Repercussions Nearly fully recovered from a car accident that caused a major concussion Edie Black is hopeful about returning to her life as a freelance journalist and college teacher A series of bizarre incidents

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  • Title: Repercussions
  • Author: Jessica L. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781626399259
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nearly fully recovered from a car accident that caused a major concussion, Edie Black is hopeful about returning to her life as a freelance journalist and college teacher A series of bizarre incidents and the persistent feeling that she s being followed makes Edie question the reliability of her thoughts and instincts Edie meets Skye Kenny, a brilliant and shy former solNearly fully recovered from a car accident that caused a major concussion, Edie Black is hopeful about returning to her life as a freelance journalist and college teacher A series of bizarre incidents and the persistent feeling that she s being followed makes Edie question the reliability of her thoughts and instincts Edie meets Skye Kenny, a brilliant and shy former soldier, and their immediate connection has Edie confessing her paranoid thoughts Skye convinces Edie she is in real danger and together the two women discover that information was embedded in Edie s brain during her concussion recovery and that whoever put it there will do whatever it takes to get it back On the run, Edie and Skye must uncover who is behind this plot while keeping Edie and her mind intact Trusting Skye with her life, Edie can only hope she can also be trusted with her heart.

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    1. 'Netgalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review'Cosmic! There is one thing you can be sure of in Jessica l Webb's book: every background detail and procedural item,incidents are gonna be accurate to the very last degree.d this book had it all-chemistry,law enforcement,romance,great supporting cast,nice dialogue,fast-paced and good editing,nice demographics plus don't talk about how well it was written.nsistently absorbing,which probably reflects on the nature of [...]

    2. There are so many book coming out shortly, by authors I really enjoy. Radclyffe, Brooke, Winter, Walsh, Friend, so many, that I did not know where to start. Well, that all changed when I got my hands on Jessica Webb's new book yesterday. No offense to these other fantastic authors, but when I get my hands on a Webb book, I have to read it immediately! I'm so happy to be able to say, this book was everything I hoped for, and even more.The story is about Edie, a journalist that went through an awf [...]

    3. Repercussions by Jessica L. Webb is nothing short of phenomenal. This book is everything you want and more. It is one delicious story, with amazing characters and an exciting plot…I could go on for days about how freaking fantastic this one is. All of Webb’s books are homeruns, but somehow, someway, she took it to the next level with Repercussions. This is going to easily be in your top 5 books of 2017, if not number one.Our main character is Edie Black. Life has given Edie a hard knock, lit [...]

    4. Seriously, this author is in a class all by herself. Here are a few things that make the author's romantic suspense stand out: inventive and smart plotting, riveting action, immersive atmosphere -- as effective thrillers ought to have. But more importantly, they have an emotional rawness that pulls the reader in and just grabs hold, making the book an experience instead of just a read. I'm particularly devoted to this sub-genre of lesbian fiction, so I'd like to think I've read a good deal of wh [...]

    5. Loved it! I’ll admit I am a major Jessica L. Webb fan. Her Kate Morrison Mystery series was a pleasure to read and a nice change from the standard lesbian romance. She knows how to write action-adventure, adding quirky unique premises that grab the reader's imagination. Trigger was clever in concept featuring a slow burn relationship between the two mains, Kate and Andy.In Repercussions we are introduced to Edie Black, a journalist who has travelled the world looking for and reporting on human [...]

    6. 4.5 starsEdie Black is recovering after being hit by a car. Her bones have healed, but the concussion is taking a little longer. Suffering from blackouts and migraines, and never quite knowing whether her thoughts and memories are real, Edie is gradually getting her life back on track. Attending a group session she comes across Skye Kenny, who is there to assist the psychologist. Skye is an ex-soldier who specialises in computers and security. Like most geeks, Skye is shy and it takes a while fo [...]

