Divergence Kavon and Darren believe they finally have the life they want a lead on O Brien a better understanding of the failures that have plagued the team and time to nurture the bond between them as shamans

  • Title: Divergence
  • Author: Lyn Gala
  • ISBN: 9781682522097
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • Kavon and Darren believe they finally have the life they want a lead on O Brien, a better understanding of the failures that have plagued the team, and time to nurture the bond between them as shamans and lovers However they ve gotten involved in magical politics, and that has consequences that neither of them could foresee Magic is changing, and Kavon and Darren are inKavon and Darren believe they finally have the life they want a lead on O Brien, a better understanding of the failures that have plagued the team, and time to nurture the bond between them as shamans and lovers However they ve gotten involved in magical politics, and that has consequences that neither of them could foresee Magic is changing, and Kavon and Darren are in the center of a coming storm.In the past, Kavon s only fear was that he might inadvertently damage Darren, and he is painfully aware that he has hurt his lover before He s vowed to never make that mistake again, but new forces threaten their relationship and pose a special threat to Darren With the danger growing intense, Kavon struggles to find a way to protect the ones he loves and Darren realizes that the magic that gave him his heart s desire could take everything away just as quickly Magic is a two edged sword and the two lovers have to find a way to wield the weapon before it becomes the instrument of their death.

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    1. ~*~* VERY SPOILER REVIEW ~*~*3.75 stars rounded upKavon, Darren, and the FBI Talent Team is back. For the most part, I loved this book, but it wasn't a solid 4-stars read for me because of of a couple of reasons. Let me write down why I loved from this third installment of Gala's Aberrant Magic first.I loved that Kavon and Darren were solid, both as couple and as partners. They seemed to have their working rhythm perfectly. Kavon is the more stubborn, more demanding of the two. Sometimes his stu [...]

    2. This book gives us Kavon and Darren as a committed couple. They are learning how to work together, despite clashes of style, and their guides are also pretty much of a team now. The guys are under a lot of stress (of which Darren carries more than his share), and they have to push back against resistance from both the mundane and the magical sides, as they pursue their unfinished cases - both O'Brien, and the trafficking case. The team as a whole makes some strides toward remembering how to func [...]

    3. Two stars might seem cruel, but bear with me here.So I had to know how this was going to end. Book 2 in this trilogy left me disappointed, but I realized I couldn't stop there - I had to know if book 3 could possibly redeem it. I should start off by saying that my opinion is that this trilogy should just have been one long book. We've got book one that was packed with action, we've got book 2 where our main character was abandoned by the plot in favor of his lover and then we have book 3. All to [...]

    4. Fast paced third book to the Aberrant Magic series brings forth a horrifying secret. Kavon and Darren's relationship has been a rollercoaster. They finally seem to be settling into an understanding. Their magic dynamic is still way off. Darren still does things he shouldn't be able to do. He is also still in danger as O'Brien is still at large, specifically eluding law enforcement in Canada. Kavon is furious and insists to be part of the capture team only to be sidelined. Politics at play only m [...]

    5. 3.5I'm still really enjoying the series and read this through in one sitting, but like some other reviewers, I did not like this book quite as much as the first two. The relationship dynamics and paranormal setting are still great, but there was not the same sense of climax or new development, though I did like the two new characters who are introduced, and appreciated Lyn Gala's inclusion of not one but two Muslim characters who had quite different backgrounds and relationships to their faith. [...]

    6. I got really freaking excited when i found this book on . Luckily we did not have to wait a year for the 'ending' of Aberrant Magic.This series have become a one-click buy for me, even though the first book was not as strong as the other two.So Kavon and Darren are back, and their Talent Team Unit is still trying to solve the trafficking case from book 2, and catch O'Brien for his heinous crimes against adepts in order to help Cruz gain power.Kavon has taken Cruz's place on the council, and the [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis book closes some loose ends from the previous ones and sets up interesting developments for the rest of the series. The new characters seem very promising, especially (view spoiler)[the couple of Texan detectives with their new hummingbird/ifrit guide (hide spoiler)], but I also liked Boyd, the new teammember, and Salma.

    8. *Update*Please disregard review below. There is a 4th book In this series! Everything I just whined about below no longer applies :)With that said, I'm changing my rating to 5 stars. Everything I'm all wound up about will more than likely be addressed in the fourth installment.I CANNOT WAIT! I should re write my review but why? After all, i am looking forward to having my questions answered Lol.This such a great series. It started with a bang. I loved everything about the world Gala built.It hur [...]

    9. This is the third book featuring FBI Agents Kavon and Darren of the 'talent' unit as they try to catch a serial killer who is targeting young magic users. As a partnership the pair are now settled in, but the Egyptians feel that Kavon is destined to be a shamanic leader and there is a lot of politics to deal with - which Kavon isn't a fan of.For the last book in what I though was a trilogy I was disappointed. There are way too many loose ends to be tied up - not really for the main pairing but t [...]

    10. This is a warmed up 3.5 stars. There are many good points about this book but it's *uhm* a bit all over the place with regard to writing conventions regarding trilogies. And - understandably so - you go "But screw all those conventions!!" and I say yes, but there are laws of story telling and they do change over time but this actually felt like the end of part one. I'll be deliriously happy if that really is a serial instead of a trilogy but it's easier to adjust one's expectations if one is tol [...]

