Jed Had to Die

Jed Had to Die The happiest day of Payton Lambert s life was the day she graduated high school and watched Bald Knob Kentucky get smaller and smaller in her rearview mirror She wanted for her life than a tiny town

  • Title: Jed Had to Die
  • Author: Tara Sivec
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The happiest day of Payton Lambert s life was the day she graduated high school and watched Bald Knob, Kentucky get smaller and smaller in her rearview mirror She wanted for her life than a tiny town where everyone knows your business and you can t find a decent cup of coffee for at least forty miles Twelve years later, an unexpected phone call in the middle of theThe happiest day of Payton Lambert s life was the day she graduated high school and watched Bald Knob, Kentucky get smaller and smaller in her rearview mirror She wanted for her life than a tiny town where everyone knows your business and you can t find a decent cup of coffee for at least forty miles Twelve years later, an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night has her packing up her life in Chicago and racing back home to the one person she ever regretted leaving behind Upon her return, she sees that Leo Hudson, the scrawny boy who followed Payton around like a puppy and could recite cow insemination facts in his sleep, is long gone Leo is still hot on her heels, but now he s wearing a sheriff badge and dead set on solving a murder that may or may not involve Payton with half the town In a place where the biggest crime happened the day someone kicked a few of his cows, people are pointing fingers, rumors are spreading like wildfire, and Payton swears she s only making out with the sweet talking, studly sheriff to distract him from the secrets she s keeping When you ve been tased, peed on by a yippy dog named Bo Jangles, and can t stop picturing what Sheriff Hudson looks like naked, it will be a tough job making everyone agree thatJed had to die.

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    1. Recorded InterviewAugust 6, 2017Bald Knob, KY Police DepartmentKaterina: Why am I here?Deputy Lloyd: Ur, I have no idea, ma'am, you were the one who initiated this interview.Katerina: I'm pretty sure you know the reason, though.Deputy Lloyd: Oh right, review purposes!Katerina: Good boy. Even though I'd have preferred Sheriff Leo Hudson, I keep picturing him as Chris Hemsworth in Thor, is it true that the resemblance is uncanny? Because if it is I wouldn't say no to a trip to Valhalla with him-De [...]

    2. 5 Hilarious Stars I absolutely loved Jed had to Die! This story made me grin from the first page, I loved it so much! Jed Had To Die was hilarious, clever, sweet and fast paced! The mystery was perfect keeping me guessing all the time!There is a murder, people guessing who did it, two best friends who thought they did it and a hot sheriff to make you swoon! Doesn't this make you want to read it?I absolutely adored Payton and Leo,they were funny and sweet!The secondary characters were also as fan [...]

    3. 4 starsIf you're looking for a light read with a whacky plot and some great laughs, this book has it. Payton, a coffee-obsessed cafe owner can't believe she's back in Bald Knob, a town she couldn't say goodbye to fast enough right after high school. She's back after 12 years to help her friend Emma Jo whos' husband, town Mayor Jed Jackson was found murdered. Brimming full with copious amounts of coffee and wine, Payton and Emma Jo try to hide their small role in the murder from the town sheriff, [...]

    4. 4 STARS****(ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)Well, my belly hurts from laughing so hard, and my heart feels happy from swooning so much over Mr. Hot guy, Leo.Laughs, romance and tons of coffee, what else can we ask for???? Jed Had To Die was totally delicious, a book not to miss. Payton Lambert lives and breathes for coffee. She left her hometown of Bald Knob, Kentucky after she graduated High school, and opened up her own precious coffee shop; Liquid Crack in C [...]

    5. Absolutely loved this book!! It was hilarious! Payton and Emma Jo together are a hoot. I loved Leo, I really love books where the hero was a nerd than turns into to a hot hunk. Usually we have the h that has a crush on the hero back in high school, but in this one it's the other way around. Payton was the beautiful girl in high school and Leo was smitten. They were never a thing and Payton was never mean to Leo. Okay so this book starts out with Payton having to return home after 12 years to hel [...]