    7. Trust me when I say it pains me that I can't honestly give this book the 5-star rating I thought I would.I try to avoid reviewing books in comparison to others by the same writer, but I'll have to do this here. It's not that I wouldn't have read this if it wasn't by Jessica L. Webb, it's that I would've read any new book of hers after the Dr. Kate Morrison mysteries. These books were some of my absolute favorites in lesbian fiction, so I had very high hopes, and Repercussions unfortunately disap [...]

    8. I can not describe how excited I was to see this book on NetGalley! I have loved all the books in the Dr. Kate Morrison series. Love me some Kate and Andy! So while disappointed this was an entirely new book with new characters the same time couldn't wait to see where Webb would take me this time!This was really, really good. I pretty much read this in two sittingsparated by a few hours of sleep. I had trouble putting it down! Interesting, fast moving plot. Wonderful, well-developed characters. [...]

    9. I've read several of Webb books and have been blown away and here she has done it again. Her books are so full of passion. I love her writing style and she has to be one of the best story tellers ever. She takes you through her story with loads of twists and turns and she has you just where she wants you. In the palm of your hand.The books main character Edie is recovering from an accident that gave her severe concussion and its taken over a year to claw her way back. Her psychologist wants her [...]

    10. Jessica L. Webb can write a psychological thriller like no other in lesfic. This is her fourth book and every time she manages to deliver an amazing story. Though my favourite is still Trigger (her first book), Repercussions is also at the top. She's one of a few authors that I trust she's going to take me on an imaginative and entertaining journey. If you haven't read the Dr Kate Morrison mystery series, I suggest you do it and start chronologically. This is a stand alone novel about Eddie, a [...]

    11. Jessica L Webb just seems to never disappoint. She knows how to twist and turn not only the events happening within the story but also the emotions of all the characters involved. That will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. I would love to learn more about Skye and Edie and am looking forward reading more from Jessica Webb! I highly recommend Repercussions or many book written by Jessica L Webb!

    12. It was ok. Skye was extremely difficult to like. She's kinda a jerk. The relationship between the two MC's was meh. Premise for the main story arc meh. I think after I finished book 2 in her other series I kinda lost interest in the authors stories. Kinda a bummer too cause it seems everybody seems to really dig them. Shrug. Prolly give future ones a pass.

    13. My firstThis was the first book I have read of Jessica L Web and it won't be the last. I found the storyline very intriguing. I felt like this was a close and dagger type mystery. I couldn't put the book down til the end. If you like action and mystery type storylines this is the book for you. I definitely recommend this book.

    14. What can I say about this book? Well I believe anything Jessica Webb touches comes out gold. This one was much different than her first three but no less excellent. I really do enjoy her thriller/mystery aspect of the stories she writes. I'm not completely sure I liked the two main characters the first time we met them in the story, but soon they wiggled their way into my heart. Edie and Skye certainly have their own rather large hang ups but they actually complement each other. The obstacles th [...]

    15. *ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review*There is really nothing bad that I can say about this book. Jessica L Webb is in a class all her own and I feel like she can do no wrong when it comes to writing stories.This author manages to create unique situations in all of her books and this book was no different.Skye and Edie developed a bond while on the run from bad guys and dealing with law enforcement. This book has action, a great storyline and believable chemistry betw [...]

    16. This book has been a little difficult for me. I have not quite understood the resolution of the plot, maybe my level of English is not sufficiently good, so you should not take this into account. Leaving that aside, it is an entertaining story with two main characters which have much chemistry between them. It has a high pace, sometimes even too fast. In short, I think it is a good book worth reading.

    17. Wow, what a ride!! Just as previous books and audiobooks by Jessica this one is just phenomenal, this woman can write!!

    18. Wow! It's just as good the other books of Jessica Webb. I was nailed to the spot from begin to end, wanting to know what happens next. I loved the characters, the story, and the romance. I only hope that when the book will be turned into an audiobook they will use a different narrator, who does justice to it. I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

    19. Edie Black and Skye Kenny in conjunction with the supporting characters make for an entertaining read. Although the ending was not conclusive, it does not take away from the engaging and interesting read. The bulk of the story is told from Edie's viewpoint which makes sense since she has the "stuff" in her brain. Edie guides the story with her give and take as well as push and pull attitude. She has control and sometimes she knows it and uses it and other times she just needs to step back, take [...]

