The Christmas Cake Cafe

The Christmas Cake Cafe Heart warming and hilarious a story that will make you laugh cry and bring a smile to your face Get ready for another deliciously amazing Christmas treat from Sue Watson As the Prosecco chills and B

  • Title: The Christmas Cake Cafe
  • Author: Sue Watson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Heart warming and hilarious, a story that will make you laugh, cry and bring a smile to your face Get ready for another deliciously amazing Christmas treat from Sue Watson.As the Prosecco chills and Bing Crosby croons, Jen Barker just knows that her long term boyfriend is about to propose But instead of a diamond ring nestled in her champagne flute, Jen finds cold flaHeart warming and hilarious, a story that will make you laugh, cry and bring a smile to your face Get ready for another deliciously amazing Christmas treat from Sue Watson.As the Prosecco chills and Bing Crosby croons, Jen Barker just knows that her long term boyfriend is about to propose But instead of a diamond ring nestled in her champagne flute, Jen finds cold flat rejection Her once perfect life and dreams of a husband and family seem even further from reach.A working holiday to the Swiss Alps with her younger sister Jody might not be the Christmas Jen had it mind, but it offers her the chance to recharge her batteries and recover from heartbreak.When Jen meets handsome ski instructor Jon Zutter her hopes for a happy ever after seem within her grasp again Jon is kind and gorgeous and as they bond over Sachetorte at the picturesque Cake Caf , Jen thinks he might just be her perfect man But a relationship with him comes with a catch and there are some things even cake can t fix As the snow falls and Christmas approaches, could this be the place that restores Jen Barker s faith in love

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    1. 2 starsA Christmas romance set in the Swiss Alps, between two 40 something people. It's didn't work for me at all.I wanted to love this, I'm a fan of bakery tied romances so this interested me. Sadly, I did not enjoy this story for many reasons. The constant repetitions were #1 on that list. The half sister issue, was a title that was used, and used, and used, so many times. The 1/2 sister, Jody called her sister Jan, old, constantly, harping on it over and over. Jan, in her 40's is still rehash [...]

    2. Jen Barker has just had a devastating break up with a man she had spent years with and thought she would be marrying. Now in her forties Jen has her biological clock ticking on overtime in fear that she will never marry or have the family she's always dreamed of having since her own father left when she was a child. Jen is talked into doing something spontaneous this holiday season by her younger half sister by traveling to the the Swiss Alps and thinks it's just what she needs to mend her broke [...]

    3. I love Christmas books, as I have previously noted. This last month I have read several and I always find them enjoyable.This is an entertaining book too, there were some laugh-out-loud moments which for me were the highlight. It didn't grasp my attention as much as I expected to. It's a cute story, but the style it's written in wasn't to my taste. The main character was difficult to connect to, and I found the whole plot really predictable.I'm sad to say these things because I really wanted to [...]

    4. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a nice holiday story with Jen Barker as a cute protagonist. If you're looking for a light read for the season, this fits the bill. The Switzerland setting and snow are always appealing this time of the year. Honestly, I'm not sure about the hero, Jon Zutter though. He had an infrequent role in here which made the romance portion seem like an afterthought but it was still fun overall.

    5. Jen Barker, in her forties, feels depressed after the shock of being dumped on Christmas Eve by her longtime "live in" boyfriend, when she was expecting a marriage proposal. She accepts an offer to join her sister and friends on a working vacation in the Swiss Alps. The scenery is gorgeous- a winter wonderland. Lost luggage leads to lots of humorous and potential embarrassing situations.Does Jen get along with her sister's friends? Does she cheer up and have fun? Does the airline find her luggag [...]

    6. Talk about an emotional roller coaster - this is a brilliant, festive read that will have your experiencing the full gamut of emotions. It starts with high expectations but the anticipated proposal from her boyfriend, Tim, after a decade together isn’t the proposal she’d hoped for. After being dumped by him at Christmas, Jen Barker spends Christmas and her birthday with only her cat, memories and tears for company. Next year she succumbs to the temptation to spend the festive season with her [...]

    7. I was just about to start Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances: When searching through my kindle for it I realised I hadn't read this one. How does this keep happening to me. ​I'm a huge Sue Watson fan after being introduced to Love, Lies and Lemon Cakes. All of Sue's books have managed to make me smile or LOL, I find these really easy and enjoyable reads and a big change from my usual crime thrillers.​Jen goes off on a working holiday with her half sister and friends, and after being [...]

