Finding Finn

Finding Finn Finn thinks he s not worthy of love Luke thinks he s destined to be a lone wolf But once they find each other their lives will never be the same Fresh out of the institution after a failed suicide at

  • Title: Finding Finn
  • Author: Kiki Burrelli
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Finn thinks he s not worthy of love Luke thinks he s destined to be a lone wolf But once they find each other, their lives will never be the same Fresh out of the institution after a failed suicide attempt, Finn s ready to crawl back up and reclaim life He ll stick to his plan, take the tests, kiss all the butts and get back into grad school That s all he thinks aboutFinn thinks he s not worthy of love Luke thinks he s destined to be a lone wolf But once they find each other, their lives will never be the same Fresh out of the institution after a failed suicide attempt, Finn s ready to crawl back up and reclaim life He ll stick to his plan, take the tests, kiss all the butts and get back into grad school That s all he thinks about until he meets his new roommate the older, intimidating Luke Kicked out of his pack for being gay, alpha wolf Luke sees no way out of the solitary life he leads That is, until he sees Finn, bent over the kitchen island, and the need to claim him, take him, becomes too much to bear He ll do whatever it takes to bring Finn out of his shell and convince him they re mates But Luke s alpha essence begins to change Finn in ways he never could have imagined While the possibility of starting a family fills him with pride, the fear of the unknown, of what it could do to Finn, fills him with dread One thing Luke knows for sure there is no going back, not after finding Finn.

    One thought on “Finding Finn”

    1. I'm in love with this series. Finn was so vulnerable, sweet and sassy! And Luke was just so adorable and strong. I loved the story, I love this world that we are in, and I can't wait to read about Felix and Sorell. Amazing work by the author. I'm definitely adding her to my auto-buy list. :)

    2. Cute MM mate book. Luke was absolutely perfecthe was all growly and possessive. He knew Nate was his mate right away even if it was unconventional or so he thought. I would have rated this higher but there were several things that needed fleshing out a bit more. Overall an enjoyable read and I look forward to the next one.

    3. DNF at 60%This does nothing for me.I wish Luke was more of an alpha, like he was supposed to be, and not such a doormat. The bad guys just walked all over him.And I was really missing some romance. All we got was problems. Nothing seemed to go smoothly.

    4. Haphazard, weak writing and nonsensical characters who do silly bullshit just because."Tonight I'll make you sore." Could that be any less sexy? At first I thought maybe the author meant "soar", but no It was Sore."Somehow, his cock hardened " Yup. Somehow.

    5. This story was okay but would benefit from a really good developmental editor and proofreader. The incorrect word usage kept pulling me from the story—not just words like passed instead of past, but words like break instead of brake (put his foot on the break) and the pain was blinding, dumbing (instead of numbing). Duh, dumbing it was. Sorry, but this sort of thing really ruins my experience. As I said, the story was okay but there was a heck of a lot of gratuitous sex, a lot of talk about a [...]

    6. I picked this up on a whim, and I would up really enjoying it! Thought that this was a cute start to a new series, although I do wish certain things had been fleshed out a bit more. Like, some things just kindahappened. And things with being mates and the mpreg just seemed a bit vague. I'm looking forward to some of the other characters getting their own stories!

    7. Omg this was amazing I cannot wait for the next story. I loved how Finn was strong and stood up for himself even though he felt so weak and helpless. I love that he had problems real problems and they weren't fixed just because an alpha loved him. The mpreg part was amazing and I loved how that came about. I also loved the issues with the other pack and how their pack comes to be.

    8. I do enjoy a good shifter mpreg and, even more so, from a new-to-me author. The blurb pretty much sucked me in and I was interested to see how Finn and Luke were going to make it work. Not to mention how Luke planned on revealing shifters and mating to a human. Finn is so sweet and really needs to stop overthinking everything. He's twenty-five years old and still stresses about who he is and why he is. Of course, his graduate program is in clinical psychology and I'm sure that doesn't help. Four [...]

    9. there were moments in this book I tell enjoyed and some, not so much. I'm not exactly sure how I felt about Luke through most of it, until the end. It's a great set up story for the rest of the series though. There's quite a shocking cliffhanger at the end, but it isn't about Luke and Finn and leads you right into Claiming Christian. I will continue the series, probably, but not for awhile

    10. Ooops, I read this before seeing that my friends had given this book poor ratings. I love shifter romances and appreciate new authors entering the genre. Unfortunately, the writing was bad. The alpha MC was not dominate enough and played it too safe in his mating with the omega MC and running his new pack. And the alpha was definitely milk toast in handling his unrepentant scumbag father who he allowed to join the pack. The pack acted/reacted like a bunch of high school girls at a slumber party. [...]

    11. I had been shying away from shifter/mpreg stuff for a while, since it was all getting pretty cheesy, but this one was a breath of fresh air. Title: Finding FinnAuthor:Kiki BurelliSeries: Wolf’s MateGenre: M/M Paranormal RomancePlot Summary:Finn has never felt like he belonged anywhere, or with anyone - he has always had trouble connecting to the world around him. Recently release from an institution after a suicide attempt, he goes to live with his sister… only to find that she also offered [...]

