The Power of Love

The Power of Love A month after his death angel Tristan is still trying to warn Ivy of impending danger Only after narrowly escaping death does Ivy know the truth Tristan is with her and angels do exist For young adu

  • Title: The Power of Love
  • Author: Elizabeth Chandler
  • ISBN: 9780671891466
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • A month after his death, angel Tristan is still trying to warn Ivy of impending danger Only after narrowly escaping death does Ivy know the truth Tristan is with her, and angels do exist For young adult readers, this trilogy blending celestial visitors, teen romance and suspense is a match made in heaven.

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    1. I don't say that this book or all series is bad, I really don't thinks so. But I hated it. Main girl just way too naive and stupid for my temper. Also, ending was quite obvious. I liked much more first book ;)

    2. As I said in the review for the first book, I knew that it was a setup for something great. I enjoyed this book way more than the first; characters are becoming more complex (view spoiler)[Gregory and Eric (hide spoiler)]. I think I recall a review saying how they appreciate the dark element that's being added to the story, and I couldn't agree more. Something very dark is going on and I can't wait to find out what it is. I am so suspicious of everyone and I love it. I love not knowing who the b [...]

    3. I did enjoy The Power of Love more than Kissed By An Angel. The story ventured a little more into the darker side which it really needed, so I liked that.So a little more specific details (which could contain spoilers, so beware!)Tristan, of course, is an angel now and spends the entire book trying to convince Ivy that he exists and still loves her (which he thinks is his mission but turns out not to be). Ivy, on the other hand, no longer believes in angels so she starts leaning on Gregory for s [...]

    4. Н-да, я так и знала Так и знала, что этим кончится!Даже когда в книгах недостаточно информации, чтобы понять причиу преступления и, соответственно, виновника, я догадываюсь, кто есть кто(( ЧертНу, первая книга, конечно, сильнее и эмоциональнее, но вторая не менее интересна.Как [...]

    5. and we continue the story of Tristan, who is dead and is still here roaming earth. He has a mission, he's positive he knows what it isd we have Ivy. still fumbling around, trying to deny that Tristan is still around and still being attacked, asking the wrong questions and being reckless. ahh, silly Ivy.It was great to see so many different sides of all the secondary characters. Suzanne, Gregory, Eric, Andrew, Beth, Will, even Phillip. We have more information now but still not all the answersd t [...]

    6. La lectura fue infinitamente mejor que el anterior. Aunque no llegó a enamorarme por completo para ganar mis 5 estrellas, llegado a un punto volvió a ser tan interesante como recordaba. Parte de esto es gracias a que la autora se desvía en este tomo de gran parte del romanticismo que caracterizaba al primero, y sus personajes comienzan a cobrar forma y consistencia. Ivy deja de ser tan tonta y una marioneta -no al completo, pero sí se nota la mejoría-, para ser un personaje femenino, si bie [...]

    7. This series is actually an all in one book at walmart for 9 bucks. its black with a rose on the cover. simple and elegant.i recommend the three in one because the story flows immediately from one book to the nextautiful book. love story with mystery, suspense love ite characters have been staying with me for a while now.

    8. This series of books was my absolute favorite as a teenager. It's a really romantic story, that you always wish could actually happen.

    9. this was an amazing book. it kept me wanting to keep read. I could never seem to put this amazing story down. I Love this series. I have nothing bad to say about this book because it really was such a great read. I would read this book over and over again. it is a great add on to the mystery love story in the series. I absolutely love this series. I can never seem to get enough of it. I really d enjoy reading this series so much.

    10. 2.5/5. J'aime beaucoup la relation d'amour interdit de Tristan et Ivy, mais pour moi ce tome 2 a ce défaut qu'on les tomes 2, c'est une sorte de pont entre le tome 1 et le tome 3. Ça manque d'action, l'évènement waouh du bouquin arrive vers la toute fin du livre (qu'on va exploiter dans le tome 3), bien qu'on a des éléments intéressants à suivre au début, les personnages sont intriguants et c'est ça le seul point positif du livre.

    11. Puedo decir en defensa del libro que está más emocionante que el primero, pero aún así tiene varias fallas que lo vuelven un poco más de lo mismo, aunque sea de/sobre ángeles, de todos modos fue bueno leer más sobre los personajes e ir descubriendo el misterio de quién asesinó a Tristan porque yo tengo una teoría, pero igual y sale que es otra cosa y si mi sorprende el tercero, la verdad es que estaría bastante agradecida :DEs corto, así que se lee muy rápido, pero aún así me tard [...]

    12. I picked this up on a whim because I wanted something quick and it was a great continuation of the series.

    13. Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiThe Power of Love picks up where Kissed by an Angel left off. Tristan has been killed in a car accident and is now an angel. He has discovered that Ivy is in danger, but doesn’t know who is out to hurt her.Suzanne has finally snagged Gregory as her boyfriend, but she is getting jealous of all the attention that he gives Ivy. Suzanne tries to push Ivy towards Will, but when Ivy doesn’t go for it she starts to cut Ivy out of her life.Ivy is attacked when she [...]

