I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard

I Hate Myself and Want to Die The Most Depressing Songs You ve Ever Heard ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY May th Ten Things We Love This Week I HATE MYSELF AND I WANT TO DIE by Tom Reynolds This roundup of of the most maudlin songs ever penned from Manilow to Metallica

  • Title: I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard
  • Author: TomReynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY May 26th, 2006 Ten Things We Love This Week 3 I HATE MYSELF AND I WANT TO DIE, by Tom Reynolds This roundup of 52 of the most maudlin songs ever penned, from Manilow to Metallica, will move you to tears of despair or shrieks of helpless laughter PLAYBOY There must be a section of Tom Reynolds s record collection that wards off disc jockeENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY May 26th, 2006 Ten Things We Love This Week 3 I HATE MYSELF AND I WANT TO DIE, by Tom Reynolds This roundup of 52 of the most maudlin songs ever penned, from Manilow to Metallica, will move you to tears of despair or shrieks of helpless laughter PLAYBOY There must be a section of Tom Reynolds s record collection that wards off disc jockeys like a cross repels vampires The writer TV producer s steep descent into depressing pop music, I Hate Myself and Want to Die is a humorous song by song analysis of the most egregious examples of audio torture Its title may sound like a hackneyed VH1 special, but Reynolds steps above pointless banter by demonstrating some serious scholarship, exposing gut wrenching stories behind these songs like the telling fact that the writers of Without You, covered by Mariah Carey, both hung themselves.Overall, his picks are solid and stick to chart topping tragedies, ranging from the Billie Holiday lynching tune Strange Fruit Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze to a prescient analysis of Johnny Cash s superior cover of Trent Reznor s Hurt Reynolds also manages to sneak in some unknown misfires, like his number one pick The Christmas Shoes, a Christian adult contemporary Christmas song already depressing about poor kids buying slippers for their terminally ill mom to wear in heaven kill me already NEW MUSIC EXPRESS Full of premium trivia and pinpoint pomposity pricking, Reynolds has made comedy gold from the full base metal of misery WHAT S ON IN LONDON A sustained and superbly observed insight into some of rock music s most memorable follies, it is an absolute must read Brilliant UNCUT Magazine Tom Reynolds, an American TV producer who manages to combine the wit of Dave Barry with the musical tastes of a bath towel, takes a simple concept and pulls great big inappropriate belly laughs from it.Genius Anne Stephenson, THE REPUBLIC To write a book like this, you need a working knowledge of music recorded over the past 70 years and an astute and merciless sense of humor Tom Reynolds is our man Rob Lester, EDGE MAGAZINE What makes this book so worthwhile and than just cathartic oh, it is that is the humor Reynolds language is colorful and clever and his greatest skills are sarcasm and funny, funny exaggeration for effect Smug Absolutely But it s mostly a hoot PUCKNATION I Hate Myself and Want to Die, is one of the most brilliant looks at music and popular culture I ve read in a long time This collection of essays rips through music with ludicrous comments, humor and sarcasm Reynolds knack for timing and wit allows him to tear seemlessly through these songs, with great results.An instant classic and perfect bathroom reading ROCKNWORLD Don tcha just love discovering a book that is too funny to be read in public, that makes eating or drinking while reading it a sure way to choke die What makes the subject matter of this book even better is its importance truthHis treatments of Evanescence s entry on the list Metallica are so funny that I wish I could quote the entire chapters here.

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    1. I love the way Tom Reynolds writes! This book is laugh-aloud hilarious! Even if you don't know some of the songs (I knew about two thirds of them) you still find yourself laughing over his descriptions of them. He's a master of the comic metaphor and simile. My favorite chapter was on Richard Harris' version of "MacArthur Park"-- priceless!! On a more serious note, along the way I also found myself picking up information on how a song is composed, which was interesting. I also loved the illustra [...]

