Dark Road Home

Dark Road Home Attorney Brooke Benton flees the city in order to find peace in Ohio s Amish country The locals except for Daniel frown on her worldly ways However their quiet village is shattered by a tragic accide

  • Title: Dark Road Home
  • Author: Karen Harper
  • ISBN: 9780451187253
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Attorney Brooke Benton flees the city in order to find peace in Ohio s Amish country The locals except for Daniel frown on her worldly ways However, their quiet village is shattered by a tragic accident, an accident that masks a sinister conspiracy Despite the danger, Brooke and Daniel are determined to uncover the truth.

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    1. I liked this book. It's one of those books that is more of a meal not just a snack. I feel full after reading this. The portrait of the Amish was very detailed. I thought it was balanced and well rounded. The mystery element was not the strongest ever but was pretty good. The romance between the English Brooke and the Amish Daniel was not real intense. If the book lacks anything, it is in Daniel's decision not to take his vow to be Amish. His love for Brooke came out of nowhere for me. Perhaps b [...]

    2. There was a lot to do in this book. First off I enjoyed the idea that we got to view the story from different characters points of view. It allows the reader to have insight as to what is going on throughout the story. Very important note: It was recommended to me as a cozy mystery, but this was more intense than that, I would mark it as just a mystery. So if you want a mystery thriller then read this, a mystery cozy, no, not the book for that. it was a good read though. I did enjoy it.

    3. Dark Road Home by Karen Harper is the first book in the Maplecreek Amish trilogy. Brooke Benton, an attorney who won a case for a person who it was later discovered really did commit the crime, moves to Maple creek after being stalked from someone she thought because of the case she won. She stays with a friend of her deceased sister who owns a quilt shop. Brooke has also brought her sister’s daughter, Jennifer, Brooke promised her sister she would care for her daughter before her passing. Dan [...]

    4. This is suspense at its finest. Harper takes characters that seem weak at the start and grows them into strong people who carry this story along on a wild ride. By introducing plots points that appear unrelated, she keeps the reader asking, "what about this or what about that?". Then as the suspense builds, everything comes together and the reader is left asking, "so who is the bad guy?". Once Harper ties up all the loose ends, the final scenes make the reader sit back with a sigh of contentment [...]

    5. I learned alot about the Plain People and their beliefs way of life, After finishing all three books I really felt a bond with these very down to earth people. I will never drive thry Holmes County again without remembering the wounderful stories in these three books. I talked to Karen Harper at our Book Fair here and home and she tells me there will be a 4th book to follow the families in the first three, I am looking forward to be available.

    6. Really disappointing thriller-- started with a lot of promise, as the (female) medical examiner comes home to small town Pennsylvania after the discovery of the body of her sister, missing for 15+ years. And then the whole thing falls apart. crappy science (hey, Karen, get your pathology and scientific details together! if you want to have a medical examiner protagonist) cardboard characters and ridiculously convoluted plot that totally falls apart at the end.

    7. First book by Harper I have read and it was okay. I enjoyed finding out more about the Amish people and their way of life. The mystery was okay and yet again I didn't manage to guess the baddie. and I'll be looking at putting some more of her books on my to-read list.

    8. lekker klein maar dik boek wat dus fijn in de hand ligt.Het verhaal leest lekker weg en was mijn tijd weer zeker waard.

    9. Review posted here: books-camilleelise4.cToday we are back to Amish fiction!The review is ofDark Road Home by Karen HarperDark Road Home is the first book in Karen Harper's Maplecreek Amish series.Let me start off by saying how much I loved the book!Dark Road Home is the story of a young attorney, Brooke, who has fled from the city of Columbus, Ohio due to having a stalker. After she worked on a high profile criminal defense case in which she got her client off, her client immediately committed [...]

    10. This is one of those 3-star reviews that represents a combinations of really exceptionally good story elements and a few that just didn't work for me.It started off with a heart-wrenching bang. Brooke, who is running a shop in Amish country, sends four young Amish teens home to bed. Only, they never make it there. A minute later Brooke hears the crash and races down the hill to help, only to find death everywhere she looks. All four young people -- and the horse -- snuffed out. The driver is now [...]

    11. This is the first in a trilogy of "Dark Road Home", "Dark Harvest" and "Dark Angel". Even though this is a trilogy, these novels can be read, as I did, as stand-alones. I'd read Dark Harvest a while back, then Dark Angel and finally Dark Road Home. Fabulous novels!! I'll be looking for more of Karen Harper's books.From back cover:"After a murder case threatens her safety, attorney Brooke Benton seeks sanctuary in the quiet Amish community of Maplecreek. Although the locals disagree with her worl [...]