    14. No takich numerów to ja się nie spodziewałam po tej seriii.!Tristan jako anioł stróż wciąż testuje swoje nowe możliwości jako duch. Próbuje przy tym sprawić, by jego Ivy znów uwierzyła w anioły, by wiedziała, że Tristan jest u jej boku cały czas, i że ją kocha. W tym samym czasie stara się rozwikłać zagadkę wypadku samochodowego, przez który zginął oraz rzekomego samobójstwa matki Gregory'ego, Caroline. Tristan jest przekonany, że obie katastrofy nie były przypadkie [...]

    15. Bien que j’ai lu le tome 1 il y a un an, je n’ai pas été gênée dans ma lecture et je me suis rapidement replongée dans l’histoire d’Ivy et Tristan.L’auteure arrive bien à nous malmener entre les différents protagonistes pour que l’on se questionne sur chacun d’eux et sur ce qu’il s’est passé avec la mère de Grégory et l’accident d’Ivy.Gregory et Eric commencent à vraiment se révéler et apporte pas mal à l’histoire en y amenant un petit côté sombre en plus. [...]

    16. Right now about the only thing I can say is that is the BIGGEST cliffhanger ending I think I've ever seen. It's just about impossible not to read Soulmates right this minute!I enjoyed this book more than book 1 because I felt like I know the characters better, there was plenty of action and mystery. And, even though the cliffhanger drove me NUTS, I still loved it! It definitely decided for me to read book 3. LOLTristan is an angel who died in book 1 (no spoiler) and is now trying to protect Ivy [...]

    17. January Book Report, The Power of Love, Elizabeth ChandlerThe second book in the trilogy, Kissed by an Angel, The Power of Love is about a girl named Ivy who is dealing with the death of her boyfriend Tristan. Ivy temporarily lost belief in the angels that she prayed to, therefore, not being able to see or know that Tristan was her guardian angel. When many events and multiple friends convince Ivy that Tristan really is an angel, she believes again and lets Tristan in. Tristan is able to talk wi [...]

    18. ** bookishheaven.wordpress/2 **Kissed by an Angel trilogy is an angelic romantic suspense trilogy. I absolutely love the books and I TOTALLY recommend them!!!This book series consists of a combination of romance and mystery.It’s about Ivy and Tristan, a teen in-love couple that got teared apart die to a terrible accident that changed EVERYTHING!!!Tristan ended up dying in the accident leaving Ivy devastated and depressed which resulted in her loosing her faith in Angels. Tristan returns as an [...]

    19. I give this book a rating of 4.5 stars. I enjoyed every bit of this book! It was awesome!! It gave me feels and made me pretty sad and depressed, lol This book was super cute and romantic, but also extremely suspenseful and creepy. At parts, it creeped me out real badly. And I love it when a book does that.But it was mostly really sad and depressing :'( WHY?? Why does he have to die?!?! Why does this book have me feeling so horrible inside?? I JUST WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER!!!!!! IVY AND TRISTAN [...]

    20. I read this because it was recommended to me.The second book in the Kissed by an Angel series felt more like a filler. Ivy is mourning the loss of Tristan, while Tristan is busy trying to figure out who wants her dead.I love how the book is written because I have no idea who to suspect. Certain characters have moments where they could be the killer! And then, something happens and I'm unsure. The book cuts off abruptly. All three books were definitely meant to be read back to back. Even though I [...]

    21. Lica ReadsThis book was exciting. Really. After Tristan discover that his accident was no accident, he tries whatever he can to tell Ivy that she has to be careful.But it's not easy to make things move in his new form, and telling Ivy is impossible, she doesn't believe in angels anymore.Tristan learns new things and new forms to discover who cut his car break and if his accident had anything to do with Caroline's suicide, if it could be called that.I gotta say that I was super curious to know wh [...]

    22. I loved it. It was so thought provoking. It makes you think about how one tragic accident can make your entire faith and perspective change. It's very confusing at first, but it later made sense. Ivy is just a normal teenage girl, only she believes in angels. Her world is flipped upside down when her mother decides to marry the hometown millionaire. Now, Ivy must move, change schools, and give up her freedom. Although, she finds some light in it. She finds some great friends, and finds herself t [...]

    23. I'm getting less and less fond of Ivy Tristan is dead. Ivy won't believe in angels anymore, she wouldn't listen to her own little brother, and would prefer to cling to the shady Gregory figure, who, let's face it since it was obvious, framed the poor cat in the first book and tweaked the tree house so Phillip would fall. But, of course, Ivy would not see that. And, although I do like Tris, I wonder why he haven't visited his parents since he died. Sad.In terms of writing, the second book felt mu [...]

    24. Ugh I am so frustrated with this series right now. It starts off exactly where the first left off leaving you thinking that something exciting is going to happen and some mystery is about to unfold. Nope. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Instead I found that hardly anything changed from the beginning to the end of the book. I love the general idea of the book but sadly it was a huge disappointment compared to the first book. Though I love Elizabeth Chandler, I have to say that this book was very dull and se [...]

    25. Esta cosa de descubrir al asesino; tener muchos sospechosos; Tristan sufriendo; Philip intentando que le crean sobre Tristan; es por lo que doy 4 estrellas!Me tiene en intriga durante todo el libro; ya sospecho de uno & de otro tambien creo que Beth & Will tienen futuro pero ustedes saben Ivy lo arruinara :/& hablando de ella; Como puede hacer lo que hace? No piensa en Suzanne & menos en Tristan(aunque diga que si -.-) No puedes enamorarte de nuevo en un mes si es que en realidad [...]

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