    2. bought for $1 at the art book fair. I'm ten pages in and it's already hilarious & awesome.*****Aw, this book is very clever & funny. It takes fifty-two songs and examines them fairly thoroughly, giving their history, who wrote / performed them, lyrical and musical explications, why they're depressing, etc. He's a bit over-enamored with his own sense of humor, though; you can tell that he's writing to make himself sound very witty and smart, which can be a bit grating. He also uses pretty [...]

    3. "I Mope, Therefore I Am"Why did I give 5 stars to a book that is clearly not one of the great works of literature? Because it is, considering its genre, something that fully achieves its aim. It made me laugh out loud, kept me entertained from start to finish, and did so without using any "trashy" humour. It made me think "THAT IS SO TRUE" and "I'm glad I'm not the only one who overanalyses song lyrics and then gets worked up about them". Above all, the level of detail in this satire makes it pe [...]

    4. This is one of those top-shelf books that I return to when I need something silly that doesn't require much thought to absorb. Feeling under the weather? Tired from life? Time to read it again. The book is filled with descriptive gems like "is grumpy dirge still finds its way on to FM radio playlists and will reliably crawl out of your car speakers like a balding slug at the exact same spot on the highway where your cell phone cuts out." It echoes (and indeed, replicates) some of Dave Barry's si [...]

    5. A funny compilation of the most depressing songs ever. I heard about this book on a rock radio station. They are all criticized in some way, which is a shame cause I like some of those songs. He seperates the 52 songs into different catagories, such as: I Was A Teenage Car Crash; I Hate Myself and Want to Die; I'm Tring to Be Profound and Touching, But Really Suck At It; If I Sing About Drugs, People Will Take Me Seriously; She Hates Me, I Hate Her; Horrifying Remakes of Already Depressing Songs [...]

    6. I've been reading bits of this off and on for ages, but finally finished it this month. It's a list of songs with dark, depressing or morbid themes, and Reynolds spends 4-8 pages on each one discussing the lyrics, instrumentation and context for their release. Obviously not something to be read straight through, more for delving into snippets while listening to the music. As a curator Reynolds has some good picks, including some more obscure work; his editorial voice does grate after a while, th [...]

    7. OK, FWIW, the author is witty and funny. But with this title, I am shocked that the following songs were not included, which leads me to the conclusion that the author may just be simply too young to adequately address the topic he's selected for his missive here:-Dust In The Wind (Kansas)-Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)-Angie (The Rolling Stones)-Slipped Away (Avril Lavigne)-Slipping Through My Fingers (ABBA)-My Father's Chair (Rick Springfield)-Mother Father (Journey)-Love Hurts (Nazareth)-Against A [...]

    8. This book was a lot of fun. The songs are grouped into categories such as "Teen car crash songs" "If I sing about drugs people with think I'm deep" "I'm telling a story no one wants to hear" etc. There were some songs in here I'd never heard of but the author's writing style was funny enough that it didn't matter if I knew the song or not.The author breaks down each song and talks about both the music and the lyrics and how they combine to make a song depressing or not. He talks about how someti [...]

    9. I have often wondered "What the hell is wrong with people?" when I hear the opening notes of a song on the radio or somewhere that is filled with misguided metaphors, key changes you can see coming like an artillery shell from a distant hill that deliver the musical equivalent of death and destruction, and/or whiny/breathy/raspy vocals meant to convey real emotion but that only bring irritation and exasperation.This book doesn't answer that question, but it made me feel less alone in my loathing [...]

    10. Apparently, I'm a little sensitive when it comes to my love of music. Reynolds can be a little harsh at times about the insipid nature of some songs. His writing is quite cynical, but I've got to give him kudos for "listening to every one of [The Cure's:] albums, beginning with 1980's Seventeen Seconds." For a non-Cure fan, that is a feat unimaginable.I did have to laugh about the songs listed in the chapter entitled "I'm Telling a Story That Nobody Wants to Hear"; I hadn't heard any of them.I d [...]