    6. Coffee: Because crack will get you fired.—Coffee Mug This book is one of the most entertaining and hilarious books I have EVER read. I loved it from the very first page, and I could not stop laughing.Payton Lambert left her small town Bald Knob, Kentucky twelve years ago, determined to make a success of her life, and to get away from the nosy townspeople and their lack of good coffee. But when she gets a call saying her best friend from school is in the hospital and Payton is her emergency con [...]

    7. 3.5 stars!I love Tara Sivec’s humor! Jed Had to Die had humor, heat, and characters that truly made me smile.I love a good suspense and something that keeps you thinking and on the edge of your seat and Jed Had to Die did just that. Whenever I am looking for something different and out of the box, I know that Tara will give it to me.Payton is back home to take care of her best friend Emma Jo who was in the hospital. When Emma’s husband Jed mysteriously dies, the girls are freaking out wonder [...]

    8. Cute and funny! Quintessential snark is present. The coffee obsession is hilarious. The characters are something else!

    9. When I first saw this book, I thought it sounded amaaazing. Humor + Mystery + Romance? Sounds perfect. However, those three things I looked forward to most: humor, mystery, and romance - all of them weren't working for me in this particular book. Pros-I liked reading the snippets of the police interviewing the townspeople. They were bizarre and a bitttt funny sometimes-I liked that Payton learned to love her weird small town again.-Buddy & Emma: She suffered 12 years with a guy who didn't ap [...]

    10. 4 Stars. I haven't read Tara Sivec for a while but this was a good one to re-start. What can I say? I love being the crazy lady that laughs alone at the train. This was a hilarious, sexy and emotional book about a guy that just got the girl of his nerdy teenager dreams and about a girl that found out that the place we ran away from, it's actually where we belong. If you like Tara Sivec or if you just like hilarious romance books you should definitely read this one. Steam:Some hot moments. Sensi [...]

    11. Every time I see the title, “Jed Had to Die”, I sing it to the tune of the Dixie Chicks, “Goodbye, Earl”. (Google it. The video is hilarious!) If you’re familiar with the song, you know that a woman has been hospitalized by her abusive husband and she calls her best friend for support. One thing leads to another and the husband winds up dead. It’s a great song that inspired an even better book. Jed winds up dead, but solving the mystery of how it happens unfolds in the most hilarious [...]

    12. **Jed Had to Die generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**4 "Liquid Crack is fine." StarsTara Sivec put a smile on my face throughout Jed Had to Die. A cross between the Dixie Chicks song "Earl Had to Die" and Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series, Jed Had to Die hails as a laugh out loud funny, incredibly zany suspense with sweet & silly romance. With each Rom-com style book of Sivec's her charmingly witty writing constantly seduces me into the romance of her stories add a little [...]

    13. I really didn’t know what to expect when going into this book. Tara Sivec blew my mind with this one. It had just the right dose of humor, romance and mystery to make a great read. The serious message she tried to convey came through perfectly and wasn’t lost in the humor. I have to say this book tops my favorite list of hers now. Holy Hotness Nerd Alert! Leo, nerd turned superhero. That is the kind of hero I’m talking about. I love romances where the Hero wasn’t always the hot male that [...]

    14. This was a fun, light and completely hilarious book! There were a couple times I was laughing out loud it was so funny. The romance was really sweet and there were a couple good steamy scenes. I enjoyed the mystery in this one - who killed Jed?? I really enjoyed this one!

    15. Heat, humor, suspense, sexy, muskrats, dead raccoons!!!! SUPERHOT Leo Hudson? Yes please!!!I love love LOVED this book so much! I laughed my ass off, I cried (dammit!), and I craved coffee the entire time Haha!A coffee addict leaves her small-town home in rural Kentucky vowing never to return, establishes a highly successful coffee chain in Chicago, but is pulled back home by her lifelong bestie ending up in the hospital after being brutally beaten by her husband Jed.HS geeks turned into SEX GOD [...]