    8. Jen has waited many years for Tim to propose and when they are celebrating her birthday at a nice restaurant with a bottle of champagne she thinks it's finally going to happen. Unfortunately Tim breaks up with her instead. After this horrible incident it takes Jen quite some time to get back on her feet and she isn't quite there yet when her sister Jody asks her to accompany her to Switzerland, where they will work and have a great time together with Jody's friends. Her opinion is that Jen sh [...]

    9. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and here are my thoughts.Sue has a really engaging writing style which always draws me in and makes me smile. Add in the 'Last Christmas' by Wham setting- and you have the perfect Christmas read. You can just imagine yourself in the beautiful resort and drinking lots of hot chocolate with marshmallow toppings and the most delicious cakes imaginable.Jen has recently parted from her long term boyfriend and agrees to go and work in Switzerland with her younger [...]

    10. I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher and author for this copy.4.5 StarsThis was such a sweet, nice and heartwarming story, with some hilarious scenes, and a simply fantastic setting!At 41 years old, the live of Jen seemed to be already over, at least for her. Her boyfriend dumped her after a 10 years relationship, on Christmas eve; no husband, no prospect of children, a job she was stuck in and another lonely Christmas, that was Jen's nightmare. Until her half-sister takes her in a wor [...]

    11. I tagged this as romance, but I think it was really more about the main character finding herself. My favorite parts were the descriptions of Switzerland, especially of the beautiful Swiss village and bakery. I certainly wanted to try some of those treats, and I have a huge craving for good hot chocolate. I felt like the main character dwelt too much on her past issues with her father and her ex; however, some good points were made about friendship and moving on. Anyway, it was a good book, and [...]

    12. Sue Watson is a new to me author so I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book. She has an easy writing style that takes a difficult, humiliating, depressing time & pokes fun at it. This introduction of humor into a serious time makes you think about difficult times you've faced & wonder if you should have faced it differently. Jen is 41 years old & has been in a committed steady relationship. On a special night, when she's expecting a marriage proposal, she's dumped. Her sis [...]

    13. Imagine, ten years into a relationship and you think your boyfriend is finally going to propose. It's Christmas eve, The setting is perfect, a romantic meal for two in a restaurant with champagne and christmas tunes on the music system. Jen, just knows Tim is going to propose and is waiting for the perfect moment in the evening. When the big speech finally comes it's not to ask her hand in marriage and to declare everlasting love, it's to shatter her dreams and walk out of her life forever.Oh me [...]

    14. Thank goodnessother Sue Watson in her usual humorous style, it feels like forever since I have read one like this! I admit I am a bit of a Sue Watson fan, and always know that her books will cheer me up and make me laugh like a drain. Thankfully this book was no exception and once again it cheered me up immensely! However (yes there is a however) I did find the main character a bit annoying in the beginning (hence the 4 stars and not 5)!So Jen Barker is the main character in this Christmas book [...]

    15. Hands down this is one of the best Christmas novels I have ever read! The story is literally crammed full of all things festive, love and good cheer, oh and not forgetting cake, lots of cake.To be honest I actually think this book should come with a warning, DO NOT READ WHILST TRYING TO CUT DOWN ON YOUR CAKE INTAKE. The author as usual describes the most delightful and mouthwatering cakes. I literally had to keep wiping the drool that was escaping from my mouth. Even though it’s a book I could [...]

    16. The Christmas Cake Café: A brilliantly funny, feel good Christmas read by Sue Watson is the story of Jen Barker who is in search of the perfect Christmas of her dreams. After a 10-year relationship with her boyfriend Tim, he calls it quits on Christmas Eve, which is also her birthday. With hopes of a Christmas engagement dashed, she finds herself adrift feeling like her life has passed her by, leaving her single and childless. Continuing with her job as a librarian, Jen continues with her unful [...]

    17. What a deliciously delightful Christmas book that will make you laugh and cry with happiness, while set against a gorgeous wintery backdrop of a ski resort in Switzerland. Amazingly with the exception of one truly memorable scene including a cow onesie there wasn't much skiing involved, but there were loads of descriptions of mouthe watering Christmas cakes, as well a gorgeous ski instructor who sweeps Jen off her feet, quite literally. A year ago Jen had been hoping for a proposal for Tim, only [...]

    18. The Christmas Cake Cafe by Sue WatsonThis book has a sub-title that says It is "A Brilliantly Funny, Feel Good Christmas Read." That is exactly what this little gem of a book is. It starts out on Christmas Eve with Jennifer being out in a restaurant with her long term boyfriend Tim. Ten years they have been boyfriend and girlfriend. "The champagne was cold and sparkly, the tree was twinkling and Bing Crosby was tinkling across the restaurant, filling the air with festive warmth and glitter." It [...]

