Poems I ve quench d my lamp I struck it in that start Which every limb convulsed I heard it fall The crash blent with my sleep I saw depart Its light even as I woke on yonder wall Over against my bed

  • Title: Poems
  • Author: Anne Brontë
  • ISBN: 9781404324862
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I ve quench d my lamp, I struck it in that start Which every limb convulsed, I heard it fall The crash blent with my sleep, I saw depart Its light, even as I woke, on yonder wall Over against my bed, there shone a gleam Strange, faint, and mingling also with my dream.

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    1. I always find myself in difficulty when writing a review for a poetry collection. May be, I love to read poetry than to analyse it. Analyzing it might kill the simple and pure enjoyment of a beautifully written poem. On the other hand, I love to analyze the characters in a novel or to delve into subtle allusions hinted at. With poetry, the rule is simple: Read it, Feel it and Enjoy it.This collection is a gift by a lovely friend. Or else, I am not sure I would have read it this soon. A short co [...]

    2. In all there are 54 poems by Anne Brontë in this collection.I'm not a fan of poetry and this is the first collection of poems that I've read willingly - they forced me to read a lot at university.My reason for reading this collection is because I'm a big fan of Anne's prose fiction. As she only wrote two novels, I wanted to read everything else she penned during her short life.I'd recently read 20 of these poems in a mixture of prose and poetry featured in the collection of works by the Brontë [...]

    3. Found this by accident, teaching kids how to use our library catalog search. Bought my own copy. Thank you, Mr. Chitham, for an enlightening, balanced and very needed solo bio of the "baby" Bronte.One caveat: I have the Macmillan American English version, the text in the footnotes and the biography is tiny. No illustrations other than the dust jacket.

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