Billion Dollar Bet

Billion Dollar Bet What would you bet for a chance at true love Hopeless romantic Kian Bellevue can t help falling for the wrong guys Maybe it s because he lost his parents so young maybe it s just his caring nature b

  • Title: Billion Dollar Bet
  • Author: Spencer Spears
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What would you bet for a chance at true love Hopeless romantic Kian Bellevue can t help falling for the wrong guys Maybe it s because he lost his parents so young, maybe it s just his caring nature, but he can t stop diving in when he should be heading for the hills And just when he decides to swear off guys for the summer, he meets drop dead gorgeous Jack Thorsen, who What would you bet for a chance at true love Hopeless romantic Kian Bellevue can t help falling for the wrong guys Maybe it s because he lost his parents so young, maybe it s just his caring nature, but he can t stop diving in when he should be heading for the hills And just when he decides to swear off guys for the summer, he meets drop dead gorgeous Jack Thorsen, who might just be the man of his dreams.It s not fair, because Kian doesn t even have time for guys right now His hometown of Maple Springs, Minnesota is considering selling miles of pristine wilderness to a Wall Street billionaire who wants to open a resort and play at being a hotelier But Kian s spent his whole life fighting against big businesses and he s ready to go toe to toe with the mystery mogul until he realizes that the billionaire is Jack himself So what s your flaw Why are you still single Well, for starters, I always fall for jerks Should I be relieved, then, that you don t want to go out with me The problem is, Jack, I think you re exactly my type Billionaire Jack Thorsen is married to his work and likes it that way Growing up in foster care taught him to look out for himself and since the day he left for college, he s never stopped striving Despite his best friend s urging, he s not looking for a guy Even after he meets sweet and sexy Kian Bellevue, he s still determined to keep his guard up People can t hurt you if you never let them close.But it s not like Jack doesn t have a heart When he finds out that Maple Springs, the home he left behind, is on the brink of bankruptcy, he proposes to buy their unused public lands and create an eco resort It s an obvious win win who could oppose it That is, who, other than Kian, the guy he can t get out of his head Are you sure this is a good idea Things with us are complicated So is life But you make me feel good And I need that tonight Jack needs Kian on his side if he wants the town to vote in favor of his resort and he s not afraid to play dirty His proposition Kian spends the summer with him If Jack convinces Kian to support him, Kian will get the town on Jack s side But if he fails, Jack will withdraw the proposal completely It s a crazy bet, but Kian would be crazy to turn it down right There s only one problem Jack tall, handsome, and emotionally unavailable is exactly Kian s type And Kian is surprisingly good at breaking down the barriers Jack spent years putting up With their hearts on the line as well as a hotel, will both men risk it all for a chance at love Billion Dollar Bet is a 55,000 word, stand alone romance novel with sizzling summer heat No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.Available for 0.99 for a limited time

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    1. Kian is a judgmental prick. Jack is an emotionally constipated adolescent trapped in an adult's body. Can these two zany kids find love? Who cares?

    2. Oh, I think I found a new favorite author. I LOVED this book. Both Kian and Jack are great MCs. Kian is a social worker - yeah, social workers! - who has more work than hours in the day. He lives in a small, northern Minnesota - yeah, northern Minnesota! - town called Maple Springs. The town is in dire financial straits and is thinking of selling land to either a mining company or a private equity firm that wants to build an eco-resort on the land. Kian is against both of them and is talked into [...]

    3. Super sugary story that worked well for meSappy, sappy, sappy.While at least one of the concluding chapters was definitely high on the syrupy sentimental scale to me, in this case, that schmaltz was sweet and just enticing enough to be a rather enjoyable read.There's a Bridget Jones reference and, although this story was fairly different, there are parallels with that movie - an emotional one in a couple of the characters as well as another in the fact that I found both stories to be plenty chee [...]

    4. I was wary of a story packing so many romantic tropes into one novel (selfless social worker in small town stands up to seemingly evil billionaire who wants to buy up part of the town but then starts to fall for him) BUT it really REALLY worked. The story was a big jumpy at times, some of the miscommunications go on too long, and to be honest, a lot about Jack was hard to swallow for me. His motivations for doing some awful things in the past were never explained besides simply being acknowledge [...]

    5. Small Town Guy Meets TycoonI really liked this book by Spencer. Environmental and economic concerns versus a playground for the wealthy. How can two opposing forces agree? Maybe by talking, learning about the finer points and compromising. A sweet story about finding love and correcting old mistakes.

    6. Loved itA Social Worker and a self made Billionaire a story made in heaven right? Well it takes two for it to work and with both having secrets well it might take longer. But as with all good stories love conquers in the end.

