Blindsided Samantha Glass is not your typical year old girl You will either find her under the hood of her mustang or at the underground track racing for pink slips Underneath the grease she is a gorgeous bru

  • Title: Blindsided
  • Author: Kylie Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Samantha Glass is not your typical 19 year old girl You will either find her under the hood of her mustang or at the underground track racing for pink slips Underneath the grease she is a gorgeous brunette that is just trying to deal with life the best way she can She tries to distant herself from her abusive step father and her alcoholic mother But when she gets a calSamantha Glass is not your typical 19 year old girl You will either find her under the hood of her mustang or at the underground track racing for pink slips Underneath the grease she is a gorgeous brunette that is just trying to deal with life the best way she can She tries to distant herself from her abusive step father and her alcoholic mother But when she gets a call from her little brother one night her world changes Conrad Watts has always dreamed of being a professional racer but right now he s content with racing the underground circuit Taking care of his young misfit friends is his world Driving is his world When Samantha comes tumbling into his world there is no fighting the attraction he feels, however they will soon learn that the love of cars and racing is not the only thing they have in common Note Full length standalone novel with HEA.

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    1. I received a courtesy copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Blindsided, by Kylie Walker is a beautifully written story that grabs you from the first page and has you turning the pages to see how the story unfolds. There is, angst, spousal/child abuse, drug use, alcohol, action, suspense, romance, heartbreak, passion, instant attraction, overwhelming emotions, and love. I loved being caught up in the characters Ms. Walker created. Her characters aren't just characters, the are peopl [...]

    2. Fast and definitely furious - it ripped my heart out but left me with a really content feeling in the end. The only thing Samantha has of her biological father's, is a 1966 Mustang which she uses to escape reality… Sam grew up with her drug and alcohol dependent mother and her abusive alcoholic stepfather. She grew up in an environment so toxic that she became hard on the outside, put up walls, didn’t trust anyone and didn’t believe that happiness existed apart from when she was behind her [...]

    3. AwesomeThere is only one word to describe this book. Aww some. This book makes you laugh and cry. I haven't read as good of a book as t his in a long time. Please anyone who has not read it do so now. It is a great read.

    4. Loving story!The story of Sam and her brother Aaron was at first so painful with the abuse of his father but her step father and their mother was alcoholic. Then the mother died and the Sam's stepfather is put in jail for it, that leaves Aaron that is just 16 alone but for his sister Sam but she is just 19. Sam phone her real father for help,( her mother lied to her about her father not wanting her) and he takes Aaron and Sam home with him, I LOVED her father, he was so good for Aaron but he als [...]

    5. The writing style did not work for me. Bland. I felt as if everything was told to me. I could not connect. It may work for you.

    6. This is a beautifully written romance story by Kylie Walker. The plot captivates you from word one which is how I love my romance novels. Samantha and Aaron are step siblings , living with a drunk mother and Aaron’s physically abusive father. Sam loves to race cars, that is her dreams and her passion. Sam doesn’t know her father, he walked out on them when she was a baby after cheating on her mom ; Sam grew up thinking she was unloved and not wanted. Sam ended up meeting her dad years later [...]

    7. I wasn't going to write a review but I felt like I needed to because my rating seems to be the only negative one. I was really excited to read this book, that cover is incredible and I will admit that covers often win me over to reading a book. I read a lot of step-brother romances and love females involved with cars, I was a gonerI enjoyed the way the book started out, the plot was interesting and the heroine was pretty cool. I just could not bring myself to feel the romance between her and Con [...]

    8. This was great story even with the jealously of Conrad hot and cold routine and his ex hanging off his during their race night (he said that he kept stopping her advantages gentlemanly). Sam has had a rough life since she was three when her dad Luke, cheats and divorces her mom but he always wanted to be him Sam's life until her mother took her and disappear. Her mom remarried and now she has a baby brother, Aaron. Years later Aaron is 16 Sam is 19, he's into drinking, drugs and stealing, Sam dr [...]

    9. Best book I've read in forever!Omg I think I have felt every emotion ! This book is about Conrad and Samantha but so many more to. None of them had an easy life but their better for finding each other. Conrad is the people saver, he takes care of everyone . Sam is the bad add who doesn't think she needs anyone but to take care of her little brother. Thanks to her long lost father anything is possible. Hope Aaron gets a book soneday

    10. Family is in the heartSam has lived with her mother since her parents divorced. When her mom remarried things got worse if it weren't for her half brother she would have left years ago. When their mom died of an overdose Sam turns in her dealer ( her stepfather). In order to stay together and keep her brother out of foster care she calls her father for help. Then they all learn how to love. This book brought tears to my eyes, but hope to the heart. Loved it.

