Boars' Bride

Boars Bride Boars Bride Mail Order Bride Menage Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Buff Boar Shifters Bring Home the Bacon to Pretty BBW A dash of danger and suspense a splash of humor sexy curvy g

  • Title: Boars' Bride
  • Author: Kate Kent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Boars Bride Mail Order Bride Menage Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club 2 Buff Boar Shifters Bring Home the Bacon to Pretty BBW A dash of danger and suspense, a splash of humor, 6 sexy, curvy girls looking for love, hot, hunky shifters ready to mate and a LOT of romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Fed up with their love lives or lack of one 6 Boars Bride Mail Order Bride Menage Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club 2 Buff Boar Shifters Bring Home the Bacon to Pretty BBW A dash of danger and suspense, a splash of humor, 6 sexy, curvy girls looking for love, hot, hunky shifters ready to mate and a LOT of romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Fed up with their love lives or lack of one 6 beautiful, sassy women decide to take matters into their own hands and start the Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club But there s something extra special about this club it s for curvy girls and shifter men ONLY regular guys need NOT apply Beth Morris wants true love but she hadn t reckoned on Love with 2 Faced with the choice of the two tempting boar shifters Lance and Trevor, Beth is not sure what to do And then there s the matter of the two nasty girls from work Can Beth make up her mind or will her mixed emotions leave her sad and lonely Boars Bride is a BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Menage Romance This is third story in the Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Series These short stories include strong sexual themes and language.

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    1. Boars' Bride: BBW Paranormal Menage Shape Shifter Romance Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club Book 3by Kate Kent ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️I laughed out loud at this book over and over again. This third installment of the series was, in my opinion, it just gets even better and that’s saying something. I can soooo relate to Beth and the curvy girls club except I don’t have two gorgeous shifters panting after me. She, like a lot of us, has some confidence issues but she’s working on bel [...]

    2. Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides has been very succesful, but it's time for another one of the girls to get paired up with a sexy shifter and this time it's Beth's turn. Beth is the very shy and indecisive one of the friends, she has to toss a coin to make decisions and guess what, she has to choose between the 2 very opposite, but very hot boar shifters Lance and Trevor. Which one will she choose, she doesn't even know.Lance and Trevor have been doing everything together forever, they live togethe [...]

    3. Beth always has a hard time making up her mind so when she has to choose between 2 sexy boar shifters she can't decide at all. Lucky for her the pair take matters into their own hands and decide for her in this sexy story.I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. This is book 3 from the series Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club by the author.

    4. Kate Kent is awesome with her short reads. Short, Fast and to the point. The Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club series has turned out to be an awesome read. This book happens to be my favorite so far of the series. The series as a whole is based on best friends Carrie Winters, Jenna Johnson, Fran Douglas, Blair Snyder, Portia Castle (handler of the website) and Beth Morris who are tired of men treating them like crap because they are CURVY. So they came up with the Curvy Girls Mail Order Bride C [...]

    5. Another Happy Curvy GirlThese are the best books. From the sexy boars to the sexy and fun curvy girl this book was great. I just can't wait to read the next one.

    6. 3.5 stars Book three in the curvy mail order bride’s club series and it is Beth’s turn to find her mate or should I say ‘’mate’s’’. I liked Beth and I liked this story I just wish there were a bit more to it. I wanted more of a clue into Lance, Trevor and Beth’s relationship before it got to the epilogue/wedding reception part. I would have also loved to know what both men were thinking when they met Beth and learned that they both wanted her. I know this might sound mean and I d [...]

    7. I received this for a honest review. If you love shifter books you will love this one. This one does not only have shifters but his book has a dating site for shifters to meet curvy women and plus in this book the girl gets both hot sexy shifter men. I so love MMF books. Though this book is 3rd in the series I think you will be fine. To me it would work fine as a standalone thought it would help you to know the characters a little better if you read book one and two. Here Beth Morris was a girl [...]

    8. KATE'S 3rd CURVY GIRLS MATCH IS TERRIFFIC I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW OVER 18+ READING Well, Carrie married twins (Troy and Fletch Lewis), Jenna married Brock Curtis, and now it is Beth's turn but she has two who claim her as mate(Lance Logan and Trevor Michaels)both boar shifters, both deputies who are partners. Beth who has trouble making decisions must choose, BUT HOW? Since Beth was late,Jenna on honeymoon the other 4 voted before Beth got there in case she couldn't choose , l [...]