    11. 2.5 (3.0) starsMy least favorite of the series. I thought the book was slow moving and the plot resolutions (e.g, O'Brien) were anticlimactic. There were a few loose ends (evil ifrits and agent finley's dickishness). Lastly, Darren's holier-than-thou attitude grated and I found his martyrdom unattractive. It's one thing to want to be a martyr (yuck) but it's another to sit in judgment of those who don't. (Super yuck!)Bottom line: I'm a Lyn Gala fan and I enjoyed this series; I just didn't care f [...]

    12. I love this series, but I think of this book as the end of Act 1. The main case is finished, but there are a lot of hints for a bigger problem out there. Would be interesting to see the next act.

    13. his is the 3rd book in the Aberrant Magic series and I was excited for it. I figured – finally Kavon and Darren get to have their showdown with o’Brien. I mean, that’s what they’ve been leading up to for 2 books. As a reader I needed that showdown.Unfortunately, it fell flat. 48% of the way through the book, they had the fight, but it was missing the bad guy. The faceoff I wanted since book one never happened.Talk about a letdown. Plus, I wondered what the rest of the book would be about [...]

    14. Kavon and Darren have finally settled in a bit. They have a lead on O’Brien and are ready to finish that case. Unfortunately, they are now involved in magical politics and that comes with its own set of challenges. Kavon struggles with his fear that he may hurt Darren while Darren struggles with his efforts to reassure Kavon. One thing is certain, their bond is strong and changing each day. Magic gives and takes and both men want to make sure that they handle everything correctly.Their relatio [...]

    15. Is there going to be more in this series? I feel like it's not finished. I'll keep reading it if there's more!!

    16. Loved the 2nd Ifrit as the larger story Arc of the Ancient Guides is moved forward. Interesting to briefly see a 2nd couple that made different choices, and to learn a little more of how the Ifrit are choosing. Lots of loose ends are tied up. If you loved or liked the first two then you should like this one.

    17. Review can be read at It's About The BookPolitics! Politics! Politics! Darren and Kavon live and work in DC. They can’t escape politics. Kavon is now on the DC Shamanic Council. The Egyptians think he’s some kind of prince come to usher in a new era of magic. Kavon and Darren both have to balance workplace politics at the DC FBI field office, and even the basic interpersonal politics of their team need work and tending to. There is nothing in their lives that doesn’t seem to need some kind [...]

    18. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.While I enjoyed this latest installment to the Aberrant Magic series, I have to say that this one was my least favorite of the three. The team is trying to bounce back from the revelations in the previous book all while Kavon and Darren are attempting to navigate the political waters they’ve found themselves thrown in. Add in a pair of high priority cases that they’ve been struggling to close, a new team member and an official attaché they don’t quite [...]

    19. Quite a disappointment. The quality dropped with each books. Several times I put down the book because I was getting bored. I can't give 5 stars to this book because:-There's too many talk about Ifrit and shaman mythology and politics but not enough action. Yes, believe it, there's less action than in the previous book.-Although Darren regains a bit of his personality, he's still there to play Kavon's sidekick. Kavon experience as a shaman isn't an excuse to let Darren be a bystander in his own [...]

    20. 4 starsSynopsis: Kavon and Darren are settling in together as boyfriends, and as shaman and adept. They have a lead on their personal big bad, in Canada, and after Darren plays a little bit of politics, head north. O'Brien gets taken out, and they head back home. Then their trafficking case takes off, and they head for Texas.Once there, they work with the local law enforcement, as the field office doesn't seem to be willing to do anything to help. Kavon and Darren also have to deal with the fall [...]

    21. I must've missed that this coming out by just a few days when I read book 2! It was not an intentional not finishing the series.The wrap-up of the story with the bad guy(s) from the first two books felt a little rushed to me, but I did like the continued development of the world building. I still feel that the shaman-thing is a bit appropriative, and given that Native American magic users/shamans/whatever have just "opted out" of her world and therefore are not to even be talked about? That's ki [...]

    22. This is the last of the three books in the Aberrant Magic series, and it finishes things off strong. The Talent Team is recovering its equilibrium after some serious shake ups in the first and second book, Kavon and Darren are synching their relationship and magic into a strong and cohesive front, and information on Darren’s magic and the hidden history of the ifrit are revealed.This whole series has been very fun to read. I like the characters, and the magic in this universe is inventive, int [...]

    23. Interesting developments in this book, though I do question the assumption that gay men are less likely to have kids. However, Ms. Gala has left the plot threads dangling, so hopefully there is another book in the series.

    24. I love the world this story takes place in, it's fascinating and exciting, even if it's not a new idea, it seems to be put together in a fresh take. However, I feel as if the sequels have lost the vibrancy of the first book; and the plot lines are no longer well fleshed out, causing the rhythm of the book to be oddly paced as seen in a major plotline being resolved quickly after a big fuss was made of it. Also the repetition of the MCs reluctance to play the political game & accept their new [...]

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