Taking It All

Taking It All The first time I saw her I knew she was mine I have everything I want That s the life of a billionaire I see I want I get So of course when the woman of my dreams the fiery redhead with the face of

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  • Title: Taking It All
  • Author: Avery Kaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The first time I saw her I knew she was mine I have everything I want That s the life of a billionaire I see I want I get So, of course, when the woman of my dreams the fiery redhead with the face of an angel and balls of steel comes stomping into my world, I take action I know how to get things done She may hate me for stealing her away But a man has to do what aThe first time I saw her I knew she was mine I have everything I want That s the life of a billionaire I see I want I get So, of course, when the woman of my dreams the fiery redhead with the face of an angel and balls of steel comes stomping into my world, I take action I know how to get things done She may hate me for stealing her away But a man has to do what a man has to do Just like I m going to take it all everything she has to give Including the one thing she s never given another man.And in return I ll give her even The life she deserves ChildrenMy heart and soul.Mine Jordan is mine And I am hers.Warning Open this book and escape into a world where a billionaire with a to die for body, of course falls in love in an instant and sweeps his lucky woman off her feetd into the life of her dreams But be warned this dirty uber hot, sticky sweet story of totally ridiculous insta love and baby making may inspire you to wake your partner, climb onboard, and get things done yourself Ah, the power of fiction

    One thought on “Taking It All”

    1. Short hot story of the good girl after she found out that her fiancé is a lying cheating bastard, finds the rich hot guy of her dreams. The hero is a hard working rich guy who has enjoyed fruits of his labor but when he see his one little red head spitfire, he is on the hunt. He wants it all. The whole package but will she be on board? He gets her to his private island where they must find a way to meet in the middle. This was a very written story that made me smile with how obsessed the hero w [...]

    2. It's a nice short story about finding the right one for you. It's not about how long you know each other. If you find the one, cherish her or him and never let go.The story is about Grayson and Jordan.Grayson is a rich man. He owns Parker Enterprises and a contracting company. He's happy but there's something missing in his life. He's at the clubhouse with his friend the first time he saw Jordan. And it's the time she punched her now ex-fiancé who's with another woman. He followed her after she [...]

    3. Loved it! Hot hero, sweet h, hot sex and insta love! Awesome lil short read. Very hot and also has a nice lil epilogue at the end!

    4. Cute story of billionaire and virgin. There was a part there that glossed over six month to when they got married and had sex for the first time. I just wish there was some little bit of detail of those six months.

    5. Grayson Parker is a billionaire who can have any woman he wants, while he listens to his friend rant about his co-worker is his ice cold to everyone, he gets a shock. A hellcat storms into the bar and does something that peaks Grayson's interest. Jordan can't believe her fiance, well ex, cheated on her. To say she is heartbroken would be a lie, but whats a girl to do. When Grayson makes his intent known, Jordan isn't so sure she wants another man in her life. Grayson though plans to convince she [...]

    6. 2.5 Insta whatever stars. I Just did not get it. Did not see what he saw in her at all. At least not in one day. Too fast and I like fast. Then we jump ahead 6 months. I hate that shit!

    7. OMG, Tamika! I don't remember this one at all! I mean, I know I read it cause it's on my list of "books read" but after that blank slate, lol. And that tells you about this one, doesn't it?

    8. Loved it! Sexy rich hero, virginal feisty heroine, steamy love scenes and insta love! Adorable epilogue wish it was longer though!

    9. I am loving Alexa Kaye's books especially when I want a quick, hot as hell, insta-love book because she always delivers. Grayson Parker is a rich, successful businessman who could have any beautiful woman he wanted and he always gets what he wants. His father was a migrant farmer and he knows what it's like to struggle so he worked his ass off to give his parents a better life in their retirement. His best friend, Colbe is the head of one of his departments at Parker Enterprises and he's always [...]

    10. DNF @36% Insta love is okay sometimes but this was kind of overwhelming. They did not have any chemistry outside of lust. There was no foundation for his less than 24 hour love for her. I feel like there were a few quick google searches that made up the h's history of being in the FLDS church. I've read books where the authors had actual people that left the church help her with her characters. I've watched documentaries on the oppression these women face and the lives they lead when and IF they [...]

    11. Another one, but this one was weirder than the last. Woman catches her man cheating (but he's Mormon and looking for a plural marriage, despite woman's objections). Max sees her, falls for her, turns out she's an employee whom his best friend hates, and whisks her off the day he meets her to a private island where he asks her to marry her.Yep. And she's a virgin. We never learn why it was important for her to be Mormon; nor why she and Colbe/Colby hate each other.

    12. This was a fun read with a totally devoted H. No drama or angst which was a welcome change from the dark and disturbing books that are all too common nowadays.

    13. i have read many insta-love books from different authors and hey I love a take charge alpha guy but for some reason I could not understand this attraction the beginning of the book the Grayson first notices' the Jordan in a bar from an altercation that she clearly is involved. Jordan is known in his building as the bitch from a friend of his that is her supervisor. Jordan catches her fiancé cheating on her and leaves the bar after punching her exw I don't know about you but Jordan was in debt b [...]

    14. Thank you, Alexa Kate !Fun short story, a little fast for me, but good. The main characters were too soon to get to know them.

    15. It's been way over a year since I've rated a book one star and I really hate to do this.I don't have anything against short novellas. Indeed. But this whole meeting, falling in love instantly, and proposing within a day was just too much for me. Then after a day, there's a six months gap that we get to know basically nothing about. This way the insta-love was kind of a turn off, I'm sure I could have liked it if there was more of how their relationship was building.

    16. OMG I cannot believe what rubbish I've just read!! I don't mind an instalove story but Grayson met Jordan and one day later proposed to her. She said yes and then it skipped 6 months to the wedding day then skips another 2 months to when she announces her pregnancy. There was no depth to the story or characters at all and was basically a waste of time, thankfully it was a very short book.

    17. Uhhhhrmons are not fundamentalists. Your writing as if they are is very mean and sadThey are about as alike as oil and water. For the millions of mornings in the world I say - do a little research.

    18. A great read for those who are looking for a short, fun and exciting read. Gray is one hot alpha male that will make any women wet and Jordan is such a sweet and innocent girl. Despite being a short read, it still able to put a smile on your face and make you horny as hell

    19. The Billionaire Falls For the Firebrand Grayson meets Jordan after witnessing her in all her raging glory, then decides to kidnap her to get her to fall in with his plans for the future. The story was a little disjointed, but the steam was there and the characters, likeable.

    20. AwesomeSince I first read her book, I am hooked. Awesome story , full of romance and as always, with HEA!!!

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