    19. I received a copy of this via NetGalley and the publishers in return for a fair and honest review.The words Christmas and Cake in the title had me interested and this was such a fun, gentle read that I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Jennifer and her little journey into rediscovering her fun side!The book begins on the eve of Xmas and the eve of her 40th birthday, and she's expecting a lovely big proposal from her boyfriend, Tim, as they've been together for 10 years. Despite the fact that [...]

    20. The Christmas Cake Cafe is a sweet story set in the winter time and around Christmas. Jen is in her 40s and expecting the big question from her boyfriend but he is dumping her. A year later she sets off to Switzerland on a work holiday with her half-sister Jody.I really enjoyed the wintery scenery in Switzerland. The description of the snowy mountains and little villages were really nice. The Café was also great and wish there had been more about it, as well as the baking.The book also had some [...]

    21. What a lovely book! I absolutely loved it! I read quite a lot of the books from Sue Watson. Until now, I could say that I liked Sue Watson's books but this time I can easily says that I LOVED it! It's by far her best book in my opinion. And I loved that the settings of the book is the mountains of Switzerland - it's just so magical around Christmas time!I also liked the main character Jen and the beautiful relationship she has with her sister Also if you are bored of stories of cakes and café, [...]

    22. *** Book received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***I love Christmas books but this one wasn't for me. The Swiss setting was beautiful but the storyline was predictable and, at times, repetitive. The relationship between Jen and Jon felt incredibly rushed so I never became invested in it or cared about what was going to happen between them. It was a forgettable story and one I wouldn't recommend.

    23. donnasbookblog.wordpress/Oh my goodness I adored this book!!  I loved Jen as a character and could really sympathise with her struggles and I had to laugh at times too at her mishaps! I loved how the relationship between Jen and Jon developed and the descriptions of the area really have made me want to go and visit in the future and I definitely need to go and eat some of the cakes described!! The book completely charmed me and I haven't hesitated to give it 5 stars!! 

    24. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressThose who know me well know that I absolutely adore Sue Watson’s books, she is one of my most favourite authors. As soon as I found out that she had another Christmas book coming out, I just HAD to read it! Her first Christmas book, Bella’s Christmas Bake Off, was one of the first books that I reviewed on my blog back in April, so I am absolutely thrilled to be reviewing her second festive treat!Oh my word, I could literally fe [...]

    25. I was delighted to see Sue Watson was treating us to a Christmas book this year considering she had already published a more serious book We'll Always Have Paris earlier on this year. The Christmas Cake Café is not that long but I wouldn't consider it a novella as it was a bit longer than what that type of read would be. The café as mentioned in the title is not the focus of the book, more a long held aspiration for our main female protagonist Jen so those expecting the book to be mostly set t [...]

    26. What a super all round, pick me up and feel good novel this is. I just took a liking to the main character Jen straight away, with her optimistic starry eyed outlook on love because every girl should have a fairy tale Prince Charming right? and well if it doesn't quite fit day dream about it and make it fit. Especially when it's your birthday and you are expecting the man in your life to pop the question. Unfortunately his question involves who will get what after they split up. So here starts a [...]

    27. It’s Christmas Eve and Jenny is expecting it to be very special this year; she is awaiting an announcement from her long term partner Tim. But when that announcement comes it’s not quite what she’s been expecting. Instead of a proposal and an accompanying ring he has decided to end their long term relationship.Ten months later Jen is still in her job as Head Librarian, living with her cat Mrs Christmas and getting regular Tarot readings from her work colleague Storm. A visit from her half- [...]

    28. With thanks to Netgalley and Bookoutre for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.First of all I know you shouldn't judgement a book by its cover but it looked so festive I knew I would like it. Secondly this book had some really funny moments which nearly made me choke on my Bailey's.The book begins on Christmas Eve 12 months earlier. It is Jen's 40th birthday and she thinks her boyfriend Tim will propose but instead he dumps her. Now Jen is 40 she thinks she thinks the time to get [...]

    29. The Christmas Cake Cafe by Sue Watson is a romance and women's fiction read. As the Prosecco chills and Bing Crosby croons, Jen Barker just knows that her long-term boyfriend is about to propose. But instead of a diamond ring nestled in her champagne flute, Jen finds cold flat rejection. Her once perfect life and dreams of a husband and family seem even further from reach. A working holiday to the Swiss Alps with her younger sister Jody might not be the Christmas Jen had it mind, but it offers h [...]

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