    20. A well written and captivating story of intrigue and romance. The blurb tells part of the story, yet the tale is suspenseful. With engaging characters and plenty of action this book is definitely worth a read.

    21. This is another good book from Webb. IMHO, trigger was the best and this is second best. Action packed and a good love story. Webb has the uncanny ability to describe chemistry between lovers without a lot of detail. Loved these two new characters, Edie and Skye. I hope we see more of these two.

    22. This to me was an ok read. The story itself was a great idea but the romance didn't work for me which unfortunately pulled the story down. I feel the book was well researched when it came to the characters' behaviour but because the romance had no chemistry and the main leads didn't have much personality. They had history and a back story, but no personality that made me route for them romantically. Toward the end I was hoping to see a romance for JC as she was the only character with a bit of p [...]

    23. Jessica L Webb has done something I didn’t think possible - she has surpassed herself and written a book that had me even more enthralled than her Dr Kate Morrison series. Edie is recovering from a head injury sustained when a car hit her a year previously. She meets Skye Kenny, ex-soldier and helper at a PTSD support group. When strange things start happening to Edie she confides in Skye and realises she is not paranoid and is in real danger. This was a fast-moving story, full of twists and t [...]

    24. DNF. I've stumbled upon the author's other story about exploding people and it was just too silly for me to pick up. Now this one seemed more plausible. Unfortunately it is not. I don't see what's good about it at all. There's no chemistry between mains and they're pretty flat, Edie's emotional problems are repetitive, yeah, I get it, she's lost confidence, stop repeating it all the time. Lots of secondary characters without any depth, they're just there to push the plot forward. The tech side o [...]

    25. I am a fan over Jessica L. Webb's other series and was excited to see a new book out by her. I wasn't disappointed it had everything you would hope for in her books romance, action, weird medical mystery. I really liked the two characters Edie and Skye. In particular at the start when they first met. I loved the chemistry and connection the two formed. I loved Skye at the start the balance between the tough shy personality that was completely endearing. As we headed into the action of the story [...]

    26. I have no idea how Jessica Webb does it, she's like the James Patterson of the lesfic world, but she now has a total of four terrific plot and character-driven books to her name in just over a year. Pick up any of these and you're guaranteed a nail-biting thriller of a story.While I adore her Kate Morrison series, I never really fully connected with these characters and found them a little too similar to those in her previous series. I'm willing to accept one perfect, superhero-esque, laconic ch [...]

    27. It's a good spy novel. Their is something stuff I simply adored :- The story is set in Ottawa Canada- The concussion aftermath is well researched- No unrealistic romance in an impossible situation- Did I said it was set in Canada? But other than that? This story didn't connect with me. The plotline is different and interesting but the pacing -in my opinion- isn't not even. Sometimes to fast, sometimes to slow. But overall it's still enjoyable. I received this ARC in exchange of an honest review. [...]

    28. Note: I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This is a fast paced story with great characters and an interesting plot. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings. It has a lot of difficult topics that are perfectly put together and the story is written well around it. It doesn't feel like as if there are too many "problems" in it since they all work together. It is different but well worth a read.

    29. I was incredibly excited to read this and it did not disappoint. Those that have read Webb's Kate Morrison series should absolutely love this, and those that haven't should read this and then go back and read that amazing series. The plot was great and fast-paced. It's one of those books that will make you stay up way too late in order to finish it. Highly recommend this one!ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    30. This was a really great thriller from Jessica L. Webb, which should surprise no one, and I love how Webb continues to find hooks that walk the fine line of spec-fic. She can write our world, but just a step ahead in some small piece of technology or application of science, and make such a convincing ride. In this case, we're dealing with a woman, Edie, who suffered a severe concussion, and is slowly working her way back to her new normal. She doesn't trust herself, her own instincts, and that's [...]

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