Kabuki, Vol. 7: The Alchemy

Kabuki Vol The Alchemy Features all the nine issues This title includes ending sequence cut from the single issues pages of art design pages a commentary by the author and a best of letters column

  • Title: Kabuki, Vol. 7: The Alchemy
  • Author: David W. Mack Chuck Palahniuk
  • ISBN: 9780785132493
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Features all the nine issues This title includes ending sequence cut from the single issues, pages of art, design pages, a commentary by the author, and a best of letters column.

    One thought on “Kabuki, Vol. 7: The Alchemy”

    1. Kabuki is a series about transformation. Yes, it has beautiful art. Yes, it has great writing. And while the central theme of the narrative is transformation, what I found even more powerful is the way the art of the stories transforms from collection to collection, seeming to mirror the character’s evolution.I have met David Mack a couple times at Comicon, and I’ve been meaning to ask him if he always intended from the beginning for the story to be about transformation and to move from stan [...]

    2. If you know someone going through a rough time, especially with their identity or some childhood trauma, or if they're like me, stuck with their creative endeavours and looking for a little validation, give them this book, they'll never forget the gesture. Do go on, give them a chance to create their own "Self-fulfilling prophesy" Our culture will be so much better because of it.

    3. The artwork is fantastic as always. Mack uses a variety of styles including stick figures, realistic portraits, abstracts, collages, connect-the-dots, graphing paper, origami, traditional comic book style, photography and children's book. Unfortunately, there isn't really a plot. The characters all just sit around discussing new age philosophy and agreeing with each other. His characters also rant about how the government is suppressing free energy machines and how comic books are a superior med [...]

    4. This is by far the best graphic novel by David Mack to date. It is a must to start at "Circle of Blood" vol.1 but "The Alchemy" is where I go whenever I get stuck in a rut, need additional motivation or inspiration. The multiple dimensions and realities presented in this volume are built on the foundations of the previous Kabuki stories, but the evolution of the art and ideas of David Mack in "The Alchemy" shatter everything that has gone before - and then move the pieces into place. I find some [...]

    5. i read this book during a dark time of my life after having the good fortune of meeting david mack--it inspired me to believe in myself again as i rediscovered who i was after a series of traumatic events. while i am no heroine, i do believe that the character in kabuki is a great metaphor for what the human spirit can overcome.

    6. While the art work is innovative and impressive, the part crimethinc, part Artist's Way new-agey philosophy stuff could be a little bit over the top at times. While I enjoyed the book, it was really just too heavy handed ultimately for me to give it more than three stars.

    7. Innovative and deep storytelling with layers of symbolic and cultural unpacking available about the process of being an artist. I'm not that kind of artist, but I still found it resonant, and despite my differences with the author on the structure of water, appreciated his many cultural shout-outs, referents, and continuations of a long cultural dialogue. Smart comics!

    8. The Kabuki series opened my eyes to the boundless potential of the graphic novel genre. Not only is the plot the definition of epic, but its gorgeous art style destroys expectations. The core of Kabuki is personal transformation – rewriting one’s identity, history, and culture to live a new narrative. It explores the binary of inner/outer self, with the motif of masks to protect/represent true self. I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve raved about this series to friends. It is an unforg [...]

    9. Beautifully written. I've not read any of the other volumes, and I definitely plan to after taking in The Alchemy in one day's time. I am feeling super lucky to attend the same school (Northern Kentucky University) as the author. In fact, I have had the pleasure of viewing the original artwork that is currently on display in Steely library, and it is downright stunning. I saw the artwork before I began to read this collection, so I was baffled as to how it would translate from the wall of a gall [...]

    10. The art is undeniably gorgeous, the entire layout and style brilliant. But somehow the message of make-your-art started to feel a little much, and self-absorbed. Going from killing people to the artists' struggle to express oneself and stay motivated seemed a bit I don't know, cute? And the idea that getting a message out was so very important, and would have such a great impact on culture seemed a little old-fashioned and naive. And then it started to sway into woo-woo territory at the end, and [...]