    11. The author writes about 52 songs that he believes to be the most depressing songs in existence. The book is loosely divided into chapters by subject. Each song gets an introduction, some analysis of the lyrics and music, and then a "what makes it depressing" discussion.The author writes with sarcasm and humor, and he doesn't always hate the songs under review. However, his definition of "depressing" does seem to vary from dark subject matter like death to simply a song he's tired of hearing so m [...]

    12. Although this is a quick read (you can skim through it in less than an hour), it's absolutely HILARIOUIS! This book is exactly what it claims to be: Author Tom Reynolds taking well-aimed and well-deserved shots at some of pop culture's most depressing songs. The only drawback is it should have been longer. I can think of a couple songs by The Cure and Janis Joplin that should have made the final cut But I highly recommend this book just the same.But before you rush off to your nearest library or [...]

    13. if this book was meant to be comic. okay, its just not my kind of humour.if not mostly I hate this book, and want it to burnst useless and un-informed book ever written. I doubt if the author even heard the songs he is talking about. I picked up the book, because I have always wondered why people listen to depressing songs. but i did not think that looking at the frequency of some words in lyrics, or the title is what classified as depressing.The author considers himself very wise, categorizing [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. I did not intend to read this entire book today but it was a fun and easy read, just like Reynolds previous book about creepy songs. If you like the early music journalist inspired works by Chuck Klosterman then give this a try.

    15. I have to be honest, I really scanned this book in one night. It wasn't bad. In fact I enjoy Reynold's writing, how he can turn a phrase, the small things he digs up on his subject. I felt though that this book could have been easily edited down to a Cracked article. I like Cracked for the most part. I also like the writing most of the authors who pen their stories use.I thought the subject would mine up some interesting songwriters, stories and songs. I know most of the songs. The fact is that [...]

    16. Very funny. His unique type of Satire is completely on point. Many laugh out loud moments. Not recommended for in-public reading; people will see the title and worry about you and also be very concerned as you laugh reading a book with this title!

    17. Slight with some amusing moments. But my biggest problem is that Reynolds can't seem to make up his mind. He wants to talk about why the songs are depressing *and* make fun of them at the same time.However, his making fun of them then takes the edge off the depressing part. Sigh

    18. I remembered skimming through this book as a senior in high school, and after ending up falling down a Google hole of depressing songs, I remembered this and bought it, wanting to read it again. As the cover and general irreverent tone of the marketing blurbs would tell you, this book is indeed pretty funny. There are lots of places where I laughed out loud, and the book was a very entertaining, breezy read.My problem arises from the fact that Tom Reynolds' criteria for "depressing" seems nebulo [...]

    19. I Hate Myself and Want to Die is an almost-perfect, wickedly funny book that will please both fans of popular music and dark humor. I found myself agreeing with the majority of the author's picks for songs that are depressing (and a few that are just depressingly bad.) My favorites from Reynold's list for sheer self-flagellating misery are the song-music video double teams of Metallica's "One" and Johnny Cash's "Hurt." I don't understand, however, why the author chose to do what he did with the [...]

    20. Brillante Auseinandersetzung mit schlimmen Pop-Songs. Reynolds hat genug Musikwissen, um in seinen Beobachtungen den Punkt zu treffen, und findet so auch Zustimmung, wenn er sich weniger abstoßende Songs vornimmt.In meinem Fall betrifft das zum Beispiel One von Metallica („ hier fangen Metallica an, sich mit Trumbos Buch zu langweilen und stürzen sich in ein schwindelerregendes Speed-Metal-Chaos, welches Einsteins Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum neu definiert.“), Lucky Man von Emerson Lake & Palme [...]

