Ace He s everything I ever wanted So why can t I tell him the truth WARNING This book contains dark and disturbing themes strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some read

  • Title: Ace
  • Author: Tia Siren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s everything I ever wanted So why can t I tell him the truth WARNING This book contains dark and disturbing themes, strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers I couldn t explain why I always had to lie to people I cared about Was I trying to protect him And the sorrow in his eyes when I told him that Kimmy wHe s everything I ever wanted So why can t I tell him the truth WARNING This book contains dark and disturbing themes, strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers I couldn t explain why I always had to lie to people I cared about Was I trying to protect him And the sorrow in his eyes when I told him that Kimmy wasn t his, it shattered my heart It almost made me recant and tell him the truth But I can t RYAN ACE WALLACE I ve got it all Every agent wants to sign me Every model wants to fuck me So why am I throwing it all away Why am I too hungover to go to practice Yeah, a real ACE There s only one person who can straighten me out And I just know As soon as I see her, I ll be cured As soon as I m inside her, I ll be healed SCARLETT I don t know for how long I can keep this lie going My job as a waitress My studies that I never finished My daughter I can t just keep hoping he ll never find out And especially not now that he s coming home One look into my daughter s eyes, and he ll know He ll know the truth And he ll never, ever, forgive me.

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    1. Ryan is a football star and his life should mean something to him but he's actually unhappy. He's missing a part of him and he knows that part is Scarlet. Scarlet had her life set to attend a music university only her plans were cancelled. She stopped talking to her best friend Lisa and told Ryan that she didn't want to see or talk to him anymore. Now after 4 years, Lisa has asked Scarlet to come to her wedding. The only things Scarlet fears is the truth coming out and everyone hating her especi [...]

    2. Cute. So this was a super short and cute little read. Though it was short I still liked both the characters and thought Ryan was super sweet.

    3. Could not get intoSorry, the character development was lacking and there were to many grammatical errors. I finally started bypassing the filler words and just read the conversational portions.

    4. Love itGood books I don't like how short they are but they are still good stories. Love the characters as well.

    5. This is a second chance romance with a HEA! I enjoyed this book. it was sweet and perfect for me. I would have liked this book to be a bit longer though. I would liked it to have a more depth to they story but overall it was a quick happy read. I would read a longer version of this book.

    6. Main Character’s Descriptions:Ryan “Ace” e is a football star who needs a vacation from the Hollywood lifestyle so he heads homeScarlett She works two jobs to support her and her daughterSummary paragraph:Everything was going okay for Scarlett until one of her best friends calls her and asks her to be in her wedding. You see no one knows who her daughters father is and Scarlett wants it kept that way, Kind of hard to do when the Father “Ace” comes back for his sister’s wedding. His s [...]

    7. Basic Story with Inconsistencies FYI: Title story ended at 3%, and bonus content comprises the remainder. This review is only about the title story.This story follows a sort of second chance, secret baby framework. Scarlett keeps the baby a secret from the football star, because reasons. She also keeps the relationship from everyone close to her, although she seems rootless in a small town. Timelines are inconsistent. Ace seems too young, timeline-wise, to be under consideration for the honors s [...]

    8. Received ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun quick read. Under 100 pages. Ryan "Ace" and Scarlet are two people connected by Ryan's sister Lisa. Scarlet was best friends with Lisa when they were in high school and therefore felt Ryan was off limits. Ryan and Scarlet have feelings each other and give in to them shortly before Scarlet is to leave for college. Ryan is two years older and goes on to become a pro football player. Scarlet pushes him away beli [...]

    9. This doesn't contain dark and dangerous themes. It contains some too stupid to live characters. Aside from the characters having a past together, I have no idea what anyone sees in anyone else. The hero drinks when he is upset. He sleeps with just about anyone. The heroine makes a martyr of herself. She lies throughout the story about everything. But, especially about her daughter. The hero gets drunk at a bar with some friends, sticks his hand up a strange woman's skirt and then decides he want [...]

    10. Ryan appears to have the life people dream ofI read the title story, which is a quick, light a fun read that had several other works bundled with it when I got it. Ryan appears to have the life people dream of, but when he impulsively returns to his hometown for a visit, he catches up with Scarlett and is reminded of the things his perfect life is lacking.I enjoyed the appreciation of family, siblings, children and community in this story. It was a wonderful reminder that lives that seem ideal f [...]

