Baby, It's Cold in Space

Baby It s Cold in Space Travel off planet for the holidays Set thrusters to max with these steamy science fiction romance stories by eight exciting authors Each SFR novella in this anthology delivers the perfect holiday gift

  • Title: Baby, It's Cold in Space
  • Author: Margo Bond Collins Blaire Edens Donna S. Frelick Erin Hayes Rosalie Redd Diana Rivis Selene Grace Silver Jayne Fury
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Travel off planet for the holidays Set thrusters to max with these steamy science fiction romance stories by eight exciting authors Each SFR novella in this anthology delivers the perfect holiday gift love to warm readers during the coldest season of the year.Limited time offer from New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award winning authors of fast paced sciencTravel off planet for the holidays Set thrusters to max with these steamy science fiction romance stories by eight exciting authors Each SFR novella in this anthology delivers the perfect holiday gift love to warm readers during the coldest season of the year.Limited time offer from New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award winning authors of fast paced science fiction romance I LL BE ON NEW LONDON FOR CHRISTMAS by MARGO BOND COLLINS When Gabi Esser joined the Galactic Coalition Fleet Marines, she dreamed of seeing the universe Instead, she s sent to New London the most backward planet in the Coalition to protect one of its silly nobles during the holiday season Now the duke she s guarding wants her to pretend to be his date at several Christmas parties, and she s intrigued by him than she wants to admit They can carry this off without falling in love but only in their dreamsE CLIMATE OF LOVE THE UTUQUQ CHRONICLES BOOK 1 by BLAIRE EDENS Sent on a research mission to Utuquq, a planet that s avoided the pitfalls of climate change, Lauren Hascamp has a year to learn everything she can to help scientists save Earth Pukak, the Keeper of History for The Siku, the tribe inhabiting Utuquq, is drawn to Lauren and her stories of a world with no winter Interest turns to passion, but when the priest who expressly forbade it discovers their affair, the couple is forced into the Unknown, a land of brutal cold and limited resources Trapped in a dwelling made of ice, Pukak and Lauren must overcome the brutal cold, the lack of resources and the murderous intent of the Siku Priests if they have any chance at survivingTURDAY NIGHT IN DEVILS HOLLER A Contemporary Science Fiction Romance by DONNA S FRELICK Agents of the Interstellar Council of Abolition and Rescue tracked a slave trading criminal across the galaxy to his latest location Earth, where the pickings are easy and profits are guaranteed Mingo County Deputy Sheriff Jace McCoy has a stack of cold cases on his desk dozens of lost souls who have gone missing from his rural West Virginia jurisdiction There s a kidnapper stalking the wintry mountain hollers, a killer with someone close to Jace s heart next on his list.To save her, Jace will need Rescue s help, and a whole new way of thinking about the starsILL LIFE by JAYNE FURY His future is her next target Astrobiologist Ewan Stewarts won the chance of a lifetime terraforming paradise from a cold lifeless planet Sexy ninja freedom fighter Captain Jodeen Benson s mission is on a collision course with his dream If she succeeds, she ll save millions of lives but destroy one hisE SOLAR EXPRESS An Alien Stepbrother Christmas Romance by ERIN HAYES Kear yl is a proud Vzekian space ranger who has fought great battles, defeated many warriors and traveled the universe, but there s one man she s always avoided her human stepbrother Houston But she can t deny that Houston s good looks and strong body set her three hearts on fire When her stepmother plans a family Christmas on Wixilia VIII, and Kear yl is tasked with picking up Houston from Earth to join their family, her spaceship breaks down in deep space, trapping them together Kear yl finds that her growing attraction to Houston may be the best Christmas present everGELO 13 by ROSALIE REDD Forbidden to express emotions, clone Angelo Thirteen longs to experience one feeling above all others love When a tenacious, young, female Altonian retrieves him from his drifting space pod, he may just get his chance STARGAZERS by DIANA RIVIS She s traveled the multiverse on dangerous missions before, but this time her heart is on the line Special Agent Kendra Voray of the Inter Galactic Alliance is forced to work with Valon, historian and second born son of one of the ruling families of the planet, to determine how a Calivan artifact ended up on Earth hundreds of years before inter dimensional space travel Kendra doesn t have room in her life for relationships, but Valon makes her feel things she never expectedGHT UP THE DARK A StarDaemon Novella by SELENE GRACE SILVER Twenty something girls just want to have fun How can Nadiah explore her sensual side when her overprotective father is a powerful telepath who reads and controls the mind of any potential mate An impulsive joy ride to Jagron s sex palaces is her first opportunity to take a lover, but instead, she wakes up to find herself trapped in a space cell with a huge, mute alien By the time they escape their kidnappers, she ll have than a solo trip dirtside to explain to Daddy.