    9. I love this series it's super awesome! However the only thing I didn't care for was the little mention that Beth ran with the guys as boars and that was it :(Beth is having an oh sh** moment! She has been matched with two different men that are shifters from The Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club website.Trevor and Lance have alot in commonke they're both deputies.gether, they live together, they are both boar shifters and now they both want Beth as their mate!On their first date it goes side wa [...]

    10. This was a quick pace read I really enjoyed it a lot. My only issue I had was I understand that Beth was considered a push over or even a little bit Indecisive because she has a hard time making decisions and who could blame her I would too if I had hot alpha shifter fighting over me. So why was she so P.O. about Lance and Trevor finally coming to a compromise they made it so easy for her so she would've to decide. What I don't understand why she was so insecure and easy jump to conclusions abou [...]

    11. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. It is book 3 in the Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club series. It is a stand alone book with a happy HEA. I recommend this book to all shifter lovers. This is Beth's story, she was hoping for 1 hot shifter to love her forever but life has other plans. She gets to choose between 2 very hot and very handsome Boar shifters who just happen to be best friends, roommates and partners at the sheriffs office. I enjoyed this story, it is a light read a [...]

    12. Boars brideThe mail order brides are at it again and it's Beth's time. She is pair with two hunky deputies from Kirby City, Lance and Trevor. She agrees to go out with them both and then try to come to a decision on her mate. The dinner date doesn't go as planned and she jumps to a conclusion about what she sees. She almost loses then both but understanding and true mates never ends. This series is fabulous.

    13. I loved that Beth’s mates are partners on the police force. There was some drama involving Goliath and even more mystery at Kirby Labs. I have a theory of what is going on back to Cheetahs’ Craving and Troy’s team mates. I thought Trevor and Lance were really cute and super funny. I really am a sucker for Shifter Romances!

    14. Curvy women rockAnother awesome story of curvy girls and hot shifter men. This time two men want to claim one woman. A woman who makes chooses with the clip of a coin because she can't decide for herself. How will she ever be able to pick just one. Well written and very entertaining to read.

    15. Love this series. The stories and characters are always charming, sweet, funny, and fun. It's great that Ms. Kent has branched out into other animal shifters in this series. I for one am getting a bit bored with the usual bear, cat or wolf shifters. I hope she continues to use other animals in her books. This book is a joy to read and I highly recommend it.Gifted ARC copy-- --L

    16. Fast and funThis cute installment in the series reads very quickly. The characters are likeable. Beth is kind of wishy washy but she grows on you. The story moves quickly and the conflict was minor so the story remained sweet and simple.

    17. Nice story with an HEAThis was a nice short story with boar shifters who never shifted throughout the story. There was no action or violence per se, but there was sex or shall we call it menage.

    18. It wasn't so bad, but again the time-line jumps like crazy She's convinced they cheated and learns they only did their joy - made an arrest and next - she's in bed after hitting a tree, and they take care of her - very literally. No anticipation, what-so-ever Pity :(

    19. Yeah!I'm so glad it ended the way it did but something is telling me that she didn't kill Don or poison Carrie's mate either. I think she's a scapegoat. I just haven't figured out if Megan did it or someone else. Also, where is Wayne?

    20. Two shifters - one loveKindle Unlimited standalone book in a series. HEA read. When you can't pick between the 2 shifters that want you what do you do?? Do you pick one??? Or keep them both???

    21. Boars Bride:This was another good book in this series loved it can't wait to read the next one And I will be reading the next one real soon after this review as a matter of fact

    22. Great BookIt was short and sweet with awesome characters? Loved the chemistry of the main characters and I cannot wait for the next book.

    23. Another great quick read So far all these read have great and fun to read , the love that is found seems to be all consuming ad meant to be can't wait for the next one

    24. AwesomeI loved this story two for one women do hot and sexy and a mystery of why the women are following the main lady

    25. Boars BrideKate Kent is one of my. Favorite authors. And the story about Lance and Trevor and bath is amazing. If you are into PNR you're going to love this book

    26. Cute, sexy, mysterious, wonderful and so much fun to read. This story is amazing in so many ways. I am so glad I got to review it

    27. Yummy!Ooh this is a very yummy read! Two hot boar shifters both want to be Beth's mate, who will win her heart, or will it be both of them?

    28. Bear's BrideGreat book , but there wasn't much shapeshifting. I've read all the other books up until this one and they've all been awesome book.

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