Abduction New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden has killer instincts when it comes to breathtaking suspense Once the town troublemaker Sheriff Hayden Black became the teen hero who saved young Jillian

  • Title: Abduction
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9780373756636
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden has killer instincts when it comes to breathtaking suspense Once the town troublemaker, Sheriff Hayden Black became the teen hero who saved young Jillian West from a savage kidnapper He never got over their brief affair Now the ex SEAL and the burned out FBI agent have reunited in their Florida hometown and rediscovered theNew York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden has killer instincts when it comes to breathtaking suspense Once the town troublemaker, Sheriff Hayden Black became the teen hero who saved young Jillian West from a savage kidnapper He never got over their brief affair Now the ex SEAL and the burned out FBI agent have reunited in their Florida hometown and rediscovered their powerful attraction But as they hunt down a long forgotten killer, will they get a second chance at happiness When a series of accidents begins to plague Jill, Hayden won t let her fall victim again There s too much history between them and too much desire.

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    1. Enjoyable second-chance romance/suspense. Jill is an FBI agent. Hayden was formerly a SEAL and is now the town sheriff. The setting is a small Florida town by the sea. Jill returns home for some much needed time off, but instead ends up facing some old demons. She also reunites with former love Hayden who is still crazy-in-love with her. I loved the small oceanside town of Hope and the likable leads who seemed like they were meant-to-be. On the romance side, sometimes the thoughts and conversati [...]

    2. As teenagers, Hayden and Jillian are bonded together after he rescues her from a kidnapper. They stick together and fall in love, but as often happens with young love, it didn’t end well. They’ve both never quite recovered. Now ten years later, Jillian is an FBI agent needing some time off to recharge after a case gone bad. She goes home recuperate, and doesn’t expect to find Hayden back, too, seeing as he’s supposed to be away serving as a Navy SEAL. But her intel is a little outdated, [...]

    3. When Jillian West was thirteen she not only lost her parents, she was also kidnapped right after she moved to a new town. Luckily she was saved by the town’s troublemaker. A boy who in turn became her best friend, her first love and lover. But he broke her heart at nineteen when he left her. Jillian went on to pursue her dream of becoming an FBI agent, of finding missing children. But with every lost case, every child they find too late, Jillian finds herself becoming undone. And Jillian decid [...]

    4. Let it be known I am in a book slump lately. And this is not the book that will throw me out of it. Boring, with a whiny useless woe is me heroine, and her perfect useless I did it for you partner. I swear to god I don't hate weaknesses, but at least show me some steel before the rust. *The useless twat feels guilty because she survived and her successor didn't. I'm sure it's normal. I'm not that sure it's normal 15 years after the fact And I'm pretty sure you are not a good candidate for law en [...]

    5. Good combination of second chance romance and suspense. As a teenager, Jillian had been kidnapped. Hayden had witnessed the abduction and saved her, going from town troublemaker to town hero in one evening. Jill and Hayden became good friends, and later much more. But he walked away to become a SEAL and Jill went on to become an FBI agent.Ten years later Jill and Hayden are reunited when she returns to Hope, burned out on her job dealing with child abductions and still haunted by what had happen [...]

    6. You can find this review in English below.2.5 stars.No sabía que esta historia es la primera de la serie Killer Instinct. Y me alegro de haber leído antes After the Dark porque Abduction no le llega ni a la suela de los zapatos.Lo mejor ha sido el romance. Realmente me ha llegado y ha sido muy fácil conectar con esos dos personajes tan complicados, sinceros y sobre todo con tantos sentimientos a flor de piel. Desde la primera página sabía, o más bien, quería que estuviesen juntos, aunque [...]

    7. History: Jill, having tragically lost her parents at the age of thirteen, moved in with her grandmother. Jill was warned to stay away from Hayden because of his reputation as a troublemaker, but Jill didn't listen, hoping to make a friend in her new life. When Hayden, tough fifteen-year-old exterior in full force, asks a seemingly innocent question not knowing Jill's situation, she walks away upset, and into danger. Thankfully, Hayden, already knowing how important she'll become to him, sees thi [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this book. I did really like the story, but the writing just ruined it for me. I’m a huge fan of Cynthia Eden’s earlier work, so it’s obvious she’s had to clean up her language quite a bit for these Harlequin Intrigue titles, which completely throws me off because it’s not what I expect from her. Calling a man who abducts a girl with the end goal of killing her, a jerk? Not even close to harsh enough language. That’s just one instance of many, and each one is [...]

    9. What I love about Harlequin Romance Intrigue books are they are quick, easy to put down and a fast read. What I forgot about Cynthia Eden novel is no matter who she writes for you can't put her books down. From first to last word she will have reads hooked turning pages and rereading wondering did that really just happen. The story doesn't end with the last word she has the reader wondering what really happens in the mind of a serial killer and about the people who truly hunt him every day.This [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this addition to the series, fast paced quick read!Looking forward to seeing what's next for Samantha Dark and her broody partner Blake Gamble.

    11. I found this one to be fairly standard fare, predictable from the start, from Jill and Hayden's friendship with the bad boy, then more. How Hayden did what he could to save her, then walking away when they were young. In the present things were predictable again, even down to who the bad guy was. I'm surprised they didn't figure things out sooner.