    11. This was my first book by this author, and i will be reading more.I love a book with a strong female character and the problems she has with love. My heart strings pulled on all throught the book.Luke took in kids to protect them from a sad home life.There were times I laughed and time wondered what was next. I couldnt put book down.

    12. Heart wrenching Here is a story that will make you stop and think what is really important in life. By the end will have gone through every emotion there is. Pulled me in from the start and held on to me tell the end. Make sure you have tissues near by, and try not to climb into the book to extract punishment.

    13. This was a really good read. The emotional battle that these characters are going through is heartbreaking. I felt like the chemistry between the main characters could have been a little better. But other than that it was very well done. I will warn you that if you have a heart it will make you cry!!!

    14. Great jobKylie you have done another great job with this book,and I'm glad I got the chance to read it.I really love all of your books and this one is no exception.You have a way with words.You took A good man and put him with people he could show how to be better than you were told.Great job,because I don't think your DNA shouldn't define who you are.

    15. A mix between Cinderella, Fast and the Furious. A bad mix at that.The story line seemed to come up to the finish line, but then it would fall flat. The connection between the characters is almost solid but lacks the final ingredient. Over all the story was just OK, nothing to write home about.

    16. Such a good, beautiful story. I thought the characters were well written and I was drawn right in to the story. I felt like I was a part of the family that these characters created and the ending had me bawling.Will definitely be reading more by this author.

    17. Blindsided I was absolutely blown away by this story. I laughed I cried. I thought the characters were well written and fantastic. Thank you Kylie Walker your books never disappoint and Blindsided was no exception.

    18. The story line was okay, but the writing was amateurish, at best, and the editing left much to be desired.

    19. Amazing ReadThis was Heartfelt and full of Suspense. This book had me hooked and brought tears to my eyes. I Highly Recommend this book for over 18 due to content.

    20. Omg tear-jerker!I loved it! Such a good book! Luke took in two children that weren't even his and helped them more than their own parents! This was such a good story!

    21. Good, but Super SeriousThis was a good romance, but there was a lot of sadness that happen to these characters. I just feel ucky.

    22. Wow! A wonderful novelThis book is a tear jerker! Was for me! Kylie did an awesome job writing this. And showed that love is so much stronger then the DNA that is in us all

    23. Blindsided by Kylie WalkerThis book was a great read. The book focuses on Samantha (Sam) Glass. We first meet Sam when she is living with her mother, step-dad and troubled brother Aaron. The environment is abusive with a mother who is addicted to alcohol and drug; a step-dad who drinks and physically/mentally abuses the entire family. Sam’s mother dies of a drug overdose and leaves her and Aaron to fend for themselves. Her way to stay sane is to street race her 1966 Mustang that her father lef [...]

    24. Book given for honest review.19 year old Samantha Glass hasn't had it easy her dad left when she was a baby he tried to contact her years later but told him to get lost, her mum's new husband beats his son and her mum and but Samantha fights back. But the only time Samantha feels alive and in control is when she is behind the wheel of her 66 Mustang a parting gift from her real dad, but before a race she get a frantic call from her brother, but by the time she gets home it's too late but none ar [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.I love cars. Not just any car, but classic cars. So there is nothing sweeter than reading a book written by a woman with a female MC who loves cars and racing. Not to mention she's pretty badass.I really enjoyed Blindsided. There is so much more to this book than romance and cars. Its good to go into this book blind because knowing any information is sure to spoil the beauty of it all. Each character in this [...]

    26. I was asked if I wanted to be gifted a copy of Blindsided in exchange for an Honest review. After reading the blurb, I said why not? This is my first book from Kylie Walker and I like it! It's Fast and the furious, meets forbidden love. The book has substance, Sam comes from a "abusive and dysfunctional" family, but come out strong. She loves to race, knows her priorities, stays away from alcohol and drugs. Her father cheated on her mom, left them, mom passes away, realises Dad tried to make ame [...]

    27. FIVE STARSBLINDSIDED (A Step-brother Romance)AUTHOR: KYLIE WALKERBLINDSIDED is the first book by Kylie Walker that I have read. She is a top-notch author that tackles issues of abuse and addiction head on and she does it in a very responsible manner. This book may not appeal to everyone due to the issues she exposes, but it is a terrific story with fantastic characters.BLINDSIDED is a story about a dysfunctional family and how abuse affects their every day life. Samantha is a beautiful, talented [...]

    28. Wow, WOW this book is truly Blindsided me.I was not prepared for the emotions that I would feel while reading this book and I loved it.Samantha would have left home when she turned 18 but did not so she could watch after her little brother Aaron.Aaron's father was a mean drunk who liked to take his frustrations out on his wife, Samantha's mother, Aaron and make advances towards Samantha. One day after Sam & Aaron's mother passes away the step dad takes it to far and Sam wont take it any more [...]

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