Who I Am

Who I Am For the first time the internationally acclaimed actress and icon tells the story of her origins and early life illustrated throughout with photographs from her family archive Haunting illuminating

  • Title: Who I Am
  • Author: Charlotte Rampling Christophe Bataille
  • ISBN: 9781785781933
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the first time, the internationally acclaimed actress and icon tells the story of her origins and early life, illustrated throughout with photographs from her family archive Haunting, illuminating, and deeply candid, the book reveals the person behind some of cinema s most unforgettable performances.

    One thought on “Who I Am”

    1. For fans who prefer deviating from anything remotely formulaic, found this read to be an absolute treat in the way Rampling opted to tell her story. It's intimate and cathartic - a loving tribute to the people who shaped this fascinating artist's life.

    2. Charlotte Rampling is gorgeous. But I am a latecomer to her and her work, having first seen her in 2013's Broadchurch. Since that time, I've made an effort to watch more of her work. She strikes me as elegant, softly spoken, and fierce. And when this book jumped out at me from the new release section at Readings, it wasn't a question of whether or not I should buy it, but how quickly I could slam down my credit card on that PayPass machine. This book was everything I expected of Rampling - quiet [...]

    3. a nonlinear archival of Charlotte Rampling's memories and inner life. preserved records of impressions, emotions, colors set in the landscape of those memories of her youth, her parents, her sister. thus it's strange among autobiographies, of a touching intimacy, yet adding to rather than deciphering the allure of Charlotte. at the same time it's important to note that a third-party (journalist) transcribed this, shielding her by disrupting the intimacy with his mediation and translation and pru [...]

    4. Unique format, thought provoking and poetic, mixes well with the old photos and journal excerpts. It gives the reader plenty of latitude to fill in details and interpretations of the subject's life story, very different than a typical biography or memoir. I would've preferred it to be longer, as it ended shortly after I acquired the rhythm and flow and got even more engaged by Rampling's life and family story.

    5. Charlotte Rampling has written a unique autobiography that reads like a brief, powerful dream, like anchored to reality with various pictures of her family and herself at different ages. Not one to overwhelm the reader with dates and facts, this text leaves one longing for a little more information and a little more insight into the accomplished actress' life and viewpoints.

    6. An impressionistic take on Rampling's early life and the death of her sister - thin and not very helpful in understanding her.

    7. J'ai envie de vous dire que pour cet ouvrage, son essence se trouve déjà dans le titre qui est excellent. En effet, ce n'est pas une biographie classique qui nous est proposé, mais une découverte par touches ultra subtiles de la personnalité de Charlotte Rampling. Qui je suis ? Qui est-elle ? Plus fin encore qu'un jeu de devinettes, on peut lire les bribes que l'actrice a consenti à donner à Christophe Bataille. C'est d'autant plus captivant que l'on ne sait jamais ce que chacune de leurs [...]

    8. Voici une actrice que je ne connaissais qu'à travers quelques rôles, principalement dans le film Babylon AD et Immortel Ad Vitam ou encore dans la série Dexter. Mais également en tant qu'ex-femme de Jean-Michel Jarre.A part cela, je ne savais pas grand chose si ce n'est ce que l'on peut trouver sur le net, donc autant dire que je ne savais pas grand chose en fait.Je suis donc ravie d'avoir pu mieux la connaître, la cerner, la comprendre à travers cette biographie.On y découvre une femme q [...]

    9. Charlotte Rampling est un artiste incroyable. Elle n'a pas peur d'aller après ce qu'elle veut. Elle ne ressemble à aucun autre dans son domaine. Excellente livre. A lire absolument .

    10. Expect the unexpected seems to be the story of actress Charlotte Rampling and with this, her first memoir as such, she and Christopher Bata illegal have taken an entirely unorthodox approach to sharing her life story. We should have guessed that this would be so as Rampling has always seemed to be an outsider to the mainstream when it comes to the movies and roles she has embraced,flitting between British and French audiences and always being a standout and unique with her acting and expressions [...]

    11. As slight as it is I find it hard to compare with anything. Having read Sebastian Barry's extremely dense novel, "The Secret Scripture" recently this felt like cheating.There wasn't much to hold up the reader here. Neither memoir, nor poem, the form of the book is unusual, postmodern, more than anything a rumination on Charlotte's memory of her sister, Sarah who died young and far away. Parents are there; shadowy, fun-loving, fond of making entertainment which would become so much Charlotte's ow [...]

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