Pretend Boyfriend

Pretend Boyfriend A life of glitz and glam or the love of a good man What I want is to live my life without letting Hollywood interfere Jake Fournier is than just an up and coming movie star he s also a proudly gay ma

  • Title: Pretend Boyfriend
  • Author: LukeReynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A life of glitz and glam or the love of a good man What I want is to live my life, without letting Hollywood interfere Jake Fournier is than just an up and coming movie star he s also a proudly gay man, using his star power to bring attention to the causes close to his heart About to make his big break in Hollywood, he has to break the news to his studio tha A life of glitz and glam or the love of a good man What I want is to live my life, without letting Hollywood interfere Jake Fournier is than just an up and coming movie star he s also a proudly gay man, using his star power to bring attention to the causes close to his heart About to make his big break in Hollywood, he has to break the news to his studio that he s broken up with his abusive, narcissistic boyfriend Connor, a top director All the execs can think about is marketing and money but Jake s not going to let them dictate his life Ten years with the Marines, yet I still don t have the courage to face my past You wouldn t notice Max Wiltshire in a room despite his rugged good looks and Olympian body, he s the soul of discretion and professionalism in his role as a top bodyguard He s hoping he won t be assigned to a prima donna Hollywood star when he gets a contract with a big studio, but he rises to the challenge when they tell him he has to pretend to be Jake s boyfriend for the Snowbasin Film Festival, where his new blockbuster is premiering This is something special I won t stop fighting to make it happen Jake finds his new bodyguard and pretend boyfriend enigmatic he s mysterious, and doesn t give much of his painful past away Max learns that behind the Hollywood glitz and glam, Jake is a sensitive soul who s caring, genuine and loving On a trip to a remote cabin to get away from the paparazzi, their curiosity becomes passion But is this a one time fling, or can they find true love in the midst of all the distractions Will fame and fortune bring them together or drive them apart Pretend Boyfriend is a sweet and steamy first time gay romance It is a full length novel with no cliffhanger and a satisfying HEA.

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    1. *Giggling* This is so bad. "'Jake, I'm sorry, but this is going to seriously impediment our plan.'""'Make sure they're a triple-A star too. Hell, it doesn't even have to be. Someone random, make them a nobody.'""Part of me tells me I can still get out of this""eeting the talk show host as I spot her linger around her camera crew.""e speaks to the camera, managing to wink at me when it pans to see me.""'It's reassuring to know that you're here, and if I may say so myself, it's nice to see the fam [...]

    2. Let’s go straight to the point : it didn’t work for me for several reasons. First the writing style : it felt stilted. Point A, point B, point C,…Then, the story : no connection with the characters, not really believable and no development. You’ve got a movie star, affected but not that much by a "said" abusing relationship with an ex-boyfriend who, in the blink of an eye, advises him to go for love, a bodyguard, appearing out of nowhere and having no issue as acting as a boyfriend of th [...]

    3. Hmm The book started out real good. It was fun and exciting. But then something happened to Max's POV. It was very choppy and abrupt, and it felt like he was going on very wide tangents of thinking. It continued like this, with not very amazing intimacy scenes, supported by average writing, until we got near the end, where the story got some action. But as I had started to skim pages since the bad part of the story, only reading the dialogues and the occasional back story, this has been one of t [...]

    4. 1.5 stars DNFS 67% (I skimmed from 67-100%)This didn't work for me. I struggled to stay focused; the author's writing style just didn't flow for me. The words seemed stilted or technical. I felt like this:* First, I went here. Next I did this. Then I did that. Then we did that. image: The beginning of the story is bogged down by too many "Hollywood" details when we haven't gotten many details about the MCs. I am the first to admit that I am a total sucker for a good gay for you story. (view spoi [...]

    5. Cheese times 10. Not for me. I mean the storyline is all right and the writing not horrible, but it's insta-love and super cheese. I could not get into it and when I was really paying attention I couldn't stop laughing in places clearly not meant to be funny. Didn't work for this girl right here.

    6. 3.5 starsA good story and likeable MCs. Author's bio states this is his first book. A few minor edits are needed and some polishing, but overall well done.

    7. *´¨✫)¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) ✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•Five star praise for this new-to-me contemporary author!I am not one to dole out five stars for new authors. I have to feel you out, see if you gel with my flow then take on another two or three books. Ladies and gents, I am in love. I have a new boyfriend to my book world and his name is Luke Reynolds. I gushed to my friend Barb, "this boy can write!" I have never keeled over and admitted so early on that an author, a new one a [...]

    8. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.Pretend Boyfriend is the debut novel for Luke Reynolds. This story is about Jake, a famous movie star and his bodyguard turned fake boyfriend Max who also happens to be confused about his sexuality.These two are thrown into their current situation due to the fact that Jake recently broke up with his movie star boyfriend and has events that he has to attend. And since said events were to be attending by the couple, the movie companies get their pantie [...]

    9. Good story. The main characters are really well developed to the point I field I really knew them. For the authors first book, great job.

    10. Loved it. Yes, it was a bit cliqued, but still perfect. I love Jake and Max. They were too cute together.

    11. Wow!!Jake and Max are two of my favorite guys. I loved the book and their love story. Read this and enjoy.

    12. Hmmm - this was a total miss for me. I'm a dude and feel like you can tell when you're reading m/m that is written by another male. I enjoy the slow burn that usually a female writer includes in their work - and this didn't have it. This was clunky, insta-love, and jumped in the sack way too fast. I found myself rolling my eyes and skipping paragraphs.