    One thought on “Baby, It's Cold in Space”

    1. I love when top-notch authors get together to share their talents in a multi-volume anthology. You are guaranteed at least one great adventure and in this case are likely to enjoy all EIGHT great tales.I'm still grinning from Erin Hayes' delightful "Solar Express," which is full of quirky humor, multiple species, asteroid storms and Christmas cheer. We could sure use some Vzeikians on this planet!

    2. So far I have only had the chance to finish Solar Express by Erin Hayes, here is my review:Who says step-brothers are evil beings, okay maybe she never said it but she sure did feel it. A quirky yet cute romantic sci-fi that will have you laughing at the differences and little "Human" sayings that get lost in translation. These two end up being not only team mates but have to go thru some rough times in order to get home for Christmas or Charis-must. Cute story interesting characters, interestin [...]

    3. Great collection of storiesI enjoyed all of the novellas in this box set. Even though they all had space as the theme, they were all completely different. I will definitely look for other books from these authors.

    4. The solar express by Erin Hayes onlyI've got to say this was a fun alien and human read. Kear’yl is a Vzekian space Ranger. Her father has remarried a HUMAN Ahhhh the horror hahaha ok probably not as dramatic as I was but you get the idea. Her human stepmother wants to have a proper family Christmas, that also means with her human step brother too. So her and her step brother Houston have a few days space travel, alone,in convined space and they do not get on so well. To be honest when these t [...]

    5. I really liked most of these stories. A few of them had the potential to be really good if they were actual novels rather than short stories. But the rest were excellent. I love discovering new authors in my favorite genres!

    6. Baby, It's Cold in Space is an anthology by eight different authors, with the common thread (obviously) of all being Sci-Fi related. As with every anthology, some stories I liked a bit more than others, but none of these are in any way 'poor'. Whether it is the action packed, but humorous, The Solar Express by Erin Hayes, or the sad but hopeful Angelo 13 by Rosalie Redd, there is something here for everyone. Every story was well written, with enough detail to satisfy - which can be hard to achie [...]

    7. The Solar Express by Erin HayesKear’yl is a Vzekian fearless space ranger but has always avoided her human stepbrother Houston. Her father is the Chief Commander and she just cannot understand why he married Huston mother. Her stepmother has made plans for a family Christmas on Fl’steri. So (much to her displeasure) Kear’yl is given the job of picking up Houston from Earth and delivering him to Fl’steri. Can she get them both there in one piece and will she be able to fight her attractio [...]

    8. You have different genre with different authors (8). They are all Sci-Fi Romance but you have a mix of alien, holiday, stepbrother, military, and contemporary. Like any anthologies some stories touch you more than another but they are all from great authors and none of the stories are boring. They are short, fun, romantic, and easy to read. Some would need another editing pass but nothing to distract you.

    9. I'll Be on New London For Christmas by Margo Bond CollinsThis was a quick read that was really interesting. Gabbi and Edward are so different from each other, but the chemistry between the two works well. It was a fun story with some really comical moments and a pretty good HEA. I felt bad for George, but Kiara didn't seem to mind so much so I guess it all worked out how it was supposed to in the end. I volunteered to read this story.

    10. The Solar Express by Erin Hayes: Kear'yl and Houston are Hot, Hot, Hot!!!Erin's addition to this collection is spot on. I love her and her work. Her ability to suck you into the story no matter what genre is amazing. She writes the alien warrior step-brother romance beautifully. I am hoping there will be more adventures for Kear'yl and Houston's

    11. This review is for The Solar Express By Erin Hayes. This is a fun story.I loved that the human was the male for a change. Houston was funnyand sexy, a perfect book boyfriend. I truly enjoyed reading this one andI think you will too. Highly recommend.

    12. Sci-Fi Romance! An exciting and fun read that includes sexy characters, wonderful stories and love in space!

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