might have been good had it not been narrated by a dog. But it was narrated by a dog and also the story was bad. The book looked good, so that's something.

    25. Overall, I did not enjoy this Betty and Veronica Comic. The drawings are amazing, but the story line behind it was odd. I didn't like the dog narrator, and other than that the story was not that interesting, compared to the usual Archie comics I read.

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