    13. This book is amazing. I can't believe it's his first. Great job. I look forward to reading more from him.

    14. I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. The blurb for the story intrigued me which is why I signed up to read/review this book. I love a good bodyguard-protect the movie star-falls in love-troupe. It's a classic and has a special place in my heart. Buuuuuut, this story fell far short of what I needed to give it a 4/5 star rating. The writing in and of itself was fine, but the transitions from thought to thou [...]

    15. Fun ReadNeed to escape for a while, this is the book. Good story and characters, an easy read with a HEA.

    16. I was given this novel in exchange for a honest review so here it is.I really enjoyed this book. The story line was strong and flowed. The characters were well developed and true to life A straight to gay story that will make you fall in love with these characters. Jake was a movie star making the big time getting ready to celebrate one of his great movies Max, a bodyguard, was brought in by the studio to protect him as well as setting him as the "Pretend Boyfriend". Jake had just broken up with [...]

    17. Natural and lovingBoth Max and Jake fall in love so seamlesslyIt is so natural and pure. Even when the bad was thrown at them, they remained faithful to how they feel about one another. They were both willing to fight for the other even though their relationship had just begun.

    18. Fun, sweet read, a bit on the sugary side, but I enjoyed it a lot. The main characters were pretty well fleshed out, Max more so than Jake. We learn more about Max and his past than we do about Jake. Jake is an up and coming A-list movie star with the biggest movie of his career about to premiere. Suspension of reality is necessary here because Jake is an out and proud gay man who has been dating another male actor, Connor, for two years. And the public loves them together. But Connor is a drug [...]

    19. Uhh, defnitely a new author who has got potential.writing styleFor a while I had literally no idea what was going on in that novel. It jumps right in and that was more than confusing. Plus, the scenes in general are just so jumpy. Like, Max sleeps in his room and then awakens and then he suddenly talks with Jake who isn’t in the same room. That was interesting in the beginning but annoyed me when I continued reading.CharactersWell, Max was a bit too easygoing. First, he was all like Me? A pret [...]

    20. Max is an out famous actor who recently ended his relationship with his abusive ex-boyfriend. His agent comes up with the idea for Max to pretend to be his boyfriend and also be his bodyguard for events. Max is a former Marine that needs the money so he reluctantly agrees to the charade. What he didn't expect was his attraction to Jake.I loved Max and Jake together! I felt like they had a lot of chemistry together. Jake was so understanding and had patience with Max while he figured out his feel [...]

    21. Okay first effortThis isn't a bad book by a long stretch but it is lacking a bit in maturity.By that I mean the relationship happens incredibly quickly and there's a lot of internal monologues which tell the story rather than the author showing it through deeds and actions.I liked the idea of the Hollywood star and the bodyguard but elements of the story are just too simply done, the about face of the devious ex for one as well as the leftover wife and brother not really having a proper resoluti [...]

    22. Very enjoyableI totally enjoyed reading this book. There was just enough of everything in the story to draw me in and keep my interest. The chemistry between Jake and Max starts out slowly and builds up. It is such a believable situation that you can't help but smile and encourage a happily ever after. Great job for a first book. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    23. Good story, poor editing This was a good book overall. However, there are numerous times that the wrong name was used and caused confusion in the POV.

    24. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! I just loved this beautiful little heartwarming love story. I adored Max and Jake, I loved getting to know their characters, how they got to find each other but most importantly going along on their journey of discovering and accepting each other and themselves. This book was just so enjoyable I didn't put it down once I started (I started it 3am UK time, I'm writing this at just after 6am :P). Yes there were a couple of very minor spelling mistakes and character [...]

    25. *****5 Luke Reynolds is not a PRETEND author Stars*****Hot, hunky movie star - check. Sexy, ex-Marine bodyguard - check. Nasty ex-boyfriend - check. Jake is out and proud. Max is straight, or is he? Am I gay? Could I be gay? Or was I just really into Jake?Luke Reynolds is a new-to-me author and in my opinion, a terrific fit for the MM Romance genre. This story was sweet, romantic, low angst, just the right amount of steam (still needed a fan to cool off), and a HEA that made my heart melt.I will [...]

    26. I received this book free for a honest review.I really enjoyed this low angst, sweet, romantic and sexy book. Max and Jake had an instant attraction even though Max was straight. You can feel the connection between them. They have a really good relationship which is written well. I liked that it wasn't all drama and that most of the book concentrated on the men and their relationship and the development of them as individuals and a couple.To say this is this authors first book I found it read li [...]

    27. Sweet and funThis story happened really quickly, but I imagine that a major movie star wouldn't be able to maintain a secret like this for very long anyway. The writing was excellent and even though the total time involved wasn't very long, it didn't feel rushed. The one thing that I wished we could have seen more of is character development with both MCs: Max had a bit considering that he didn't realize that he was gay, but having better insight into then would have been nice.

    28. This book was actually quite all right. From the reviews on it, I thought it would be awful but I liked it even though it has a few editing errors and sometime the wrong names are used in reference to the characters Max does have a lot of random thoughts while Jake needed to be more assertive, but overall the make a really great couple. The misunderstanding about the wife needed to be more clear, and some things could have been clarified for us readers however. Would have loved more sex scenes t [...]

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