    11. I received this book free as an ARC for my honest review.This is the 1st book l have read of this author, l enjoyed it and will defiantly be checking out her other books. Scarlett is a struggling single mother to Kimmy, working 2 jobs. Ryan is a Football star, who came home for his sister’s wedding. Ryan is sick of the lifestyle he leads, and can only think about Scarlett. Scarlett pushes him away as she doesn’t want him to know about his daughter Kimmy. Scarlett tells Ryan that he wasn’t [...]

    12. At the end of high school, Scarlet was secretly seeing the brother of her best friend, Lisa. They all went their separate ways after graduation with Scar keeping a secret from Lisa and her brother Ryan, a.k.a. Ace. Four years later, Lisa and Ryan return to their hometown for Lisa's wedding. Lies and secrets are about to be unraveled. This was a quick read. I did not feel as though it was cut short or a cliffhanger or lacking in depth. Although short, it is a full story with a HEA. I enjoyed it. [...]

    13. received an ARC for an honest reviewRyan is a football star who needs a break from the Hollywood lifestyle Scarlet is a struggling mum to kimmy and the father is Ryan but no one including him knows that and 4 years later she is invited to his sisters wedding , Ryan cant stop think about Scarlet , will he find out kimmy his his?this is a great read and read it in one as wanted to know what happened look forward to reading more from the author

    14. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. This was a sweet story with minimum angst. We have Ryan a football player and Scarlett, the girl he fell in love with. They have a wonderful night together, she finds out that she is pregnant and doesn't let him know. He comes back to town for his sister's wedding. The truth unfolds and they are able to work it out. It ended rather abruptly with them having a happy ending.

    15. I received this for my honest review. Scarlett works hard and supports her and her daughter but when her old best friend texts her to say she's coming home to get married the only thing Scarlett can think about is Ryan Lisa's brother. She has worked so hard to keep the secret from them now it will come crashing down. Ryan is a professional football player who is tired of the Hollywood life and going home seems the best choice . this is a great read with a lovely story.

    16. it was good for what it was a short story, wish it was longer Scarlet didn't click with meI don't like liars.cially when you keep your life hiddenI can understand hiding your childat's protecting your babyI know it's fiction and I'm getting all judgemental lol. sue me lolI liked Ryan a lothe is just a good home town boy who made it big and finally realized stardom isn't all its cracked up to be. He wants to come home and when he does man the drama

    17. AceRyan and Scarlet's story, is amazing! Beautiful love story, she gave up on them when she realized she was pregnant and new he would give up his career, if he knew. So she made the choice, right or wrong? Now thrown back together for his sister/ and her best friends wedding, what secrets will be revealed, and at what cost? Great story❤️!!

    18. Received ARC for honest review.This was a quick read second chance story with a HEA.Scarlett has a secret that she doesn't want anyone to find out about and is having a hard time keeping it from Ace when he returns to town.Ace is growing tired of his Hollywood lifestyle and realizes he wants a more "normal" lifestyle.

    19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I loved this book! The small little town, adorable little girl, and of course the hot best friends brother. I could have kept on reading their story if it had been longer lol. Thank you for allowing me to read your work.

    20. it was okay , I just can't stand females like that . like grow up and stop running and face your problems head on . Like Hell Man The Hell Up . but the ending was good . I couldn't stand Scarlet mostly through out the book.

    21. Spell and grammar needs correctionI liked the story and the characters. I would have enjoyed the book if spelling and grammar were corrected. The editor did not do their job well.

    22. Horrible editingThis appeared to be a great story. BUT. the editingyou turn a page & it was a repeat of about half the previous page. I struggled to complete the book.

    23. I cried This book ends at 4% but it was really really really good very romantic very short little romantic with forgiveness is for you

    24. Quick readThis was a good short story to read. I wished it was longer to read so I could get to read more of the story.

    25. Surprise I really liked this book but I felt it could have been longer. There was a lot of uncovered material that should have been covered.

    26. Ace WinsWow! Short and sassy. Thanks for your sexy story about Ace and Scarlet. He storyline was great and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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