    21. This guy basically just talks bout 52 very depressing songs and why they are depressing. Not all for the reasons you would expect. I had only heard about half of the songs, but it was still amusing reading about the others. He is SO funny. I lol'd several times.(That's not actually my review, but I saw no reason to disagree with it, since what I heard of this book when it was being read out loud was pretty much awesome. Once I started reading it, however, I couldn't help disagreeing with a lot o [...]

    22. A very humorous book and not one to take seriously, especially if you like some of the songs, like me.These are the songs mentioned that I like:Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy DivisionLOVEEEE this song!Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Wreck of the Edumund Fitzgerald by Gordon LightfootLast Kiss by J. Frank Wilson and the CavaliersThe End by The DoorsIn the Air Tonight by Phil CollinsRound Here by Counting CrowsMy Immortal by EvanescenceThe River - Bruce SpringsteenPrayers for Rain by Th [...]

    23. Great book. Many songs on here were absolute tear jerking downers, no doubt. there were several songs, however, that I was disappointed I didn't find on here. These would include:"Something To Believe In" Poison Always brings a tear to my eye."Eleanor Rigby" The Beatles It bummed me out from the first time I heard it and turned the mood of my day sour."The Kids Aren't Alright" The Offspring Don't tell me you can't listen to this one and not go crazy."Dead Babies" Alice Cooper Makes you wonder ho [...]

    24. This was some good clean fun. The author is well-versed musically (was that a pun?) and the book is humorous. Some of the songs I've never heard of. Some I remembered half way through the description and groaned at the memory. Some I love, but can acknowledge their role in the realm of the depressing. He examines lyrics, music, tonality, vocal qualities, instrumentation, studio mixing, etc. to decide whether the song is truly worthy of "depressing " status (as opposed to "sad". One of his exampl [...]

    25. Ich stoppe bei Seite 104. Das Buch liegt seit Monaten bei mir angelesen rum, und ich verspüre nicht den Drang es beenden zu wollen. Wenn ich mir das Inhaltsverzeichnis anschaue, dann weiß ich welche - teils gruseligen - Songs von dem Autor noch auseinander genommen werden. Aber hat man das Procedere erst 104 Seiten lang gelesen, dann kann nicht mehr viel neues kommen. Verschwendete Zeit, auch wenn ich die Idee an sich sehr gut finde.Und zumindest bei Metallica hat der Autor genau meine Meinung [...]

    26. While I found the song choices Tom Reynolds made hilarious, his writing style left a lot to be desired--a LOT. It was full of awkward metaphors and similes, but I suspect that the book would have only been 100 pages long if he avoided them. However, I do have to tip my hat to Reynolds for making "The Christmas Shoes" the number one most depressing song of all time. The very fact that a band by the name of Newsong exists, let alone writes a "hit" song, is evidence our culture is already well into [...]

    27. This was an impulse purchase. It was on a display, caught my eye, and I had to have it. The title alone is fantastic. I didn't know all the songs in the book, but that didn't matter. I laughed a lot at Reynolds' descriptions and laughed even louder at the ones I actually knew. A few made me so curious I was compelled to find the songs and listen to them, so this actually became a fun little project in depression for me :) This is a fun book, an easy read, and I recommend it to anyone who loves t [...]

    28. Really good - an amusing trip through 52 songs picked by the author as the most depressing love songs ever, and very well picked (and not obvious) they are too. Reynolds writes with humour and knowledge, and isn't above self-criticism (q.v. the chapter about Ben Folds Five 'Brick'). Though shorter and more 'coffee table (or toilet) book' than I'd have liked, there was enough well-crafted prose in it about the songs I knew to amuse me, and about the songs I didn't know to make me seek them out to [...]

    29. I read this a couple of years ago and thought it was one of the funniest books I had ever read. You will no doubt recognize many of the songs the author irreverently and snarkily (is that a word) describes, but even if you don't may find them humorous. I found myself wanting to run to the Internet and download every song I read about just so I could pick out everything he details about it. This is the kind of book to keep around when you want a good laugh as it's easy to pick up and read a chapt [...]

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