    12. Abduction is a fast paced suspense that falls into the realm of the Killer Instincts series. It could be read as a stand alone but the two main characters from the Killer Instincts series do play a part in this book. The women in this series are strong FBI women who can take care of themselves. Their men are Alpha's but they respect the strengths of their women. This both a second chance romance of Sheriff Hayden Black and FBI agent Jillian West and trying to solve the cold case of who abducted [...]

    13. WOW! This is one of my favorite books. It had it all. It had one of the sweetest love stories mixed in with an ongoing murder investigation, and a current kidnapping. The action, and suspense was excellent. Hayden was known as the trouble maker in town. Jill was 13 years old. She was the first person who’d ever looked at him like he wasn’t trash. She looked at him like he was someone who mattered. Shortly after they met, Jill was kidnapped. Hayden set off on a bike following them. He saved h [...]

    14. He saved her life when they were teens, later he left and broke her heart.Jillian West has returned to Hope and come face to face with Hayden Black the boy who saved her and the man she never stopped loving. When Jillian start investigating an old murder, the evil that took her as a child resurfaces and Hayden will put everything on the line to protect her. I am loving this series and would definitely recommend this book and series to readers

    15. Lu en français. Un super Cynthia Eden avec un suspense haletant. Comme d'habitude, on a du mal à savoir qui est le méchant avant la fin.

    16. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Liked the heroine well enough, liked the hero a lot. Figured out who the killer was long before it was revealed.

    17. Abduction is a tight suspense thriller with romance and a mysterious stalker, where Jill and Hayden just want to start over again, but so does the abductor.

    18. 3.5 starsStrong heroine, good suspense, lame hero.The reason why he left her 10 years ago was not enough. He hurt her. 2nd chance is my less favorite romance trope, but I like CE as author.

    19. As a young girl Jillian was kidnapped and saved by the towns trouble maker Hayden. After that he was seen in a good light and eventually became a Sheriff of the town. Thing is the kidnapper was never caught. Now Jillian is back in town and is looking to open up her case and find her kidnapper when a child goes missing. Now its a race against the clock to save the teen.I loved this book. There was so much going on hardly any down time before something happened. I loved that there was that not onl [...]

    20. Review posted on Got Fiction?Quick Note: This is listed as book 1, but there’s a prequel called The Gathering Dusk, and there seem to be more books in this series, maybe both from Harlequin and self-published, so I’m not entirely sure of the order. I mention that because the prequel and the second? third? book have the same heroine/hero. My guess is the prequel is introducing us to the cast. I just bought it and I’ll update this after I read it.Cynthia Eden, Mistress of Suspense is back wi [...]

    21. Title: Abduction - Killer InstinctAuthor: Cynthia EdenPublisher: Harlequin IntriguePublished: 2-21-2017Pages: 288Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Military, KidnappingISBN: 9781335720856ASIN: B01KSMID2QReviewed For NetGalley and Reviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.75 StarsOnce the town troublemaker, Sheriff Hayden Black became the teen hero who saved young Jillian West from a savage kidnapper. He never got over their brief affair. Now the ex-SEAL and the burned-out FBI agent have reunite [...]

    22. Thrilling? As I've said before, I love a good second chance romance and the love story in "Abduction" has potential but gets bogged down in regret on steroids. The thriller element is only slightly more satisfying. The field of suspects is so narrow, it doesn't leave room for very much suspense. Character development put too much emphasis on touting the importance of Jill being an FBI agent, as if that endowed her with super powers. And the build up on Hayden's SEAL background was almost unneces [...]

    23. This was a wonderful read that I enjoyed reading immensely.  This book was filled with suspense, action and of course there was romance.  This read was full of ups and downs between Hayden and Jillian.  They had not seen each other in several years but the feelings that they had for each other never went away.  She has now come back home but what she doesn't now is that danger is lurking and she will need to be very vigilant.  Hayden is going to have to protect her even though she doesn't t [...]

    24. Read this a few months ago, but apparently forgot to mark it. Awesome book that broke my heart several times well until the end! I decided to read the prequel to the series & while you could read it without as I first did, he does explain who Sam & Blake is! Then I reread the last couple chapters of Abductions (c13?) Tho I have no idea why there's a couple kissing on the cover of Gathering Dust, but I suppose perhaps it gives way to what's to come! This had once been a series of 3, but t [...]

    25. I love Cynthia Eden's books. One of my favorites is The Way with Shadows, but this one I had a harder time with. The story line was great, and Cynthia really knows how to write suspense. That said, the overuse of "perp" and "staring" was so noticeable, it was distracting. The characters were always staring at something. And I wanted to scream each time I saw perp, especially when it was used in front of a suspect, automatically assuming that person knows what the word means. And there were a cou [...]

    26. My Book Review – I’am a big fan of this authors – a must buy for me. This book is a tale of lost love and tying up lose ends. From the beginning your rooting for Hayden the bad boy who is Jill childhood friend. When Jill comes home they are both different people – he’s the sheriff and shes FBI. But before they can get back together they need to solve an old case – Jill’s abduction as a child. But first they have to survive whats going on now that someone doesnt want them to solve t [...]

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