    7. Good book!It was a really good book. If you want to sit down and drink a glass of wine and unravel the day, this is your book. I will definitely keep reading more books by this author. Grab a copy and read it. Happy reading!

    8. I never really felt like the characters gripped meNever see them have sex for the first time which, for a story like this, seems importantSeems like the ending is just trying to wrap the story up really quickly -- no real resolution.

    9. This was a sweet story with great characters. I also liked that it brought up some important issues. Poverty isn't just in urban cities. Nor is it just in select cultures. I love when an author writes about what they care about. It comes through in the quality of their work. Great job.

    10. Pretty good, especially for a Kindle Unlimited title. Nothing to really complain about, but for me, nothing to really love either.

    11. Very very slowA very good story and premise for a M/M reliance but the burn was so slow the fire was out before the first half of the book finished.

    12. Another good oneEven though it's just the first in this series, Spencer does it again. A sweet and genuine story of falling in love.

    13. 2 1/2 starsAn ok book. It has a plot and a story (even if a highly improbable one). Both MCs are likeable guys. Low steam.Nothing to call home for. This one falls into the big bucket of mediocre mm stories this genre seems so full of. Price was right with Kindle Unlimited.

    14. Review for the book and its bonus "Paradise Island" ---3.5 stars,both (the bonus was more romantic)**Grammar**Kian is 27, a social worker and a good person, but he always falls for the wrong guy, like the last one that cheated on him. He is sure that he will never find someone that will love him for real, and he decides to avoid all kind of relationships, at least, for the summer. His best friend, Graham who lost his husband only a year or so before, tells him that he can't stop believing in lov [...]

    15. Plus OneIt has been an interesting experience reading a book series backwards. I hadn't planned to do this. It was entirely accidental. I even mentioned to the author the need to indicate that these stories weren't just interrelated by their location in Maple Springs, Minnesota. There is actually a story arc build up and character development from this book thru the next two: BENEATH ORION #2 and SUGAR SEASON #3.Of course they can be read separately in whatever order you like, heck I just read t [...]

    16. Kian is a perpetually single social worker in the small town of Maple Springs, Minnesota. He loves his job, but with all the budget cuts coming down, he is afraid that his job will be next on the chopping block. The town is in dire need of more jobs and more money for its citizens.Billionare Jack Thorsen lives in London and has no time for dating, or so he tells himself. He owns a company that wants to buy a significant amount of the tracts of undeveloped land in Maple Springs, Minnesota in orde [...]

    17. Kian Bellevue has lived in Maple Springs all his life. He is a social worker for the County and loves helping people. He has bad luck with love though and can't seem to stay away from the bad boys. When he hears about two companies trying to buy public land from Maple Springs he is encouraged to attend the town hall meeting to speak out about it. Jack Thorsen is a billionaire who owns Thorsen Co. one of the companies putting in bids to purchase land in Maple Springs. Jack has a secret as to why [...]

    18. A lovely feel good romance, alternately told from the point of view of Kian and Jack.Social worker Kian had just decided to take a break from dating for a while when he met "Jack, the mysterious stranger". They hit it off great from the start and Kian gladly accepted when Jack asked him out.Only to find out a few hours before their date, that they were on opposing sides. "Jack, the mysterious stranger" was actually billionaire Jack Thorsen, the owner of the company which wanted to build an eco-r [...]

    19. Kian can't help but falling for bad boys. He has given up on finding romance and plans to take the summer off from looking for happiness, that is until Jack falls into his lap. Jack has come back to Maple Springs to right a wrong and give back to the community. Jack and Kian are on opposites of the fence when it comes to the proposal Jack has submitted to the town council to buy up a bunch of land. Jack makes a deal with Kian to give him seven weeks to try and change his mind. Neither one believ [...]

    20. Kian and Jack are both likable and sweet.Jack wants to build a resort in Maple Springs and Kian wants to stop him. So they make a bet that by the town votes if Jack can't get Kian to his reasons to build then he won't.Falling for each other wasn't part of the bet.

    21. Oh I am so in love with these two. They are both love ignorant and have no clue when it comes to relationships and they each make it known from the start that relationships are off the table. It just not something either can do they form a friendship they hang out and talk as much as possible and before they know it they are both in way deeper than either thought was possible. They two are absoutly made for each other you can actually feel the connection that they have so in love with this book [...]

    22. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I loved the small town vibe of this story. All of the emotions portrayed in this book really made it come to life. Thank you for allowing me to read your work.

    23. This was a simplistic low angst read. It felt rushed, and it was hard to be emotionally invested. It had a HEA, but no words were wasted. It ended abruptly after the I love yous. Too many questions were left unanswered.

    24. Loved it!Love will find a way, when you least expect it that is. I always love a story that brings two complete opposites together.

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