Borrowed Black: A Labrador Fantasy

Borrowed Black A Labrador Fantasy Retells how a creature named Borrowed Black made of borrowed things himself borrowed the moon one night causing great consternation in all living things

  • Title: Borrowed Black: A Labrador Fantasy
  • Author: Ellen Bryan Obed Jan Mogensen
  • ISBN: 9780920911143
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Retells how a creature named Borrowed Black, made of borrowed things himself, borrowed the moon one night, causing great consternation in all living things.

    One thought on “Borrowed Black: A Labrador Fantasy”

    1. I love this story. I find it a rare treasure when a children's book has both an excellent premise, story, and style. The rhyme is a true delight to read out loud and I'm thrilled my 3 year old loves it too, as I just get to read it over and over again.

    2. this was knia" creepy in a rhyming verse a creature washes ashore to borrow what he needs to be complete. H borrows a large rock to live on, wood from sunken ships to build his shack, paws of a bear for hands, seal flippers to walk on for feetbut the locals are not happy, when he finds the moon crashed on the shore and borrows it to ligh up the bottom of the sea.Who will help them rid their belover island of this monster?Read the book and find out. Theres also a small dictonary of local vernacul [...]

    3. Borrowed Black steals the moonlight and is defeated by a motley crew of creatures as fantastic as he is.This is a spooky, silly story in rhyme about a monster of borrowed bits. Mogensen’s illustrations capture with its shades the spooky feel of Obed’s poetry and the tale’s creatures in equally fantastic visual depictions.

    4. I loved the rhyme. A great story to read aloud as the tale flows off the tongue. Slightly creepy which grabs children's attention.

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