Foul Play

Foul Play After shooting one of her own clients and accidentally getting involved with the mob Sofie Metropolis is finally starting to get the hang of the PI business She s just landed her first high profile c

  • Title: Foul Play
  • Author: Tori Carrington
  • ISBN: 9780765356789
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • After shooting one of her own clients and accidentally getting involved with the mob, Sofie Metropolis is finally starting to get the hang of the PI business She s just landed her first high profile case The wife of Reni Venezuela, a pitching phenom just signed by Sofie s beloved New York Mets, arrives on Sofie s doorstep in a gigantic bright yellow Hummer and declareAfter shooting one of her own clients and accidentally getting involved with the mob, Sofie Metropolis is finally starting to get the hang of the PI business She s just landed her first high profile case The wife of Reni Venezuela, a pitching phenom just signed by Sofie s beloved New York Mets, arrives on Sofie s doorstep in a gigantic bright yellow Hummer and declares that something is wrong with her husband Can Sofie find out what Things are heating up between Sofie and sexy Greek baker Dino The moment her mother finds out, wedding invitations will be in the mail, something Sofie so isn t ready for And what if Australian mystery man Jake Porter hears of Sofie s entanglement She might lose any chance she has with a man who makes her tingle just by saying hello What s wrong with Reni Will the truth cost her team the World Series Will it cost Sofie her life

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    1. wow - where to begin.This book had two good things going for it - it was written by a Tori (who is actually a husband/wife team who combined their names) and is about baseball. could it go wrong? Yep. This is definitely a Janet Evanovich knock-offwhat a coincidence - the PI is single, has/wants a relationship with two different guys, has a grandmother who lives with the family, goes home to eat, etc, etc. The story itself was even kind of lame - I solved the mystery way before Sofie, the PI, did [...]

    2. Foul Play is the third Sofie Metropolis mystery (after Dirty Laundry and Sofie Metropolis). Tori Carrington ― the husband and wife team of Lori and Tony Karayianni ― made their mark on the publishing world writing Harlequin romance. For the Metropolis books they’ve combined the romance formula with that of the mystery genre and come up with something, if not quite original, then at least sure to appeal to readers of mysteries and romances alike. References to what has gone before are made [...]

    3. I have a like/hate relationship with this series. There were parts I liked and parts that drove me absolutely nuts - like throw-book-against-wall, fire-breathing, obscenity-screaming nuts (not that I did any of this - two of them would have been rude to other library patrons and one is unfortunately not possible for me). I caught myself wondering why I keep reading these books. It's not always the books themselves but sometimes just the similarities to another popular series (which I read first, [...]

    4. It is easy to compare Sofie with Stephanie, however as I continue to read this series, which so far has 5 books with a sixth due out this fall. This series becomes more likable with each new installment, maybe because with all the comparisons to Plum, Metro is really her own girl, and believe it or not, bumbling though she is at times, she's actually grown as a character with each passing book.What set this book apart from the other 2 is the absence of Jake the Australian bounty hunter. He only [...]

    5. Sophie’s wonderful Greek family is as warm and welcoming and pushy as ever. Sophie hasn’t seen sexy Jake Porter in a month, so when a handsome Greek banker her mother has chosen for her younger sister shows up on Sophie’s doorstep, she cannot resist temptation. And there is also her ex-fiance making a nuisance of himself by suing her grandfather. Sophie Metropolis has been compared to Stephanie Plum (series by Janet Evanovich), and while I love both this is my favorite. It has the same qui [...]

    6. Excellent book! I enjoyed this one a lot more than the last Sofie Metropolis novel I readI think the pace was faster and just more exciting in general. This time around, Sofie has been hired by a pro-ball player's wife to find out why he is acting so unusual. On top of that,a hot Greek guy is very interested in dating Sofie, which she refuses to let her family in on, and the number of people coming into the P.I. office looking for missing pets is baffling. Her ex-fiance is taking her Grandpa to [...]

    7. Another in the Sophie Metropolis P.I. series. Light reading. What disappoints me the most is that it is so close to the Evanovich novels in characters and style. Evanovich's main character is a Jersey girl from and Italian/Hungarian family with enough quirks to fill a room, Sophie is from a Greek family with enough quirks to fill a room. Bounty hunter - private investigator, Ranger - Jake, Morelli - Dino, Grandma Mazur - Grandpa Kosmos, Bob the Dog - Muffy the Dog and it goes on. The most origin [...]

    8. This series is feeling more and more like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series. With Foul Play, we find the main character starting to ponder the "Two men in her life." Isn't that straight from Plum??? This book also has some elements of from "food-based" mysteries from Joanne Fluke and Susan Wittig Albert. I'm still liking the Metropolis series, but find myself wondering if they are playing around with it to see what kind of running themes fit the character.