    12. The book started off good and had a lot of potential, but by the end of things it had fallen to a rounded up 2 star rating. It caught my attention, and it had a good plot, but somewhere along the way something went wrong. I felt that there was so much extra stuff that wasn't necessary, like too many characters, that the book started to feel too drawn out. It was hard for me to connect to so many characters after a while! While I was reading, I often skimmed through a good bit of the chapter, sto [...]

    13. Brooke adalah seorang pengacara. Terkait kasus yang ditanganinya dan peneror yang kemudian menerornya berkali-kali, Brooke Benton akhirnya melarikan diri ke wilayah kediaman masyarakat Amish. Setelah perkenalannya dengan Daniel, mereka berdua lalu menghadapi kasus tabrak lari yang menimpa empat orang anak Amish. Lalu dimulailah serentetan penyelidikan yang ujung-ujungnya membuat posisi Brooke menjadi sulit, belum lagi teror padanya terus berlangsung dan berakhir pada penculikan Jen, keponakannya [...]

    14. I love vivid settings, and I'm curious about the Amish. Put both of those into a good story, and I'm on board for all I can get! Part mystery, part romance, this was a good read for passing the time when I just wanted to relax and didn't want to think too hard. I could say the same for the other Karen Harper books set in Amish communities that I've read so far (just did, and will again). This novel introduces characters that reappear in later books as minor players, when Harper takes up the stor [...]

    15. I thought that this was going to be a good book. I am always interested in learning about the Amish. They are quite an interesting group. The book started off good. It caught my attention. It had a good plot but there was so much extra stuff that wasn't necessary. Too many characters. While I was reading, I often skimmed parts. I remember thinking, what does this have to do with anything? I did get through the book because I wanted to know the outcome but then the outcome was lame too.

    16. This story had a lot of potential. I think the book was a little too drawn out, and I figured out a lot of the plot before it was revealed. I felt like this author made the Amish people sound like Yoda when they spoke (with their verbs at the end of their sentence). Perhaps this is how some Amish people really do speak, but it sure comes across funny in a book. In the end, the book had good potential but fell short of my expectations.

    17. A hit and run accident leaves four Amish teenagers dead on the side of the road. English Brook and Amish Daniel pair together in somewhat of an alliance to figure out who could do such a thing. The premise is promising yet I found myself skimming over parts. I couldn't seem to connect with any of the characters. It was rather easy to connect the dots with this one. Oh and you know what really bugs me about certain mysteries, when 'Who Dun It' gets revealed too soon.

    18. I initially wrote this book off as cheap and tasteless mass produced crap. Amish man, non amish woman, attraction But I was wrong. The characters in this book had integrity and self control which made for a satisfying read for me. I didn't fully appreciate it the first time through because I expected it all to go to smut and by the time I realized it wasn't going there the book was over lol. I may have to read it again.

    19. Haduuuuhnyerah deh,gak sanggup ngelarin buku ini.Menjemukan!Romance antara Brook-Daniel sih lmyn,tp crita lainnya bkin jemu.Unsur misterinya jg kurang nancep.Mgkin krn setting critanya yg brkisar d lingkungan kaum Amish,ato mgkin terjemahannya yg sdkit bkin kening brkerut,ato mgkin krn gaya crita pengarangnya gak sesuai sm seleraku.Ntahlah!2 bintang udh ckup.

    20. This book did not grab me the way the others in the series did. I found Brooke's paranoia a little grating and Daniel's mental self punishing annoying to read. I thought the parts written from 7 year old Jennifer's perspective enjoyable. (Maybe because she was as horse obsessed as I was at that age.)

    21. I loved this story!! Actually, I believe I read it several years ago although I don't remember any of the story. So I decided to read it again. I am now looking forward to reading the second book in this series, Dark Harvest.

    22. With an Amish theme, you don’t expect villains or a fast paced thriller; nevertheless, this book encompasses all of that and more. I enjoyed the look into Amish life and the mixture of romance and mystery too.

    23. I enjoyed the story very much.Is what I call easy reading when the pages just fly.Though the story begins with tragedy it has also lovely love story and all the ingredients for a block buster movie.The book was a freebie, but I shall definitely try and obtain more books by this author.

    24. First time reading this author. I've read several books of different authors who share the lifestyle, beliefs and interactions between the English and the Amish. I appreciated the way the book ended in compromise. don't want to spoil ending for you! A deffinite good read.

    25. What a great story. Looking forward to reading more books by Karen Harper. Story is set in amish coutry but is not a strong amish story. It is a murder, with love and the outsider within the amish and learning about each other. Could not put this book down. Highly reccomend reading this.

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