    12. I was given this story in exchange for a honest review so here it is.The story line was good and flowing. The characters were well developed. This was a great MM M-preg paranormal story that everyone would enjoy. Finn had just been released from the institution after he tried to commit suicide. He didn't really know who he really was and his purpose in life. His mantra, I am worthy, I am worthy stuck with him. Finn's sister wanted him to stay with her, but when he got there he encountered a man, [...]

    13. Half interesting relationship, half rapid & formulaic shifter plot This semi-heated, Omegaverse mpreg story starts out strong, focusing on the relationship between a troubled human and a lone wolf. There is a decent amount of Alpha/mating/knotting heat, and some twists away from a typical plot. The second half, however, rushes through a large number of major plot developments, incorporating estranged family, new characters being accepted, and pack threats, most with very little exposition. T [...]

    14. First things first when's the next book out I need it. Warning if you don't like cliffhangers take the authors note seriously and don't read the epilogue. What a well thought out book, different but not too different. It works well. Shifters, MPreg, mates, knotting everything I like to read.I can't wait to read more.

    15. I really liked the way this story built. I loved how it built. I liked Finn and Luke. I only wish there were more details at some points, it seemed like a few scenes were rushed, but I just love details and I hope more will be revealed in future stories. The secondary characters were interesting and the pace of the story was fast. I would definitely recommend this story.

    16. Exactly what I was cravingI thought that this was a shifter-human mating done right. There was definitely an intriguing set up for the next book in the series, and possibly the next two.

    17. KUI'm not impressed by the writing, plot or character development. There's too much tell and not enough show. BUT, for some reason I liked this book. There's just something about itI'll be buying the next book.

    18. Outstanding! Each character comes alive!This is such an outstanding book, you'll love reading it! Each character comes alive and you feel like this is the world you live in. I can't wait until the next one!

    19. Loved it, fun reading!I am new to this author, I can say I will be looking for more of her books!Loved this story, was well written, entertaining, and had great chemistry between the characters!

    20. Great storyI liked this story. I actually all the characters as well. Finn is stuck in his own head worried about his purpose and place in life. Then he meets someone who wants to hear his thoughts, and make him the number one priority. Great story!

    21. Ms Burrelli, is that really how you end a novel? Really? Now I am in suspense until part 2. Thank you so much.

    22. The Blogger Girls Finn finds himself, fresh from the institution where he was locked up for suicidal tendencies, the mate of a wolf shifter. Life goes from strange to flat out bizarre in matter of minutes. Shifters he had no idea were even real are now front and center in his world. Too bad, the amazingly hot and gorgeous, Luke, is a lone wolf, in another pack’s territory, and now Finn finds himself a target.This story is fast paced but well written. It was not an earthshattering new spin on s [...]

    23. Well I must admit I’m a bit of a mpreg virgin. I've read one or two but this book being a mpreg and the first of this author's I have read, I'm impressed. It was good. The writing left me interested and for you sex fiends, lol, it's loaded and it's smoking hot. We meet adorable Finn right off the bat and he's troubled. From the minute I started reading about him, I fell in love. He feels so unworthy and cannot find where he belongs. It's troubled him so badly, he's ended up in an institution a [...]

    24. I am such a sucker for a shifter romance. Add in the excitement of two Alpha's facing off and I am in a great place.I was excited to read this book when I read the blurb but I did not expect to like it as much as I did. I certainly did not expect it too end with such a great cliffhanger. And even more so I did not expect to want the next book in this series immediately. But there you have it. That is what I feel and I am excited to be able to read the next book as soon as possible.This book in s [...]

    25. M/M wolf shifter romance with a lone alpha wolf finding love with his roommate's brother who has come to stay for a while after getting out of the mental hospital.Finn is the main character that is dealing poorly with becoming an adult and has just left the mental institution after some self mutilation when he moves into his sister's apartment and finds a very sexy unknown man, Luke. Luke turns out to be a werewolf and then they fall in lust and then more while being harassed by the town's Alpha [...]

    26. Loved this! Shifters, mpreg, family drama, hot alpha wolvesDAYUM! Loved the writing and character building. I was hooked from the first chapter to the end and was left with wanting more. Thank goodness there were more in the series that I am now working through!!! This was a very well done book that I would highly recommend.

    27. So so so goodThis book is to good for words. I loved the whole alpha, lone wolf meets mate. Like life was laughing at poor Luke. So a great read watching Frannie take in all the strays and forming a pack family. Can't wait to read the rest of the series. This is a shifter story written by a master ( I have found it very hard to find good shifter books until now ).

    28. Finn thinks he is worthless, and useless, Luke has been banned from his pack for being gay, both are destined to be mates, Luke is an alpha Without a pack, Finn is an omega. This is the first book the series and so very well written. The author has built her characters, into strong wolves. Awesome.

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