    16. 4 Stars!I laughed so much. In typical Tara Sivec fashion, I was belly laughing through this whole book. She has got female relationships down pat and writes banter like no ones business. The romance seemed a bit secondary to all that, but still this book was a rom-com winner.

    17. Jed Had To Die by Tara Sivec Standalone Romantic Comedy/ Mystery.  If you have followed Ana's Attic for any length of time, you know that Tara Sivec is one of my favorite authors, especially her romantic comedies. The Chocolate Lovers & Chocoholics Series are still my favorite all-time series, but The Holidays and now Jed Had To Die are joining the ranks. *Note: though it may seem I tell too much of the story, I don't go further than the blurb*The thing I love about Tara's comedies is that [...]

    18. This was epic hilarious. I can't remember the last time a book made me laugh so much. I loved it Payton's obsession with coffee reminds me of my friend Papadimakopoulou and I loved her even more. And I loved Leo even more. He's a hot looking nerd and in love with Payton since ever How not to love him?!?! I didn't feel the mystery as to who the murderer is, because I was busy laughing but I couldn't care less This book was amazing simply with its humor and snarky dialogues We have a noisy communi [...]

    19. I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this one. Jed Had to Die might just be my new favorite Tara Sivec book. It's full of love and laughter while tackling a scary subject. There is also an element of mystery which I loved. Tara kept me on my toes, I can't recommend Jed Had to Die enough. Also MUSKRATS!

    20. This book is a HOOT! Every other person is as eccentric, quirky, nosey countryside small town homebody.I love the interviews!

    21. 4.5 SmoochesTara Sivec is a comedic genius; it’s just that simple. She spews one liners and laugh out loud dialogue like the rest of us make small talk. I have read every single one of her comedy books (along with most of her others as well) and I can honestly say that Jed Had To Die ranks with the best of them.‘Everyone in Bald Knob might like Jed, but if comes anywhere near my friend, Jed is dead.’I won’t go over the basic plot of it all because if you have read the synopsis or listen [...]

    22. When I give a 5 star review it's because the book is a classic and I'd recommend it to anyone or it surprised the crap out of me and earned the stars in its genre. This book is the latter. I often enjoy the cozy mysteries between reading more hard core thrillers. There are a lot of good, fun cozies out there, but they do become formulaic and predictable. Jed Had to Die broke the pattern. It's hilarious. The way the story develops between the main actors and the townspeople was a brilliant way to [...]

    23. When I first heard about Jed Had to Die, I really wasn’t sure what to expect or what I was really getting myself into. But, I will say that I was very intrigued by the story-line and was super excited to dive in.Jed Had to Die was a quick and easy read. It’s told from dual points of view and had me laughing my ass off. Seriously, I could not get enough of this book. From the small town gossip to the entertaining police reports/interviews, there was not a dull moment. It was hard not to fall [...]

    24. YAY! This book was so much fun! 5 Stars of PIE!Would you love a great piece of blueberry pie? Well you may want to think twice if getting it in Bald Knob, KY! “You know every time you say Bald Knob I picture a town square with a giant stone statue of an old guy with his dick hanging out. And people flocking to the statue to touch his ‘bald knob’ for good luck,”A fun, mysterious read with a HAWT reformed geek and lots of caffeine. There’s murder afoot, the town golden boy is dead…he w [...]

    25. This novel is easily in my top faves for 2016. Tara was able to shed light a heavy subject (domestic abuse), like no one else could do. While the subject matter is heavy she brings in the right amount of humor and seriousness to balance out a story that may rather hard for some women to read. I hope this book is able to give those women the courage they need. Like Payton and Bettie were able to give their friend.Along with the mystery you will fall in love with the FFA nerd from high school, who [...]

    26. I went to bed with a sore stomach from laughing at this book!! I know that TS's humor can be a hit or miss for some, but this one was a hit for me. The toilet humor was turned way down and the feminine sarcasm turned way up. The coffee cup sayings were hilarious! Awesome read!

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