    11. I think I'm going to buy this for someone. It's been hard for me to connect with the characters in this story until recently. But the main character has put down her blades of war and taken up the pen in the War of Art. The book is full of reflections on what it means to be an artist, creative process, and contributing something positive to the culture instead of just criticizing it. Mack admits to using Kabuki as a metaphor for his own life, but in this he takes off his own mask and shares a li [...]

    12. This was not an easy read, but the artwork is so F'n Amazing, that this book deserves 5 stars. Alchemy indeed, Mr. Mack is masterful in any medium and in any style, and he loves to mix media to the level of making meta-art. What was originally a female ninja story, has now been transformed into a virtually metaphysical book of inspiration and advice.At a talk I attended, Mr. Mack said (among other interesting things) that he was happy he had made a book without any violence, and he was proud tha [...]

    13. In the final act there is further exploration into sense of self, purpose and place in the world. I want to go back to this one again and soak it in some more. Another beautiful piece of art/storytelling that not only makes you interested in the outcome of the main character, but makes you think about your own place in the world and how you fit into it. Comics rarely do this for me, and I love this series even more so because of it.

    14. This book was incredible! It took me forever to find a copy that wasn't ass amounts of money but it was well worth the wait. This volume literally brings everything together for the final storyline. The conclusion is solid and I felt like I learned a little about the author and myself after reading this book. If you've read all the other volumes, definitely get a hold of this! I rate it equal to the ending of Breaking Bad - for those of you that know me know that is a high honor.

    15. David Mack is the artist I go to for rejuvenation. I bought Kabuki: Alchemy after meeting him at a con, and his assurance that it represented a good swath of his style and concerns was well-founded. You don't need to read Kabuki's whole series to understand the issues he's tackling in this gorgeous book; if you're ever created anything, or are just a human being interested in examining how you live, The Alchemy's for you!

    16. I actually have these in pamphlet form, so I'm not sure how it's laid out in HC. The cool thing about the individual issues is the question and answer section featured in each. Not to mention the stunning watercolors, collage, drawings, and lyric writing. An awesome setting for two rad female protagonists. Great series!

    17. it ends with a kiss, a shared electron. like maus, or promethea, the invisibles, or persopolis at their best, it is beyond expectation, it a love letter in the form of a personal philosophy unfolding and creating the change we are. beyond highly recommended, this is the summum bonum. in a word: magick. the drink you are thirsty for.

    18. I first read this in March 2010. It's a great and inspirational read to start the new year. It's a beautiful work of art and you don't even have to read the other books in the series (though it helps). I picked this up not knowing anything about it at the library and it's one of my favorite books.

    19. I never comment on books I've read - but this is a big WOW. I recommend it to all of my artist friends! The imagination and creativity are stunning, and then there is the Art of War - Wow - Read it! Randy

    20. This is one of the most amazing and inspiring works of art I have ever seen! Every issue blew me away when they came out, and having them all together in this beautiful hardcover blew my mind!Pure Genius!

    21. Whether or not you follow the Kabuki series, this volume has some of the most fascinating narrative forms I have seen in ages; the art and story are wrapped up in a perfect package. Anyone interesting postmodern storytelling techniques should take a gander at Mack's work.

    22. loved it, a must read. very creative and imaginative. i also met David Mack at a comic con in Portland a couple of years ago, he's a really great guy!

    23. Inspiring ideas. Brilliant execution. Intriguing story. Beautiful artwork. I am buzzing with excitement after finishing this book. I want to share it with everyone I know.

    24. Easily one of the greatest graphic literary works ever made. Words cannot describe how deeply this book (not to mention this entire series) impacted me

    25. illustrations amazing, the plot not so much, still for a graphic novel Mack's got his universe well-defined. Worth a look-see.

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