    9. I realized after listening to this book, read by Rebecca Rogers, I especially liked the first two books because they were ready by the late Anna Fields. There are few voice actors nearly as gifted as she was at the craft.Rebecca just didn't have it for me.I listened to the whole book completely unimpressed. :(So I don't know if the story was that great or not as I was so disappointed by the reader.

    10. Move over girls, and make room on your shelf for another female P.I. Meet Sophie Metropolis, a 'good' greek girl from the Bronx who is trying to move past cheating spouses and missing pets at her Uncle's P.I. business. This gal is pretty much a hot mess but makes for a fun read. Jumped in with book 3 but looking forward to catching up with books one and two

    11. Really enjoyed this light hearted cozy - and recipes at the end to boot! Sofie Metropolis is a character - somewhat reminiscent of Stephanie Plum. Easy read with clever way of introducing the solution of the mystery.If you enjoy cozies, interesting characters, relaxing reads, I think you'll enjoy this one. I started it and finished it yesterday.

    12. great fun and an easy read along with a great twist. Just wish she could sort out her love life but she's not alone on that one! :)-

    13. I'm hooked on Sophie and her life as a detective and her Greek family. Easy, stress free reading much like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.

    14. Just finished my 3rd Sofie Metropolis novel. Just ordered number 4 in the series, and can't wait to read it.

    15. A fun, light story along the lines of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books (interestingly she also has a book out with the same title!). A PI (who also got a job working for a relative's business) is hired by a professional baseball player's wife (hence the title) to find out what is going on with him. Our heroine is part of a big ethnic family and community (Greek, not Italian), has a pet (dog, not hamster), lives alone in an apartment but mooches food off her mother all the time. There are l [...]

    16. Sofie Metropolis is back in the third installment in the ever growing saga. More missing pet cases, the assault charges against her grandfather, a baseball player that is not acting like himself, and serious relationship issues are all handled in this tale. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet. The series is generally filed under mystery, but the mystery portion of this one is virtually non-existent. Sofie grows more comfortable with her job and herself. However, I don't like the choices s [...]

    17. I really am enjoying this series. The only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 was the mystery part of the story meandered a little bit. The ending really did surprise me & I liked how it worked out. I will be picking up the next book in this series & I highly recommend it. People complain that this is like Stephanie Plum by J. Evanovitch. I don't see that as anything but a compliment for the series. Because the characters are funny, whacky, the family is in everyone's business, [...]

    18. Private investigator Sofie Metropolis gets her first big case—the wife of New York Mets star pitcher Reni Venezuela suspects something is wrong with her husband, and wants Sofie to investigate. But Venezuela’s bodyguards have got Sofie’s number, and she enlists the help of another investigator, a newspaper reporter, and a mysterious Aussie. Sofie’s large Greek-American family is busy matchmaking, and her sister tries to convince her to get a tattoo. Fans of Janet Evanovich might light As [...]

    19. May 18/10 -- Chapter 3 --May 30/10 -- Chapter 6 --June 01/10 -- Chapter 9 --June 04/10 -- Chapter 20 --June 06/10 -- Finished --Sofie makes me laugh. I see many similarities to my own family/friends/community and it brings a smile to my face. Some parts are overstated for comedy, I guess, but on the whole it is a riot and I have loads of fun with reading these stories. Great (for me) when I need a pick-me-up.

    20. I liked this book but not as much as the first two in the series. I listened to the audio book but was soon disappointed because the narrator had changed. The narrator of the first two books was just too hard to top. Still liked the series and the author. I would love to see what other books Tori has to offer.

    21. There can be a fine line between funny and obnoxious. Sofie was just obnoxious throughout the book. I did this as an audio book , like I did the first 2 books which I totally enjoyed. She was whiney and bitchy to everyone in this book. What happened? I'm definitely going to read some reviews to see if it's worth reading more, right now not interested at all!!!!!

    22. Another enjoyable story. I was a little disappointed in Sofie and Dino's fast trip into the soap opera world on Sofie's name day and I felt that the tattoo was supposed to have been a clue but after being featured here, there and everywhere, wasn't.In any case, it was a short, fun mystery and Sofie is such a likeable character that I'll most likely continue reading as they happen.

    23. She had me tricked almost til the end! I like her writing style. I'd call it "Mu Big Fat Greek Wedding" meets a not very funny yet alike able Stephanie Plum poser. I'll read them all though, Stephanie/Spphie comparison aside, theyre entertaining.

    24. Super fun, I totally knew what was going on early on, I do like that she gives clues that make the main mystery easy to solve as a reader.

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