Richard Scarry's Animal Nursery Tales (Picture Book)

Richard Scarry s Animal Nursery Tales Picture Book Little Red Riding Hood The Three Little Pigs Goldilocks and the Three Bears and many other classic nursery tales are retold with Richard Scarry s beloved animal artwork First published in thi

  • Title: Richard Scarry's Animal Nursery Tales (Picture Book)
  • Author: Richard Scarry
  • ISBN: 9780375837913
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and many other classic nursery tales are retold with Richard Scarry s beloved animal artwork First published in 1975, this hardcover collection is perfect for reading aloud to the youngest Scarry fans

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    1. Fans of Richard Scarry (and who isn't a fan of Richard Scarry?) will definitely want to check out this collection of classic children's stories. Eleven stories, including "Little Red Riding Hood," "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "The Little Red Hen," and others are all illustrated with favorite Richard Scarry characters. This is a large format book, where pictures and text are arranged in several vignettes on the page. For instance, "Little Red Riding Hood" is told over six pages, but each pag [...]

    2. I loved Richard Scarry's books when I was a kid. Something about the illustrations really appealed to me. In terms of using this as a bedtime story, it's just your standard fairy tales that you can find anywhere. There are a bunch of them, so don't let your kid fool you into reading this as their one book for bedtime because you will be there for a whileA (October 2014): I used to read stories from this book to my son when he was a very young baby, but he just recently discovered it for himself [...]

    3. This is a collection of Scarry’s Nursery Tales. Eleven familiar and lesser-known tales are included in the reprint of the 1975 edition. Classics like Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs join The Teeny-tiny Woman and The Three Wishes, among others. The stories have been abridged and are suited for bedtime reading. Scarry’s charming signature menagerie and backdrops are bright and inviting. Even the wolves, snaggle-toothed robbers and crocodilian troll are fun and benign. Parents, [...]

    4. I had the opportunity to listen to my almost 12 year old read this aloud to his sister. Such a treasure!I just don't remember Richard Scarry using the word "fricking" so often - pretty much before every single noun. And that little miss red riding hood, when the wolf opens the door pretending to be her granny? Her response, "Oh, hey no, you ain't my fricken granny!" Well, it's a spicier response than I remember I may have to read this for myself. So many questions

    5. This is a collection of many stories like "The Three Little Pigs" and "Red Riding Hood and the Wolf". Moira would sit still and have me read them all in one go, if she could convince me to. I always love Richard Scarry's books, and Moira seems to love them too.It is currently hidden in my room to give me a break from reading it.

    6. I loved Richard Scarry books as a child, so it was a joy to share these stories with my own children. They enjoyed most of the stories, especially the colorful animal illustrations.

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