Cunning Attractions

Cunning Attractions Gabby s latest mystery will win votes as election season and murder take center stage

  • Title: Cunning Attractions
  • Author: Christy Barritt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gabby s latest mystery will win votes as election season and murder take center stage.

    One thought on “Cunning Attractions”

    1. Reading anything by Christy Barritt is never dull! Barritt grips the reader quickly with the familiarity of the characters and a mystery that keeps me turning the pages. With her fourteenth addition to her Squeaky Clean mysteries, this is no exception. I have journeyed with Gabby, Sierra, and Riley since the first book. Returning to them reminds me of close friends that I hang out with and share my burdens with. I love returning to their lives. It is a like watching more of what happens to their [...]

    2. Gabby's life is definitely never dull! Besides trying to solve a mystery this story also revolves around a presidential election and it amazed me how much this story paralleled to current events. There were so many possible suspects with motive it was hard to figure out who was responsible before it was revealed. I was intrigued trying to figure it out before the arrest. Each time Gabby was in a sticky situation or a life-changing event I felt anguish for her. There was a point I yelled at the b [...]

    3. The overall mystery in Cunning Attractions was good, but for some reason it took me a really long time to read. I'd read before bed one evening and then something else would capture my attention and I'd read that before coming back to this. That said, I did enjoy the mystery. The main bad guy caught me off guard, and the motives for the bad guys were much more realistic than I was thinking they might be (based on one of the theories in the book). It was interesting comparing the election with th [...]

    4. What a fun read! Love the characters with all their idiosyncrasies. An interesting assembly of people who ultimately come together for a job in an abandoned theme park but instead find themselves in the midst of a mystery involving Bigfoot! Bigfoot? Yes, Bigfoot!Christy Barritt never fails to present a well-written book with a well-planned plot. I would certainly encourage anyone interested in Christian mysteries to read this and all Ms. Barritt's books. In fact, these books are not just for tho [...]

    5. I've loved the Squeaky Clean books and this one just adds more to the series. This book in the Squeaky Clean series is full of action. There's suspense, murder, strange happenings, and it seems like every time Gabby turns around someone is watching her or trying to kill her. These stories are so entertaining and will keep you up late at night just because you want to know who REALLY is behind all the drama. Christy Barritt is an author who writes great stories that bring up all kinds of emotions [...]

    6. This was an excellent Christian mystery written by an author who is no newcomer to the genre. This is book 12 of the Squeaky Clean Mystery Series? Christy Barrett proves definitively that it is possible to write page turner mysteries that involve no graphic violence, sex, profanity, or any other vices that so many books and writers can't seem to live without.I plan to start at the beginning and read the entire series of 13 books (there is a book 2.5 set during the Christmas season). Then I will [...]

    7. I had a hard time reading this when it first came out because the story is focused around a heated election. The presidential election had just ended and I was not up to reading about a fictional one.However, now that I have finally read it, it was pretty good. I like Ms. Barritt tries to throw in some extra turns near the end to throw you off. Gabby gets into trouble as usual. I liked it better than Thrill Squeaker.

    8. A presidential election, a murder, an explosion, shady characters, a thwarted kidnappingl of these events occur in this fast-moving book by Christy .Barritt. Many suspects are investigated and most are found to be not involved. Gabby is back to square one over and over. Read this book for a great adventure! Thank you for the chance to review your book, Christy!

    9. Gabby To The Rescue!!!Newly married Gabby finds trouble right on her doorstep again. Her neighbor Bill's ex-wife was killed and he doesn't think he needs help. Boy was he wrong. When the protesters go after him and his new beautiful girlfriend can Gabby find out the truth before he gets arrested or someone gets hurt. Never fear Gabby is here!!!

    10. Kept me guessing!I look forward to each book by Christy Barritt. As always, this one did not disappoint. Every time I thought I had it figured out, she would surprise me. I look forward to the next to see what the future holds for Gabby and the rest of the crew.

    11. Enjoy this slow paced mystery the end is a surprise.Grabby is a crime cleanup girl turned detective. She puts the death of a not so well liked woman on the fore-front of her investigation. Trouble is nobody liked Emma Jean.

    12. Been away from this series for awhile and it was nice to be back. The mystery felt a little convoluted this time around the characters were good.

    13. Another great Gabby bookThese books never get old! Fun and intriguing. I would recommend this series and any other by Christy Barritt. This one had me laughing (Gassy) and guessing until the end.

    14. Timely SequelExciting and ended on a cliffhanger! Love these characters! They seem so real and truly caring. Garrett has to rebuild their condo!

    15. Cunning Attractions=Gabby's DozenChristy Barritt has written another winner. Cunning Attractions kept me interested right up to the last page. Gabby Thomas nee St Claire is a likeable protagonist who is never perfect but is always interesting. She is the friend I would want if I was in a jam.Gabby is now married to Riley and she thinks she is the luckiest woman in the world. Of course, being married doesn't stop her curiosity. She can't understand where the beautiful Russian woman came from and [...]

    16. Gabby never disappoints! This is my favorite (modern) series of all time. I want to go back to the beginning and read all of the books in the Gabby universe in order again. This book was very fast paced and had several surprising turn of events that make me really look forward to what comes next in Gabby's world. I felt like the political angle in the book correlated a lot with our election this year. I highlighted a quote toward the end of the book that I loved: "I'm just saying that my trust i [...]

    17. First, the disclaimer. "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." That done, CUNNING ATTRACTIONS is the twelveth book in Ms. Barritt's wildly successful Squeaky Clean Mystery series but it easily stands alone. In this book, Gabby's neighbor's ex-wife was brutally murdered and Gabby's neighbor is the popular top choice for the murderer. He wants/needs for Gabby to help prove his innocence even while protesters stand outside his apartment building chanting "Kill Bill!" and [...]

    18. Another winning mystery from Christy Barritt! Newlywed Gabby (St. Clair) Thomas is settling in to married life with Riley, getting used to sharing space with him (and having a little trouble letting go of her old space), and continuing with her job leading training seminars, when murder hits very close to home. A Russian model, a radio personality, an ex-wife, an injured best friend, a former love, and a contentious Presidential campaign, all figure in to her latest murder to solve. Gabby is hav [...]

    19. I love this series so much! It's still the only thing my teenaged son with read. Even after 12 books I don't want it to end but I felt like the Author is starting to kind of wrap things up in this book. There were so many surprises for me in this one. I really enjoyed that it wasn't predictable. It is great to see so many good things happening to Gabby and Riley you really fall in love with them both over the series of books. Can't wait for more in this series or from this Author.Note: I was gif [...]

    20. Life with Gabby is never dull or quiet. Once again, she rides to the investigative rescue of a neighbor and straight into trouble. The suspect list is longer than Santa's, which keeps her more than busy. Family troubles add to the mix as Gabby juggles her career, new marriage, friends and clues. Throw in a heated election and press play for another enjoyable and exciting installment of Squeaky Clean Mysteries. *I received a copy of the book without obligation. This is my personal review.*

    21. Perfect timingI downloaded this book for my birthday. I have read and re-read (a rare occasion) every book in this series. The 12th instalment of the Squealy Clean series did not disappoint. There was a mystery by the time I read the second page (perfect). As usual, Christy's style is fast paced and fun. She is my favorite author. I have devoured every book she had written I could get my hands on. The Gabby series is my first love. Another great (and clean) one from Christy. Way to g

    22. Impeccable timing.Aside from a great story, this book has a lot of timely wisdom during an election season. Gabby is funny and quirky, as usual. I laughed out loud several times. It's such a pleasure to read a book and turn around and share it with my daughter. Looking forward to the Cold Case series.

    23. Another winner!I love this series! Gabby has been so much fun to watch. She is smart and quirky. This story like the others are inventive and keep you guessing. Looking forward to the mini series.

    24. Well written and compellingI love Christy's books, they start out in high gear and maintains your interest throughout. Cunning Attractions did not disappoint. I'm just sad because it is over

    25. Another well-done installment in the series. It's been fun to see Gabby grow up throughout this series. Look forward to reading where she goes from here!

    26. Love itI love this series! Keeps me interested from beginning to end. I love the sense of family at the apartments. Although the apartments were destroyed in this book.

    27. As always a great read!I always enjoy reading Gabby and this didn't disappoint. An enjoyable mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat.

    28. Different styleI love how Christy writes. A little different style and always intriguing! The whole series is great. Keeps me coming back for more.

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